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Lectie de vocabular si fisa de lucru (pt clasele a-IX-a A, B, D, E F)-

SAPTAMANA 27.04 – 01.05.2020)

Dragiii mei, va rog sa copiati cuvintele de vocabular in caietele de limba

engleza si sa incercati sa rezolvati cele 31 de intrebari de mai jos. Va

Unit 7 Books ( from ENGLISH MY LOVE textbook)

1. parts of books: binding, blurb, chapter, contents, cover, jacket, preface,
spine, title
2. type of books: paperback, hardback, biography, directory, reference
book, fiction, manual, textbook, anthology, cookery book

In order to facilitate the memorization of vocabulary related to books I

designed a set of 31 questions.

1. The title of our English textbook is “English My Love”.

2. In the preface of the book the author admitted that he took him three years to
finish the book.
3. If you want to find out whether the book is good or not look in a refance book.
4. Author’s opinion of the book is to be found in the preface.
5. We don’t get free textbooks at school. We have to buy them.
6. Where did I put the cookery book? I want to make lasagna for dinner.
7. Editor’s notes of the book are to be found in the preface.
8. The binding is no good. The pages are falling apart.
9. Instead of reading fiction books you should read biographies. They are more
10. I didn’t look at the title of the book. I liked the cover so I bought it.
11. I bought you a cookery book. You really need to start learning how to cook.
12. Each chapter and chapter’s page is listed in the contest.
13. I think George Washington was a great man. I’ve just read his autobiography.
14. It’s a long book. It has 32 pages.
15. Her phone number is not listed in then directory .She must have put it on
16. I can’t find Tom’s phone number! Why don’t you look in the directory.
17. If you want to get the names of all poets from 17 th century, buy an anthology.
18. Are you sure you know how to work with your computer? Let me get the
19. A paperback book doesn’t last too long. You should buy a hardback.
20. The title of the book doesn’t make sense.
21. Usually hardback books last longer than paperback.
22. If you want to know what does the book contain look at the contents.
23. You can find the complete works of William Shakespeare in an anthology.
24. The hero kissed the heroine and they got married at the end of the book. Oh
no! Stop reading fiction books.
25. The blurb lied! I read the book and I didn’t find the book interesting at all.
26. The blurb of the book didn’t convince me to buy it.
27. The title is written on the spine of the book.
28. Don’t waste your time learning that poem. It’s rubbish. I read it in a refance
29. The homework is on page 57 of our textbook.
30. Quickly get the manual.I think I pushed the wrong button and the DVD player
doesn’t stop.
31. It’s an expensive book! I can tell by its cover.