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ReEd. No. 32 ot 2Ol7 d^ted O4.Oa.2Ol7

Raheja Developers Ltd.
w4D, 204/5, Keshav Kunj, Western Avenue,
Cariappa Marg, Sainik Farms, New Delhi- 1 10062

Memo No. HRERA(Re g.)23 12017 I 2\t- Dated 04.08.2017

Subject: Reglstratloti of GrouP Houslng Ptoject ("Revanta'|, sltuated ln

Sectot-78, Gurgaon b, Raheja Develol'68 Ltd' under RERA Act'
2016 atrd HRERA Rules' 2017

Ref: Your appllcatlolt d.ted 25.07.2017

Your request for registration of Group Housing Project for 18'7213

20 l1
acres, situated ifl Sector-78, Gurgaon, Haryana witl! regard to License no- 49 of
dated 01.06.2011 issued by the Director, Town ald Country Planning Depa-rtment'
Haryaia, has been exainined vis-a-vis the provisions of the Rea-l Estate (Regulation
and Development) Act, 2016 and published draft Rules of HRERA, 2017 a]rd'
accordingly a regrstration certiflcate is herewith issued \Mith following terms alrd
conditlons: -

' The Promoter shall comply with the provisions of the Act and the rules and
regulations made there underl
(ii) The Promoter shall deposit seventy percent of the amount to be realized
from the allottees by thi Promoter in a sePaiate account to be maintained in
a schedule ba-nk tL meet exclusively th; cost of laJtd and construction
purpose as per provision of Section 4 (2) (L) (D);
' The resisbation shatl be va-tid for a period commencing from O4'o82Ol7 lo
s vearifrom the date ofrevised Environment Clea-rancel

' The promoter shall enter into a.n agreement for sale with the allottees as
prescribed in the Act and Rules made thereunden

lvl The Promoter shall offer to execute and register a conveyalce deed in favour
oiin" Jioia."" ot the association oI the allottees, as the case may be, of tlle
apaitment, plot or buitding as the case may be, or on the common ateas as
per provision of section 17 of the Act;

(vi) The Promoter shall take a-11 the pending approvals from various competent
authoritres on time

(vii) The Promoter shall pay alt outstanding paJ'ment i e lalrd cost' construction
cost, ground rent, municipal or other loca'l taxes' charges for water or
interest on
electricity, maintenance charges, including mortgage loaJt aild
payable to
mortgages or other encumbrances and such other liabilities
related to
co-p-etLrrt authorities, ba,rk and fi,rancial institutions which are
the project until he transfers the physical possession of the real estate
to tl.e allottees or the associations of allottees, as the case may be;

(viii) The Promoter shall be responsible for providing and maintaining the
essentlal services, on reasonable charges, till the ta-l<ing over of the
malntenance of the project by the Municipal Corporation' Gurgaon
or any
other local authority/Association of the Allottees, as the case may be;

(ix) The Promoter shall not accept a sum mole than ten percent of tie cost of the
pai/rnent ot an
apartment, plot or building as the case may be, as an advance
application fee, from a person without first entering into a written
for sale with such person and register the said agreement for sale' under
Iaw for the time being in force;

(x) The Promoter shall pay the registration fee and comply with any otier
2017 ;
condition to be imposed in view of provisions of final HRERA Rules'

(xi) The Promoter shall adhere all the terms and conditlons ofthis registration and
license, sanctioned plans artd other permissions issued by Competent
(xii) The Promoter shall, upon receiving his login Id and password under
of sub-section (1) or under sub-section (2) of section 5' as the case may be'
create his web page on the website of the Authority and enter
ell details of
the proposed project as provided under sub-section (2) of section 4'
the followings:-

a) details of the regist :ation granted by the authority;

b) quarterly up-to-date list of number and t]?e of aPaJtments for
as the case may be, booked;

c) quarterly up-to-date the list of number of garages/covered

parking lot

dl' quarterly up-to-date the list of approvals taken and the approvals
which pending subsequent to commencement certificate:
e) qua-rtelly up-to-date status of t}Ie project; and

0 such other information and documents as may be apecified by the
regulations made by the authority.
(xiii) The Promoter sha-ll be responsible to make available to the allottees, the
following information at the time of the booking arrd issue of allotment letter:-

a) sanctioned plans, layout, along wit]. specifications, approved by t.l.e

competent authority, by display at the site or such other place aa may
be specified by the regulations made by the Authority;

b) the stage wise tifieschedule of completion of the project, including the

provisions for civic infrastructure like water, sanitation and
E(ecutlve Dlrector