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Competencies: Poor (1 Point) Good (2 Points) Very Good (3 Points) Excellent (4 points)

1. Identification of No problems are One problem is identified, One problem is identified, One problem is identified
Central Problem & identified, central or but it is not related to the but it is not central to the as being central to the
Issue otherwise text. case. case, and the
identification is correct.

2. Quality of problem No problem is identified. A problem is mentioned A problem is identified A substantial definition of
Definition in passing with no and either a good the problem and some
substantial definition of definition of the problem evidence of its existence
the problem and with no is provided but no are provided. The person
evidence provided as to evidence is cited or good states the central or
the existence of the evidence of the problem’s secondary problem and
problem. existence is cited but no points to behavior or
definition is provided. words that indicate them.

3. Provision of a No solution is proposed One solution is proposed, One solution is proposed, One solution is proposed
Feasible Solution but there is insufficient and it appears from its that does not consume
information provided in description it would either resources beyond the
the solution proposal to 1. Consume too few scope of the problem,
estimate the resources resources. and the solution would
required to implement the 2. Consume too many likely make a significant
solution or its efficacy. resources. impact on the stated
3. Use the appropriate problem.
resources but not solve
the problem.

4. Relationship and No solution is provided. One solution is One solution is One solution is
Evaluation of the The benefits and mentioned or described mentioned or described mentioned or described
Solution to the limitations of the solutions but is not related to the and it is related to the and it is related to the
Problem are not present. problem. We are inferring problem. The participant problem. The participant
the Relationship. One explicitly makes the link explicitly makes the link
benefit of the solution is between the problem and between the problem and
cited, and/ or one the solution. Some (2) the solution. More than 2
limitation of the solution is benefits and/or (2) benefits and/or limitations
cited. limitations are cited. are cited.

5. Literature Support/ No mention of the An attempt is made to An attempt was made to The applicability of the
Other Resources literature was made. No cite the literature but only describe applicability of citation is described and
other resources were a citation is provided. the citation/ applicability is tied to the solution.
sought. Some resources are of the resources to the
mentioned, but there is solution.
no attempt to describe
the applicability of the
resources to the solution.