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Nashwaaksis Memorial School

Week 4
May 4-8, 2020

The force is strong with these activities! We hope you will enjoy our tribute to Star Wars Day and will join us in
celebrating with these activities, even if you have never visited the galaxy far, far, away. Feel free to fit your family’s
needs and adjust anything you wish! If none of these activities interest you then look through our PE website and find
something that looks good, or create your own activity and share it with us. We would love to hear back from you so
please, if you wish, send a video, message, or picture. “We are the PE teachers you are looking for ,“ at or . Or post it to twitter with #nashmoreroar.

Let the PE force be with you…. ALWAYS !

Mr. (Darth) Moore & Mrs. (Obi Wan) O’Keefe

Finding Balance

Test your force abilities and find balance in your daily routine
with these activities! The force is strong with these ones!

5 Min Guided Medication:

Cosmic Kid Yoga:



Did you know that the brain is the

body’s computer, and one of the most powerful organs in the body? It
allows us to think, store memories, analyze and make judgments while
at the same time it controls other areas automatically, such as breathing
muscle reaction and the heartbeat. Jedi’s exercise their brain constantly
in their training and it is important for young learners to understand it’s
power too!
Learn More Here: .
Nashwaaksis Memorial School
Week 4
May 4-8, 2020

Padawan Fitness Master Balance Sith Skills

Begin your Jedi training here just like An- The best Jedi masters are those with bal- A Jedi never attacks, but the same can’t be
akin, Luke and Rei! ance and patience. Try your skills at slow said for the Sith. Sometimes, to be the best,
moving activities to promote balance in we need to learn from our enemies. Weild the
1. Complete your own jedi obstacle force like Kylo Ren and Darth Vader to see if
your body and mind. Yoda would ap-
course ! Create a course that in- you are as cunning as you are calm.
volves fast feet, quick corners and
Wayfinder Battle
rebel reflexes. https:// 1. How long can you hold your balance in these poses : Using a soft object (cloth, rolled sock, stuffy)
id=1kM414HJLwdx7te6pFGocH3URFzPH to represent your wayfinder and attempt the
WGxP following challenges
2. Jedi always have a choice! Use your Individual

powers to build your workout from Level 1: Try to pick it up without bending your
these Tabata timed choices. https:// 2. Even Darth Vader was a Jedi once chan- knees. nel your inner balance with his slow mov- Level 2: Try to pick it up on one foot
v=kxzhAsO9ne0&list=PLGS- ing Light sabre workout (Tai Chi)
YpNYBNvd64jdVQWakrN- Level 3: Try to pick it up without using your
w8GPF4ZF0L&fbclid=IwAR1f4uxST9PyX2b hand or bending your knees.
xpNKhdtTKOkH- v=7EOZ5vx9ubY Partner
Level 1: Get into a plank position and set a
3. Your choice is not made yet light or timer or have a friend call out go. The first to
dark side. Try these dances to get a grab the object is the winner!
feel for what you may prefer:
Level 2: Tape a line on the floor stand holding a soft object like a pool noodle or a towel the
v=lg_FoEy8T_A first to pull the object away or move your part-
ner off the line is the winner. Note you cannot touch them and can only use one hand on the
v=gVWge95xJ3U object.