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What is the main problem in Pakistan?

What are your recommendations to solve it ,

putting into consideration your aim in life?

Part 1/2
Problem (corruption, dishonesty, distrust):

No doubt there are plenty of problems in our country, but every problem has a
solution as well. It depends on us that how much determination we have to solve these
issues. Every solution is indirectly linked with our aims in life, which differ from person
to person.

As far as my finding is concerned, I have found that Pakistan is badly facing

corruption. The reason is that there is lack of faith in Allah. Where there is less faith,
there a person starts to move away from his religion and its beliefs. Corruption is seen
every where, from a low post clerk/peon/traffic guider, to a CEO* of a company, prime
minister and president of the country. This means, there is no place, where its not seen. If
you request a line man who deals in setting ptcl connections, to set yours, he will ask you
to give him money for sweets as a congrats to him from your side. This is a part of
corruption. The biggest problem seen in Pakistan is that here people take misuse the
needy people. The needy people are bound to pay money to these corruption makers to let
their pending tasks be done. But according to our religion Islam, a hadeeth says that,
“people who take money and receive money (in the sense of corruption), are in fire
(hell).” Another one’s meaning sentence (because original one’s wordings are not
available to me) is “who ever tastes/eats a bite of haram(not allowed), on him
jannat(heaven) is haram.” We also know that what ever our Prophet Muhammad SAWW
used to quote was exactly the same as quoted by Allah. Islam says to respect our elders,
young ones and our age fellows morally and ethically. We cant take advantage over any
one in any regard. If we do so, we simply violate the terms and conditions of our religion.
Also Islam says to help others, but never to harm others due to our acts that may affect
them directly or indirectly.

I recommend that youth should be taught deeply about the religion Islam, its
terms and conditions, rules and regulations, its importance, ways to develop a strong faith
by strongly believing in it, and learning and following teachings of it. This can be done
through our electronic media, news papers, seminars, campaigns etc. The benefit will be
to purify our youth’s nature, thinking, speaking and habits. When this will happen, they
will be able to groom their generation in a good way. Also, as politicians, they will
replace the old ones one day; they will also minimize the corruption level, dishonesty and
distrust level, because they will have a strong religious base.

Our public normally says this is the problem that is the problem. They need to
realize that every problem has a solution. And aims in life solve these problems. These
aims and solutions finding vary from person to person. It’s on us that how much
determined we are to solve the problems relevant to our aims in life.
Part 2/2
My Aim In Life

Every one has an aim in his life, that he wishes to accomplish(attain). Aims
differ from time to time, place to place, country to country, religion to religion and so on.
This means, none of the people has a streamlined aim, unless he has strong
determination, favourable timing and resources, and strong moral support by his family.
Where any of these are affected, the aims start deviating from the original one.

My aim in life is to become what my parents expect from me. I can do so by

becoming good in learning the teachings of Islam, doing research, and implementing
them on myself. I want to become a famous business girl who must have a big heart to
give lump some amounts of charity to the needy, without telling anyone about her
activities, not even trying to show off herself, not even trying to let others think that she’s
virtual, not even letting others think she has any good qualities. I want to do so, because I
know Allah loves those who earn more, but still have a kind heart to help others, without
even thinking that they are doing a virtue. I will choose internal audit and Islamic
banking specialization subjects in my MCOM, and after that will inshAllah do CIA
(certified internal auditor). I will do job at a well reputable company and generate a
reserve for me, so that I may be able to start a good reserves generating business. I will
do diplomas to keep on grooming myself, and making myself aware of the knowledge
relevant to organizations and businesses. I love to make place in the hearts of people, by
gathering prayers from them. These are my aims in life.

As far as my aims are concerned, I will strengthen my religious bases, to

become a strong citizen. I will teach all my friends, family, relatives and people I know
about the problems in Pakistan, and their solutions through our aims and interests in life.
I will let them realize that we need to develop patriotism in us, we need to correct
ourselves rather than raising fingers on others, we must act upon the advices we give to
others and we must keep ourselves aware of the knowledge regarding every field of life
to think about the solutions tactfully. I will develop a trust, that will give free education to
our youth regarding Islam, its implementation on us, and establishing good schools and
colleges and universities having famous highly payable teachers, to give free education to
the students of all areas especially targeting the remote areas, to minimize illiteracy. As a
result, corruption will be decreased. This trust will take every such measures which will
help me to minimize our country’s problems at a broad canvas,

My aims in life are streamlined and I am determined to do what I can, for

country, my family, my friends, and above all, my religion Islam and the Last Prophet
Hazrat Muhammad SAWW and Allah.