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21-W-2404-60A Legend for wiring diagram of driver door MODEL 930, 932, 933, 934
module (TMF)

Code Designation Coordinates

A7 Base module (GM) 3L
A66 Driver door module (TMF) control unit 11A
E25 Driver door entrance lamp 10L
F1-A7 Tml. 30 driver door module, interior CAN star quad 1 fuse 3K
M7 Driver door power window motor 24L
M9 Driver mirror adjustment motor 8L
M11 Driver-side door locking motor 14L
R4 Driver mirror heater 7L
S87 Driver door lock switch 18L
S140 Driver door switch panel 29L
S140s1 Driver door power window button 31L
S140s2 Front passenger door power window button 33L
S140s3 Mirror selection switch 36H
S140s4 Mirror adjustment button 36L
S140s5 Lock/unlock button 41L
S140s6 Mirror heater button 45L
U5 Valid for left-hand drive (LHD) vehicles 17B
U6 Valid for right-hand drive (RHD) vehicles 20B
U168 Valid for convenience locking system 25B
X22.1 Driver door connector 1F
X24 Driver door mirror connector 6F
CAN 2 Interior CAN 2C

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