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Blockbuster film

Avengers Endgame
Avenger’s Endgame is about after half of all life is snapped away by Thanos, the Avengers are left
scattered and divided. Now with a way to reverse the damage, the Avengers and their allies must
assemble once more and learn to put differences aside in order to work together and set things
right. Along the way, the Avengers realize that sacrifices must be made as they prepare for the
ultimate final showdown with Thanos, which will result in the heroes fighting the biggest battle they
have ever fought.
Adrift in space with no food or water, Tony Stark sends a message to Pepper Potts as his oxygen
supply starts to run out. Meanwhile, the remaining Avengers Thor, Black Widow, Captain America
and Bruce Banner must figure out a way to bring back their vanquished allies for an epic showdown
with Thanos -- the evil demigod who decimated the planet and the universe.

The budget for the Avengers Endgame that was released in the year 2019 was estimated to be
$356,000,000; the budget had to be this expensive considering it will be released after 11 years of 21
films of the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel had to make Endgame the most
interesting and engaging movie ever made, this had to be the case because the movie was going to
be the last movie Marvel cinematic universe included all its superhero and main characters, this was
because it was highly anticipated by the audience of other marvel films of individual superhero films
and the avengers franchise, meaning had a per-sold audience. It was needed to spend a lot on this
film in order to tell the story properly and to arise to the audiences’ expectation. Endgame was a
combination of the whole Marvel cinematic movie, as previous movies such as (Avengers1,2 and 3 ,
Infinity war) were all building up to the production of Endgame, therefore to give the audience the
terrific ending everyone had been waiting for, talent were required both on screen and behind,
which came with intensive costs, such as the cost of bringing back all the characters that were in
Infinity war as it was a cliff hanger therefore the audience had to watch this film for the story to be
completed, this added to the audience’s expectation, as they had to pay to watch the last film so
they would have needed to make the film strong to please their audience.
Endgame had to be perfect considering the ending of Infinity war, To make this happen, the
directors (Anthony and Joe Russo)of the movie had to use the most expensive cameras to ensure the
perfection of all shots taken, this would have also contributed to the expenses of the movie as they
would have had to purchase the most expensive camera, hire a professional camera man (Trent
Opaloch) , best editors such as Jeffery Ford and Matthew Smith etc, in order to successfully complete
the movie as they have worked on films such as Infinity war, Avengers, Age of Ultron, hiring this
professionals and expertise would have aided in achieving the desired outcome expected by the
audience, doing this would have also contributed to the expenses as editor would have demanded
an expensive price knowing how big Endgame was and the amount of time, effort and experience it
would have required to successfully complete the movie editing ,also as part of the narrative of
Endgame they had to go back in time, travel through space, different universe, etc in order to
ensure Endgame was the most successful movie ever produced by Marvel Cinematic Universe,
therefore we could conclude that the budget had to be high to achieve the anticipation and
expectation of audience. We could argue that one of the reason why Endgame was successful was
the use of cgi and design in showing how powerful the main villain ( Thanos) was and also showing
how passionate the heroes in the movie were in re-writing the universe for the benefit of civilians,
this is also another reason why the budget was so high, there was a lot of expectation due to the end
of Infinity War, a lot of important heroes such as Spider man, Black panther etc. were known to be
dead at the end of Infinity War, as a result of this tragedy a lot of anticipation were going on as to
how the character were going to return.
A lot of equipment was needed to film endgame, equipment such as props and filming equipment,
such as Arri Alexa 65 IMAX which was approximately $5,186.00, this would have contributed to the
success of the movie, as it would have aid in the preferred quality needed to present the movie at its
best quality, as it has resolution up to 3424 ex 2202 pixle and it has costume design prime and zoom
lenses so the focuse is excellent. This is needed for the film, as it will be shown in cinemas on a big
screen and been a syfy film, This is meant to shock the audience, as it makes it realistic. Purchasing
this sort of camera would have also contributed to the massive budget of the movie as It is an
expensive camera, to produce the movie this camera helps image look warm, creamy, and saturated,
they also had to use Panavision Ultra Panatar Lenses this is a type of technology that allows camera
to capture soft, glamorous, and classic looking images, for example the scene where Thanos
deceived Gomora, pretending he was dead, then changes the reality to review he wasn’t dead, this
technology used in Endgame also produces an image that creates the different and innovative view
while providing the technical advantage of adopting more capture area of modern digital sensors,
the use of this technology explains why endgame had one of the best visual quality ever seen in any
movie as it was made by Marvel who are owned by Disney, an industry that has the money to spend
on the film and the contact, so they can make the film successful for a larger audience, purchasing
this quality would have added weight to the overall budget for the movie, however it would have
been beneficial as it would have result in success for Marvel cinematic universe.

the film also had Tony Stark stuck in space with no food and oxygen trying to send message to
pepper potts, all of this scene needed special equipment to make the movie look as realistic as it
could, so audience are pleased with the performance, generally Endgame was a combination of all
the marvel cinematic Universe movie(Iron-man 1-3, Captain American, Thor Ragnarok, Guardians of
galaxy, Ant-man, Black panther, Doctor strange, and Spider-man) therefore we could conclude with
on doubt that having to bring all these movies together would have contributed to the large budget
Endgame had , as they would have had to use special equipment such as Dolby surrounding sound,
this equipment would have aided in the preferred sound needed for the production of Endgame as
Dolby sound has enhanced loudness and optimized audio which will engage the audience and sit
with the audience. Also earlier is Infinity war Scott Lang one of the Avengers was absent, due to the
fact that Endgame had to include all the avengers character, they had to bring Scott back one way or
the other, so in Endgame the director decided to present him as a character who was stuck in an
alternative universe for five day which was equivalent to five years in reality due to Thanos wiping
out half of the universe, to achieve this and make the film realistic they would have had to use some
expensive pieces of equipment to carry this out, therefore this must have also contributed to
Endgame’s massive budget.
Also both Infinity war and Endgame were the first Hollywood film to be shot entirely in digital IMAX,
using new camera development, alongside industrial light and magic, frame store etc. all of these
equipment are expensive, which means they must have contributed to the budget of Endgame this is
because it would have been of a higher quality and excellent resolution for IMAX 3 which earned
$26.5million in total.

The majority of Endgame character were not only in the first movie( Infinity war) but had all been in
the build up to Endgame, characters like Captain American, Iron-man, Thor, Black widow, Spider-
man, Black panther etc. these are all main characters that had to be included in the filming of
Endgame, to achieve the appropriate and preferred outcome of the movie, characters like Iron-man
inevitably had to be involved in the production of Endgame, reason is because the whole buildup of
the movie started with him, he mentioned in infinity war that ‘Thanos had been in his head for 10
years’ Marvel cinematic universe had to pay important characters like Iron-man, Captain American a
lot of money due to their important roles in the production of the movie. Also characters like
Captain marvel had to be in Endgame as we saw furry contact her at the end of Infinity war,
therefore to get her on the film they must have also had to pay her also a lot of money, as she was
presented as one of the most powerful superheroes amongst Avengers, Marvel had to do this as it
made her a countertype, because she’s been represented in the opposite way a female character
would normally be represented in the media, to create such a powerful character like Captain
marvel, it must have cost the production a lot of money which must have also contributed to the
massive budget of Avengers Endgame, but they were willing to do this as they knew the effect it
would have on audience, seeing a female character perform like that would have made female and
male audience feel a lot better and confident about the way females were previously represented in
the past by the media.
This was beneficial for marvel, as it contribute to the massive profit they were able to gather form
avengers endgame, IMDB shows that Endgame brought in twice the profit infinity war brought in for
marvel cinematic universe
Robert Downey Junior was paid the most for endgame with $20million, whereas Christ Hemsworth,
Scarlett Johansson and Chris Even had $15million.
This might have been as Iron Man was the sixth highest grossing Marvel film (other than the
Avengers and Black Panther) and there were three iron man movies, as he was the main character in
Robert Downey Junior has been involved in other action movies such as The Iron-Man 1,2,3 and
Avengers , also he was an important character in the Infinity War Before Endgame, so they would
have hired him because he has shown in previous movies that his able to meet the expectation
expected from him, based on his previous performance.
Finally we could conclude that Endgame was funded by a conglomerate as it had different characters
from different movie in its production.

The directors were Anthony and Joe Russo, Before this film they have directed lots Blockbuster
movie such as Captain America Civil War, 21 bridges, Avengers Infinity War, Extraction etc, Marvel
would have hired them as The Avengers directors as they can be trusted to produce a terrific movie
that will intrigue the audience, hiring such an experienced and talented directors would have
contributed to the expenses of Endgame as Marvel would have had to pay them an expensive
amount of money, hiring this directors would have contributed to the success of Endgame as they
are known for their awesome production from previous movie, so in no doubt, we can assume that
they would have used all their talents, knowledge and initiatives in the production of Endgame, to
achieve the anticipated expectation of their audience.

The head of cinematography Trent Opaloch. Before this film they have been involved in other films
as the cinematographer, films such as chappie, Avengers Infinity War, etc. Marvel would have hired
him as the cinematographer for Endgame, as he his best known for this task in all the films he’s been
involved in, this adds to the success as they are using one of the most talented cinematographer in
the film industry, therefore in no doubt, the film will contain high quality shots of scenes as an
experienced cinematographer is been hired for the film.

The editors were Jeffry Ford and Matthew Smith, Jeffry ford is an American editor well known for his
editing work in movies for example he was the editor employed for Captain American Civil War, this
makes him trust worthy to put up a good work for the editing of Endgame, this adds to the success as
they are using some of the most talented editors in the film industry, therefore in no doubt, the film
will contain high quality screen view as talented editors are been hired for the film.

Avengers was always based around the idea of Superheroes risking their lives to save the day,
therefore Endgame also needed the right location, to achieve its preferred outcome. One of the
location Endgame was filmed was pinewood Atlantic studio, this studio was needed to reveal the
new Avengers facility; the studio was also used in the last film (infinity war and most other Marvel
film/Ant-Man and Black Panther). This shows that Marvel has a good relationship with the studio.
Marvel cinematic universe must have had to pay a lot to access that studio for the production of
Endgame, this would have also contributed to the reason why they had such a massive budget, they
also had to film in Scotland, England and the Downtown Atlanta area, the cost for all this traveling
must have been expensive, they would have also had to consider food and shelter for their cast, due
to the fact that the cast are famous celebrities they would have cost an expensive accommodation.
The Transportation hired by the company was Hollywood truck, which would have also been
expensive as it would be needed in different locations and countries. All of these different factors
would have also contributed the budget of Endgame, but it was also necessary as marvel cinematic
universe knew they were going to make more profit that they had spent producing the movie.

Mini-Major Film

Ex Machina
Ex Machine is a movie based around the idea of a young programmer been selected to
participate in a ground-breaking experiment in synthetic intelligence by evaluating the
human qualities of a highly advanced humanoid?
Caleb, a 26 year old programmer at the world's largest internet company, wins a competition to
spend a week at a private mountain retreat belonging to Nathan, the reclusive CEO of the company.
But when Caleb arrives at the remote location he finds that he will have to participate in a strange
and fascinating experiment in which he must interact with the world's first true artificial intelligence,
housed in the body of a beautiful robot girl. Written by DNA FILMS
The budget for Ex Machina was estimated to be round about $15,000,000 this would have been the
case as the movie wasn’t as huge as a blockbuster therefore wouldn’t have the need to have a large

movie was shot live action with all effect done in post-production of the movie, which must have
been expensive contributing to the budget of the movie , during the movie no special effect was
included, no green screen, or tracking market was used, to create the character Ave robotic features,
scenes had to be filmed both with and without the individual who was playing the role of the
character presence (Vikander), allowing the background to behind the character to be captured, also
special equipment were needed, for example Vikander hand and face had to be rotoscoped to make
sure all her body part were in alliance with her been a robot, while the rest of her body were
digitally painted, all of this technological equipment are expensive, therefore they must have
contributed to the budget of the movie. Also equipment such as camera and body tracking system
were also used to transfer Vikander’s performance to the CGI robotic movement displayed on the
screen, lastly in total there were about 800 VFX shots, which approximately 350 were robot shots.
Alicia Vikander: it made sense that they would choose this individual to be one of the main
character of the movie as she had achieved a lot of awards in the past for the performance, one of
her award was in the movie (TESTMENT OF YOUTH) which was a movie based around would war
memories, Alicia Vikander was phenomenal with her performance, therefore it made scene that she
was nominated to be one of the main character in Ex Machina , to get her on the show they must
have had to pay her an amount she was satisfied with, to make sure she gave the production her
best performance.
Oscar Isaac: Oscar Isaac was also another main character in the movie reason is because Isaac won
the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Supporting Actor for the role, In 2013, Oscar starred in
the Coen Brothers' folk music-themed comedy-drama, Inside Llewyn Davis (2013), for which he
received a Golden Globe Award nomination, considering all there achievements the to take part in
the movie they must have had to pay him amount he was also contented with, to aid in his best
performance for the movie.
Ex Machina was filmed at pinewood studio for four week, this would have been beneficial for the
movie in general as it would have been attention catching for audience, as pinewood studio is known
for expensive and star movies, this would have also cost the production of the movie also of money,
as the studio does charge also to rent, they then had to travel to Iver heath, Buckinghamshire,
England, UK. The fact that they had to transport to different location would have made the
production a lot more expensive considering cost of tickets , having to take care of actors etc.but it
would have worth the expenses as it would have made the movie a lot more interesting and
profitable for producer.
Small Scale

This is England
This is England: Mods, New Romantics, and Skinheads are the major youth sub-cultures of this very
English summer of 1983 and young 12-year-old Shaun is left wandering aimlessly alone and lost
during the start of his school holidays, until his chance meeting with Woody and his fun and friendly
Skinhead pack. Finding a new lease of life; girls, parties, Ben Sherman shirts, Doc Martin boots and
shaven hairstyles young Shaun is welcomed, life during this summer holiday has got a whole lot
better. That is until Combo arrives on the scene bitter, dangerous, racist, militant and psychotic life
for young Shaun has just approached his first major crossroads. This is England is a look back at the
early eighties of British working-class life through the eyes of young Shaun and his new gang, and
dealing with the bitterness of outside influences such as racism and xenophobia, of mass
unemployment and the fall out of the Falkland's War
The budget for this small scale movie was estimated to be £1, 500,000, reason behind thisis because
it wasn’t a blockbuster movie, this movie didn’t need a studio or special/specific location for its
production, the movie gross profit was estimated to be $327,919.
A main equipment needed was camera this was needed to capture different cameral shots, which
had different meaning behind then, for example an extreme close-up shot was used to show the
facial expression of combo (aggressive) holding a machete to threaten a character, they also include
other props like graffiti and alcohol and cigarettes, all of there were included to perfectly reflect the
narrative of the audience, all of this different types of equipment also explains why the movie is a
small scale, as of these different types of equipment are not necessary expensive, so the movie
wouldn’t need a massive budget to carry out its production, although the equipment weren’t
necessary expensive they had a massive impact on the show as the show gross profit was estimated
to be $327,919.

The main character for this movie is Thomas Turgoose whose mother died of cancer on the 29 of
December 2005, He had never acted before, and was banned from his school play for bad behaviors,
and demanded £5 to turn up for the film's auditions. The film was dedicated to Turgoose's mother,
Sharon, as mentioned earlier died of cancer on 29 December 2005; while she never saw the film, she
saw a short preview. The cast attended her funeral; it makes sense that the movie has a very low
budget as there wasn’t really any famous or well-known actor involved in the movie.

The film is set in an unidentified town in the Midlands which also why it didn’t have such a massive
budget, the movie didn’t require any use of studio, which would also reduce its budget, Although
much of the film was shot on location in Nottingham, a number of scenes portray the town's docks,
which precludes this inland city being the setting for the action. Similarly, the dialects of the main
characters are drawn from a wide geographical area.