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My Teaching Philosophy

My choice to become an elementary teacher is one that has always been a no brainer for me. The
past few years, I’ve dipped my toes in the water of the life of a teacher through substitute teaching. It only
took one class and I was ready to dive in. Now, I have tested the waters in a plethora of different schools;
grades pre-k through seniors in high school for the district I am employed with. This opportunity has been
a blessing because I have been able to see where I’ve felt I would make the biggest impact on students.
My heart really felt at home working in the elementary schools, which is why I am pursuing my degree in
elementary education. I also have had the opportunity to take part in a significant amount of teaching
observations, which have really broadened my perspectives on effective and ineffective teaching.
I believe anyone who meets the qualifications can teach, however, I believe it takes a special
person to be a highly effective teacher who positively impacts students’ lives daily. As a teacher, I myself
am a lifelong learner. The more knowledge and training I absorb over the years, the more effective I can
be at teaching; helping my students understand and apply what they learn to life. As a future educator, I
believe that teaching is an everchanging and evolving process. When I think of highly effective teaching,
I think of myself as a future teacher with a growth mindset, who is adaptable to change, and who
encourages that same mindset when it comes to my students. I believe as a teacher that I am a mentor for
my students, as well as a role model for them. I want to be someone my students can trust. Someone who
they know is rooting for their success always. A teacher who sets high expectations for my students and
gives them the tools and guidance for success at reaching their goals.
My teaching philosophy comes from my preferred teaching style, which is one of an authoritative
nature, having the perfect balance of warmth and structure. I have learned the importance over the years
of classroom management skills, and the dynamics of the classroom. I envision my classroom being
colorful, comfortable, and educational esthetically. I want my students to be excited and eager to learn
and be a part of the community we create in our classroom. I believe that with effective instruction,
preparedness, and organization, along with set expectations, a classroom can run smoothly.
To really be a thriving classroom community, my students should understand and accept the
diversity that every person adds to the classroom. For this to happen, as the teacher, I first must be
understanding and be well-versed in the diversity surrounding us, then I can educate my students on the
diversity, and incorporate it into our classroom, daily activities and lessons. This is just one aspect of how
I believe that effective teaching goes beyond the curriculum. It interconnects with everyday life. I believe
highly effective teachers make every child feel accepted and worthy of reaching their highest potential.
They truly leave no child behind. I believe that every child is entitled to an equal opportunity at a quality
education. Equal doesn’t mean, “the exact same” when it comes to education. When teaching, to be equal
means to be aware of and accepting of all forms of diversity, and to be able to modify and accommodate
your ways of teaching and the environment you teach in when necessary.
I will start by setting high expectations for my students and for myself, as well as creating
individual and group goals for accountability. I will display my learning targets and expectations in the
classroom whenever possible to remind students of what we are striving for. I will do my best to teach
adequately the Common Core Standard materials while helping my students to critically think about what
they are learning, and not just memorize the information, however, I will not limit myself as a teacher or
my students to teaching or learning these standards. Going beyond classroom, I want to be able to guide
my students to becoming contributing members of society as they get older. I want to encourage parent or
guardian engagement as much as possible when it comes to academics. I believe quality communication
is imperative to a successful year as well. I strive to communicate on my student’s various levels of
understanding. Through classroom observations, I have witnessed the effectiveness of encouraging
collaboration in the classroom, and I fully intend on implementing this technique in my classroom
through group discussions, student to student discussions, and teacher to student discussions as well. This
helps students to really comprehend the information and to apply it to life.
I chose elementary education because students for the most part may not have a choice of whether
or not they attend school at these ages, but it is their choice whether or not they actively learn, engage in
the classroom setting, and retain the information. I am more than ready to accept the challenge of helping
students thrive academically, and I hope through my highly effective teaching, my students enjoy the
process along the way. I believe these are the qualities of a successful educator, which is what I strive to