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Memorable Moment


1. Why a repositionning?

2. The concept

3. The changes between 2008 and 2010

4. A few best practices

5. How the new Memorable Moment work?

6. The hotel leaflet

Why ?
In 2010, a need to review the Pleasurable Moment due to
inconsistency and lack of uniqueness.
A change of positionning supposes a change of name =>
Memorable Moment

The objectives :
- Enhance the MGallery philosophy to experience something
- In line with the MGallery “pleasure oriented philosophy”
- Differentiate from competition
- Enhance the hotel uniqueness
The concept

What it should be ! What it should not be !

A creative, original and unique A « simple » information given upon

experience arrival on a local event

An experience that the guest could

not live by him/herself if he was to An offer that might canibalize the bar
organize it offer : it should not be for instance an
happy hour time !

An unforgettable experience that will

make the hotel stand out in the guest A simple object offered to the guest

An experience out of touch with the

The activity can be internal or external hotel story or environment
and should be charged to the guest
If internal it really has to be something
unusual An event that takes hours ! Business
If external it should be related to the hotel (as well as leisure) guests should be
background/environment. tempted to try it !
From 2008 to 2010
A few best practices
 A journey into the past in the hotel Vintage Mercedes Benz dating 1961 + original
tasting of a 60’s Netherland inspiration spirit cocktail
Yogyakarta Phoenix, Indonesia
=> Emotional trip through the past

 Guided Melbourne Heritage Walking Tour + decadent cheese and wine tasting plate
The Grand Melbourne, Australia
=> Discovery activity + gastronomic tasting

 Exploring Venice canals on a Gondola + tasting of the special cocktail punch tasting on a
small boat that cruise for an hour in the bay
Venezia Papadopoli, Italy

=> Romantique getaway

 A visit of the famous studio-cum-shop run by the Ferrigno family, one of oldest lines of
crib makers, which has been upholding the tradition for five generations.
Palazzo Caracciolo Napoli, Italy

=> Inaccessible visit

- all hotels to review their pleasurable moments to make it more
appealing to guests
- all new hotels to join the collection should work on a Memorable
- a better and clearer communication through
A) Directory (a dedicated page with a selection of Memorable
B) web site: + brand corner
C) hotel leaflet
D) digital picture frame in reception to arouse guest curiosity with a simple
sentence “discover the “name of the hotel” unique moment of pleasure …”

D) and most of all staff communication

The hotel leaflet 1/3
We worked on a template personalized per hotel, to be displayed
at the reception desk:
- Easel format
- One generic part for all the hotels in order to create a
Memorable Moment recognizable signature
- Bilingual text depending on your client mix
- Lyrical redaction to attract and invite the client to live a unique
- Global Marketing (Marion Perez,
works on the template after you forward pictures + text
Template creation at global marketing financial charge
- Hotels print its templates and takes it at its financial charge
The hotel leaflet 2/3

The back: hotel own adress

The cover: This is the generic part for all hotels

The hotel leaflet 3/3
This text is the generic part for all hotels. The choice of language depends on your client mix

All the other elements: text + pictures are personalized per hotel.
For any information, please contact

Marion Perez
MGallery Communication Manager
+33 1 61 61 80 24