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Theme- Let’s Give the Best one for God.

Text- John 19:17-30

Greeting to you in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, I thank God for this very that he
has given me to share his holy word among. And I take it’s my privilege to stand before God and
among his chosen people. As we know that today is Good Friday and we all came here to
observe the suffering of Lord Jesus Christ. Yes! He suffered for us ultimately he gave his on the
cross because make us free from our sins.

As we have seen in the bible gospel of John 19:17-30, they are taking Jesus to the place of the
Skull, in Hebrew it’s called Golgotha. And Jesus is carrying the cross and that cross was big
enough. Do you think that the cross was light? I don’t think so. Just close your eye and think
couple of minutes how Jesus has gone through because of our sins. If we think about our self do
we ever tolerance the pain what Jesus has tolerance? When we go to our office we feel triad to
carry our bag, when we walk for five or ten minutes we feel triad, when we stand for couple of
minutes we feel annoyance. Just think about our Lord, who was carrying the cross from Herod’s
place to the Golgotha. If we look at the commentaries and dictionary’s there we can find the
distance of the Herod’s place to the Golgotha was 1½ kilometers. So the Jesus was carrying the
cross on his solder 1½ kilometers for our sins, where we could not carry his love to our neighbor,
to our enemy. We feel boring and uncomfortable, where Jesus has made us comfortable through
his blood. Dear brothers and sisters as Jesus have carried the cross because of our sins and it’s
our responsibility to carry the gospel to the nation and to our neighbor.

In 19 verse we see that Pilate had an inscription written and put on the cross. It read, “Jesus of
Nazarat, the king of the Jews.” Dear brothers and sisters what do you think, was he the king of
Jews? Or he was the king of heaven. In the gospel of Luke 10:9 says “cure the sick who are there
and tell them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.” From this very verse we can say that
Jesus is the king of haven, because when he was telling to his disciples “cure the sick who are
there and tell them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.” It means that Jesus himself was
the kingdom of God. And he was ruling the people through his love and compassion. Today also
we believe that he is the king of Nazarat and king of our nation but sometime we forget to obey
his commandments and we do sin again and again. Because he has always shown his forgiveness
to us for that we might be taking an advantage. Dear friends today we all are scared because of
Corona virus. If we could have same fear to our Lord, God might have blessed us more and more
then what we have. And he could rule our life as a king rule the nation. The Lord Jesus Christ is
the only king who loves his enemy and we must also love our enemy because Jesus is love.

In verses 23 and 24 we see solders are taking Jesus clothes and they are dividing it into four
parts, one for each solder. I am not telling, it bible says let’s look at the bible once “When the
solders had crucified Jesus, they took his clothes and divided them into four parts, one for
each.” Dear brothers and sisters the soldiers did not know what they are doing. The kings of the
king and Lord of the Lord were with them but they were playing with his clothes. They could
have asked him for forgiveness and for eternal life. But they were blind they could not
recognized him; they were busy with the worldly things. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
sometimes we behave like those solders. We use to be busy with the worldly things and we
forget the suffering of Jesus Christ that he has done for us. This very time we might be sitting
here but our mind is not here at all. Dear friends Jesus is standing near you and watching you. As
he was watching the solders when they were dividing his clothes, Jesus might have laughed by
looking at them. In the same way Today also Jesus also laughing by looking at us. Let us not to
be busy with worldly things but let’s make a good relationship with our Lord and savior Jesus

In verse 28 Jesus said “I am thirsty.” The word “thirsty” when do we use. When we are more
tired or when we work hard and we want to drink water, we use the word “thirsty”. When the
solders crucified Jesus Christ, Jesus was thirsty and he asked them for water. But in verse 29 we
see “A jar full of sour wine was standing there.” So they did not carry water instead of water
they took sour wine. When Jesus was thirsty asked them for water they gave him that sour wine,
where Jesus could give them eternal water if they could have asked him. In our present society
sometimes we behave like those solders. When people asked us for some things we use to give
the bad one instead of good one. Bible says “A jar full of sour wine was standing there.” Who
knows water might be there with the solders, they could have given him. That sour wine might
be for those two thieves to whom we can see in verse 18. Dear friends God always give us the
good one as he has given us his only begotten son who died on the cross because our sins. Let’s
feel the pain what Jesus has gone through and let’s give the best one for God. May God bless us
through this holy word. Amen