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Unit 25

Outcome 2 task 2
Know about key issues and debates that affect the
television and video industry


Importance to the broadcaster.

Breaking Bad is a series created and produced by Vince Gilligan. As of January 20,
2008, it premiered on the AMC network and had a total of five seasons. Breaking
Bad has been of considerable importance to the broadcaster because it drew a vast
amount of viewers and thereby gained immense popularity which is obvious from the
fact that it was voted one of the best series of all time and was one of America's
most watched television shows. This has also led to the creation of a "Better Call
Saul" and "Talking Bad" spin-off show which, like Breaking Bad, has demonstrated to
be rather prevalent around the country and people.

Taste and decency

Due to the amount of violence and gore, profanity, crime and drugs that appear in
quite a few scenes, Breaking Bad raised quite a few issues related to taste and
decency. The main focus of the show involves the main character, Walter White,
working with a former student to manufacture and sell crystallised methamphetamine
to financially assist his family, which has led to concerns and doubts being raised
about this and angered people deciding to refrain from watching it. There are several
scenes inside Breaking Bad that include evidence of violence and gore – a lot of
blood, guts and gore are seen in every season, and also a lot of combat, often
leading to the death. The topic of violence and gore is widespread throughout the
series and in each episode there are either scenes of aggressive behaviour, hateful
fighting and, in some cases, death.
A further subject that is also very popular is the use of foul language as some or all
of the characters use bad language and curse in each episode, too. Much of the
terminology used has shocked viewers who found it somewhat disgraceful that
during filming, the actors were still able to say such things and that they were not cut
off from the show.

The fact that action figures based on the characters from the show were put on sale
in Toys R Us stores and on their website was a huge controversial issue that was
raised in relation to this. One of those toys contains a fake crystal meth bag that has
caused many parents to be extremely frightened, shocked and furious. Yet another
family launched a campaign to have the toys entirely removed from the retail stores
and said, "Parents and grandparents around the world shop at Toys R Us, online
and in shops, with their kids and should not be pressured to justify why a certain toy
comes with a package of extremely dangerous and illegal drugs or why someone
who sells such drugs needs to be made into an action figure.

Quality and standards

Breaking Bad 's quality has always been of such a high standard and it's been the
same since it was first introduced in 2008. The budget for each episode costs 3
million and that is higher than other series and it has been has been shown to be
money well spent due to the huge success it has received and the high-quality show
it has been made. A total of 62 episodes were made, and a selection of episodes
was filmed at one time. The series proved to be one of incredibly high expectations
as millions of viewers were engaged on it immediately when it was made, and it
remained so throughout the entire season.

Audience Ratings

Despite a huge total of 6.4 million people opting to watch the show on average,
Breaking Bad reported receiving a record amount of viewers. But the series finale
received the largest number of viewers when a total of 10.3 million opted to watch it.

Breaking Bad also attracted poor feedback and poor reviews in relation to subjects such as
violence and gore, profanity and bad language due to offensive references and scenes. The
fact that retail stores for children then went on to sell merchandise-related drug fake bags
has upset some viewers, most of whom were parents, and created a great deal of outrage
against the series. Breaking Bads creators and cast apologised for these allegations and
said the series was made for a reason for entertainment and did not intend offending


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