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& Discrimination
OCN Level 2
Booklet 1

Name: Aodhán Roberts

Group: Our City, Our Story

Assessment Criteria

AC 1.1 Describe what is meant by the term Prejudice

In simple terms, prejudice is when you judge before you know. It

can be an unfavourable opinion or feeling about an individual or
group of people, without analysing the situation in full. By
principle, prejudice can be made against anyone without
someone else knowing about it, and a lot of the time, the person
that is doing it doesn’t even realise. Prejudice can be easily
influenced from anybody, or anywhere.

Describe what is meant by the term Discrimination

Whereas prejudice is all about attitudes, discrimination is about

acting upon the attitudes. Discrimination creates a distinction
against a person or thing that is based on the group, class or
category to which they belong, rather than based on an individual
merit. Types of discrimination include racial harassment, failure
to provide fair accommodation or access, media representation,
unequal pay, policies on hiring or admission and hate crimes.
Individuals, groups or organisations may perpetrate

AC 1.2 Explain THREE stereotypes linked to prejudice.

Prejudice stereotypes:
Example 1:

Women can't do as good of a job as a man is a gender

stereotype which is very common and puts women to a
disadvantage because they are undermined without a
person knowing their capabilities.

Example 2:

All Irish people are drunks is a stereotype which revolves

around culture. This can make people think badly of Irish,
but not only the Irish people, it can make the entire island
look bad when in reality they are exactly the same as
anybody anywhere in the world.

Example 3:

Teenagers are ‘hoods’ is an individual or group stereotype

depending on the circumstance. This makes people judge
and think negatively of teenagers even though it’s not fair
because there is lots of good teenagers out there.

Explain THREE stereotypes linked to discrimination.

Discrimination stereotypes:
Example 1:

One of the biggest stereotypes in America today is that all

Mexicans are lazy and come into the country illegally. This
can very easily lead to discrimination against Mexicans,
even if they have citizenship to America. The truth is that
not all Mexicans are lazy, and not all of them are
immigrants to the country. It only represents a small

Example 2:

Females are not good at sports is a stereotype which is

absurd and leads to discrimination because they might not
get the same opportunities as a male in the sport industry.
There are lots of professional female athletes in the world.

Example 3:

Another stereotype that is common is that ‘goths’ wear

black clothes, black makeup, are depressed and hated by
society but this isn’t necessarily accurate, and can really
give them a bad perception, leading to them being picked
on and encouraging bullying behaviour that children carry
into adulthood.

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