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Cyber Terrorism

 Introduction
 What is Cyber Terrorism?
 Types of Cyber Terrorism
 Effects of Cyber Terrorism
 Examples of Cyber Terrorism
 Advantages of Cyber Terrorism
 Disadvantages of Cyber Terrorism
 How to protect ourselves?
 Conclusion
Introduction :-

 The world is a very large place, but it is

getting smaller, thanks to the invent of
computers and Information
 Cyber terrorism is any act of terrorism
that uses information systems or
digital technology.
 Cyber terrorism can either be
"international", "domestic" or
 Terrorist groups use their own
computer technology to threaten or
attack a victim's computer resources.
 A cyber-terrorist is a criminal who uses computer
technology and the Internet, especially to cause fear
and disruption. Some cyber-terrorists spread computer
viruses, and others threaten people electronically.

 Some ways they do this hacking networks and

computers to find out personal information.

 Since computers are so powerful, downloading software

for cyber terrorism is easy.
This method doesn't do much because it
I. Simple Unstructured can't carry out as much information.
Example:- data remove etc.

This method has multiple systems and it has

II. Advanced Structured more control, freedom and creativity towards
the attack.
Example:-Banking Robbery,ATM Failure etc.

This method has intense hacking tools and is

highly capable of target analysis, command,
III. Complex Co-ordinated
control and learning capability.Ex:-Airlines Crash,
power Outages, System Down, etc.
 Harming Effects on economy.
 Damages to Websites.
 Effect on National Security.
 Cyber Terrorism ranges from simple hacking.
 Computer Viruses to causing of Terror war
using Computer.
ATM Failure
World Trade Center
Telephone Outages
Power Outages
Airlines Crash

911 System Down

Poisoned Water Supply

Oil Refinery Fire

 Cyber terrorism permits terrorists to
emphasize their attacks through virtual
warfare from anywhere in the world.

 To protect their new concepts by making the

patent application.
 If you have an account on hotmail, yahoo or
excite it’s vulnerable to hacker’s. These services
allow an unlimited number of log on attempts.
 Secondly the user is not notified when a number
of failed login attempts have occurred. If a
password attack has been attempted against a
 Password crackers attempt to obtain an account
password by exhaustively guessing word and
number combination.
 All accounts should have passwords and the
passwords should be unique.
 Change the network Configuration when
defeats become visible.
 Audit system and check logs to help in
detecting and tracing.
 If you are ever unsure about the safety of a
site or receive suspicious email from an
unknown address , Don’t access it.
 Our National Security ,Databases and
Economy are extremely dependent upon
Automation .
 System are Complex so controlling an attack
and achieving a desired level of damage may
be harder then using physical weapons.
 The evidence shows that terrorist groups
have an interest in conducting Cyber attacks.
 They are attempting to developed and deploy
this capability through online training.