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& Discrimination
OCN Level 2
Booklet 4

Name: Aodhán Roberts

Group: Our City, Our Story.

AC 5.1 Describe the meaning of Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities, in a simple term is all about equality

and equity. It’s a non-discrimination principle which
emphasises that opportunities in education , jobs,
development, benefits and resource distribution and other
areas should be freely available to all people, regardless of
age , ethnicity, sex , religion , political affiliation, ethnic
origin or any other person or group characteristic
unrelated to ability , performance and competence.

AC 5.2 Describe the VALUE of Equal Opportunities legislation. (Select THREE pieces of key

Legislation example 1:

Disability Discrimination (NI) Order 2006


This legislation means that the Government must ensure

respect, encouragement and protection for the dignity,
human rights and freedoms of all disabled people. The
Convention reaffirms that people with disabilities have the
same human rights as others and must be allowed to
enjoy them on an equal basis as people with no
disabilities. For example, ensuring accessibility of buildings
and infrastructure – including workplaces , schools,
medical facilities and transport – offers information
intended for the general public in accessible formats and
technology such as braille or sign language, which
guarantees fair pay for equal work, equal job
opportunities which secure and healthy working
conditions for people with disabilities.
Legislation example 2:

The Gender Reassignment Regulations (Northern Ireland)



This legislation amends the Sex Discrimination Order to

make discrimination on grounds of gender reassignment
(sex change) in jobs and training unlawful.

Legislation example 3:

The Children NI Order (1995)


The legislation is one of the most significant pieces of

legislation relating to children and youth, protecting
children's rights and ensuring that children's voices are
heard in parental custody.

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