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1 Group Conference Paper


Name of the Presenter: Mohd Zeeshan Siddiqui
Name of the Agency: Cafe Coffee Day Global Ltd.
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Priyanka Sagar
Agency Supervisor: Mr.Vibhu Joshi
Date: March 19,2020
Time 10:00 AM
Department of Social Work

A traditional family who started owning a few acres of coffee estates soon ended
up in formation of a new legacy. The heritage concept of coffee, dating from over
140 years has been nurtured with care by Mr. V G Siddhartha, Chairman of the
Coffee Day Company. Launched in 1994, the group is now a 700 crore + company
making its mark in the coffee value chain. The offshoots include over 1000 Café
Coffee day joints, around 400 Fresh & Ground stores, over 900+ Coffee Day
Xpress kiosks, and a sizeable 10,000 vending machines from Coffee Day
Beverages. Today the company provides a full range of coffee products through a
robust and transparent system of farming and social responsibility. Designing,
developing and delivering coffee products requires thought leadership, well
integrated suite of capabilities and a strong set of processes.

Company Division
There are three variants of Coffee Day Global Limited which are as follows:
• CCD- It is the largest organized retail café chain in India with cafes across the
landscape. Its focuses on the CCD outlets present in the nation and worldwide.
• CCD Express- Coffee Day Xpress caters to the mobile population of a city- who
is always on the move, always on a hurry.
• CCD Square- It is the most premium variant that cater to the facility of dining
and restaurant domain of CCD.
2 Group Conference Paper

CCD Vision:
To be the best Cafe chain by offering a world class coffee experience at affordable
CCD Mission:
To provide economical and best service to the customer.
A lot can happen over coffee.

CCD Values:
1. Ownership
2. Innovation
3. Integrity

Functions of HR Department at Cafe Coffee Day

• Frontline Hiring
• Support Hiring
• Employee Engagement
• Compliance (Legal and Grievance)
• Payroll
• Recruitment
• Administration
• Talent Acquisition
3 Group Conference Paper

Organisational Structure
HR Structure


Mr.Vibhu Joshi
(Sr.HR Manager) CEO


Ms.Shraddha Mr. Lokesh

(Senior Kumar
General Manager
Executive HR) (Executive HR)

Zonal Business Manager

Area Coaches
Learning & Development
Cafe Manager
Senior Manager
Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager Brew Master

Team Member
Management Trainee
Utility Member
4 Group Conference Paper

Function of HR Department at CCD:

The HR Department at CCD performs following activities:

▪ Recruitment & Selection

▪ Talent Acquisition
▪ Training & Development
▪ Performance Management
▪ Payroll
▪ Administration
▪ Labour Compliances

Major Task Handled:

Trainee was placed in HR department. During six weeks of Internship, trainee got
the opportunity to work on profile of Recruitment & selection, Office
Administration, Onboarding. Major task done by Trainee were:

▪ Sourcing through PMKY website.

▪ Maintaining excel sheets of HM Colleges with their respective cities.
▪ Conducting Preliminary Interview.
▪ Scheduling and coordinating in interview.
▪ Handling EPFO forum.
▪ File Management
▪ Called newly hired employees for the feedback.

Other tasks handled:

• Undertaking detailed research and analysis for demographic information
• Screening candidates resumes and job application
• Screening call to the rejected candidate in case there’s an urgent neeed
• Solving queries of candidates regarding the location of the outlet.
• Coordinate with different training center, NGO’s, Hotel Management College
for sourcing candidates.
• Remarks on rejected candidates so that evaluation of theirperformance in the
interview can be ascertained and prior counseling could be done so that they
could work on their weakness.
• Activation of UAN (Universal Account Number) of the employees and KYC
from the database. Update ex employees details i.e, their reason for leaving,
area coach under whom they worked, their Employee ID etc.
5 Group Conference Paper

• Surveyed various food outlets to know the minimum salary and the facilities
provided to team members.

Professional Learning
• Trainee learnt to source for candidate through various websites .
• Trainee learnt to coordinate the HR Interview process
• Trainee learnt to filing and indexing of the documents
• Ability to relate day to day functioning of HR activities with theoretical
• Learnt various labpur laws like Minimum wage act 1948, Payments of
Gratuity Act, 1972.
• Learnt the psychology of job interviews.
• Learned about the organizational behavior, i.e. how individuals and groups
act in the organization
• Understand Human Resource Planning(Manpower Planning including surplus
and/or attrition analysis), Recruitment, selection , induction ,job placement of
employees across different levels.
• Developed an understanding of organizational leave, payroll , pay and
perquisite structure and mode of dispersal across different hierarchical levels.
• Understand organizational incentive and reward systems across different
hierarchical levels.
• Learnt about the Grievance handling process.
• Familiarized with the history of the organization.
• The trainee has developed a positive outlook towards discipline and
punctuality to be maintained as a professional.
• Learnt about the formalities involved during employee joining and exit.
• To relate theory to practice and situational reality across all HR functions.
6 Group Conference Paper

Academic Learning
 Learnt about various labour laws The Payment of Wages Act, 1936 The
Minimum Wages Act, 1948 The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 The Employees'
State Insurance Act, 1948 The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961.
 Understood Compliance & Administration of Legal Provisions.

 Payment of Wages Act

The act lays emphasis on regular payment of wages to the all the employees.
Also act as a remedy against unauthorized deductions made by employer
and/or unjustified delay in payment of wages.
 Minimum Wages Act
This law sets the minimum wages that must be paid to skilled and unskilled
 Payment of Bonus Act
This law aims to regulate the amount of bonus to be paid to the persons
employed in establishments based on its profit and productivity.
 Employees’ Provident Fund Act
This law sets to provide for the institution of provident funds, pension funds
and deposit-linked insurance fund for employees in factories and other

Provident Fund

(a) CCD agrees that the rate of employees’ contribution to the Provident Fund
shall continue to be 1/12 of his basic salary every month and the Company's
contribution to the fund in respect of each employee shall be equal to the
employee's contribution to the Fund.

(b) On completion of 5 years service, the contribution of the employee and

that of the Company will increase to 10% of the basic salary.


(a) CCD pays gratuity to the permanent male/female employees upon

completion of 5 years continuous and confirmed services.
(b) The term "Basic Salary" means the basic salary last drawn by the
employees at the time of detachment from the Company's employment.
(c) In case of disability of an employee, CCDD pays 10 month's last drawn
basic salary in addition to the gratuity that will be payable.
(d) In case of death of an employee, CCD pays an ex-gratia equivalent to half
month's last drawn basic salary in addition to the gratuity that will be
(e) In case of death of an employee, legal heir/heirs of the employee is
entitled to receive payment of gratuity.
7 Group Conference Paper

(f) The gratuity will be paid to the entitled employees who will:
-Retire or resign from the services of the Company.
-Retrenched, terminated, dismissed and discharged by the Company.

• CCD provide various types of training and development to their employees
like on the job training, off the job training, management development
training, overseas training.
• The job security in CCD is not tight. Employees may feel unprotected by the
system in CCD.
• The company maintains compliance in operating its business. The provisions
of Employees Provident Funds Act,1952, ESI Act,1948, Payments of Gratuity
Act, 1972 are followed in the company.
• One of the major issues that the trainee came across was the delaying of the
salary that significantly contributed to dissatisfaction among the employees.
• The company follows market based wage and salary system for their
employees, but they set a little lower compared to the other organizations
• Friendly working environment and employees are very co-operative.
• Employees are active and sincere to their assigned job responsibilities.
Working hour is 09:30 am to 6.00 pm. Working hour extends on basis of work
• According to work volume, number of employees is few in HR department of
CCD. So they should think of increasing number of employees.
• The objective of compensation system of CCD is to achieve the organizational
goal not to motivate the employee.
• Job evaluation system of CCD is not satisfactory. They evaluate the
performance of the employee based on the observation. There is no peer
checking for more accuracy.

Point of discussion
“Hasty hiring leads to costly mistakes”
• The human resource department often makes mistakes when hiring
employees, especially for lower position. During the interview process
the trainee has observed that the HR department sometime make the
mistake of hasty hiring when there an urgent need for a team member
for a particular area the interviewer end up in selecting the less-
qualified candidate.
8 Group Conference Paper

• One of the reasons behind having an urgent need for filling a vacancy is
because of the high attrition level of team member.
• Its more a vicious circle in which one problem causes another one,
there should be backup in the workforce to fill the position if there is
any shortage of workers in the outlet.
• The psychology of an interviewer in those scenario is to hire the
candidate if she/he is fine with the location and the skill or grooming of
the candidate is ignored inspite of everything.
• The department usually makes the mistake of making poor job
descriptions such that they end up hiring less-qualified workers.
Besides, quick hiring process also means that the department hurries
interview processes, so they hire half-baked employees.

• Human resource departments should spend few more hours on

designing robust job descriptions to save them the trouble and
mistakes of hiring less-qualified employees.

• HR departments should have a detailed job description that ensures

that they get the right employees based on the employer’s needs.

• For gaining a new sense of professionalism and clearer picture of what

it meant to be in the professional word, CCD is a good place to work.

Recommendation by trainee
I would like to recommend the followings to improve of the HR practices in CCD
to help the organization to achieve competitive advantage. They are as follows:

• The selection procedure should be made less complex because time is

important in this modern world.
• Time is important, but a valid selection process is also important. The HRD
must ensure a valid selection process and should not compromise with time
pressure as imposed by concern department to fill up vacancy.
• HR policy should be designed to attract more efficient workers for the
organization for improvements.
• The compensation policy should be reorganizing to attract efficient people to
the organization, because the basic salary is not high at CCD.
• Skill and knowledge based pay system should be introduced at CCD. It
motivates employees to give their best performance.
9 Group Conference Paper

• The organisation should maintain gender ratio and improve their gender
diversity ratio at all levels.
• Discrimination related to gender and race should be strictly avoided.
• Disabled people should be hired and placed in such positions where they can
work easily.
• The workers should be well trained so that they can work without accidents
and accident avoiding measurements should be taken.
• E-learning should be introduced to the organization. It will increase
productivity and efficiency.
• The contribution of employees to the organization should be recognized
properly and provide feedback to them.
• Pay should be designed in such a way that employees understand it properly
and recognize it as a fair, equitable and consistent.
• Benefits and service programs should be designed to give more protection to
the future life of the employees and their dependants.
• Complaint handling procedure should be made easier and understandable to
the employees.
• Executive level people should be more cordial and cooperative to their
employees as they should recognize them as their colleagues.
• Team culture should be introduced in the organization as it makes an
organization more competitive.

Impressions about field work

▪ Gained a sense of responsibility for the work

▪ Holistic glance of the work culture of an organization specially the HR Dept
▪ Developed a professional attitude in dealing with problem and personnel
at organisation
▪ Make ourselves aware about the future expected tasks to be handled