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Aidan Lutz

Mr. Gardner
May 6, 2020

Media Analysis

Media plays a big role in the lives of many whether it is movies, songs, books or tv

shows. I have always loved listening to music and watching tv and movies. Media has the ability

to affect people in a multitude of was. For me, music has been something I have loved for so

long. I have never made my own music but listening to music has affected me greatly. There is

one song in particular that I have listened to for years, and it continues to make me feel the way

it did when I heard it for the first time. I was in my friend’s basement while listening to music on

the streaming app Soundcloud. One song played after another until this song happened to come

on. “Eleven 11: / 11” by Rob Curly started playing and we both loved it instantly. The beat,

lyrics, and mood of the song had us hooked. It is now one of my favorite songs to listen to and

when I really pay attention to the lyrics, I learn a valuable lesson. The lesson I get from this song

is that having money does not guarantee you happiness.

The song is about how Rob Curly feels after he and his girlfriend break up. There seem to

be mixed feelings about the breakup throughout the song. At times it sounds like breaking up

wasn’t so bad, but then he sings about missing her and what they had together. At one point he

raps, “Maybe I’ll mention that I’ll do the dishes and maybe she’ll mention that she miss me too, I

got the green but they come with the blues, Smoking the green to get rid of the blues.” I have

listened to these lyrics over and over again, and they always help me realize that having money

won’t make you happy if you don’t have that special person in your life. He says he has the

money from rapping and his career starting, but he has been sad while getting this money. I
believe this is because he and his girlfriend are no longer together. In order to get rid of this

sadness he feels, he smokes weed to numb the pain. True happiness is different for everybody. In

this case it does not sound like the singer is truly happy even though his career is taking off

because he is by himself. Those lyrics mentioned above are important to remember throughout

our lives because they show what is really important. Having money and success may not mean

anything if you can’t share it with anybody.

It is clear that the singer and this woman are no longer together. There was a decision to

be made about whether this artist would stay with the woman, or if he would be on his own and

start his career in the music industry. When I mentioned the mixed feelings about the breakup

previously in the paper, it was because of a set of lyrics that pertained to this decision. The artist

says, “Making me choose, lately you making me choose between music and being with you.”

After listening to these words, you may think that breaking up wasn’t a bad thing because it isn’t

right to make someone choose between you and something they love. However, after he makes

the decision to be on his own and pursue his passion, he feels regret for doing this. Rob Curly

says, “I think I made a mistake, I think we actually would have been great,” and these lyrics

suggest that maybe he wishes they did not breakup. Part of him wishes they would have stayed

together and worked it out. It is not crazy to think that he misses her and without her he feels

incomplete even though he is now successful and rich.

All media can teach us important lessons in a number of different ways. This song has

taught me to prioritize the right things in life and put more value and effort into relationships so

they don’t slip away and have me regretting decisions later. Having money and being successful

is something that I want later in life, but I also want to be able to share that with someone

special. People always talk about valuing more than just material possessions and it never sticks
with me, which is weird because those people are people that really care about me. This song

was able to get that idea stuck in my mind and really help me realize what is important. “Eleven

11: / 11” by Rob Curly is a piece of media that has affected me and taught me that having money

does not guarantee happiness.