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Name: ____________________________ Date:_________

Part I New Friends With technology, there are many opportunities to meet new
people. Look at Angelina’s information to update her profile on the web and complete it
with the vocabulary in the box.

City first name occupation country

languages age e-mail address last name

____________________ : Angelina
____________________ : Taylor
____________________ : 21 years old
____________________ : Madrid
____________________ : Spain
____________________ : Spanish, English, and Italian
__________________ : Business Administration student
__________________ :

Part II What are they doing? It is the weekend and Nicole ask her friends about their free
time activities. Match the picture with the correct description.

______________ ____________ _________ ___________

A) Claire is B) Max and his C)They are D) Jim is E) Mike and his
singing girlfriend are cooking dinner listening to family are
chatting music playing

Part IV Simple Present Tense Choose the best answer

1.- I ____ in a bank. 
 is working 

2.- Barbara ____ everyday. 

 is running 

3.- He ____ in Canada. 

 doesn't live 
 don't live 
 not live 
 not lives 
4.- We ____ English. 
 are studying 
 is studying 
5.- What are you doing right now? I ____ my homework. 
 am doing 
 is doing 
 are doing 
6.- Michael ____ a new car. 
 is wanting 
 are wanting 

Part V So negative! Sometimes Christina and Liana doesn´t agree. Write the
following sentences in negative form.

1.- I start work at 8:00 o ´clock in the morning

2.- You get up at 5:45 in the morning every day;

3.- We eat dinner at 9:50 pm;

4.- Christina goes on Monday

5.- Liana drives her car to the office

Part VI Writing questions

1. There are ______________________students in the classroom.

a) Thirty- for b) Thirti- Four c) Therty-Four d) Thirty-Four
2- I have my class on
a) tursday b) Thurday c) Thursday d) Thersday
3)- They ______living in Los Angeles in California. Their parents have a house in the
a) does b) are c) is d) did
4.- It is the season with mild weather when flowers start to blosson
a) Fall b) Spring c) Summer d)Winter

PART VII Feeling and emotions

Read and complete: How do you feel when…..

1.- …Everyone forget your birthday. I feel________________________________

2.- ….you win the games.____________________________________________
3- … get 5 points on a test_______________________________________

4.- How do you feel today?

Part VIII Food

1.- Do you like to eat pizza for breakfast?_______________________________

2.- Does your friend like to eat ice cream?______________________________

Part IX Reading

According to the text about Danny and Lianne select the best option to the
Tom is a twelve years old boy. He lives with his parents and his little brother in a
nice house near the sea. In his house there is a living room, a dining room a
bathroom, two bedrooms and a kitchen. The house is big and the furniture is old.
Now tom is in the dining room. He is wearing blue pants, a shirt, a tie and a hat he
is having lunch with his little brother. He is eating roast chicken and drinking a
coke. His brother is eating spaghetti. On the table there are bananas, oranges and
grapes. Tom favorite fruit is grapes, but he doesn´t like bananas. Tom loves
animals very much He has a dog at home, its name is Rex. It his favorite animal
and his best friend. He always plays with it in the garden.

1. Now tom is in the……..

a).- Bathroom b) Kitchen c) Living Room d) Dining Room.

2.- He is wearing a black jacket ( )

3.- Tom doesn´t love animals ( )
4.- He likes to eat banana ( )
5.- He lives with his parents and his little brother. ( )

Good Luck.!