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Mr. Chetan Hansrajbhai Padshala has experience over 2+ years of experience

as a Network Engineer, Specialized in Implementation, Administration,
Operations and Troubleshooting of enterprise networks. Mr. Chetan Hansrajbhai
Padshala has expertise in setting up and maintain Cisco, Palo Alto, Aruba,
Juniper Devices, Physical cabling, IP addressing, Local Area Network,
Wide Area Network configurations, Routing protocol configurations
(EIGRP, OSPF, BGP). Extensive experience working with networking tools
like Netbrain, Traffic sentinel, Zenoss, SolarWinds, Infoblox, Wireshark,
Tcpdump, MS Network Monitor, Splunk, Aruba Airwave. Mr. Chetan
Hansrajbhai Padshala also has been involved in troubleshooted Tier -1/2
Networking issue.

Client: GAP Inc

The Gap, Inc., commonly known as Gap Inc. or Gap, is an American worldwide
clothing and accessories retailer. It was founded in 1969 by Donald Fisher and
Doris F. Fisher and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Mr. Chetan Hansrajbhai Padshala has contracted with GAP Inc. for ongoing
Computer Networking design, maintenance and support.

Job Locations

Location 1: 6001 Green Pointe Dr S, Groveport, OH 43125

Location 2: 2200 W Higgins Rd Suite #315 Hoffman Estate IL 60169

Duration: The duration of both the projects is expected to be open-ended long-

term contract between 30 to 36 months approximately.

About the Projects:

Mr. Chetan Hansrajbhai Padshala will be working on Configuring, designing,

implementation and maintaining of Networking Infrastructure. Using various
networking hardware and software.


Netbrain is a comprehensive Network Management and troubleshooting

Solution that simplifies and automates management of network devices including

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multivendor switches, routers and firewalls. Netbrain consists of a network
management platform for Network server, Network Automation server and
workstation for provisioning new services quickly, and a programmable Qapps for
network customization. With each of these components working cohesively,
Netbrain offers a unified network management and orchestration solution to help
you more efficiently manage the New Network.

NetBrain offers a new approach: a documentation system that dynamically

collects, records, and visualizes all network domain knowledge and subject
matter expertise — automatically. NetBrain offers customizable network
automation which can accelerate virtually any task completed using the CLI.
Without any scripting experience, you can create powerful sample-driven scripts
known as Automation Qapp. Users can access the Netbrain platform functionality
using a simple Web 2.0 graphical user interface (GUI), which uses persona-
based workflows and progressive disclosure to enable operator-centric and
scope- specific visibility and control.

Mr. Chetan Hansrajbhai Padshala will be completely governed and supervised

by the Petitioner, Only IT Consulting LLC, which will retain the ultimate
authority over the employee. Mr. Chetan Hansrajbhai Padshala will receive all
instructions and direction from his reporting Director, Mr. Santosh Srivastava.

Summary of Mr. Chetan Hansrajbhai Padshala IT Skills;

Routing OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, RIP, PBR, Route

Filtering, Redistribution, Summarization,
and Static Routing.
Switching VTP, STP, PVST+, RPVST+, Inter
VLAN routing & Multi-Layer Switch,
Ether channels.
Network Security Cisco ASA, Checkpoint security, Palo
Alto Firewall
Scripting Python
Features & Services IOS, IOS XE, IOS XR and Features,
Network Management Netbrain, Syslog, SolarWinds, Infoblox,
Splunk, Zenoss, traffic Sentinel

Mr. Chetan Hansrajbhai Padshala roles and responsibilities at client’s site at 6001
Green Pointe Dr S, Groveport, OH 43125 location will be as follows:

Mr. Chetan Hansrajbhai Padshala responsibilities as Network Engineer are as


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1. Support, Manage and maintain existing Multivendor production network.
2. Build New network and Migrating from legacy Cisco Devices to Meraki Devices
and setting up Campus layer design from Scratch.
3. Create and Build Networking Scripts with Python and Ansible Using Netmiko and
ParaMiko Modules, Library and Palybooks.
4. Upgrade Cisco Routers, Switches, Meraki Switches, Juniper Routers, Switches
and Firewall.
5. Create, Implement and troubleshoot SNMP, AAA, Syslog, Tacacs/Radius
Authentication Netflow, NTP configuration.
6. Work with Nexus Switches 2248, 5010, 7010, 90136YC, 9336, Cisco ASR 1002
router, Cisco ASR 1002X router, Cisco ISR 3845, Cisco ISR 3925, Cisco IOS
switches 3750E-24/48P-PS, 3750E-24/48P-TS, 3750G, 3560, Palo Alto Firewalls
500, 850, 2050, 5050, 5060, 5250, 5260, Juniper Routers, SRX Firewalls.
7. Work with Cisco Meraki and Catalyst switches, troubleshooting and implementing
New Core, Distribution, Access layer switches.
8. Create cisco stacks, troubleshooting them, adding or removing stack members.
9. Implement GRE over IPSEC, IPSEC Tunnel between Cisco, Palo Alto, Cradle
point devices and troubleshooting them for issues tunnels.
10. Add, remove and update DNS record, A record, AAAA record, DHCP
Reservation and Managing IP Address management (IPAM) in Infoblox.
11. Implement Static routes, Limiting EIGRP advertised routes by prefix list, moving
gateways of Vlan from core switches to Palo-alto firewalls.
12. Configure QoS policy on Routers and Switches to Prioritize time sensitive real
time traffic such as Voice, Video and Payment.
13. Migrate all network gear for SNMP V2c to SNMP V3.
14. Work with Netspice for discovering new devices using seed discovery or IP
range, adding new devices to site, creating Qmaps and Qapps to implement
network/site wide change, Creating L2 and L3 maps to troubleshoot every day
problem keeping workspace updated.
15. Create Physical and logical Network documentation, comparing configs of
devices, backing configs of devices, managing IP address subnets, Monitoring
health of devices using Netspice, Solarwinds, infoblox.
16. Work on ACL Cleanup, Route Cleanup and implementing baseline configs to
optimize core and edge network devices performance.
17. Decommission network device configuration and updating documentation.
18. Monitor and filter traffic based on object groups and URLs in Palo Alto 5050,
updating policies for Palo Alto 5580 ASA firewall with access control to NAT and
object grouping functions.

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19. Perform Route Filtering and Route Manipulation by applying distribute-lists,
route-maps, administrative distance and offset-lists.
20. Work on and troubleshoot and maintaining technologies like MPLS, BGP, ISIS,
21. Troubleshoot and solving networking issues - TCP/IP, Layer 2/3 network devices.

Breakup of Duties at Onsite

Mr. Chetan Hansrajbhai Padshala will be responsible for execution of various phases
of Implementation, Administration, Operations and Troubleshooting of enterprise
data Networks. He will be working very closely with the Systems Engineer and
Business development team during the implementation phase, validating the
traceability of the Network requirements mapping to the actual solution, addressing
and resolving any Network Implementation issues.

Mr. Chetan Hansrajbhai Padshala time is split amongst the above responsibilities in
the following manner:

Duties and Responsibilities: Percentage of time

to be spent on each
Troubleshooting and managing Service Provider Network and various 30%
services deployed on Cisco, Palo Alto, Meraki Devices such as Video on
Demand, Voice Over IP, MPLS, L2VPN, L3VPN on access and core

Writing scripts using different programming 30%

languages like Python and Ansible

Creating tickets related to technical issues both hardware and software 20%
And providing TAC with required data from production devices

Attending Bootcamps, seminars for additional knowledge on evolving 10%

technologies and training teams regarding deployment in existing

Providing technical documents such as specification sheet and Root 10%

cause analysis for any major network outage

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2200 W Higgins Rd Suite #315,
Hoffman Estates IL 60169

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