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End of Year Test B

Listening Task 2
You are going to listen to five people For questions 6–10, choose from the list
talking about an important life skill to (A–H) the main benefit of the improvement
them and how they improved it. each speaker made.

Part 1 A the ability to entertain friends using one’s

Task 1
B staying mentally sharp and focused
For questions 1–5, choose from the list
(A–H) how each speaker improved the C having a strategy to achieve goals
D securing a financial product

E feeling secure regarding their welfare

A took an online course
F the ability to rely on personal skills
B borrowed an e-book
G the opportunity to try a lot of new things
C used a beginner’s book
H the ability to support one’s family by
D joined several websites creating things

E followed a blogger

F sought help from a relative Speaker 1 6      

G took a certified course Speaker 2 7      

H did a face-to-face course Speaker 3 8      

Speaker 4 9      

Speaker 1 1       Speaker 5 10      

Speaker 2 2       ___/10

Speaker 3 3      

Speaker 4 4      

Speaker 5 5      


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Part 2 15 He clarifies that the amount of weight loss
was not drastic and within the           
You are going to listen to a nutritionist
of how quickly a person should lose weight.
talking to a group of students about a
recent study investigating the science of 16 He points out that the procedure may
weight loss. For questions 11–20, impact on the            of the targeted
complete the sentences with a word or nerve.
short phrase.
17 It is anticipated that the body will
to the procedure as a natural reaction.

11 A recent study reported that appetite can 18 For the procedure to work, the body needs
be decreased by            . to experience            for a period of
12 He explains that the nerve which was
targeted for this study was located in the 19 He suggests that the long-term impact of
. an extended loss of            on the
body need to be researched.
13 He says that in order to complete the
procedure the doctors injected the nerve 20 He says that the method used in the
with a special            . research goes beyond fighting the hunger
and instead tends to            the
14 He adds that the study involved a small
group of people with            between
thirty and thirty-seven. ___/10

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Use of English
Task 1

Read the text and complete the gaps with one word only.

Unique Office Design

Work spaces are different; some can be boring and stifle creativity, while (21)            can
make employees feel more energetic and creative. Not only (22)            an innovative office
design provide a happy environment for the employees, but it also gives companies a competitive
edge (23)            it comes to recruiting young and intelligent people. More and more
companies are trying to (24)            the mould and introduce a unique working environment
that would make their employees feel inspired. It is not an easy task to come (25)            with
a functional, yet extremely unique office design. A company, (26)            with architects, may
spend hours to arrive (27)            a design that creates a more conducive environment for the
employees. It is important that (28)            its employees and the company itself benefit from
the outcomes.


Task 2

Use the word given in capitals at the end of some lines to form a word that fits in the gap in
the same line.

Management Skills Workshops

Do you think you need to work on broadening your people management skills? Are you

tired of (29)            the actions of people that you work with? Or are you looking for

some strategies that would lead to career (30)            ? We can help you with a range

of bespoke workshops whatever your requirements; from helping leaders (31)           

weigh up the facts about a situation and determine the best course of action to shaping

(32)            to deal with complex situations or problems and preventing their recurrence.

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Every workshop is (33)            to meet your specific needs. Increase your CUSTOM

(34)            in key areas and drive higher levels of (35)            for your business.


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Task 1

You are going to read an article in which four athletes discuss aspects of training/work for
their career as professional athletes. For questions 36–45, choose from the athletes A–D.
The athletes may be chosen more than once.

Which athlete(s):

36 believes that the value of certain types of training has been underestimated?      

37 mentions an attitude that can be constructed by athletes?      

38 believes they can inspire change?      

39 attributes the success of athletes to the role that one key element plays?      

40 views simplicity as the key to productivity?      

41 refers to a misconception about how semi-professional athletes train?      

42 exemplifies his point of view about an important athletic trait?      

43 suggests a mixed method of training to achieve optimal results?      

44 finds the work of one special organisation more influential?      

45 praises most athletes for their determination and hard work?      


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What aspect of your training/work do you find most important?
We asked a group of athletes what it is like to be a professional athlete.
These days there’s a lot of emphasis on the
importance of a structured training program
A and athletes are encouraged to create one by
I was brought up to appreciate the taking advantage of modern technology and
opportunities that I have had for both experienced trainers and consultants.
personal and professional development, and Although some may say that traditional
embrace the concept of giving back. As a methods of training are not meeting the
professional athlete, I would like to do needs of professional athletes anymore, I
whatever I can in my community and beyond believe there is still a place for them and they
to help people by educating and cultivating can help athletes deliver the results they aim
change through the power of sport. I work for. Personally, the simpler my training is, the
very closely with two charities; one works with more effective I find it. I prefer manual labour
ordinary people to raise awareness of to using modern equipment in a gym. By
physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, and simply adjusting the rate and intensity of the
the other supports the next generation of work one can get the desired outcome. The
athletes financially during the early stages of mental toughness, resilience and confidence
their careers. I find working with them both one gains by completing manual jobs would
extremely rewarding; however, I think our help an athlete perform at the upper range of
work with the former is very important their talent and skill and reduce the likelihood
because of the broader change that happens of injury significantly. Therefore, it is best to
as a result of our work. use a program that uses a comprehensive
range of training methods.

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In preparation for a competition, there are a One of the questions that I often get from
host of factors that one needs to work on both young athletes is whether it is possible to
mentally and physically. In my opinion what become professional while training part-time.
determines success is mental toughness. The first thing we should remember is that
sport professionalism is a new development
In order to have an edge over you opponents and a glance at the history of sports reveals
you need to have the ability to perform that for over a century, sport was defined by
consistently at your best in any situation amateurism. It is easy to assume that all
regardless of what is happening around you. sportspeople we see in games and
Even if you are confident and believe in competitions are full-time athletes who spend
yourself, it is important to identify your all day and everyday training, but as a matter
weaknesses and know how to deal with them. of fact there are many athletes who have to
For example, you need to be able to focus on work, balance different commitments and
the task at hand and block out everything make sacrifices in order to pursue a sport
else, stay calm and fully in control under the they love and enjoy. While they should be
pressure and train your brain to take your applauded for their efforts, they demonstrate
body beyond its perception of fatigue and that if you are prepared to do what it takes for
tiredness. Therefore, it is crucial to something that you love, then nothing can
consistently train and strengthen your mental stop you.
toughness if you want to perform at the upper
range of your ability.

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Task 2

You are going to read an article with reviews from a history book. For questions 46–50,
choose from the reviewers A–D. The reviewers may be chosen more than once.

Which reviewer(s):

46 shares Reviewer D’s view of how effectively the author has made use of up-to-date

scientific instruments?      

47 has a different view to Reviewer C regarding the illustrations in the book?      

48 shares Reviewer C’s view about how effectively the writer has used language to influence

the reader?      

49 has a different view from the others about how useful the book is?      

50 has a similar view to Reviewer B’s view about the complexity of the presented data?      


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Total: ___/50

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Presentating a complex subject
Four reviewers comment on a history book.


The writer has successfully translated a At a glance, you might find the number of
complex subject into an accessible and charts and amount of data in the book rather
valuable form. The book has been written and overwhelming, and might consider the book
organised in such a way that makes challenging, but don’t be too quick to judge.
navigating through the chapters very easy. The writer has broken up the texts with useful
The writer has used a blend of artistic styles snippets of data, and that is why there are so
and scientific information to present the topic many tables and charts. Technical
in a form that is both creative and easy to information in the book is accompanied by
grasp. By expanding the topic in a clear way, clear and engaging descriptions and a CD
the writer has transformed this complex that makes everything more accessible.
subject into a more comprehensible one, and Graphics have been done using a modern
as a result, the book can be used as a method, making the subject both
reference book as well as a textbook. comprehensible and approachable. Both
students and junior lecturers could benefit
from it.

I am a student and admit that my review is D

not based on an in-depth read; however, I felt
I needed to share my opinion. The look of the As a student I found the book scary at the
book is rather promising, but when you start beginning, but I ended up using it numerous
flicking through the pages, it is a different times during my studies as a reference book.
story. I expected the book to explain the It is a difficult subject and the book has a lot
subject in a much simpler way compared to of complicated numeric information, but the
other textbooks on this topic, especially the writer’s use of a recently released graphic tool
formulas, but that wasn’t the case and I to present some of the concepts in a more
struggled to get through the first chapter. It is accessible way has been successful. This is
written in a very academic and technical far from a boring textbook because the writer
language. Sometimes the diagrams are not has made an effort to make the content
easy to understand, and are presented in a relevant, more interesting and less
way that is a bit too gimmicky. Unfortunately, I intimidating. I definitely found myself wishing I
think I will end up using something else. had come across this book sooner.

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