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Home Automation

Varun K V Ithal
Dept. of E and C
BMS college of Engineering
Bengaluru, India-560019

Abstract—Home automation or domotics is building automa- information from various websites and datasheet . Digital logic
tion for a home, called a smart home or smart house. It involves and computer design by M.Morris Mano was referred To
the control and automation of lighting, heating (such as smart understand the working of shift registers as these concepts are
thermostats), ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and security,
as well as home appliances such as washer/dryers, ovens or essential to understand the working of encoder and decoder
refrigerators/freezers ( IC HT12E and IC HT12D ) . The datasheets of these ICs
were referred ( datasheet [1],[2] ) . As these ICs work on 3V
I. I NTRODUCTION logic and it was necessary to trigger the relays which need 5V
Home automation or domotics is building automation for a hence the D-latch IC7475 was used ,the datasheet of this IC
home, called a smart home or smart house. It involves the was referred to understand its working( [3] ) to understand
control and automation of lighting, heating (such as smart the working of D latch Digital Electronics , A.P.Godse ,
thermostats), ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and secu- Dr.D.A.Godse was referred . The RF pair ( Transmitter and
rity, as well as home appliances such as washer/dryers, ovens receiver ) working was the most important part of the project
or refrigerators/freezers. Home automation system is growing to analyze its function and working the given link was helpful.
rapidly, they are used to provide comfort, convenience, quality
of life and security for residents. Nowadays, most home III. R ELATED WORK AND P ROPOSED WORK
automation systems are used to provide ease to elderly and dis- Home automation systems are becoming more and more
abled people and they reducethehumanlaborintheproductionof- affordable. Not only are prices decreasing, but operating
servicesandgoods . Home automation system can be designed systems are also become less complex so that users can
and developed by using a single controller which has the abil- readily master all the controls associated with their safety and
ity to control and monitor different interconnected appliances security devices . Multiple home devices switch can be control
such as power plugs, lights, temperature and humidity sensors, with a designed system using microcontroller as heart of the
smoke, gas and re detectors as well as emergency and security circuit with android based mobile phone. Here the mode of
systems . One of the greatest advantage of home automation controlling devices is by sending command wirelessly through
system is that it can be controlled and managed easily from Bluetooth . IR remote control has a very wide application in
an array of devices such as smartphone, tablet, desktop and the eld of electronics. IR based remote control for controlling
laptop. Home automation systems are composed of hardware, multiple home appliances with microcontroller is also reported
communication and electronic interfaces that work to integrate for the same function. Another approach is by GSM based for
electrical devices with one another. Domestic activities can home automation. This is done by sending short sms code
then be regulated with the touch of a button. From any remote from a mobile handset. Here it has a wider coverage area. So
location, users can adjust the controls on home entertainment to control any house hold appliances from a distance place
systems. Home automation systems enable users to protect within the network area coverage sending a short sms code
against break-ins and res, while enjoying automations for will either ON or OFF the devices at home. All these work is
lights, temperature, and more. The automation of features in carried out for the same function in a different way by using
ones home helps to promote security, comfort, energy efciency, different technology. Some use Bluetooth technology other use
and convenience. Another benet of home automation systems GSM technology or IR technology. Each technology has its
is the amount of labor, time, energy and materials that is saved own advantages and disadvantages over the other but they all
HNL serve the common purpose to replace manual work. The main
April 8, 2018 objective of this work is to create another system to control
multiple appliances by using RF technology. One of the main
II. L ITERATURE SURVEY advantages of RF based remote control is that it can operate the
A wide range of literary works carried out by engineers appliances without the requirement of line of sight within its
and researchers were referred to shortlist on the design of specied range efciently. The project is a proposal for wireless
the circuit and the components required to construct it . The control of home appliance systems such as air conditioner , fan
literature referred comprises of books ,research papers and , tube light, bulb, using a single remote an rf transmitter and
Pin no. Function Name
receiver ( rf pair) is used to control a maximum of 8 devices 1-8 Address A0-A7
within a distance of 100m . Pins
9 Ground Ground
14 TransmissionTE
Theimportantgoalofthisprojectistobuildahomeautomation Enable
system using a RF controlled remote. Now technology is 15-16 Oscillator Osc2-1
17 Serial Output
accelerating so homes are also getting smarter. Modern homes Data
are deliberately relocating from current single switches to Output
centralized control system, containing RF controlled switches. 18 Supply Vcc
Today traditional wall switches situated in various parts of TABLE I
the home makes it laborious for the end user to go near HT12E P IN D ESCRIPTION
them to control and operate. Even further it turns into more
problematic for the old persons or physically handicapped
people to do so. Home Automation using remote implements
an easier solution with RF technology. In order to accomplish
this, a RF remote that sends ON/OFF signals to the receiver
where devices are connected. By operating the stated remote
switch on the transmitter, the loads can be turned ON/OFF
using wireless technology .This project is a proposal to
solve this problem by designing a remote (transmitter) and
a receiver which is user friendly to control home electrical
appliances .
V. E XPERIMENTAL R ESULTS which is built with an available compact ICs and RF module.
Write Experimental Results here After obtaining successful From any place around the house any eight appliances can be
results in the simulation we started to build the actual circuit . control at will without the requirement of line of sight. The
The circuit was built on PCB and bread board . The steps relay action which is connected to the load to be controlled
involved in the hardware implementation of the project is is operated with radio frequency which transmits only when
as follows Testing and Assembling of components :The RF a switchispressed.Thetransmittercircuitispowerwith9Vwith cir-
transmitter, encoder IC HT12E and RF receiver and decoder cuit current of 9.6mA and power consumption of 86.4mW.
IC HT12D were tested for their working using IC trainer kit R EFERENCES
and placed on their respective bread boards on the transmitter
[1] N K Kaphungkui , RF based Remote Control for Home Electrical Appli-
and receiver side respectively . Soldering:The D-latch IC 7475 ances , INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INNOVATIVE RESEARCH
was soldered , it is used in the receiver end . This was done to IN ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONICS, INSTRUMENTATION AND CON-
minimize the area occupied by the circuit . Finishing :Plastic TROL ENGINEERING Vol. 3, Issue 7, July 2015.
[2] Pearson , Digital logic and computer design M.Morris Mano.
boxes were built , whose dimensions suit the requirement of [3] Technical publication , Digital Electronics , A.P.Godse , Dr.D.A.Godse.
the project .Each component was given a particular slot in the
box . This makes the circuit compact and portable, it prevents
possible damage to the circuit during transportation .


The gift of technology to mankind is to make life simpler.
In this work, a remote control for multiple home appliances
is designed, presented and implemented as shown in Figure
13 and Figure 14 . The design is durable, robust and sturdy
Pin no. Function Name
1-8 Address A0-A7
9 Ground Ground
10-13 Data AD0-3
14 Serial Input
15-16 Oscillator Osc2-1
17 Valid VT
18 Supply Vcc

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