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29/11/2010 Loving Ganesha, Chapter 2: Letters Fr…

Loving Ganesha Chapter 2: Letters from Lord Ganesha

Shri Ganeshasya

Letters from
Lord Ganesha


seers on extremely auspicious days in the form of direct
communication. Such esoteric messages are shruti, that which is
given directly by the Gods. Through the grace of my satguru,
Siva Yogaswami Asan, the vision here transcribed occurred to me while I
was looking intently through the clairvoyant ajna chakra, the third eye, at
the site of an ancient temple where Kauai's Wailua River merges with the
North Pacific Ocean, where the Hawaiian priesthood invoked Ganesha by
the name Lono many hundreds of years ago. In my amazement I began to
discern golden letters written on a great scroll in the akasha. They became
clearer and clearer, until I was able to read them to a scribe. The three
scrolls, revealed as letters from Lord Ganesha, are released here for you to
share. They are unique messages of mystical philosophy, phrased in
cadenced prose. Reading them carefully, we may gain a deeper
understanding of how this great God looks at us and at the physical world.

The First Letter from Lord Ganesha…/lg_ch-02.h… 1/5
29/11/2010 Loving Ganesha, Chapter 2: Letters Fr…
Glitter, glint and gleam your temples. Clean them well.
These are the twinkle that is seen by those who do not see.
Guard the gilded throne of Siva's stall.
Keep it well lit and open.

No night doth fall upon His Holy Form.

He is the Sun, both cold and warm.

Piercing vision of deep, inner spinning wheels

pierces through the twinkle and the clinkle of your temple Ferris wheel.
These enjoy the darshan flooding out. Those caught in chain-like
discs of darker hours see only glitter and the flowers.

When we come, as puja calls, we hardly see those

who cannot see. We see those who can, clear and
crisp, their wasp-like form in the temple,
they adorn lovingly the floors.

I tell you this, Saivite brahmin souls,

have no fear to shine the sparkle all the year.
Gild the gilded forms anew so that your temples
appear just built. Appeal to every chakra wheel; one spins one and then the

Gild -- the base, the rudder, the anchor of it all -- doth stimulate.
And sound, the one that hears. Smell, the controller of the glands.
And so, when chakras spin all through,
your temple will be always new.

Once you realize that some see, and others do not condescend to kneel, but
stand and look with open mouth as sight and sound rush in along with
drainage from the bath, be not afraid to open wide the door. Those who
enter will eventually prostrate on the floor.

Keep it clean, and gild and glint anew.

That is your job, what you have to do.

Lord Ganesha

The Second Letter from Lord Ganesha

Keep track of your paces, for your walk makes marks.

Each mark is a reward or a stumbling block.
Learn to look at the step you have made
and the step you have not made yet.
This brings you close to Me.…/lg_ch-02.h… 2/5
29/11/2010 Loving Ganesha, Chapter 2: Letters Fr…
I'm not doing anything.
If I were any place, I would not be.
You are someplace, doing something. You are not.

Insofar as this is a fact, there then is some semblance of Me in you.

If you are not what you apparently are
and you keep track of your paces fore and aft in your mind,
the karma balancing out the dharma is nothing.

Always live as nothing,

and your mission is fulfilled immediately.
You do not have to live long, but live well while you live.
Be sum total at any point in time.

The mind through which you think you travel,

or of which you think you are, is not.
The awareness of which you think doth travel,
or which you think is aware, is not. Therefore, what is?

That is a mystery, to the mind, to awareness,

but can be solved by you and Me coming close together.
Let's do it now.

Lord Umaganesh

The Third Letter from Lord Ganesha

Softness comes when you are precise, concentrated,

with a sense of penuriousness.
The concentration of the intellect
comes from a vast, expansive ability accrued
which has brought an intricate intellect into usage.

Softness, therefore, and a demure countenance and approach

to life and associates must be accrued through these means.

If you are not soft in your intellect toward others,

refrain from speaking as well as thinking.
For the true intellect is accrued from within oneself,
and by listening to your guruji,
who stimulates the within of you for this to occur.

Obedience is the keynote here,

and the ravaging forces of emotion are rejected.
And I dismay as you retreat into the devilish worlds
in the plane beyond My sight.…/lg_ch-02.h… 3/5
29/11/2010 Loving Ganesha, Chapter 2: Letters Fr…
I sit waiting for your return.

Because I am here, it all exists.

The pole holds the feathers that dance in
the wind of desire around it.

Therefore, the thing that we seek is

countenance, precision and self-effacement.
You know the rest. I wait for your return.

See Me first before each advent into another Lord.

I am the gatekeeper, the Mother that cares for you
and makes you just right for the Father.
I am the now that makes you ready for the then.
I am the dragon that scares away the untimely events in your life
due to the ignorance within your dharma.

I am the innovation of your karma,

if you come to Me, My Being, your Being,
when you get here, now.

See to this. I command you. I implore you.

I do puja to you by ringing My little bell in front of Me,
by eating a ball-like sweet goody and by lighting the fire of Siva,
My Father, in My Father, through My head,
burning at the top of My head, your head, burning there,
a flickering flame burning there on nothing
except the dross forces of your dharma,
the accumulation of your karma of this life,
burns away the top of your head,
My head, Our head.

Success on the path is assured for you

who have the good fortune to hear, to see, to read
or to have been told to this message,
is blessed by your good fortune,
is in tune with Me, your Self, and
I introduce you to realms beyond your limited vision
at this very moment.

Lord Ganesh…/lg_ch-02.h… 4/5
29/11/2010 Loving Ganesha, Chapter 2: Letters Fr……/lg_ch-02.h… 5/5