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Executive Departments

Department Est. Leader Responsibility Agency within Dept.

May 15, Sonny Helping farmers with price Agricultural Marketing

1862 Perdue support to subsidies, to Service
inspecting food to ensure the
Agriculture safety of the American public

February Wilbur Ross Gather economic and Bureau of Economic

14, 1903 demographic data for business Analysis
and government
Commerce decision-making, nad helping to
set industrial standards

September Mark Esper Providing the military forces Defense Advanced

18, 1947 needed to determine war and Research Projects Agency
protect the security of our country

October 17, Besty DeVos Establish policy for administer Federal Student Aide
1979 and coordinate most federal
assistance to education and
Education collect data on US schools

August 4, Dan Advancing the national, Energy Efficiency and

1977 Brouillette economic and energy security of Renewable Energy
the US

April 11, Alex Azar Enhance and protect the Administration for Children
1953 well-being of all Americans by and Families
providing health and human
Health & services
Human Services

November Ken In charge with military action U,S Customs and Border
25, 2002 Cuccinelli abroad and they work in civilian Protection
sphere to protect the US
September Ben Carson National policy and programs Departmental Enforcement
9, 1965 that address America's housing Center
needs, that improve and develop
Housing & the Nation's communities, and
Urban enforce fair housing laws

March 3, David Manages public lands and Bureau of Land

1849 Bernhardt minerals, national parks, and Management
wildlife refuges

July 1, William Barr Enforcing laws of the United U.S Trustee Program
1870 States federal government


March 4, Euguene F​oster, promote, and develop the Bureau of Labor

1913 Scalia wellbeing of the wage earners


July 27, Mike Pompeo Planning and implementing Foreign Affairs

1789 American foreign policy


April 1, Elaine Chao Planning and support of the DOT

1967 nation's land, air and sea-based
travel systems

September Steven Promoting economic prosperity U.S Mint

2, 1789 Mnuchin and ensuring the financial
security of the United States

March 15, Robert Wilkie Providing vital services to Veteran’s Administration

1989 America’s veterans

Veterans Affairs