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Assignment: History of Management

Answer choices Definition or Associated Terms, Famous Work, Correct Method or

or Key Concepts Person
Note: italicized text represents books or published
Scientific Methods defined by pyramid, hierarchical
Management organizational structure
“Mother” of modern management. Lateral
Frederick W. processes, matrix organization, importance of
Taylor informal processes, empowerment and facilitation,
constructive conflict. Wrote Creative Experience.
Frank and Lillian Hawthorne studies, group cohesion, a friendlier
Gilbreth attitude of the supervisors, high sense of mission
and team closeness
Henry Gantt Success of industrial capitalism, rational authority,
Hierarchical Management Structure, Division of
Bureaucratic Labor, Formal Selection Process, Career
Management Orientation, Formal Rules and Regulations
Methods defined by work that could be studied
Max Weber and work processes improved
Sequential performance of tasks within a project,
key tasks and assigned time, start dates for each
Henri Fayol
task, project management
Wrote General and Industrial Management.
Foresight, Organization, Command, Coordinate,
Operations management and supply chain,
Mary Parker systems management, information management,
Follett contingency management
Profitability and productivity, “one best way” to
Elton Mayo perform a job, hire the right workers and train
them for maximum efficiency
Current Wrote Cheaper by the Dozen. Worker welfare and
developments in motivation, ergonomics and industrial psychology
practices Methods that emphasize interpersonal

Assignment: History of Management. Authored by: Betty Fitte and Lumen Learning. License: CC BY: Attribution