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Introduction ............................................................................................................................................................................................. 3
Halls of Valhalla..................................................................................................................................................................................... 5
Act 1 ...................................................................................................................................................................................................... 7
Act 2 .................................................................................................................................................................................................. 16
Act 3 .................................................................................................................................................................................................. 18
Afterword .............................................................................................................................................................................................. 21


THE CORE ACTIVITY How Kiera Haarlock came to be is a bit of a

mystery. Though none can doubt her claim to the
For the living campaign known as the Valhallan family name thanks to her ship, The Spear of
Crusade, it is expected that the player characters Destiny. The ship once belonged to Erasmus
are all either Imperial (meaning they have the himself and was said to contain as many dark
Imperium keyword) or Corsair Eldar (possessing secrets as the Haarlock family line itself. Even her
the appropriate keyword(s)). They are all a part of crew lack comprehensive knowledge of the ship
a warband sponsored by both Rogue Trader Kiera they serve on. Said crew are a mix of Eldar and
Haarlock and Warlock Miimya. Each are covered Human, though it is said the former are simply
below. If your group is using a completely playing the long game and will turn on Haarlock
different framework, the Game Master must make one day when she least expects it. Whatever the
adjustments to many of the read-aloud sections of case may be, Haarlock herself seems to be
the adventures to make them a better fit. committed to a singular purpose: To ensure that
both the world of Valhalla and the worlds beyond
Rogue Trader Kiera Haarlock remain free of the taint of Chaos.

The name Haarlock is well known throughout the If you’re interested in learning more about the story
Calixis Sector and among Rogue Traders. They behind the Haarlock name (at least up to Erasmus),
were the Rogue Trader House responsible for you can find more information in the Haarlock’s
helping found the Calixis Sector, They acquired Legacy adventures that were made for Dark Heresy.
terrible secrets and amassed dark lore, weapons,
and trinkets enough to found a dozen empires of Warlock Miimya
their own over centuries of conquest. Were it not
The only individual as mysterious as Haarlock is
for the protection of their warrant and the secrecy
her right-hand man, an Eldar Warlock known as
with which they guarded their affairs within the
Miimya. She is said to hail from Craftworld
Imperium, they would have likely been
Lyanden, and is aboard The Spear of Destiny to
condemned many times over by the Inquisition
repay some unknown debt to Haarlock. This
and Imperium at large. Yet perhaps they are most
largely means operating the forbidden technology
well-known for the actions of Erasmus Haarlock.
the vessel contains, as well as maintaining the
Erasmus Haarlock lost his wife and daughter in peace between her fellow Eldar crew and that of
the inter-familial wars that gripped the Haarlocks. the Humans’.
This drove him to massacre the rest of his kin and
If you haven’t caught on by now (or are unaware),
all of their associates. He then became obsessed
Haarlock (and Miimya) are more or less based on
with bringing back his dead family, using what he
their namesakes found in Space Pirate Captain
could of his family’s forbidden lore to that end.
Harlock by Leiji Matsumoto. You might find good
But before he could complete his ritual, he
ideas in viewing the original 1977 release or really
vanished without a trace in M41.703. His secrets,
any entries in the series.
and those of his family, were presumed lost with

Valhallan Crusade is an unofficial living campaign for use with the Wrath & Glory roleplaying game by Ulisses
Spiele. It is composed of four distinct adventures set within the Valhallan sub-sector. All of the adventures
are linked together as part of the overall narrative of the threats facing this small part of the galaxy. You do
not have to play the adventures back to back. In addition, each adventure can also be used individually as a
stand-alone event in your Wrath & Glory campaign if you so choose.

Each adventure is designed for Tiers 2 to 3, though can be adjusted for different levels of play as needed. It
is assumed that the protagonists are limited to Human and Aeldari characters only, and that there is at least
one psyker (or equivalent) among the warband. Guidance is provided should a psyker not be available in your
group, but at no point should Ork protagonists be introduced for this first adventure. The reason for such
should become evident as you get further into this document.

As with all pre-made material, you are encouraged to add to, subtract from, and otherwise modify this
adventure to suit your needs.

Adventure 1: Halls of Valhalla

The Spear of Destiny arrives at Valhalla just as a small Ork Fleet begins bombarding the planet. After
punching a hole through them and securing local space, the warband is asked to make contact with
Planetary Governor Brydr. There they find that there’s more to the Ork attack than anyone initially suspected.
The warband must travel across the planet and seek out whatever is drawing the Orks to the world before
their ship is overwhelmed in orbit.

Halls of Valhalla


The world of Valhalla has a colored history. It Like most worlds in the Dark Imperium, Valhalla
began as a green world of forests and broad, was cut off from the greater Imperium when the
fertile plains: The perfect world for a human Great Rift ripped its way across the galaxy.
settlement. Ten thousand years ago, however, an Isolated and left without external aid, the
immense rogue comet managed to survive the Valhallans dug in and prepared for the long haul.
planet’s defensive systems and impact the surface. It was in their very nature to survive no matter the
The seas boiled and a cloud of vapor and dust cost. Thanks to their tenacity and infrastructure,
blocked off all sunlight. Temperatures this meant they could continue on their own.
plummeted, made worse by the fact the impact
caused Valhalla to erratically spin and drift fifteen Rogue Trader Haarlock believes that the
million miles away from its sun. The vast majority Valhallans are the key to mounting a defense of
of life on the planet was destroyed while the rest the subsector. Thus, she tasks the warband with
of the planet was covered in glaciers and a frozen making contact with Planetary Governor Brydr and
ocean. What remained of the planet’s population doing whatever is necessary to secure Valhalla. As
survived in vast, subterranean cities. the protagonists find out, their aid couldn’t have
come at a better time...
Most stories about Valhalla speak about The War
of Survivial. In M30, Valhalla was facing severe
food shortages when a fleet of damaged Ork
The Surface World
voidships appeared. The Orks descended to the
planet and fought with the Valhallans for their Time to deadly exposure without any protection is
food. The Valhallans held out bravely for as long approximately 5 minutes on the surface. Even in
as they could, but eventually they were pushed the caves, the average temperature hovers around
back to the food vats. Things truly looked -15o C. This means the warband must contend
hopeless for the humans. However, the defenders with the elements while going about their work.
were able to hold out long enough for Valhallan Mechanically, this translates to a Toughness Test
engineers to bore through the ground beneath the every two hours while on Valhalla. Tests in the
Orks using their ice-boring machines. The tide caverns are at a DN of 1, while those on the
was turned and the Valhallans drove the Orks off- surface are at a DN of 3. Failure on this test
world. means that the affected character becomes
exhausted until they gain a Regroup or Respite
It should be of no surprise that this historical
(see CRB pg 269). This DN can be lowered by
event is why Valhallans hate the Orks more than
acquiring cold weather gear, taking shelter in a
any other xenos race, and why they are especially
home or a vehicle, and so on. It is ultimately up to
adept at fighting them on other worlds
the GM how best to apply this extreme cold factor
throughout the Imperium. Valhallan Ice Warriors
to their group.
are renowned for their stoic and determined
natures. They hold their ground against even the
most hopeless odds, and can suffer the most
appalling casualties without breaking.

Act One

This act opens in the local space surrounding hostility has been forgotten, merely delayed or
perhaps tempered.
Valhalla. From there it moves down to the Capital
City of Girrus as the protagonists become involved
That’s where you come in.
in a mystery surrounding potential Ork
sympathizers. This leads the protagonists across Each of you is a part of a warband currently serving
the planet’s surface to a crashed Ork Space Hulk aboard The Spear of Destiny under a Rogue Trader
where they learn of a plot to draw further Orks to named Haarlock. Haarlock is a mysterious individual,
the planet. Finally, the protagonists seek out a as is her ship. Eldar and Human alike serve under
Haarlock, though it is said that the former are simply
dangerous beacon found somewhere on Valhalla.
playing the long game and will turn on Haarlock one
day when she least expects it. Whatever the case
Starting the Adventure may be, Haarlock herself seems to be committed to a
single purpose: to ensure that both the world of
The adventure begins with the protagonists at
Valhalla and the worlds beyond remain free of the
their positions aboard The Spear of Destiny as the taint of Chaos.
voidship exits the Warp into Valhallan local space.
Paraphrase or read aloud the following: Thus you find yourselves at your various posts on
The Spear of Destiny as it exits the Warp on the edge
In the grim dark future of the 41st millennium, there of the Valhallan system. On the bridge, Haarlock
is only war. This war takes place across the galaxy in
remains seated in her high-backed chair, with her
darkness of space, on a millions worlds, and within
the depths of every human soul. Mere survival is right hand man, an Eldar Warlock known as Miimya,
hailed as victory, yet there is no peace amongst the standing to the side. The rest of the bridge crew are
stars. Except, perhaps, in oblivion. working various systems to get a feel for the current
situation around the world of Valhalla.
Approximately a century ago, a galaxy-spanning tear
in reality known as the Great Rift opened. What
caused its creation for sure in unknown, but popular
theories include the destruction of Cadia, the
awakening of Ynnead, and possibly even the Ruinous
Powers reacting to the rebirth of Roboute Guilliman.
Whatever the case, this Warp Storm cut off countless
worlds of the Imperium from the holy light of the
Astronomican, making travel difficult and inviting
the enemies of Humanity to besiege these isolated

However, Humanity is not the only species under

attack in this region of space known as the Imperium
Nihilus, or the Dark Imperium. Countless factions,
including the enigmatic Eldar and the brutally
cunning Orks, are also fighting for their very survival.
Where once there was open hostility, allies of
convenience now form. That is not to say said
Art by Cios

If this is the first session for your Players and/or for voidship combat and possibly to Wrath & Glory
the protagonists, now is an excellent time to as a system. This combat is not meant to be
introduce both. Encourage your Players to provide particularly deadly or challenging. It is meant to
a brief overview of their characters, including set the tone and power of The Spear of Destiny.
their skillset, physical appearance, and station Haarlock’s ship is highly advanced and jam-
aboard The Spear of Destiny. The latter is largely packed with “toys,” after all.
up for discussion among your group and is meant
for “fluff” purposes. It’s perfectly okay if the If you do opt for Option 1, here are the relevant
Players do not have all the answers now! stat blocks:

The Spear of Destiny

Once everyone has been introduced, continue to
Cruising: Defense: Wounds: Resilience:
paraphrase or read the following:
8km 7 8 8 (9)
One of the bridge crew begins to shout information
Auger Array (See Homebrew)
at Haarlock. “Captain! I’m detecting three Ork Deploy Etheric Tines
Onslaughts in orbit of Valhalla! They seem to be Tech Test (DN 5) to deploy wraithbone spines that
bombarding the planet, and are not showing any harmonize with the fabric of space. Once
signs that they’re aware of our presence.” deployed, The Spear of Destiny may turn up to 90
degrees at the beginning of its movement instead
Captain Haarlock is quick to reply. “It seems your of needing to move half its Cruising Speed first.
hunch was correct, Miimya. I do not care what Eldar Hanger Bay (Fury Interceptors - See Homebrew)
sorcery gave you that information, only that we’ve Supply Vault (Provision)
Make a Leadership test. If successful, grant +1d
arrived in time to prevent the planet from being
bonus to Tech test made to repair the ship this
raided. Sound General Alarm and prepare for
round OR allow the next weapon to be fired to
combat.” make a Salvo attack. Shifts either add more bonus
dice for repairs or increase the Salvo Value by the
She then stands, flourishing her cape behind her as number of shifts.
she moves towards the old-fashioned wheel at the Void Shield (1) (See Homebrew)
center of the bridge that acts as the manual helm. Weapons:
All across the ship voxes blare that combat is Prow Lance Battery
imminent. 6+1ED; AP -1; 8km; Salvo 2; Penetrating [2]
Dorsal Voidcluster Macrocannon
It is at this point that voidship combat begins. 8+2ED; AP 0; 6km; Salvo 3; Brutal
There are two ways this can be handled Keel Light Macrocannon
7+2ED; AP 0; 4km; Salvo 2; Brutal
depending upon your preferences:
1. Play it out using the Expanded Voidship 8+2ED; AP -1, 8km, Brutal, Special (See Sidebar)
Brutal: Add +1 to the result of each Extra
Damage Dice
2. Handle the swift destruction of the Ork Penetrating (X): Gain AP Value equal to X
ships in a narrative fashion. Salvo X: See CRB page 221
Torpedo Rules: For every 2km the torpedo
The latter option means describing Haarlock travels, the DN to score a successful hit
leading her crew to victory while giving the increases by 1. They ignore Void Shields
Players a small amount of input along the way. completely but not Holo-Fields.
The former option allows the Players to get a feel Keywords: Imperium, Aeldari, Haarlock

Onslaught Attack Ship “I sense a great pull in the Immaterium towards the
Cruising: Mon’keigh’s planet. There is more at play here than
Defense: Wounds: Resilience:
4+1d6 just Orks. Be on the lookout for any unusual signs
5 9 5
that could indicate the forces of Chaos are involved.
Prow Kustom Gunz The moment you find anything of the sort, contact
6+2ED; AP 0; 4 km; Salvo 2; Supercharge me immediately.”
Supercharge: +2d extra damage but deals 1d6
Mortal Wounds to wielder on a Complication If there are no psykers (or equivalent) in the
Crew Quality: Basic Keywords: Ork warband, Miimya says the above to the entire
warband rather than to specific individuals.

Scene 2: Descent to Valhalla

GM Sidebar The Players may try to gather additional

information about Valhalla either prior to heading
Even with expanded voidship rules, voidship down to the planet or during the trip. The
combat may not be everyone’s cup of tea. You’ll following information is revealed by a standard
want to keep that in mind as this first scene plays (DN 2) Scholar or Investigation test:
out. If it starts to feel like the Players are losing
interest, or aren’t having fun, finish off any  The planet’s regiment is the Valhallan Ice
remaining Ork voidships in a thematic fashion. Warriors. They are famous for their
tenaciousness in holding their ground
against even the most hopeless odds, and
their ability to suffer the most appalling
Once the Ork threat has been dealt with, Haarlock causalities without breaking.
parks The Spear of Destiny in high orbit of Valhalla.  The War of Survival is why Valhallans
She then gathers the warband together for a hate Orks above all other Xenos.
briefing around the holotable on the bridge.  (Obtained via Shifting) Tanna is a leafy
Paraphrase or read the following: plant that grows in the ice caverns. It is
used to brew a tea highly popular among
“I don’t like the fact that Orks have started to prey on
the natives. Additionally, the large, slow-
Valhalla,” Haarlock begins. “The Ice Warriors are
moving creature known as a Traki is
crucial to my plans to save this subsector. I want you
prized for its meat and soft fur.
all to head down to Valhalla’s capital city, Girrus,
and make contact with Planetary Governor Brydr. The actual act of entering the planet’s
Should Brydr no longer live, then whomever is atmosphere is fairly uneventful save for a small
currently in charge will do. Once you’ve established amount of turbulence. Even though the planet
contact, you are to render whatever assistance you was under Ork bombardment not a few hours ago,
are able in exchange for supplies and men to be the pilot of the warband’s landing craft (be they
brought up to the ship.” NPC or protagonist) is able to make contact with
the control tower for the main spaceport. The
Miimya pulls any Eldar members of the warband
flight controller there informs the warband that
aside after this briefing to impart the following
the Ork’s attack did minimal damage and that
extra information:
repairs are already under way. The warband is

then cleared for landing and given a set of
coordinates to follow.
My Players want to fight!
The main spaceport is cleverly hidden between
several mountain ranges at the bottom of a deep In such an event, use the stats for an Astra
ravine. The natural formation shields it from the Militarum Trooper (CRB pg 409) for the Ice
worst of the weather and most external attacks. Warriors and a Veteran Trooper (CRB 410) for Lord
As the warband’s craft descends, snow pounds off Kald. Killing any of these NPCs severely impacts
the hull and the windows begin to ice over. their reputation with the people of Valhalla and
makes obtaining/rendering aid, much less
Waiting for the warband as they disembark is Lord avoiding a visit from the local Arbites, rather
Kald and four to five Valhallan Ice Warriors. Lord difficult.
Kald is a portly man hidden beneath a very fine
set of furs. He is in charge of all new arrivals and
is somewhat on edge given the recent
The tram ride to Girrus passes without notice until
bombardment. This means that he is short-
the tram car rounds a bend and the city comes
tempered, blunt, and otherwise straight to the
into view. Paraphrase or read the following:
You look out of a window just in time to see the icy
Conversation with Lord Kald leads to a social
walls recede and open up into a vast cavern. It
challenge. As a reminder, most social skills
extends upwards for a kilometer before plunging so
(Persuasion, Intimidation) are resisted by an
deep that you cannot see the bottom. Situated
opposed roll of the same. Deception is resisted by
among the natural rock and ice formations is the
an opposed Insight and vice versa. The general
glittering city of Girrus. The dull grays and blues of
idea here is that Lord Kald is noticeably wary and
the metallic constructions look a bit cleaner and
stressed. Convincing him that the warband is here
pristine than most Imperial Cities, not even going so
to help is a standard (DN 2) test. However, if there
far as to compare to Hive cities. The main feature of
are Aeldari among the protagonists, this DN
the city is the large power plant that acts as the
increases to 3. Dropping Haarlock’s name reduces
main source of both power and heat for the city. It
the DN by -2, possibly negating the need to roll
looms over all other buildings, and said buildings
any dice. Haarlock herself has been here before
are arrayed outwards from the plant in a circuitous
and is known among the people of Valhalla.
Success on this Test means that the warband is
The tram drops the protagonists off right in the
allowed to pass and board one of the trams that
heart of Girrus. If the warband is being escorted
goes between the spaceport and Girrus. Should
by Kald and/or one of his men, then they will be
the Players fail the Test without any
escorted straight to Planetary Governor Brydr.
complications, then they are accompanied by Lord
Otherwise, the warband will need to pass a
Kald and his men as “escorts.” If a Complication is
Cunning Test at DN2 to obtain directions to
rolled, then Lord Kald will insist on either taking
Brydr’s estate. Failure (including complications)
the warband’s weapons or making them store
does not necessarily mean that the warband fails
their equipment on their lander. Combat should
to obtain this information. Rather, it means the
only break out if the Players actively go seeking it
warband has been noticed by the underbelly of
and ignore any hints that this is a bad idea.

society which could have consequences moving during the height of the Ork bombardment.
forward. Paraphrase or read the following as the recording
As one might guess, Brydr’s mansion is the second
largest building in Girrus. It seems to be naturally The pict-recording begins playing with a momentary
carved out of a massive stalagmite and is not burst of static before stabilizing. What appears is an
unlike an ice hotel of today. Everything in the interior view of what must be one of the reactor
place seems to be made of ice and snow, with rooms. You see the glow of a Plasma Reactor casting
most things like chairs and benches being covered a baleful green light over the shuttlebay-sized room.
by furs. Obtaining entrance depends on how the Automated servitors are going this way and that on
warband got here in the first place. pre-designated tasks, and are the only source of
movement that you can make out. At first, anyways.
If the warband name-dropped Haarlock the Brydr
greets them at the door. If the warband You realize rather quickly that what you thought was
successfully convinced Lord Kald to let them pass a particular bulky servitor is actually none other than
but are not escorted by him or his men, then the a purple-skinned Ork. It’s moving towards one of the
warband will have to get past the guards at the cubic meter slots where the breakers for this reactor
gate. Finally, if the players are being escorted reside. It goes right up to this slot, disengages the
then they will be taken inside and made to wait safeties one by one, then removes the breaker and
while Brydr is fetched. carries if off screen.

Planetary Governor Brydr is perhaps different than “We don’t know how it got in, much less that far,”
any other planetary governor the warband may Brydr explains. “But what I do know is that several
have come across before. He arrive in helmet-less things had to have either failed or been sabotaged.
Light Power armor, dark grey in color with silver That reactor is one of the most fortified rooms on the
trimmings and the Aquila on either shoulder. His planet. It provides not only for this city but the bulk
salt and pepper hair is swept back, and his beard of our surface defensive installations. The only way
of the same coloration is neatly trimmed. His left that greenskin got that far is if someone or several
eye is covered by an eyepatch, while the right’s someones of great knowledge or power helped it.
iris glows in such a manner to suggest that it is an Honestly, I don’t know what pisses me off more: That
augmetic. a bloody Ork absconded with a breaker and crippled
out defenses, or that I have an Emperor-damned Ork-
How Brydr is played in the ensuing conversation lover, or several of them, in my own city. Makes me
depends on what RP brought the warband to this sick just thinking about it.”
moment. In general, he is a reasonable man that
sees the value of working with people, even Brydr does his best to answer the warband’s
xenos, so long as it means killing some Orks questions based on his knowledge. Here are some
along the way. And killing Orks is precisely what bullet points to pull from:
Brydr has in mind.
 The only people with access codes to
Scene 3: Those Damn crucial systems such as the power plant
Greenskins are himself, Magos Ubo, and Lord Gost.
 Magos Ubo may be found at the
Brydr invites the warband to observe a pict-feed Mechanicus Spire if the warband wishes
taken from the power plant not four hours ago

to visit her. She was the one who noticed Gaining an audience with her is fairly easy all
the break-in to begin with. things considered. All the warband must do is ask
 Lord Gost went missing during the any member of the Mechanicus in the spire, be
bombardment. He would normally be they Tech Priest, Servitor, or Servo Skull, for Ubo
found at his estate about four blocks from by name. Once met, Ubo is happy to answer
Brydr’s manse. However, an Arbites whatever questions the warband might have for
“wellness check” revealed he was not on her. Here are some more bullet points to pull
the premises. If the warband wishes to from:
gain access to Gost’s abode, they must go
through Arbitrator Rodis. Rodis may be  Ubo noticed a discrepancy with one of
found at the Courthouse. the Servitor’s logs that was in that reactor
 The loss of the breaker is relatively minor room. In doing her due-diligence, she
in the grand scheme of things. It can be noticed the Ork.
replaced and Valhalla’s defenses re-  Upon discovery, she ran a full systems
powered. What’s most important is to check of the power plant. This turned up
discover the traitor(s) among the several more system discrepancies that
populace, eliminate both them and any were all too convenient. It was as if a
Orks, and ensure that this cannot happen deliberate path had been made for the
again. Ork. Servitor movements, surveillance
 Brydr met Haarlock about twenty years blackouts, and so on.
ago during a routine resupply of The  Ubo was unable to attribute any faults
Spear of Destiny. He is more than happen with a particular individual. However, all
to help her out even if the warband fails affected systems were accessed using one
in their task, though it is obviously better of the emergency backup codes that only
if they succeed. herself, Brydr, and Gost have access to.

The rest of this scene becomes open ended as the If the warband would like Ubo’s assistance once
warband investigates the leads Brydr has given the Ork and/or the sympathizers have been
them. Each major locale/NPC is covered in their discovered, they need only comm her on her
own section below. private vox frequency. Unless, of course, the
warband was unpleasant and otherwise abrasive
Magos Ubo towards her.

Ubo is what many “normal” mechanicus would Lord Gost’s Estate

consider eccentric. More specifically, she seems to
be one of the types that retains a more human The warband must go to the Courthouse to obtain
form rather than becoming a large hunk of metal permission from Arbitrator Rodis in order to enter
that moves around. In looking at her it becomes Lord Gost’s estate. Otherwise they will be
apparent that all her limbs have been replaced rebuffed by two Arbites standing guard at the
with synthetic analogues. Her skin glows with gate. This is because Gost’s abode is an active
electoos and four mechadendrities sprout from crime scene. The warband could try sneaking
her back. A curtain of black hair peeks past the around the Arbites with a Stealth Test at DN 3,
hood of her standard mechanicus-red robes. though this does carry the risk of being caught
and potential conflict. Especially if an Aeldari is

caught. If need be, the stats for the two Arbites Even if the warband does not find the Skudr
guards may be found on CRB page 408 in the connection at the estate on their own, or if they
Quick NPC stats under Tier 2 Elite. never got inside, they might overhear the Arbites
at the gate talking about how the Onyx Roses are
Assuming the warband goes to see Rodis, they’re getting bolder by the day. If the Arbites are then
able to tell rather quickly that the Arbite is questioned, they tell the warband that everything
running on very little sleep, three cups of re-caff, about the situation matches up with the Onyx
and a prayer to the Emperor. Getting Rodis to Roses’ MO. Name-dropping Skudr also yields the
approve the warband taking a look inside Gost’s fact that man is supposedly the head of this gang.
place is fairly simple so long as they mention
they’re working for Brydr. Otherwise they will Skudr/Onyx Roses
need to succeed on a DN 4 Persuasion Test. If
they fail and roll a complication then the warband Finding information about Skudr and/or the Onyx
will have to find another way to get inside, Roses involves dealing with the seedier side of
though this time there will be double the guards society. The warband could always go back to the
(4 total). Courthouse and see if Arbitrator Rodis is willing
to help, but Rodis’ info only gives the warband a
The interior of Gost’s home is a mess. It looks like general picture rather than any specifics. The
a hurricane came through and threw everything Arbites know Skudr’s at the head of this gang and
about haphazardly. As the warband pushes in, that they traffic contraband, but that’s about it.
they eventually notice some blood splatters in Thus, the warband must track down an individual
Gost’s study, along with scarring along the walls. they can press for information. It takes a DN 3
It takes a DN 2 Medicae Test to confirm that the Cunning Test to ask around discretely and find
blood is Gost’s, while it takes a DN 4 Awareness or someone who might be willing to talk with them
Investigation Test to gather clues. The number of about either Skudr or the Onyx Roses. Failure
successes on the latter changes what the warband simply means their eventual informant is more
finds: tight-lipped. A complication, on the other hand,
makes it so no one from society’s underbelly want
1 Success: Gost put up a fight with what must
to be caught dead with the warband.
have been an overcharged laspistol
If all goes well, the warband does corner one man
2 Successes: The blood splatter suggests that Gost
in particular. This man is unwilling to give his
was stabbed and then dragged along the floor
name (or gives a false one if pressured), but is
3 Successes: Based on the amount of blood, Gost willing to talk about either Skudr or the Onyx
was injured but not lethally so. He may have been Roses if his palm is greased or he’s properly
conscious when he was taken. motivated (see: Intimidated). He more than
happily pins most of the drug trade and
4 Successes: Several charred remains of contraband traffic in Girrus on the Onyx Roses. He
parchment can be found in the fireplace. A further doesn’t know exactly where the Onyx Roses are
DN 3 Investigation test yields that these are what based out of, only that they’re supposedly outside
remains of book-keeping records that suggest of the city and on the surface somewhere. The last
Gost owed quite a sum to someone called “Skudr.” thing this unnamed informant offers the warband
is that he’s heard rumors that Skudr recently got

his hands on “something big.” They do not know Regardless of vehicle, the warband must make
what, though. two DN 3 Pilot or Survival Tests in order to
successfully navigate the surface of Valhalla.
Bringing it All Together Failure here, including complications, does not
prevent the warband from trying again. Instead, it
After their investigation has concluded, the
adds a metric of time, and thus further exposure
warband has a few options. Asking around blindly
to the elements as was mentioned in the
won’t get them anywhere, and this is a problem
introduction. A general rule of thumb is that each
that can’t afford to wait on someone infiltrating
Test takes two hours. You should let the warband
the gang “normally.” Thus, the warband will have
succeed after five attempts regardless of how they
to start pulling connections in.
The biggest connection would be The Spear of
Eventually the warband should reach the Onyx
Destiny in orbit. The auger arrays on the ship are
Roses’ hideout, which happens to be a portion of
able to pinpoint any surface heat signatures and
a crashed Ork vessel.
relay that information to the warband. From there
it simply takes looking at a map of settlements in Scene 4: Dealing with Traitors
a DN 2 Survival or Scholar Test to determine
which of the hot spots is likely to belong to the As one might expect, the exterior of the hideout is
gang. guarded. However, all it takes is a few good shots
to send the Onyx Roses members on guard
Another connection is Rodis. If the protagonists scurrying for cover. They allow the warband and
have a good enough argument (DN 4+) then Rodis friends (if any came along) to park, get out, and
is willing to reveal the fact that the Arbites do establish a perimeter, as this buys the gangers
know the general area where the Onyx Roses are time to shore up defenses with their boss.
supposedly hiding out.
The interior of the crashed Ork vessel makes little
Finally, there’s Ubo. If the warband thinks to sense thanks to the insanity that is Ork
contact her then she reveals that she’s just construction. Navigation through it requires a DN
recently gotten a blip back on the stolen breaker’s 5 Awareness Test. Failure means that the gangers
tracking device. have even more time to prepare for the warband’s
arrival. A Complication means all members of the
How the warband makes their way towards the
warband suffer 1 Wound thanks to an unseen trap
Onyx Roses’ supposed hideout is crucial. They
or two.
could take the dropship they came in on so long
as they don’t mind the possibility of it being shot All roads lead to a confrontation with Skudr. Read
down. Otherwise, the warband will need to get the following as the warband emerges into the
their hands on some form of transport. As long as foundry that the Onyx Roses are centered within:
they haven’t been causing problems for the
Valhallans, Brydr is able to hook them up with a You pass through a ajar door and find yourselves in
borrowed Rhino Armored Transport. Should the a wide-open atrium. There are several alcoves on
warband not be “above board,” then the best either side of the space, and overall the distressed
vehicle they can get their hands on is a Valhallan- metal and lingering scent confirms that this is more
modified, open-backed Goliath Truck. than likely where Orks used to eat. Waiting for you

at the far end of the area is a group of Scum and a challenge that the protagonists feel they had to
single Purple-colored Ork. earn their victory.

“I was wondering when you would show up,” says As you might be asking, Gost is indeed a cultist of
one of the scum, this one dressed a little bit fancier Chaos. He is specifically unaligned but does
than the rest. “You made quite the ruckus back in possess basic knowledge of all four Chaos Gods.
Girrus poking your nose around where it didn’t This comes into play should he survive the fight.
Gost Lives
He rises and approaches, guards to either side. Once
you get a look at his face you’re able to put two and Should Gost live long enough for the warband to
two together: Skudr and Gost are one in the same. interrogate him, he swears to them that he was
not the only one that “they” have been whispering
Gost goads the warband by congratulating them to. He begins to tell them of a tome hidden
for making it this far. He honestly thought his nearby but is cut off as he begins to convulse and
“masterful display” back at his estate was enough spasm. Any psychically-inclined protagonists will
to throw off any would-be bloodhounds. He freely pick up that Gost is the subject of some form of
offers the fact that the Onyx Roses needed a fresh psychic attack. Nothing can be done to save him,
breaker for their own power core, and that the meaning he falls dead to the floor before the
only places on the planet that have them are the warband can get any further information. A simple
power plants. Thus, Gost used his knowledge and DN 1 Investigation or Awareness Test reveals the
connections to get the Ork known as Dhazgak (the tome hidden away in the back of the room. On the
purple one in the back of the room) in and out of cover is the symbol for Chaos Undivided: an eight
the city. pointed star instantly recognizable by anyone
with general knowledge of Chaos.
Something still doesn’t add up with this
explanation, though. Why would a high-ranking
Gost Dies
noble such as Gost throw everything away to help
scum, much less an Ork which he is supposed to Should Gost be killed during the battle, then he
hate with every fiber or his being? The answer is drops the aforementioned tome as he expires.
something that only reveals itself if Gost is taken
alive or the warband searches the atrium after the
fight. But at this point there is no avoiding

The forces of the Onyx Roses are as follows:

 1 Ork Boy (Dhazgak, CRB pg 434)

 3 Mobs of 3 Scum (CRB pg 417)
 1 Chaos Cultist Leader (Gost, CRB pg 421)

Additional mobs of Scum can be introduced in

order to make this encounter more dramatic. The
goal is not to TPK, only to provide enough of a

Act Two
With the defeat of Gost and his men, the warband Only then, once the world is engulfed by war and
finally are able to take a breather. The individuals unable to withstand assault by my main forces,
responsible for the power plant heist have been should you call upon me.
dealt with, but there are hints of a much large
conspiracy at play. Their only clue to go on at this -C
point is a heretical tome belonging to the traitor
Those with an appropriate Keyword as mentioned
Gost. And to make matters worse, a great storm is
above also get the following information:
bearing down on their location.
 The beacon is powered by the anguish of
Scene 1: The Tome a living soul that has known great loss
and sorrow. The details to create the
With a moment’s respite, the warband has to
beacon are laid out very clearly, mostly
figure out what to do with the tome that belonged
involving forms of torture and corruption.
to Gost. Anyone that approaches it begins to hear
 Gost was working on a way to open up a
whispers and something clawing at the interior of
tear into the Warp to invite further Chaos
their skull. Psykers (or the equivalent of such) are
forces to the planet.
able to tell that the tome has been bathed in
 Gost had the foresight to set guards
energy from the Warp.
about the beacon. Ironically, the Orks that
Some warbands will opt simply to destroy the do have no idea why they’re there, only
tome right then and there. In such an event, you that it “feels like one of them weird boyz
will need to provide them the information is speakin’”
presented below in a different fashion.  “C” is mentioned several times
throughout the tome. They seem to be
Should a protagonist attempt to open and read preoccupied by a notion to “Take Skulls
the tome, anyone within a three meter radius for the Skull Throne.”
must make a DN 3 Corruption Test as the air fills  Most importantly, Gost has written down
with whispers straight from the Immaterium. Once the exact coordinates of the beacon.
that dies down, the protagonist holding the tome
will be able to read portions of it. Most of it is in a Scene 2: The Highstorm
language and glyphs that are unknown save to
those with the <Ordo Malleus> or any Chaos- As the warband begins to leave the hideout and
related Keywords. Those without such a Keyword return to their vehicle, anyone with a Passive
are only able to read the following passage: Awareness of 2 or higher notices a great storm
rapidly approaching. If a Valhallan is present, or if
...and as for Valhalla, you shall go on in my stead the warband succeeds on a DN 2 Scholar Test,
and prepare the world for invasion. Use the ritual I then they will identify it as a Highstorm.
have taught you to create a beacon in the Warp
around the planet that will draw in Orks like moths Highstorms on Valhalla are a somewhat
to a flame. Work with the Orks that come to wear uncommon occurrence across its surface. They are
down the Valhallans by whatever means necessary. like massive walls of deadly ice, bone-shattering

cold, and squalling winds. Anyone caught in the Whatever the case may be, the goal is to get the
open by one would be shredded in seconds, if warband thinking of ways to heat themselves up.
they were lucky. These Highstorms are partially There are several options presented below,
why there are little to no surface installations on though they are not comprehensive. If a Player
Valhalla, and why anything living on the surface comes up with a better solution, run with it!
has a method of taking cover. A typical Highstorm
lasts anywhere between four to twelve hours. The  The crashed Hulk has life sustainers that
longer it goes, the worse things get. would reduce the DN of the Toughness
Test by 2. However, they must be
This puts the warband in a bit of a predicament. repaired and reactivated first. This
It’s unlikely that they will be able to make it back involves a DN 3 Tech Test.
to Girrus before the Highstorm hits unless they  The Onyx Roses were using burning oil
came out in their dropship. In which case, they are barrels to heat their spaces. If enough are
able to avoid the following challenge entirely. gathered in one place then the DN of the
Otherwise, if they came out this way in a Rhino, Toughness Test is reduced by 1.
the vehicle will sustain some damage from the  Bringing their vehicle into the Hulk would
Highstorm and make it unsuitable as a source of shield it from the worst of the Highstorm.
shelter. Even deep within the crash Ork Hulk The warband could then take shelter
where they are now will be dangerous. They will inside and reduce the DN of the
need to figure out a way to hunker down and Toughness Test by 1. However, a large
weather out this Highstorm. enough hole must first be opened in the
side of the Hulk to accommodate the
Mechanically, this means that every character warband’s vehicle.
present must pass a Toughness Test every so
often while the Highstorm rages. This starts at a Another thing to stress while the warband deals
DN of 2 while inside the Hulk. Roll 1d6+4 to see with the extreme cold is the eerie sounds that
how long the Highstorm will be around for. come with the Highstorm. Even deep within the
Depending on the length, Test intervals could be Hulk, one can hear the sounds of metal being
anywhere from an hour to multiple hours at a scratched, of thunderous crashing, and of what
time. Ideally there should be three intervals in could be mistaken as faint screaming or whistling.
total, with each interval raising the DN by 1 to a This is meant to put them on edge and add to the
maximum of 5. “spook” factor. If a psyker (or equivalent) is
present, they can feel that the Highstorm is
The first failure on this test means that the psychically active.
affected character becomes Exhausted. Any
failures past the first mean 1 Mortal Wound each Optional Mechanic:
time. This is meant to represent the extreme cold
and the effects thereof. GMs are encouraged to For every 4 hours the warband spends in the
modify this series of Tests and the outcomes Highstorm, roll on the Perils of the Warp table
based on their table environment. Some groups found on CRB pg 339. Center any effects meant to
will enjoy feeling like they are truly freezing to be focused on a psyker in such a manner that
death, while others will feel slighted by the dice. affects most of the warband.

Act Three

Once the Highstorm clears, the warband receives Warlock curses in Aeldari. She explains that this is
an orbital vox from The Spear of Destiny. Warlock likely why Ork ships are continually dropping onto
Miimya is checking in to see how they have made their doorstep, and why she felt a psychic pull
out so far. Up in orbit, The Spear of Destiny has towards the planet. Yet as powerful of a Warlock
fought off five more Ork craft that dropped out of as she is, Miimya can’t pinpoint the exact location
the Warp within striking distance of Valhalla. of the beacon. Her best guess, based on what
Upon mention of Gost and his tome, Miimya she’s felt so far, is that it’s somewhere on the
curses and tells the warband to return to the ship main continent within the northern hemisphere. If
to confer with herself and Haarlock in person. Miimya was able to head down to Valhalla, she’d
have no problem leading the warband in the right
Scene 1: Captain’s Table direction. Sadly, due to all the Ork vessels in the
area (and Miimya’s general preference for not
The trip back up to The Spear of Destiny is
leaving the ship) that’s out of the question.
uneventful and meant to give the warband plenty
of time to think things over. Upon docking with Thus, the warband must discover the beacon in
the ship, a crewman informs the warband that their own way. There are several options
they are expected at the Captain’s Table within an presented below, though the Players may come
hour’s time. It’s Haarlock’s policy to discuss up with their own:
important matters over food and liquor, so this is
not the protagonists’ first invitation to her table. Option 1: Orbital Scans
Even with Aeldari and Human working together, Scanning the planet takes time and effort.
there is still a physical separation at Haarlock’s Mechanically, this is represented by a DN 6 Tech
table. The Humans tend to gather towards Test that can be attempted multiple times and
Haarlock herself, who sits slightly off-center at with assistance. Each failed attempt, however,
the main table. The Aeldari usually sit near brings with it the risk of more Orks arriving in-
Miimya, who reclines on a luxurious chaise lounge system. Roll a d6 for each attempt. On a result of
near the main table. The protagonists are of a 6, 1d3 Ork Onslaught(s) leave the Immaterium
course free to sit where they like. and begin attacking The Spear of Destiny. It’s only
once this threat has been dealt with that the
Once drinks have been poured by servants, read
warband may resume their scanning.
the following as Haarlocks speaks:

“Tell me once more everything about your

Option 2: Using the Warband’s Psyker
experience thus far on Valhalla. I want to make sure
If the warband has a psyker (or equivalent), then
I heard it correctly.”
they can follow “the pull” towards the beacon.
Haarlock asks a few questions here and there This is handled by traveling back to the surface of
while Miimya remains silent. It’s only once the Valhalla and performing multiple Tests in
tome and the beacon are brought up that the coordination with the rest of the warband.

Specifically, the psyker should perform a Test as wearing a style of dress most commonly seend
outlined by the Psyniscience Minor Power found among Hive Nobleborn. The fabric is white, purple,
on CRB pg 351. This should then be followed up and black with lace and other embroidery forming
by a DN 2 Pilot or Survival Test to represent intricate patterns across her hoop skirt and sleeves.
traveling across the surface. It’s recommended She carries an open parasol just behind her head as
that this back-to-back test is performed at least she seemingly glides across the surface towards you.
twice to give the warband the chance to build up In all, not exactly the type of person you may have
some Glory. been expecting.

Option 3: The Witch of Winter “Takene,” as she introduces herself, is mysterious

and aloof. She says things she has no right
Should the warband not have a psyker (or knowing, such as the protagonists’ names and
equivalent), then they could seek the services of that “Haarlock is a fool for embarking on this
the Witch of Winter. The Witch of Winter is a crusade of hers.” Takene readily reveals the
somewhat fantastical figure among the populace location of the beacon the warband is seeking if
of Valhalla. It is said that she is a psyker powerful asked directly, claiming that “stopping this
enough to rip starships in two, and that her fury menace is payment enough.” Then with a sudden
knows no limits if slighted. It’s believed that she gust of wind and snow, she vanishes.
is why the Highstorms of late have been
particularly troublesome. Only a fool would go Scene Two: The Beacon
deliberately searching for her. Perhaps because of
The warband arrives at the coordinates of the
all this, there has not been a confirmed sighting
Beacon to find yet another crashed Ork Hulk. This
of her in a decade.
one is from the original Ork fleet that descended
There’s all manner of superstition about how one upon Valhalla during the War of Survival.
might go about discovering an audience with this Somehow it had gone unnoticed before now,
witch including, but not limited to: likely due to a combination of location and the
 Offering up eleven freshly-slain Traki in
the middle of the Icy Plains of Sauworth Inside the Hulk are 1 Nobz and 2 mobs of 3 Ork
 Painting one’s self entirely black and Boyz each guarding a glowing-green, pulsating
white and then waiting at the Great Cliffs column about the size of a Rhino. Combat ensues,
of Harptague unless the warband is able to stealthily approach
 Finding the Cult of the Witch that is and plant explosives on the beacon. The area is
rumored to have a direct line, both full of debris and defunct equipment that can be
psychic and vox, to her used for cover as the warband presses in.

In general, the warband’s efforts to find this Witch Depending on your preference for deadily-ness,
should not be hindered or otherwise halted additional Ork Boyz Mobs can be introduced. The
because of a single failed roll. She should show goal of this battle is to maim or otherwise injure
up when is thematically appropriate. When 1-2 protagonists. However, if the dice are not in
encountered, read the following: the warband’s favor, then perhaps they shall die
in the service of the Emperor and Captain
In the distance you spot a figure walking towards Haarlock.
you. As they get closer, you realize that they’re

Destroying the Beacon after combat has finished
is fairly simple. Either explosives or a DN 3 Tech
Test can be used to overload the beacon and
destroy it completely.


With the Beacon destroyed, Valhalla has been

saved from yet another Ork invasion. Both
Planetary Governor Brydr and Captain Haarlock
praise the warband and reward them
appropriately. However, there are still lingering
questions. Who is this “C” that works for Chaos?
How did Gost become corrupted in the first place?
Where does Haarlock go from here?

Ties to other adventures

When meeting Haarlock face to face, Brydr

specifically asks her to check in on the agri-world
of Hesnoria. They have stopped sending food
shipments to Valhalla and have gone dark. This
leads to the second adventure in the Valhallan
Crusade living campaign: Hesnorian Fields.

It could also be the case that Brydr/Haarlock wish

to ensure Gost was not the only operative of
Chaos on Valhalla. This would lead to further
missions and investigations on the planet prior to
Haarlock leaving.

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