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April 27, 2020

Dear President Trump,

The pork industry in the United States is in crisis. The closure of multiple pork processing plants in
Minnesota and across the midwest have ground the supply chain to a halt. Within days, farmers may be
forced to do the unthinkable and euthanize healthy pigs that would otherwise go to market to feed
our country.

Without immediate action, the United States will face major disruptions to our food supply, farm
bankruptcies, job losses, and devastating impacts on rural economies that are already struggling.

Mr. President — we need your help. We need a national strategy and assistance with the following:
 Direct the Centers for Disease Control and/or the United States Department of Agriculture to
coordinate or oversee efforts between relevant state-level agencies to quickly develop plans to
safely re-open processing plants, including prioritizing delivery of personal protective equipment
(PPE) and sanitation resources that are available to other front-line workers.
 Continued augmentation off the supply chain, working with small processors to get license
exemptions to ensure as many pigs can be processed as possible.
 Working with regional governors to coordinate and mobilize the National Guard to assist where
 Coordinate destruction of pigs, if necessary, at processing plants rather than having them put
down on-site at farms.
 Immediate authorization or expansion of access to disaster assistance programs.

With your help, we can save the pork industry in the United States, keep our food supply strong, and
help prevent severe consequences that are threatening the livelihoods of countless farmers
and workers.


Representative Rod Hamilton Representative Paul Anderson

Minnesota House of Representatives Minnesota House of Representatives
District 22B District 12B

Minority Leader Kurt Daudt Chair Bill Weber

Minnesota House of Representatives Minnesota Senate Agriculture, Rural
District 31A Development and Housing Policy Committee
Senate District 22
Chair Torrey Westrom Chair Gary Dahms
Minnesota Senate Agriculture, Rural Minnesota Senate Commerce and Consumer
Development and Housing Finance Committee Protection Committee
District 12 Senate District 16

Senator Rich Draheim Senator Mike Goggin

Minnesota Senate Minnesota Senate
District 20 District 21

CC (via electronic delivery):

Congressman Collin Peterson
Congressman Jim Hagedorn
Congressman Tom Emmer