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Honeywell Sentry


RCD & MCB Technical Specifications

Miniature Circuit Breaker

• Isolating function • ON/ OFF status clearly indicated in RED/ GREEN Type/ SKU Code HWL HWMC
• IP20 full protection • DIN-Rail temporary lock, easier for installation
Standards IEC61008-1 IEC60898-1
• Handle maintains ON/ OFF position by itself • Easy link-up of different auxiliary contacts, releases, etc
Pole 1+N, 3+N 1, 2, 3, 4
• Fit for PIN/ Furcation type busbar connection
Tripping Characteristic - C

Tripping Type Electro-Magnetic -

Rated Breaking Capacity (Icu) 6kA

Terminals Rated Current (In) 25A, 40A, 63A 1-63A

Rated Voltage (Un/AC) 240/415V

Honeywell Sentry is a comprehensive range of MCB and RCD that meets the electrical distribution and
protection requirement for Homes, Offices and Commercial installations. The range complies with the latest Protected IP20 Residual Current Characteristic AC, A, S -
IEC standards and is fully RoHS compliant, reinforcing Honeywell’s commitment to environmental protection. Terminals Positive
Isolation Rated Residual Operating Current (I∆n) 0.03A, 0.1A, 0.3A -
Residual Current Device Current
Capacity 6kA Frequency (Hz) 50-60Hz
Rating &
Features Sensitivity Mechanical Endurance 4,000 20,000
• Clear indication of operation status • DIN-Rail temporary lock, easier for installation
Current Protection Degree IP20
• Clear indication of leakage status • Isolating function DIN Clip Rating
Ambient Temperature
• Fit for PIN/ Furcation type busbar connection • Handle maintains ON/ OFF position by itself Energy Operating Temperature °C -25~+40 °C
• IP20 full protection • High impact resistance Limiting
Class 3 Storage Temperature °C -25~+70 °C

Bi-Connect Terminal Size (mm2) 1-25 1-16

Tightening Torque (N.m) 2.5

Finger Protected IP20


Push to

Current Rating & Contact Position

Sensitivity Indicator

DIN Clip Diagram
Product Selector

Residual Current Device

2pole 2pole 2pole 4 pole 4 pole 4 pole

30mA 100mA 300mA 30mA 100mA 300mA

Rating SKU Code SKU Code SKU Code SKU Code SKU Code SKU Code

25A HWL22530 HWL2251H HWL2253H HWL42530 HWL4251H HWL4253H

40A HWL24030 HWL2401H HWL2403H HWL44030 HWL4401H HWL4403H

63A HWL26330 HWL2631H HWL2633H HWL46330 HWL4631H HWL4633H

Miniature Circuit Breaker

1 Pole 2 Pole 3 Pole 4 Pole

Rating SKU Code SKU Code SKU Code SKU Code

3A HWMC103 HWMC203 HWMC303 HWMC403

6A HWMC106 HWMC206 HWMC306 HWMC406

10A HWMC110 HWMC210 HWMC310 HWMC410

16A HWMC116 HWMC216 HWMC316 HWMC416

20A HWMC120 HWMC220 HWMC320 HWMC420

25A HWMC125 HWMC225 HWMC325 HWMC425

32A HWMC132 HWMC232 HWMC332 HWMC432

40A HWMC140 HWMC240 HWMC340 HWMC440

50A HWMC150 HWMC250 HWMC350 HWMC450

63A HWMC163 HWMC263 HWMC363 HWMC463

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