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Subject Factsheet of the strategies discussed with you.

From Mukesh Singh <>
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Date Fri, 11 Oct 2019 at 4:04 PM

Dear Mr. Vijai,

Greetings from PMS Bazaar!!

Thank you for Choosing PMS Bazaar, Below is the suitable and stable strategy for a long term wealth creation, we are
delightful to provide you further information as discussed with you,

Kindly Find the Comparison of the strategies as attached .


·         The
suggested fund for your requirement is BCAD ( Business Consolidation After

·         CIO
is  Mr Sarath K Reddy  who have 25 years of experience and his journey started from
Standard Charted Bank in Investment banking division and he is founder of UNIFI asset

·         Fund
managers is Mr. Baidik Sarkar  who is a Chartered Accountant with 12 years of
experience in fund management and equity research

·         Picking sectors where unorganised sector is larger/ significant.

·         Identification of businesses where triggers of consolidation is already in place at certain phase
of growth chain

·         Prioritise those businesses that have operating leverage

·         Picking
leaders in the organised sectors of such businesses that have demonstrated growth
higher than that of the organised sector by acquiring higher share of growing market from
unorganised players.

·         Kindly see the attachment for the details.


·         The Strategy which we are going to suggest is “2 Point 2 Capitals - Long Term Value Fund” which is mid and
small cap biased portfolio where we can see huge volatility and along with that outlandish is also possible in this

·         This strategy is suitable for a time horizon of at least 10 years and more.

·         As this is aggregate portfolio where fund manager can take more time to construct the portfolio in compare
of model portfolio, Here the stock list will vary from one investor to other investor, so because of that they don’t
want to disclose the same .

·         This is a concentrated portfolio of around 15 stocks with maximum allocation of 10% at cost.

·         They are focusing in capital protection by focusing on margin of safety, when feels doubt prefer to sit with cash.

·         They believe that they are buying the business not the stocks, Significant own capital invested in same
portfolio (currently 8 crores +)
portfolio (currently 8 crores +)   


·         Ambit’s G&C portfolio has a midcap orientation with focus on franchise strength, capital allocation track
record, quality management and clean accounting.

·         Aishvarya Dadheech has 12 years of expertise in Indian Equity Research, Credit Research and Insurance.

·         Has rich experience in fund management under Good & Clean Framework.

·         The focus on “good” helps generate upside, while not compromising on “clean” reduces downside risk.


·         Basis of capital allocation track record

·         Quality of improvement in financial metrics over past six years


·         Quality of accounts and corporate governance

·         Resulting in concentrated portfolio of 15-20 stocks and has low churn to the extent of 15-20% of

Feel Free to connect us for any clarification.        

Thanks & Regards,


Customer Relationship Executive

M +91 98840 88067


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