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Lyon, Bruce Philip, 1957– Group Initiation / Bruce Lyon ISBN 978-0-476-01477-0

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Part One


Lines of Communication


Ashramic Group Relationships




Inner Archetype


The Light of Freedom


Maintaining the Connection



World Situation


The Energies of Will




The Reservoir of Will





Group Causal Body


The Turrets


Direction of Focus


Field of Expectancy


Radiation and Magnetism




Group Integration




Transmutation and Transfiguration




Seventh Ray Integration Formula




The Creative Principle






Group Identification






Light of Life


Group Soul


The Word


Destiny and Purpose




Part Two




Group Integration


Chakras of the Group


Time and Spiritual Experience


Dragon and Serpent Energies


Group Initiation


Spiritual Intimacy


Identification with Hierarchy


The Group Crystal


Will, Consciousness and Manifestation


The Seven and the Five







Source of Strength


Liberating Light


The Fixed Cross




Synthesis Ashram




Light Supernal


The Ajna Centre




Formation of Esoteric Structures






All is Well




Laying the Seeds


Part Three


Aries full Moon—The Empowerment of the NGWS


Taurus full Moon—The Duality of Will and Purpose


Gemini full Moon—The Three Spiritual Festivals


Cancer full Moon—Christ and the Eighth Initiation


Leo full Moon—The Nirmanakayas and Atmic Abstraction


Virgo full Moon—The Sacredising of Matter


Libra full Moon—The Construction of Living Ideas


Scorpio full Moon—That Which Can Effect A Change


Sagittarius full Moon—The Three-fold Soul


Capricorn full Moon—The One Life


Aquarius full Moon—NGWS Invocation to the Life Principle .293

Pisces full Moon—Sacrifice





Dedicated to The NEW GROUP OF WORLD SERVERS and ‘The Glory of the One’.


This writing was received telepathically as part of a broader series of transmissions presumed to be from the ashram of The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, and released under the pseudonym ‘Mercury’. These messages are essentially instructions to the core group of Shamballa School received during the years 2001 to 2005 as the group was attempting to ground a school at Highden Manor in New Zealand and then learning to create and hold a field for the cyclic transmission of spiritual energies. They are being released in their original form as they contain information which may be valuable to other groups engaged in the experiment of group initiation in the Aquarian Age.

Bruce Lyon Shamballa School

Part One

18 April 2001 Lines of Communication

There are many problems occupying the minds of those who see and guide on the inside. The capacity of humanity to handle the Will is only one of them. Another is the response to the Love Aspect. If you could but know the incredible force which is being generated by the return of the Christ as the ashrams externalise. This energy is what the world waits for but because it does not know this consciously, except in the higher echelons of the race, then the response to the inflow of love is largely unconscious and forms the ‘urge to merge’ in many horizontal ways, sexuality being the most obvious. Group formation, company mergers, currency mergers and the like are also part of this process. Hence you also see the need for the putting before the conscious mind of the public an intelligent presentation of what is actually happening so that they are able to respond more consciously to the inflowing energies. This you can do—you have the psychological training, the feet on the ground, the demonstration at Highden of a careful approach to the inner worlds. You must find a way to communicate this in an intelligent fashion. This will also require sacrifice my brother, as you risk the ridicule and misunderstanding of those who are mentally polarised but not yet heart centred. Highden will continue to grow in reputation and magnetic power. It will attract attention. We will see to that. What you do with that attention is crucial. Those lines of communication must be used to put before the public an intelligent presentation of the fact of the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, the new psychology, the emphasis on group and the assistance that is available at these crucial times.

25 April 2001 Ashramic Group Relationships

Today the message I have is aimed at stabilising the life of the group there through understanding a little of the ashramic group relationships. You are attempting to bring together different ray energies and synthesise them in a Seventh Ray way through focus upon a particular place and project. Highden will represent a reflection upon the physical plane of the inner archetype and the archetypal energies will flow through the etheric body of the centre. Accordingly you must be able to patch in to that pattern—Rule VIII for Disciples and Initiates is important here and allows for the flow of seven energies through the different levels:

Let the group find within itself response to the greater seven groups which carry out the hierarchical will with love and understanding. The group contains all seven, the perfect group. The lesser seven, the greater seven and the planetary seven form one great whole, and these the group must know. When this is realised and the Law of the Supplementary Seven is understood, let the group understand the Three and then the ONE. This they can do with the united breath and the unified rhythm. 1

Eventually each chakra needs to have its own triangle meditating on one of the different Masters and therefore bringing in a particular ray energy. You might strengthen the work of your student triangle in this regard. Your own triangle is like the head or synthesising centre of the project and so needs to be in close relationship with the other triangles. This is an esoteric project so do not waste too much time on gathering those who may appear to have the necessary skills in the outer world but do not have the

inner alignment. This is an important point to remember. What is manifesting here is from the inside out. The archetype of Hierarchy expressed through human willingness to align with that archetype. You could visualise each of the seven chakras of the centre as having a triangle in the middle with a central flow of energy. Read Rule VIII and also the description of chakras in Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle.

The Centres and the Ray Energies

There is one aspect of the Science of Impression upon which I have not yet touched and that is the place of the centres as focal points, as transmitters or as agencies for the seven ray energies. It is known to esotericists that each of the seven centres comes under the influence or is the recipient of some ray energy, and there is a general acceptance of the fact that the head centre is the agent of the first Ray of Will or Power, the heart centre is the custodian of second Ray energy of Love-Wisdom, whilst the third Ray of active creative Intelligence passes through and energises the throat centre. These Rays of Aspect do find expression through the three centres above the diaphragm, and—on the larger scale—through Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. It is, however, equally true that Shamballa is primarily second ray as it is expressed, because that is the ray of the present solar system of which Shamballa is a part; and that the first ray, or its dynamic life aspect, is focused in the heart, for the heart is the centre of life. The great centre which we call Humanity is predominantly governed by the third Ray of Active Intelligence. This ray energy arrives at the throat centre via the head and the heart centres. I am pointing this out for two reasons which must form part of your thinking as you study this science:

1. All the centres come under the influence of all the rays, and this must surely be obvious in relation to average and undeveloped human beings. Were this not so, such human beings would be unable to respond to first ray, second ray and third ray energy, for the centres above the diaphragm are, in their case, inactive.

2. In time and space and during the evolutionary process, it is not possible to say which centre is expressing the energy of any particular ray, for there is a constant movement and activity. The centre at the base of the spine is frequently the expression of first ray energies. This is apt to be confusing. The human mind seeks to make everything precise, stable, to bracket certain relations or to assign certain centres to certain ray energies. This cannot be done.

At the end of the world cycle, when divine purpose is fulfilled and the evolutionary process has brought about the changes and adjustments needed for the full expression of the Will of Sanat Kumara, then the situation will be different and men will know (as the Members of the Hierarchy know) which centres express the seven ray energies. It must be remembered also that the Rays of Attribute shift and change constantly; for instance, humanity as the planetary throat centre is under the constant influence of the seventh ray, as is the solar plexus centre of the planet. To that sub- diaphragmatic centre I give no name. Though the human throat centre is primarily expressing the third ray, there is an interesting situation to be noted in this connection: two ray energies control this centre at this time.

The throat centre of the average integrated personality is governed by the third ray and is strongly energised by third ray energies (again seven in number), whilst the throat centre of the spiritual aspirant, of disciples

and initiates below the third initiation is responding primarily to seventh ray influence, and this is peculiarly the case now as the seventh ray is in incarnation. The rays which are manifesting at any particular time affect powerfully all the other centres as well as the one through which they are normally expressing. This is a point oft forgotten.

It is needless for me to point out that—as man progresses upon the Path of Return—he consistently comes under the impression of the centre of which he is an integral part: that is, first of all, the planetary throat centre, the human family; then, as a soul, he comes under the impression of the Hierarchy, the planetary heart centre, and at that point he begins to express the combined energies of the intelligence and of love; finally, on the Path of Initiation, he comes under the impression of Shamballa, the planetary head centre, and becomes a participant in the divine Purpose and an Agent of the divine Plan. 2

Endeavour to see and relate to the inner ashramic archetype and this will order the mind and then the brain in the same way. The seven head centres reflect this. Also examine the externalisation process of the ashrams because you are doing this in miniature. Another point of interest for your endeavour is that, being a Seventh Ray centre it is essential that you balance the energies with the First Ray. Endeavour to form a deeper and closer relationship with the Egyptian School which exists potently in the etheric but will not manifest in the outer world for several centuries. Nevertheless there is a strong link between the work of the Seventh and First Ray Schools and the inner School can be a source of energy,

inspiration and above all Purpose that will allow your project to stay anchored upon the outer plane. The eye of Horus is a potent symbol of this Egyptian School. Place it in the triangle when energy of this type is needed.

09 May 2001 Archetypes

There is much going on within Hierarchy itself, not to mention the agitations in your own group field. I would once again emphasise the need for the archetypes to anchor. Archetypes, Archetypes, Archetypes. Energetic realities seeking to impress themselves upon the material plane, gathering and ordering forms into conformity with the law. The forms will protest of course. Listen to the protestations but keep your will firmly on the side of the archetypes. Try and integrate the archetypal model of energy with the geometric model of function or distribution of that energy. Have regular core group meetings where you consciously work with Rule VIII for Disciples and Initiates to bring through the archetypal energies. Brother, let me lift you out of your own sea of troubles and introduce you to ours! Much is going on, as I mentioned, within Hierarchy. Preparation for the Decision is everywhere. The Wesak has been used to precipitate the crisis that allows decisions to be made. Something is happening behind the scenes which will bring a clear choice to many. It has to do with the financial system, which is all I can tell you for now. Vulcan is impacting Venus. The archetype is impressing itself. The Hammer is coming down and causing the re-evaluation of values. What is more important? Everywhere that question is being asked and the answer wrought out in individual and group lives will result in the hierarchical arrangement of the groups for the future. There are not right or wrong choices, merely choices and consequences of those choices. Highden must be a place where the archetypes hold. Where spiritual law has a footing as it were.

This year will prove a watershed in the history of the planet from the inner side. Seeds are being planted. Seeds of destruction as well as seeds of construction. Endings and beginnings upon the outer plane will all be able to trace their roots back to this time and the decisions being made today.

16 May 2001 Inner Archetype

With regard to Highden, the centre is undergoing major external energy impacts over the next few weeks. It is essential that you remain calmly connected to the inner archetype throughout this time and rely upon your personal and group meditations to bring in the archetype rather than the myriad reactions and opinions of others. Meditate my brother, meditate powerfully and allow those energies to pour through your own nature via the head centres. I have brought your attention to them for a very practical reason. This is a synthetic process and the Seventh Ray is a synthetic ray. Our intent is to have a number of sub-centres as part of your centre and there will be a direct ‘line’ of energy to each from the appropriate Master and ray.

20 June 2001 The Light of Freedom

The School is about to open. We who watch and work from the inner planes stand with you in your endeavour. You have succeeded in one most significant area—the anchoring of one small part of the energy of Freedom. It is this energy and this alone upon which all outer success in your endeavour will depend. This is the experiment which Hierarchy is undertaking through your group labours. To introduce the energy of Freedom and to ascertain whether or not there are those who will willingly sacrifice their own wills in alignment with the planetary Will for the sake of humanity—in group formation. Guard this energy most ferociously—yes, that is the word. If the light of Freedom goes out at Highden, all else will surely follow. Keep your triangle strong over the next two days—giving of your own essence in the support of all those who struggle to hold their point. Have compassion brother for the uncertainties and pressures that they are undergoing. You have me for support. They have only you and your co-workers. Lend them your strength and my strength through you. The Hierarchy stands. You have behind you the wisdom, love and power of the full flower of the human race. Reach for our help. Allow us to reach through you into the field that is being created. Love my brother as you have never loved before. That is the saving force and the only thing which will cohere a group in this endeavour. Realise that, whatever the outer personality issues, each person here has made tremendous sacrifices and has answered, however faintly, the call of Hierarchy to serve humanity at this time. Pour forth your blessing on them as we do to you. Forget not the source of your success. Decide to surrender even more

deeply under this most limiting and liberating of laws—your life to the life of this centre, your love to all those who embark with you on this voyage and your creative power in finding solutions to the many vicissitudes which you may encounter. We are with you and will remain to the end of your power to hold onto that which we all strive to serve.

18 July 2001 Maintaining the Connection

When the connection to Us is lost, the life of our project

begins to die. This is clearly apparent. Naturally there will be cycles as there are with the soul and the personality. The trick

is to be aware and truthful about what these cycles are—during

the ‘dark’ cycles where disconnection occurs, be aware of the disconnection and actively trying to shift and work through

those issues that lie at the root of the inability to connect. In this case you have been partly successful and the whole process will eventually become much more efficient as you gain in confidence and experience. Your work is to assert the principles and Life for which we stand. When you are out of connection with this Life you may still remember the connection and continue to foster striving. Now, your process of integration as a core group: It will be necessary for you to meditate together and to share

a similar understanding of what it is that you are trying to

achieve—ie. what is group initiation? Then the study and application of the rules with this goal in mind can be more readily carried out. A united invocative appeal to Us will be the result. Your group penetration projects belong in the global arena and not everyone in the core group will be or should be involved with these. The core group needs its own process. I recommend a meditation upon synthesis and a look at Rule XI for Disciples and Initiates:

Let the group together move the fire within the Jewel in the Lotus into the Triad and let them find the Word which will carry out that task. Let them destroy by their dynamic Will that which has been created at the

midway point. When the point of tension is reached by the brothers at the fourth great cycle of attainment, then will this work be done. 3

I am one with my group brothers, and all that I have is theirs. May the love which is in my soul pour forth to them. May the strength which is in me lift and aid them. May the thoughts which my soul creates reach and encourage them. 4

You must all make a united effort to contact me, regardless of your personal connection to different Masters along ray lines.

19 September 2001 The World Situation

At this time the Second Ray soul of the planet is trying to exert influence upon the Third Ray personality. The result as far as humanity as a whole is concerned is the opportunity to take the First Initiation. The energies of Vulcan and Pluto are at work to bring the resistant aspects of the personality to the surface and break the long-lasting and prevalent focus on materialism that humanity on Earth is such an exponent of. One result may be the freeing up of the world’s money supply. What is needed from the disciples and initiates on the planet is a demonstration of the magnetic power of the Second Ray soul. Shamballa will awaken men from their slumber in materialism, one way or another. This is part of the decision being made at this time. Hierarchy have decided that humanity is ready. That humanity can intelligently understand and respond to the clear distinction between the spiritual values and the material ones. The educational work of the Hierarchy has seen to this. Everywhere the two positions are being articulated clearly. Whether or not humanity WILL choose is entirely up to them. And I mean that my brother. Hierarchy have decided that it is time to offer the opportunity. We have set ourselves to respond as fully as possible to help if humanity invokes our aid, which we certainly want them to do. And we are prepared to offset the worst effects of a decision by humanity to ignore the spiritual opportunity and reinforce the old pattern of security and materialism. However, humanity is genuinely on its own in the decision-making process. How else could it be? Everywhere leaders are coming forth on both sides from

within humanity representing the best and worst of the developed human mind and heart. Humanity must and can choose its future. Hierarchy have made their decision and it is a defining one. They have decided to trust humanity to make the right choice for the future of the race and the planet. Consider this. Remember that there are much bigger plans afoot on the planet and in the solar system than the self-centred problems which face humanity. Hierarchy have decided to place these larger plans at greater risk from the free will of man than has previously been the case. Do not think that the power of free will, humanity’s power can be arbitrarily applied—it cannot be given and then withdrawn if it is not used how we would like it. That would strike at the very root of the power itself. Essentially, Hierarchy have decided that humanity can be trusted. Trusted to, in the final analysis, cooperate with the greater good. This is a tremendous statement and a tremendous decision. We are saying that humanity has been educated about the issues. They are informed, generally speaking, taking humanity as a whole. Democracy requires an informed populace. Hierarchy and the Second Ray ashram has worked hard over the last one hundred years to disseminate the information humanity needs to base a decision on. Now is the time to make that decision. The genuine giving of a free choice is an act not only of trust but also an act that precipitates crisis. Somewhere, semi-consciously, humanity feels the weight of the increased responsibility. It is this which is creating the crisis because humanity knows that there is no turning away from this decision, and that either way it will be terminal. What I mean by that is this: If humanity choose to reassert the power of the Third Ray planetary personality,

this will result in the end of a cycle and the pronouncement of failure by the planetary soul to achieve its intended results in this cycle. Of course other cycles will provide other possibilities but this cycle would be over, possibly resulting in the destruction of the incarnated human family in large part. We will have a repeat, on a smaller turn of the spiral, of the failure on the Moon Chain and we, collectively, will demonstrate that we have yet to overcome the karmic effects of the materialising tendency within humanity and the planetary personality. If humanity choose to assert the power of the Second Ray soul, it will result in the almost immediate externalisation of the Hierarchy (and by immediate, I mean over the next quarter century). For this, Hierarchy have been steadily preparing. Do you see that it cannot be otherwise? One possibility cannot exist without the other. It is what you would call a ‘make or break’ situation. I might tell you that there are those within Hierarchy who have counselled against this decision to allow humanity to wield that most precious of all solar energies, Freedom. This should not concern you unduly as there are often different points of view about the Way to proceed held within an underlying synthesis of intent. The disagreement arises from the very same issues inherent in the Second Ray soul of the planet. You were told that the situation on the Moon Chain resulted in the premature compassion of our Planetary Logos in accepting the lives from that Chain that had not demonstrated their readiness for the responsibility of future evolutionary opportunities. There are those in Hierarchy who think that humanity, now, is not ready for the responsibility of cooperating with Hierarchy and have therefore counselled against what they would term ‘the overly inclusive tendencies’ of the Second Ray soul.

There are those more along First Ray lines who think Hierarchy should either ‘take a greater hand’ in world affairs or withdraw their ‘crisis-producing energy’ until such times as humanity is demonstrating a greater readiness. In both cases the result would be a limiting of the full operation of the power of free will, while still leaving humanity free to choose its destiny within a more circumscribed arena. This would mean that humanity would still make a decision but would be protected somewhat from the consequences of that decision—resulting in a slower evolutionary process. (Humanity would not be destroyed on the one hand, and Hierarchy would not externalise so rapidly on the other.) Having carefully considered the issue from all sides, the decision was taken to rely upon the positive strengths of the Second Ray and attempt to minimise the tendencies for over-inclusiveness. What this means is that the Hierarchy, in giving more freedom to humanity, has decided to limit its own. Hierarchy will consequently do everything that it can to aid, if that aid is invoked by humanity. On the other hand it has been agreed to severely limit our active influence where that invocation is not present. Further, if humanity as a whole does not call forth Hierarchy, which would result in the externalisation, Hierarchy have agreed to accept the consequences of that decision. Have you any idea what this would mean, my brother? Some hint can be found by imagining what it is like for the soul of an individual to look on, unable to help while their personality pursues a self-destructive path. This is what would occur upon a planetary scale. In either case—the externalisation, or the withdrawal—the Second Ray soul of the planet, Hierarchy itself will learn dispassion. Does this strike you as strange that the Hierarchy as a whole has something to learn,

as does humanity? The soul has much to learn from incarnation, likewise the planetary Hierarchy has much to learn about overseeing humanity. And in the case of this particular Hierarchy, much karma hidden within the history of the Planetary Logos. The decision was taken by Hierarchy on the Wesak full Moon. The Libran full Moon has to do with humanity’s decision in response to that of Hierarchy. Libra is associated with Shamballa, and humanity’s decision will allow the Shamballic force to be brought into play in one of its two aspects. Either Pluto will dominate and thus purge humanity in a rather drastic way and therefore set the stage for a later cycle. Or Vulcan will dominate, called forth to anchor the Hierarchy on Earth in response to humanity’s decision to call in collectively the assistance of the soul. This brings me to what can be done by a centre such as Highden at this time. You are in a country whose soul is responsive to the energies of Gemini—the main constellation through which the Second Ray pours. Your work could be valuable in consciously directing some of that soul energy, (linking with the souls of Australia, the USA and Britain in particular) towards those groups and locations which are invoking. Hierarchy needs to work through groups to reach groups. If you see yourselves as a supply rather than as a recipient of Hierarchical energy you must constantly ask yourselves the question: Where is the demand? Do not consider this question as a national one; you are working with planetary energies but directing them through the national soul and thus ‘colouring’ them with the magnetic energies of the Second Ray. In addition—and this is the crux of the value you can offer—Gemini is connected with the etheric body. So is Uranus. Your centre

is working with both these energies strongly. You will be able to direct the energies of the Second Ray soul into the ETHERIC BODY of the planet. Your meditative work should therefore concentrate not so much upon the mental or astral planes, but upon the etheric. To do this effectively you will need to strengthen your connection to atma. Use the spiritual Will upon yourselves as a group so that you may be a source of Love for others. Specifically, you will be directing buddhic force into the etheric. The result of this will be a strengthening of the bodies of humanity—a sense of the pervasive love of the soul working on the physical plane. Thus, you may find your invocative demand arising from those places where the bodies of humanity are suffering and where, as a result the emotions and thinking of people are being adversely affected. It is hard, my friend, to focus upon matters of the soul when the physical form is starving or in pain. You are able to esoterically aid in the easing of that pain, thus freeing to focus from the lower bodies into the higher and aiding the collective focus on the upliftment of the human spirit. I would ask you, as a group, to think through some of the ramifications of what I have said and consider for yourselves its merit and how you may best be able to respond to the opportunity. Please remember the voluntary limitations that Hierarchy is placing upon itself at this time—that of not exerting influence or energy unless it is invoked or called forth by humanity. Therefore, if you would aid in distributing Hierarchical energy, focus upon where the real demand is. We stand behind you, waiting. These relationships between Hierarchy and humanity, such as the one between us and your centre, are decisive ones for this time. Your destiny lies with humanity, regardless of the outcome. You will stand or fall with

them. My destiny lies with Hierarchy. I will externalise or withdraw with them. Will our destinies converge or diverge? That is up to humanity at this time. The disciples and initiates must do their very best to keep the channel open between Hierarchy and humanity. They must do their best to respond to the needs of humanity and the principles of Hierarchy. They share in the responsibility of humanity but also in a peculiar sense the active restraint of Hierarchy. This time marks the advent onto the world stage of a new and potent power—the massed intent of humanity. This brings the sign Cancer into prominence—that sign connected with the Fifth Hierarchy and the Fourth Initiation on higher levels. Will the world disciple emerge from out of the mass consciousness or will we return to the domination of the Matter Aspect? We will find out together and will not need to wait for very long.

05 December 2001 The Energies of Will

The message I have for you today is more personal and directed towards the core consciousness or the ‘group

soul’ of those at Highden. In electing to align yourself with the energies of Shamballa you have brought in consequently

a greater alignment with the First Ray and with Master

Morya in particular. This was not necessarily inevitable, as

the School could have taken other directions, however it is

a development with great potential and also increased risk.

You have effectively created a new and heightened point of spiritual tension which will need to be carefully handled. Morya works with ‘energy’ more than ‘consciousness’ and our ashrams cooperate in the following particular ways. One of my major educational intentions is to provide intelligent information about Shamballa and the energies of Will. This serves to provide a ‘channel of conscious inflow’ and can produce the beginning of an intelligent and invocative response to Shamballa by humanity. The inflow of Will into my ashram as a result provides the subsidiary and necessary energetic stimulation and vivification of Second Ray workers. The outer ‘failure’ of the groups of

nine were due to the inabilities of those within these groups to effectively balance the First and Second Rays. The energy of Will was too new to be handled lovingly. At the core,

it was the reluctance of the groups as a whole to FREELY

CHOOSE to invoke and use the Will that resulted in the failure. This would have required a greater degree of sacrifice. It is an occult truth that education results in a greater capacity to choose, with fewer eventual options, until the razor edge path demands everything. The further along

the greater the consequences of a slight error in judgement

or motive. We cannot put the power of Will into the hands of humanity without simultaneously providing them with a greater capacity for its misuse either through ignorance or materialistic intent. This history bears out. Consequently your choice to consciously align with the Will is regarded as a promising sign and one that carries with it its attendant challenges. It may be useful to you to remind you of the lessons that have already been learned in this regard.

1. Purity of motive—this is a fundamental requirement and

one that continues to need refining as the path is walked. This is not so much a problem in your group field but

could become one if the power of the group increases.

2. The refusal to impose the Will. This is not for my ashram to

do. The work is to hold the energy of Will in reserve for others when they consciously call upon it. This may well be your most important lesson as a group and it is more subtle than you first may think. The energy of Will increases the power of the group mind. As the group builds in power, its collective thought will be capable of producing tangible results in the outer world. Restraint and monitoring of thought will thus be an essential discipline. Do not pass lightly over this one— already the capacity to err here is present. Impose the Will upon yourselves as a group, not on others.

3. Learn to work subjectively. The First Ray is the ray of

energy and of the occultist. The most potent work you can do for the worldwide group at this time is to strengthen your subjective work and focus. There is, throughout my ashram, and as a result of the close cooperation of the Master Morya, an ‘urge to synthesis’.

As a group you could cooperate powerfully with this trend through subjective empowerment. As you build a reservoir of Will in the group soul, this can be made available to others upon their request. The way to work would be to identify and work consciously with those who are also a part of my ashram throughout the world. But do this subjectively—hold them in your meditations and use the Second Ray to help in the group cohesion and recognition of themselves as an entity. Withhold, at this time, the urge to initiate outer contacts and projects that are intended to create synthesis. Maintain the ones you have already created and work subjectively building the reservoir of Will. As this subjective work bears fruit then those who recognise and need the Will energy will be drawn in to contact with your group, subjectively and in some cases objectively. The First Ray is the most magnetic of all the rays. Work occultly, subjectively and in occult silence my brothers, and you will see the synthesis appear. It is not for you to try to create it. This is the most important message I can give you at this time.

12 December 2001 Shamballa

This morning I want to speak of Shamballa and my teachings along this line. They are the most important aspect of the work I achieved with the help of Alice Bailey. They are designed to help bring humanity into conscious relationship with the Will Aspect and with planetary Purpose. You may wish to consider the meaning of them being released to humanity at this time. It indicates two things:

1. The readiness that humanity has demonstrated to accept


2. The requirement of the Planetary Logos that humanity

carry out his purpose.

It is worth contemplating these two ‘readinesses’ as twin aspects of the same Inner reality. They mark a point of time in the history of the planet where the planetary personality is entering discipleship and is thus responsive to the Will of the planetary soul and hence to the Will of the Solar Logos. By the ‘planetary personality’ I am not here referring to humanity but to the entity which is the centre of consciousness polarised upon the cosmic astral plane. Humanity, Hierarchy and Shamballa form a trinity on the cosmic physical plane. Through this trinity, the energy of higher planes is able to express through the cosmic physical. In the human situation there are diverse forces at work within the etheric and physical body that drive it into activity. There are the forces inherent in matter itself, then, that when some degree of integration occurs between the etheric and physical body, the physical body becomes the instrument that expresses the forces moving through the etheric body.

This is the process being carried on in the whole cosmic physical plane as humanity and Hierarchy come into closer relationship. Once the etheric and the physical body become integrated and can function as a unit, then this unit is used to serve the consciousness operating on the higher planes. Initially this is the desire or astral body, and then the mental, and eventually the triadic and monadic energies are able to direct the activity on the physical plane. A process of energetic substitution takes place so that eventually the four ethers in the human etheric body are under the direct control of the four cosmic ethers. The same process occurs upon cosmic levels. Initially the four cosmic ethers are the recipients of energy flowing from the cosmic astral plane, then the mental and so on. Eventually, as solar evolution progresses, the buddhic plane will come under the direct control of the cosmic buddhic plane, the atmic under the control of the comic atmic, and so on. The four ‘universal ethers’ will control the four cosmic ethers which will control the four ethers on our physical plane of the cosmic physical. Eventually then, man is destined to be an instrument of the Will of the Cosmic Logos of which our Solar Logos is a component part, of which our Planetary Logos is a component part, and of which we are a component part. A holographic cosmic ecology. The entering into the etheric body of the cosmic energies is controlled for good reason. Just as in the human situation the thoughtforms of the average man are not permitted to precipitate into manifestation because of the chaos and ugliness which would subsequently result, so on cosmic levels the thoughtforms and the desires of a Planetary Logos do not manifest easily until there is a

degree of personality integration and alignment with soul. This bears thinking about.

If the desires originating upon the cosmic astral plane

were allowed full expression upon the cosmic physical plane before this integration had been achieved one can imagine

the results. We must begin to see the Being whose body of manifestation this planet is, as a composite being, just as a human being is a composite being. He is currently polarised in his cosmic astral body, developing in this system the quality of Love expressed through cosmic desire.

A human being is wont to use his physical nature

as an instrument for the carrying out of his lower desires before (and periodically after) some degree of soul infusion has taken place. A non-sacred planet is in the same position. Behind the battle between the forces of Light and the so-called Dark Brotherhood lie the events occurring upon the cosmic astral plane. The materialistic forces are simply those energies and entities upon the cosmic physical plane that are under the control of forces originating on the lower four subplanes of the cosmic astral plane, which are in their turn controlled by entities on the lower four subplanes of the cosmic mental plane. The White Brotherhood on the other hand are working with energies pouring in from the three higher subplanes of the cosmic astral and cosmic mental planes. They are ‘working for’ the planetary soul rather than the planetary personality. The planetary personality and soul come into greater alignment as the planet enters more fully into the discipleship required to take the Second cosmic Initiation—in particular the mastery of the astral body. This will eventually result in the intelligent cooperation between the so-called White and Dark Brotherhoods as the ‘solarisation’ of the personality occurs.

This will result in the lower four subplanes of each plane being the vehicles for the carrying out of the Will of those entities upon the higher three. Paradoxical as it might seem, the destiny of the Black Lodge is to effectively and efficiently carry out the Will of the White Lodge, all under the synthetic Blue Lodge on Sirius. But the time is not yet. Where we are now in the planetary process is the taking of the sub-initiation of ‘Air’ which leads to the mastery of the fourth subplane of the cosmic astral plane. When this occurs—and it is imminent—then the fourth subplane of the astral will serve as a relaying point via the fourth subplane of the cosmic mental plane, for the energies of cosmic buddhi, the fourth universal ether, to reach our buddhic plane, the fourth cosmic ether. This in turn will have major effects in the awakening of the etheric bodies in human beings. It is this process which also underlies the revelation of the fourth quality of deity. We may look to 2025 and the incoming energies of the Fourth Ray to bring this realisation more fully into the consciousness, if not the active expression of human life. Thus we may see some of the importance in the cosmic timing of things. If humanity became overly responsive to the energies pouring in from the higher cosmic planes before the Planetary Logos—working on those planes—had achieved mastery, then the consequences would be dire indeed for the ‘prisoners of the planet’. The war in Atlantis marked the midpoint of the battle for mastery of the fourth cosmic astral subplane. The second World War was a recapitulation of this within the Fifth Race, and the planetary sub-initiation immediately before us will mark the point where mastery is achieved in the Fifth Subrace of the Fifth Rootrace of the Fourth Round. Two- thirds of the subplane matter of the fourth subplane of the

cosmic astral plane will have been mastered by the Planetary Logos. When he masters two-thirds of the fifth subplane and thus two-thirds of the whole cosmic astral plane, he will take the Second major cosmic Initiation, and he will do so in the next Round. The teachings on Shamballa are given out to prepare humanity to play an active role in this great event. At the Second Initiation a human being receives a brief but important contact with the monad. It is this contact that provides the energy for the defeat of the forces of the astral body. Between the Second and Third Initiation a man must demonstrate his non-responsiveness to astral energy, and he must demonstrate this through the outward expression of his life in the three worlds. His actions must come under mental control. At the Second cosmic planetary Initiation the personality of the Planetary Logos comes under increased attention from the planetary soul on the third subplane of the cosmic mental plane. It is this energy that will allow the Earth to take the Second cosmic Initiation and become a sacred planet, in demonstration. At this time there must be a nucleus of those amongst humanity who are capable of responding directly to the energy of Shamballa and thus indirectly to the energies of Will pouring forth from the Will petals of the planetary egoic lotus on the cosmic mental plane. This nucleus must be strong enough to hold the activity of the human race in alignment with planetary Will and in resistance to planetary desire. This nucleus will be an effective global government. Today we have only the rudimentary beginnings of such a body. For it to form within humanity, humanity must be educated about the Will and about Shamballa. The Externalisation

of the Hierarchy that results from this education will lead eventually to the establishment of a divinely based governing body on the physical plane in direct response to Shamballa, and through Shamballa to the Will of the Planetary Logos. When the Planetary Logos is able to achieve this result in this, the second system, then he will have taken the necessary preliminary steps which will allow him to use his body of manifestation in the next system to anchor and express a part of the Plan of the Solar Logos.

23 January 2002 The Reservoir of Will

This is precisely how the ‘reservoir of Will’ works.

What is held in the reservoir is the future synthesis of any group, seen from the beginning by the central consciousness who ‘sees the whole as one’. The component parts of the group do not yet appreciate their interrelatedness and so the Will of the centralising energy cannot be imposed but is held until such time as the recognition and will to cooperate of the component parts develops.

In this way the central energy of Will is both the first

and last energy of any system. It is the alpha and omega of any group. It begins as the unknown, unseen and unsuspected cause of coherence in any group field. It ends in a completed demonstration of purpose brought about as the result of the

recognition in consciousness of that united purpose by each of the component parts.

A reservoir of Will is created whenever a deeper and

more coherent relationship, in alignment with Hierarchical purpose, is recognised and committed to by a centralising consciousness. This recognition and commitment is the source of future synthesis. What I am asking you to do is both create such a reservoir and learn how to distribute its contents in time and space. The keys to its creation are:

• Vertical alignment with a higher synthesising point—in this case myself as the centre of the ashram.

• A growing vision of the completed purpose for which the ashram has been formed.

• A recognition of those other individuals and groups who are also in vertical alignment with me.

• A commitment to aiding the achievement of the coherent purpose.

• The taking of spiritual responsibility for the completion of some part of that purpose.

The keys to the distribution are:

• A recognition of the stage of completion of the ashramic purpose in time and space.

• An appreciation of the stage of awareness and responsibility reached by others with whom you seek to cooperate.

• The achievement of a balanced and commeasured application of your own capacities.

• Skilful communication which requires the careful balancing of the heart and the head.

When these two interrelated energies of the ‘Will to Good’ and ‘Goodwill’ are in balance they create a momentum which is the very life of the spiritual work—the inbreath and outbreath of the ashram.

06 February 2002 Group Impression

The writing today is about the phenomenon of ‘overshadowing’ or ‘overlighting’ if you prefer, and its utilisation in the process of externalisation. Hierarchy is seeking stable and willing instruments through which it can prepare the field of human consciousness for the Reappearance. The key elements are:

1. The stability and level of integration of the personality. The three vehicles need to form a stable triangle of energies with the soul in control. The soul is the eye of the triangle and is holding it at a point of tension. It is this tension which is released upon the buddhic plane to another soul, usually a more advanced initiate from the same ashram, or on occasion the Master of the ashram. It is buddhi, or the element of air that is able to pervade the three worlds and express itself in synchronistic and spontaneously appropriate thought, speech and action. It is in buddhi that the ‘communion’ of souls takes place and therefore it is ‘normal’ for there to be a free interchange between souls. Overlighting occurs when the soul of one person is ‘worked through’ in the same way that one light may shine behind another, increasing the overall light intensity. In this case, the overlighting soul supports and lends strength to the incarnated working disciple. In other cases the disciple may actually step aside and thereby pass over control of his three-fold personality to another soul. This is a different phenomenon and involves a high level of synthesis between the identities concerned—this synthesis is effected by a recognised unity of purpose and an identification with the ashramic Plan that means there is a unified response to any external situation with the consciousness that is most suited to handle it.

Imagine that an ashram is one consciousness united by a single purpose. In order to fulfil that purpose, the ashram has the use of a certain number of incarnated personalities as well as a certain number of individualised souls, initiated to different degrees. As the purpose flows through the whole field of the ashram it ‘orders’ or organises the ashram upon lines that are maximally designed for the efficient externalisation of that purpose. The greater the fusion in consciousness, the more efficient the use of the resources and the more flexible the ashram becomes in response to conditions in the outer, and the more skillful therefore in implementing the Will of the Master.

2. The isolation of the personality vehicles. While it is crucially important for there to be a high degree of ‘fusion’ and communion between the higher minds and buddhic natures of the ashramic members, it is equally important for there to be separation and isolation amongst their personality vehicles. I have been teaching you about the ‘sealing’ of the vehicles and this is done for a particular reason. Most incarnated souls have lines of connection semi-permanently attached between their minds, and particularly their emotional bodies. These lines allow for the free passage of energy between individuals and set up ‘patterns of connection’ and group behaviours. When triadal energy is poured into any individual, it automatically runs down these ‘lines’ and creates all types of effects in the lives of others. This is one of the reasons for so much suffering occurring in the lives of disciples, particularly around the Second Initiation, as they attempt to cut these ties and establish relationships at a higher level. The heart is loving but does not form the same ‘attachments’ as the emotional body. When soul energy is flowing along the lines of connection between one person and another, it is recognised

within the system of the person on the receiving end as ‘soul energy’ although not exactly ‘their soul energy’ if one can use such a separative term. The closer the ashramic affiliation between the two people, the closer the recognition of the energy. The problem is that this energy is responded to as coming into the person’s system horizontally from within the three worlds. This sets up an often unconscious response to this energy. The emotional body of the person receiving has a heartfelt response and ‘moves towards the source of the energy’ (the other person’s emotional body) seeking to establish a lasting connection. This function is inherent in the emotional body and is an aspect of the emotional desire for the soul or the Christ life. Instead of being directed vertically through the life of the individual (necessarily having to transform the mental nature as it breaks up from astrality to buddhi), it is directed horizontally to what it perceives as the source of its nourishment in the three worlds. This phenomenon underlies much of the experience of ‘falling in love’, especially among aspirants, and also much of what occurs between teachers and their devotional disciples. Thus in order for ashramic energy to be safely released through the personality of an individual, it is important that the personality is ‘isolated’, otherwise the magnetic potency of the energy will only serve to increase the glamour and illusion in the persona and the group of people with which he or she is affiliated. This isolation or ‘insulation’ allows for the energy to be transmitted between the higher minds of individuals without activating so much the lower mind and astral nature.

3. The alignment of the soul with the core purpose of the ashram. This I have already touched on. The closer the alignment between the soul consciousness of the individual and the Master at the centre of the ashram, the more

easily his Will can flow through the soul like a lens into the personality.

4. The opportunity presented by the personality life of the disciple. Hierarchy are seeking to initiate certain changes in the world and to condition the consciousness of humanity. This requires opportunity. The more opportunity created in the life of the individual, the more likely overlighting will occur. This is a two-edged sword however, for the more that an individual becomes known in the world and therefore of greater influence in the affairs of men, the more likely that his glamours and illusions will distort the inflowing energy. Thus we seek those able to stand in isolation pure, and yet connected with all the world. Those whose souls thrill to the Will pouring through the centre of the ashram and yet able to control the effects of that energy on their personality. Those wise enough to know those circumstances which warrant the acceptance of inner aid, those where they should step aside and allow the consciousness of a more experienced worker to enter, and those which they are fully equipped to handle themselves. A more advanced phenomenon which will become gradually more common as the energy of Aquarius increases, is the overlighting of groups. This is being experimented with now and it is envisaged that the group forming at Highden can form part of this experimentation. Many of the same criteria for individual overshadowing need to be applied to the group process, with one major exception. While it is important for the individual personality system to be ‘insulated’ this will apply to the group as a whole but NOT to individuals within the group. It is the group which is ‘insulated’ from other groups and not the individuals within it from each other.

The group must be composed of individuals who are able to insulate but can then consciously connect up with each other not only with the higher mind but mentally, emotionally and etherically as well. These groups will eventually become personality entities as well as soul groups. Many problems and difficulties will need to be worked through in this process however. Unconscious and co-dependent connections between group members will undermine the process—they are part of the group glamours and illusions and they need to be dissipated and dispelled. All connections between individuals that are personality based and therefore centre upon survival issues, self esteem or the attainment of knowledge must be broken. Can you conceive of the distinction between connections that are personality based and soul based my brother? The actual mechanism of the connection is the same—mental astral and etheric currents connecting group members—but the motivation for the connection and the energies flowing through the connections are entirely different. Think this through. This is why the unconscious or semi-conscious personality ties must be broken and the individual able to stand on his or her own feet in the light of their own soul before true group work can commence. That work proceeds from the top down rather than the bottom up. Firstly, group members connect upon the higher mental planes—this connection draws them into relationship upon the outer planes. They then develop lower mind connections as they work through ideological differences—thus the manasic or Intelligence Aspect of the soul begins to work through the group mind. Astral connections come next as flows of buddhi or the Love nature condition the emotional life of the group and create a linking between heart chakras. Lastly the atmic or Will

nature of the soul begins to flow through the etheric body, creating eventually a ‘body of fire’ for the group. This fire body represents the Will upon the physical plane and is the source of the capacity for group manifestation as well as the redemption and purification of the form. An initiated group will eventually be able to operate as a spiritual organism united in ashramic consciousness, moving in the inner and outer worlds, as a flock of birds moves through the air, driven not by instinctual connection that is pre-individualisation but by the spiritual Will of the ashram which is post-individual and synthetic. Groups can begin by consciously, forthrightly and daringly exploring the connections that exist between them—identifying those that are personality based and gradually eliminating them—developing those which allow a greater infusion of buddhi and ashramic consciousness. This is a process of group purification and needs to be actively and consciously undertaken by carefully selected individuals over a period of time.

08 May 2002 Group Causal Body

We are beginning a new phase of work with you, both as an individual and as a group field. Just as the time comes when the focus of attention on the development of the personality stops and then begins to occur as a by- product of the use of the personality by the soul, so a similar process occurs on higher levels. The soul builds the causal body (develops it) over many lives and then there comes a time when the development is complete and the causal body is merely used as a transmitter of the energy and Purpose of the monad. As a by-product, a result of the flow through of energy, the causal body is thus brought to the highpoint of its unfoldment, becomes radioactive and is eventually destroyed in the process. This is the outcome eventually of the ‘path of fire’. Rather than spending time building more into the causal field through study and contemplation, the emphasis shifts to distribution. The ‘inbreath’ of the causal body does not arise from the three worlds any longer—it descends from the monad. The outbreath goes into the three worlds and also throughout the abstract mental plane. As the ‘breath’ is brought down from the monad this allows the ‘identity’ to ascend. This is like the Seventh Ray equivalent to an earlier Sixth Ray process when the soul attempts to reach up or ‘breathe out’ to the monad. The link has now been established and the flow is reversed. As monadic energy pours into and eventually destroys the causal field, the inner man is gradually released from the illusion of a fixed identity. The Law of Fixation rules on the mental plane and identity is ‘formalised’—firstly on the abstract levels as the causal body from which the soul incarnates,

and secondly, in any one life as a personal ‘identity’ on the lower mental, astral and etheric/physical planes. It is monadic energy which will liberate the immortal soul by destroying the illusions of lesser ‘identities’. This is an important point—it is not the identity of the incarnated soul-infused personality which is attempting to ‘ascend’ out of the mental plane. It is what is left over when those identities have been destroyed. As an individual your work will be to help others build this higher antahkarana— firstly through the aspiring soul/personality and eventually through the invoked descent of electric fire into the causal field. Leave the work of instruction on building the lower antahkarana between the soul and personality to others. Attempt to spend more time ‘free’ from the causal field— this can be done through the act of identification with the ashram—attempt to ‘see’ your own causal body, those of the group and those of the worldwide group with which I am working as contents of one field. This is the view that a Master has and can therefore support in your consciousness if you are able to relax the ‘identity’ muscle. It is rather like the ‘magic eye’ books—a certain relaxation of the focus occurs and a three-dimensional image comes into view. A certain relaxation of the identity occurs and then, firstly the causal bodies of your group are perceived (this would indicate a location of identity on the first subplane of the mental plane) and then the ashram as a whole is ‘seen’ when the location of identity (or should I say when what is left of the being once identity is taken away) is on the buddhic plane. All discussion about whether or not there is an ‘individual monad’ belongs to the mental plane. On the buddhic plane there is only a shared realisation of identity with the ashram and the perception of greater ‘identifications’ that will take place on higher levels. There

is a ‘science’ that relates to the building of the higher antahkarana as well as the lower. Just as the soul becomes actively involved once the personality has completed the dedicated work of contact, so the monad becomes actively involved once the soul/personality fusion has reached a certain stage. Both the higher and lower strands are completed from both directions. In fact it is only consciousness which is being completed; the antahkarana itself ever exists and is eventually recognised as the source of Life itself when the consciousness is able to extend from the monad to the base chakra of the personal self. This higher science has everything to do with the Shamballa mysteries. Shamballa energy is now impacting humanity directly. This is equivalent to the monad impacting the personality. In order to complete the triangle, the personality must be able to respond directly, thus closing the circuit. Man must be educated in his personal waking consciousness about the relationship to the monad but this must only occur when the soul and personality have achieved a certain level of integration. The descent of soul energy into the personal vehicles produces glamour and illusion initially. The descent of monadic energy into the soul produces crisis. The reverse is also true—it is the light of the soul which is able to clear the glamours and illusions of the personality. It is the life of the monad which is able to resolve the crises of the incarnated soul. Before the Second Initiation there is no contact of any real conscious nature with the monad. The crisis of the astral nature at the Second Degree is so great that the point of tension created opens the channel to the monad for the first time. Crisis invokes response. Once the disciple understands this process they can eventually invoke monadic energy at will. Crisis is now the result of the invocation and not the cause. The

soul is being in effect ‘evoked’ by the monad. The inflowing ‘Life’ has become much more attractive to the individual and this attraction is strong enough to offset the negative experiences that the lower nature endures as a result. This process culminates in the Fourth Initiation. In reference to your inner group work, I have asked you to build consciously a ‘reservoir of Will’. You may begin to see how this may be valuable to your wider group. Just as, on the abstract mental plane, the jewel serves as the transmitter of electric fire to the causal body, so we might imagine the same process occurring in the emerging lotus of the ‘schools’. The jewel is the last to be revealed because all the petals enfold it. The causal body is built around the jewel—it is both the source of its life and also, when the time comes, the cause of its destruction. If you follow this line of thinking you may understand more clearly the role of Shamballa School as an energetic entity. The more you are able to concentrate the energies of Will flowing through the centres of the ashrams on the buddhic and monadic planes, at the centre of your project, the faster the ‘petals’ of the project will form. Once you have learned the technique it is something you will be able to offer to other projects. You will also be able to directly assist ‘on the level’ (ie. on the same subplane of energy) those other initiatives around the world which resonate with your work and are part of the same ashramic initiative.

31 July 2002 The Turrets

The subject of this paper is the link between the monad and the personality. It is this relationship which lies at the core of the teachings in the new esoteric schools. The soul is studied and developed within the context of it being a linking mechanism whose purpose is to build this bridge between the essential spiritual man and his reflection, the personal self. The opening of the higher turret room at Shamballa School is an outer symbol of this inner focus on the monadic life and represents the beginning of a new stage of work within the life of the School. Just as the Fifth Creative Hierarchy is essential to the building of the lower antahkarana and creates the causal body out of its own substance, so the Third Creative Hierarchy is responsible for the building of the Higher Way. These are the Triads, the “flower of the earlier Eight” and the bestowers of the principle of immortality upon the Fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human soul. 5 We might consider the work of the ashram on the buddhic plane in the following way: The ashram receives the Will Aspect from the Chohans through the Fifth Degree initiate or Master at the centre of the ashram. This Will which is really the creative outgoing aspect of the Purpose which is held at Shamballa, is distributed throughout the ashram by the Fourth Degree initiates and then focused into the three worlds through the work of Third Degree initiates operating both in and out of incarnation. Electric fire from Shamballa is thus ‘solarised’ by Hierarchy through the ashrams and then ‘focused’ into humanity through the work of its advanced members. Thus a Third Degree initiate is considered an advanced member of humanity (being a Master of the three worlds), but only an

entered novice in the life of Hierarchy. A Fifth Degree initiate is considered such from the point of view of humanity and Hierarchy (being a Master of the five worlds) but is only a novice in Shamballa, and so on. This same pattern is replicated in the causal body itself between the jewel, the petals and the permanent atoms. It is this pattern or archetype which is in the process of forming in the life of the School. The upper turret represents the jewel—it is an eight-faceted crystallised expression of the triadal lives, and it is through the jewel that the energy of Shamballa and of Sirius is able to permeate the group field at certain cycles. At present the full Moons of Leo and Aquarius are the times in the year when group approach can be made. The Taurus and Scorpio full Moons can be added over time. It must be remembered that the ‘jewel’ transmits fire and is destructive to the causal body and so this energy should only be worked with when the urge to ‘sacrifice’ is strong within the soul itself, as the following quote makes clear:

The Jewel itself remains occultly static, and does not circulate. It is a point of peace; it pulsates rhythmically as does the heart of man, and from it ray forth eight streams of living fire which extend to the tips of the four love petals and the four sacrifice petals. This eight- fold energy is atma-buddhi. It is this final raying forth which produces the eventual disintegration of the body of the Ego. The knowledge petals, not being the subject of the attention of this central fire in due time cease to be active; knowledge is superseded by divine wisdom and the love petals have their forces equally absorbed. Naught is eventually left but the desire to “sacrifice,” and as the vibratory impulse is akin to the nature of

the living Jewel, it is synthesised in the central living unit and only the Jewel of fire remains. 6

The Mantram of Fire, The Technique of the Presence and the Higher Octave of Meditation One and Two are all useful in preparation for working with this abstracting and liberating energy. The ‘jewel’ is also ‘archetypal’ in the spiritual sense of that word. Its facets each represent one aspect of electrical energy and are hence intensely ‘impersonal’. The higher turret should also be used for the work of building ‘a reservoir of Will’ within the core of the School. This reservoir can be used upon occult demand from units of consciousness within the School itself and also increasingly by other centres in the process of externalising on to the outer plane. In the language of initiation, the jewel is first contacted at the time of the Second Initiation, can be approached at certain cycles thereafter, becomes stable in the consciousness at the time of the Third Initiation, and results in the final shattering of the causal body at the Fourth. The central turret is primarily an egoic heart centre within the life of the School, transmitting qualities of triadal consciousness from soul to soul and into the personality life of the centre. As such it is a twelve-fold centre when fully functioning, and should be used for all aspects of the subjective life of the School. The ‘petals’ of this centre will be composed of disciples at different levels of causal development, but united in their efforts to build certain qualities into their ‘Temple of Solomon’ and to live a life of service dedicated to the development of other souls and the integration of personalities who are attending the School.

In initiation terminology the egoic lotus should be utilised by a range of disciples, from those close to the Second to those preparing for the Third Initiation. Their work will be to receive soul impression from the ashram and to pour the light, love and power of the soul into the three worlds. The Great Invocation can be used here with full potency in this regard. The lower turret room is akin to the permanent atoms. It is where the Third Aspect of the life of the School is maintained and developed. All individuals can use this turret as part of their outer life expression, but there will likely be an organisational structure revolving around three key individuals who take responsibility for different aspects of the operation of the centre at Highden. These individuals should be disciples competent in executive functioning and the distribution of soul force in the three worlds. The three levels of the turret, viewed from the First Aspect are: Distributors of electric fire, solar fire and fire by friction as focal points for the monad, soul and personality of the centre. When viewed from the Second Aspect they are the three-fold solar heart: Distributors of atma, buddhi and manas through the crown, heart and throat chakras of the centre. When viewed from the Third Aspect they are: Three octagonal shaped rooms placed one on top of the other at the centre of a stone mandala laid out in the rose gardens at Highden.

28 August 2002 Direction of Focus

This has been a significant week. You have been learning a little of the paradox of freedom and also continuing your learning about Trust. The group process has entered a new phase now and so has your work with me. By committing and dedicating more of your time to my work the result will be beneficial to all. Your consciousness will be more free from your outer responsibilities but it will also be less free as the focus required for this inner work will be more demanding. One of the things that you are getting used to is the change in direction that the soul is required to sustain. When the soul is working its purpose out through the mental plane and expressing therefore the Will and Plan as the soul perceives it, there is an experience of power by the soul- infused personality. The searchlight of the soul is focused outwards into the three worlds. The change you must get used to is the refocusing of the soul towards the three higher planes instead of the three lower. For a time there is an experience of ‘powerlessness’ in this change of focus. The capacity to affect and direct the outer work must be given up in order to allow a flow through of monadic energy into the three worlds. Let me explain this more fully. There is the period of personality control where the soul is working behind the scenes to integrate the personality into a fit vehicle for soul expression. The personality is aspirational and the soul is downward focused. Then there is a period of gradual soul infusion climaxing in a crisis of soul control and afterwards the soul is able to express directly through the personality completing the fusion process. It is the energy of the monad

which allows the soul to complete the fusion process. Once this is complete the soul must reorientate towards the

monad. The ‘direction’ of the soul’s focus must turn one hundred and eighty degrees. This is a difficult transition. Of course there is always an inbreath and an outbreath. When the prime focus of the soul is towards the three worlds then the outbreath is the main focus. Now the prime focus is towards the monad so the inbreath must be the prime focus. One of the reasons for the difficulty of the transition

is the perceived lack of ‘power’ in the three worlds, and yet

paradoxically the result is an increase in effectiveness. A second reason is that the soul is moving in the opposite direction than those whom it is the responsibility of the soul to serve.

A similar difficulty is experienced by a personality struggling

to aspire to the soul when surrounded by personalities who are focused on the fulfilment of personality desire. You must remember that the correct focus of the soul whose goal is the Third Degree is outward into the three worlds. This focus will be much aided by the Seventh Ray, and the incoming of this influence will allow many to take initiation through group work much more rapidly than before. At the Third Initiation however the focus of the soul must shift and this can be experienced by the individual soul as well as those souls around them, as a lessening of commitment, of focus, and of spiritual power in the world. The interest in the expansion of outer projects ceases and yet in this cessation something peculiar occurs. As the abstraction process occurs it creates a stronger vertical alignment to the monad, and along this channel greater spiritual energy can flow into those projects which have already been initiated in the world. The outer result is the expansion of the very projects that the soul was once focused upon achieving due to the inflow of monadic power

as a by-product of the soul’s focus on the monad at the same time as staying in connection with the personality. Eventually nothing at all is trying to be achieved in the outer world and yet the achievement reaches its full flower at the time the Fourth Initiation is undergone. There is a mystery here that also can be applied to the Externalisation process. Humanity is apt to think that the Hierarchy is externalising to take control of the outer worlds in response to the needs of humanity, and this is true from one perspective. There are also members of Hierarchy whose job it is to maintain the link with Shamballa. Together they are part of a project undertaken by the Christ which has as its goal something far vaster than the inauguration of an age of spiritual enlightenment within the civilisation of Earth. In the work of occult schools the pupil is the soul and not the personality. The soul is being educated in group formation and under Hierarchical inspiration to develop its capacity in three directions:

• Outward into the realm of the personality, the mental, emotional and physical/etheric planes. The result is the full expression of the soul’s individual creative project in the three worlds. God creates.

• Within the three worlds of the triad the soul consciously develops its group relationships and ashramic contacts. The result in the three worlds is cooperative group effort as the ashrams externalise. God loves.

• Inward to the three worlds of the monad as the soul consciously develops its relationship to Shamballa. The result in the three worlds is the expression of the unknown, unheard, unseen Purpose of Sanat Kumara. God Wills.

For disciples and initiates all three directions are developed according to the stage of evolution and ray tendencies. On the path of probation and discipleship, the pupil is really the personality struggling to come under soul control. On the path of initiation, the soul is learning to control its instrument and true occult education can begin. Not education about the soul, but the education OF the soul. At the First Initiation the soul takes control through the throat centre and begins to create in the three worlds. At the Second Initiation the soul takes control through the heart centre and cooperative group effort becomes truly possible. The soul is now developing conscious contact with others causally and beginning to respond to its ashramic note. The monad is contacted at the high point of the crisis of the Second Degree. At the Third Initiation the soul takes control through the head centre and brings the soul expression through the personality life to fulfilment. The soul is now working in all three directions and beginning to focus more fully on the monadic life. At the Fourth the monadic focus becomes paramount and all outward focus ceases, although the soul is a powerful transmitting agent within the triad. At the Fifth the education of the soul ceases and the education of the monad begins. In the preparatory schools soul education takes place, and the result of the work of these schools will be the empowerment of souls into full expression in the three worlds. They will join the conscious creators, the educators, the leaders of their generation and help inaugurate those projects within the outer world which will form the seeds of the coming civilisation. In the advanced schools which will come later, the work will be more removed from the outer plane. This should not be interpreted as being ineffective in the outer

world however. On the contrary, the spiritual impact of those working within these schools will be significant. This is because their students have already initiated their own projects in the three worlds in this life (and in some rare cases, in earlier ones), and they will be consciously energising and empowering those projects through their meditative work. Of course they will be involved in many other meditative activities as a part of their training, but each will have a very specific project that they have created and now continue to serve to inspire, through direct telepathic contact with those who are currently in charge of its functioning in the outer world. And of course these initiates are inspired in turn by those more advanced than they, who laid the seeds for their own self-initiated endeavours just as I have laid out the seeds for the School with which you are engaged, and in turn am inspired. Such is the conscious Hierarchy of the Aquarian Age. Think this all through. At the Third Degree an initiate creates his outer ‘masterpiece’ which is the summation of his soul’s experience over many lives in the three worlds, and is self-initiated in alignment with ashramic intent. Looking around the world many of these can be seen. They are the humanitarian organisations, the religious movements, the modern businesses, the soul-inspired literature and art. Each soul-inspired project has at its core at least a centre of solar fire and in some cases a ‘jewel’ of monadic fire. This fire is ‘fanned’ from the inner worlds, stimulating the ongoing life and inspiration for the outer work via the minds and hearts of those who are in outer ‘control’. When those in control are conscious of their inner inspiration much more can be achieved, and we will begin to see this success demonstrated as more and more initiates move into positions of outer authority.

Of course those who create soul-inspired projects in the outer world have karmic ties to them. They are responsible for their birth, growth and eventually when they have served their purpose, for their death. This death occultly occurs triadally when the inspiring soul life is withdrawn. The power of the planet’s Third Ray personality tends to keep organisations going in the three worlds long after any inner life has gone out. They are best left, like the Moon, to allow the decaying process to take its own time. As the Second Ray soul begins to externalise more fully, it will be the work of Hierarchy to restimulate those organisations that still have a purpose to fulfil—for example the Master Jesus has the task of revitalising and transforming the Christian Church. He will do this through inner inspiration of outer initiates from the Fourth Degree down, and eventually when the time is right he will take outer control. This outer control should not be understood as meaning however, that he will sit in an office somewhere and dispense instructions. Of course he is engaged in much larger work than the executive functioning of an outer organisation on Earth. What it does mean however is that he will be recognised as the source and inspiration for the spiritual life which sustains the outer church, and therefore will be internally consulted and invoked on matters pertaining to that life. The Masters are those who have a lineage of creation on this planet. They can trace back their Hierarchical work to the creative project completed at the Third Initiation. Even this project will have its seeds in earlier incarnations, and many of the strengths and weaknesses of their work in Hierarchy have their roots far back in evolutionary time, just as tendencies in the adult can be seen in the child. There is a constant refinement process going on and do

not forget that the requirements for becoming a Master are gradually increasing as evolution in this Fourth Round proceeds. The Christ has said, ‘greater things than these shall you do’. (See John 14:12) Hierarchy often looks with amusement at the perceptions aspiring humanity has of us. We ask for respect, yes, to be heard, yes, but to be elevated to some godlike status above the reach of human experience, never. This latter attitude is often an excuse to live a life with the glamour of contact but without the requirement to be worthy of it through achievement. We offer, not so much a helping hand, but a hand up. We are pleased when you take it by raising your own with a little more effort.

04 September 2002 Field of Expectancy

Now I have some things to communicate about the centre at Highden. It is essential that the core energy is stabilised. You must prepare for an influx of others, beginning gradually but accelerating to a level which will surprise you all. This could be extremely destabilising to the whole project unless the central group is able to hold and sustain the energy field. This is an experiment that is potentially on the brink of a significant success and therefore there is considerable interest and assistance available from those who watch in the inner worlds. There is an opportunity here that is larger than you are able to comprehend and so I would ask each of you to entertain this hypothesis. That something is trying to occur that is far beyond the sum of your individual capacities and level of development. This would mean that you would have to hold your minds open to far greater possibilities than would seem logical to you, without losing sight of the day-to-day practicalities. What I am advocating is to create a ‘field of expectancy’, a field of ‘openness to receive’, a field of acceptance of energies that are trying to assist. The limitations to the help we can give are those limitations of what you believe is possible and which you hold as a group thoughtform on mental levels. I am not advocating an attitude of undiscriminating idealism; I am advocating a scientific process whereby the group endeavours to offer itself up as a vehicle to be used within a purpose beyond its current understanding or conception. This requires a level of ‘trust’ and of surrender which can be very challenging to the concrete mind. I merely ask you to experiment with coming under

my impression as a group and being used more fully as a stable unit within the ashram. This will not detract from your work as a School but will expand that work more consciously in scope and range. But first the group must stabilise and deepen the level of ‘recognition’ of itself as a group. Nothing need be ‘done’ to facilitate this except for a willingness to come together and invoke your connection with me. From that point it is a process of being willing to release whatever is in the way of a deeper and more potent realisation of the core energy that has brought you together and sustains you. Experiment with letting my presence and the presence of the Christ principle more fully into your group life.

11 September 2002 Radiation and Magnetism

The theme this morning follows on from what you were touching into this morning ‘as a group’—the theme of radiation and magnetism. The direction that you are taking as a group must continue as you realise that you have all been brought together under the impression of your souls as they are cooperating with the work of my ashram. My ashram links through the Synthetic Ashram with that of the Christ which, taken as a whole is the ashram of Sanat Kumara. While you each have other affiliations, it is your connection with me that is the synthesising factor. Thus it should be clear to you that spending time together as a group trying to come consciously under my impression will enable you to more fully contact and discover the unifying factor at the core of the group life. The relationship between the First and the Second Aspects holds the key to the mystery of magnetism and radiation. Part of my work is to reintroduce the rules for working within the etheric system—this has a natural application in the field of healing at the human level through the Law of Correspondences. However my real work lies within the etheric body of the planet and increasingly of the solar system. The flow of energy through the chakras and nadi points of the planetary life necessitates the working with groups as ‘functional wholes’ within greater wholes. Thus as I have tried to point out with my teachings, the work of the Aquarian Age is fundamentally about groups realising their synthetic identity within a larger whole. This process of identification with the larger group can be speeded up quite substantially if disciples will only follow the principle of occult obedience. Surely the whole purpose of coming under the influence of a Master is to take instruction

and thereby to negotiate the path more quickly. Spiritual evolution will proceed one way or another as a direct result of the planetary and solar Will. Accelerating that process is part of the experiment in group initiation I have undertaken. It involves the education of sections of humanity about the purposes and plans of the greater lives of which they form a part. This education is not designed for the mental satisfaction of those who receive it, but so that their conscious cooperation in planetary evolution may be evoked. This is the great Second Ray educational experiment which I am undertaking. While I am primarily a Second Ray Master I am also a part of the Synthetic Ashram which includes the First and Seventh Rays. It is the relationship between the Second and First which I want to address. Education resulting in conscious cooperation is the Second Ray method. Within certain groups however I am trying to apply a more First Ray approach with the conscious cooperation of Master Morya. This approach involves obedience to the Will. Simply put it is ‘doing what you are told’ not out of devotional or fearful obedience, but out of a great love for the whole and a deep respect for the spiritual responsibility accepted by one who seeks to serve the same Plan and Purpose as you do. I do not ask for blind obedience but for groups to willingly engage in an experiment—groups willing to ‘try and see’ whether the maxim ‘an initiate knows because he works’ is a fact in reality. Education without application is a great problem in the world, and one of the lesser reasons for the early extraction of the Fifth Ray and for the implementation of the new esoteric schools. It can be offset by groups willing to apply the principle of ‘application without education’ or simply doing what you are asked to do and trusting that the understanding of the reasons will follow. The First Ray drives

forward in a straight line while the Second Ray works in spiral motion. The application of the First Ray to the Second Ray method produces a radical increase in speed and therefore spiritual evolution. The result of the integration of these two rays is demonstrated through the Seventh Ray as spontaneously loving action in the three worlds, rhythmically undertaken. The keynote of these energies interacting together is ‘grace’. Let me describe for you how the group process can be speeded up if you are willing to try an experiment. Firstly I would ask for a change in consciousness in the way that you view your identity. Once you pass through the stages of ‘acceptance as a group’ that Rule II indicates, there must be a change in identity—just as the ray of the personality becomes a subray of the soul, and the ray of the soul in turn becomes a subray of the monad, so your personal identity becomes a subset of the group identity. It is right here that the division between those who are ready for this advanced experiment is made. To the personality this injunction sounds like an attempt to limit personal freedom and individual ‘sovereignty’, and to the extent that one’s identity is still focused in the personality there will naturally be resistance. The soul however is inherently group conscious and it is this group consciousness that has brought you together in the first place. The greater always includes (and brings in to full active and aligned service) the lesser. Try to identify yourselves as one consciousness. This will do more to open your causal fields to each other and increase the telepathic interplay in the group life. Secondly, begin to think of your purpose as a group as a subset of my purpose. There is really only one Purpose that we all serve and that is the Will of the Solar Logos. This Will is gradually realised however, just as consciousness is gradually expanded. The Will is however the ‘Life’ Aspect

and therefore ‘Life’ is increased by aligning with the Will. The will of your soul is already aligned with my Will, which is why you are working together. Reading my words may increase your consciousness; the application of the purpose behind the ideas will bring the First and Seventh rays into play. You may increase your contact with the ‘Life’ Aspect by studying my purpose as I have laid it out to you in the various books. Study this purpose and adopt it as your own. Identification with My purpose stands between you and identification with higher purposes than mine. My purpose is your ‘alignment’ with those higher purposes. Therefore meditate on my purpose as a gateway to “Life more abundant”. 7 Therefore study my purpose and adopt it as your own. This will increase your level of consciousness. Therefore attempt to apply some portion of that purpose in the three worlds. This will increase your usefulness to the Plan. Just as you take the focus off your individual identity by focusing on the group identity, so you must take your emphasis off your group purpose by focusing upon the purpose of the ashram. This will facilitate a greater integration of your group into the wider group for which I am responsible. Thirdly, take group responsibility for a piece of my work and gradually increase the level of that responsibility. There is a difference between ‘identification’ with my purpose and responsibility for implementing a piece of it. Identification allows the consciousness to blend with the Purpose of the greater whole. Responsibility allows that consciousness to implement that Purpose within a circumscribed field of service. These two concepts are intertwined in the Law of Freedom. To take responsibility for the outcome of a piece of work in the three worlds that is far greater than can be accomplished with the existing

resources at your disposal requires that you work with the Second and First Aspect together. The soul allows the group to work subjectively with consciousness and to connect with and develop the soul principle in others. Contact with the monad allows a process of spiritual underwriting to occur. This process is loosely tied up with the idea that a Master is karmically responsible for the actions of his disciples; but let me try to explain the process more fully:

A Master seeks to educate others in alignment with his purpose, which is aligned in turn with higher Purpose. He seeks to do this in order to speed up the process of evolution according to the Plan. The principle of free will however means that the opposite of his purpose can just as easily result without discrimination. Education can be used as a way of slowing down evolution by those who receive it. It is for this reason that the planetary purpose is closely guarded in Shamballa. If the purpose was revealed to those who have their wills set upon resistance, then knowing the purpose would only increase the power of that resistance. Similarly, esoteric information can be used as a means of inflating the personality of disciples and slowing down the evolution which would have naturally occurred as the doubt and uncertainty about life drove them in search of deeper meaning in service. Spiritual underwriting means that one takes responsibility for the actions or non-actions of those whom one educates, while at the same time leaving them totally free to take whatever actions they choose. This responsibility ties the Master to his group until such time as they achieve liberation through right application. The educational initiatives for which I am responsible have naturally incurred negative karmic responsibilities as well as positive ones—although you will find that the terms ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ here have no real meaning

because they have no real independent reality. If you think through this information you might understand more fully my reasons for standing behind such a project as Shamballa School. This project will succeed to the extent that it demonstrates the power of alignment to the Will Aspect through occult obedience and the application of the teachings to life. These are the First Ray and Seventh Ray principles I am trying to introduce through example into the wider Second Ray field of my responsibility. I have given you much here that warrants your wise consideration. The acceptance then of spiritual responsibility involves the acceptance of full responsibility for the ‘will’ of those in whom you choose to invest your consciousness. This responsibility must be accepted without any authority, obligation or subtle control over the decisions of those you take responsibility for. It therefore does not in any way ‘interfere’ with their independence but it does ‘underwrite’ their eventual alignment with Purpose. In effect you are taking some of the responsibility of the Planetary Logos when you willingly accept the responsibility for the liberation of certain units within His field of overall responsibility. Their liberation will only come about through their alignment with his Will and therefore it becomes your responsibility to ensure that eventually takes place without infringing in any way the principle of Freedom. Just as surrendering ‘identity’ and thus sovereignty is difficult for the personality, so the surrender of ‘freedom’ is difficult for the soul, even though this is only an apparent freedom—just as the personal sovereignty is only apparent and in fact is totally dependent for its independent existence on the soul. So the freedom of the soul is only apparent and ‘bought for it’ by the sacrifice of Sanat Kumara. Surrender of that freedom through the

acceptance of greater spiritual responsibility is what opens the higher bridge between the soul and the monad, and is also what allows for the principle of magnetism to operate. Identification with the Love principle allows one to see the soul in another, despite the fact that they are not currently identified with the soul in themselves. This seeing allows the release from the personality into the soul. Demonstrating the Love principle which they essentially ‘are’ at a deeper level to the separated personal self allows it identification with the Will principle—which allows one to rely upon the monad, the essential divinity in another. Taking responsibility for that which they as souls are not yet ready to accept, is a way of affirming the monadic principle which lies at the heart of the soul. In effect you, as a soul, take responsibility for the eventual fulfillment of their soul purpose until such time as they willingly accept it for themselves. They experience this inner experience as a lifting of their own inner sense of responsibility, and therefore as a type of ‘freedom’. The experience of this sense of freedom is a powerful magnet which calls souls into the vortex where that spiritual responsibility has been accepted. There is a science here which is difficult to explain until the understanding and experience of the Life principle is more fully anchored in your consciousness. I run the risk of you misunderstanding and misinterpreting the monadic principles in terms of the personality, which would only increase the very karmic responsibility I am attempting to educationally allay. There is a correct timing for everything and so in the meantime I would urge you as a group to consider the three things I have asked you to do and to undertake an experiment, which if successful will bring immediate results in terms of an increase in magnetic and radiatory power.

18 September 2002 Surrender

The theme which is alive in the group field is that of surrender to the Will of God. I would seek to point out the difference between submission and surrender. In submission the identity of the submitter is retained. The little ‘I’ is consciously overriding its own will in order to conform with a greater Will, whether this be the will of the soul or the Will of a Logos. There is thus a sense of duality present summed up by the statement of the Christ ‘Not my will Father, but thine be done’. In surrender there is no experienced separation in will. There is no lesser ‘I’ that must submit to the Will of a greater ‘I’. There is only the Will of God in action. For surrender therefore to occur what must be surrendered is any remaining ‘identification’ with a lesser ‘I’. In the group process what is gradually surrendered is a lesser identification of the individual soul with its own ‘soul purpose’ and creative inclinations. There is only one soul purpose after all. The result of this synthesis occurring in the IDENTITY of a group is not, as the lesser self might think (in this case the lesser self being the incarnated soul and not the personality), an increase in the uniformity of the group life. There is in fact an increase in the differentiated expression of the group emerging out of the realised unity of purpose. But this differentiated expression does not arise out of the individual proclivity of group members (which would increase individual identity), but arises out of the single ‘will’ expressed by the unified group field adapting itself to unique expression through the material offered up to be worked through. Ultimately the single ‘Will’ is that of the Solar Logos expressing via the monad through the Planetary Logos. The unified group field is the ashram on the buddhic plane and the ‘material’ offered up are those

conscious incarnated souls willingly surrendering into their originating source, the ashram. It is important to note the different perspective from which the causal body is viewed. From the perspective of the personality, the causal body is viewed as the soul, something to be aspired to and reached at

high moments of contact. From the perspective of the monad, the causal body is the lowest form of contact—it is the Third or Matter Aspect of the monadic life and thus is expressive of individualised purpose. Just as the presence on Earth in a physical body is an indication that the soul on causal levels is trying to express some purpose or develop some quality on the physical plane, the presence of a causal body on the abstract mental levels is the indication that a monad is incarnated through a much longer cycle in order to fulfil its purpose. That incarnated purpose (incarnated on the mental plane, not necessarily on the physical) is fulfilled at the time of the Third Initiation when the soul completes its masterpiece in the three worlds, bringing a small piece of ashramic purpose into expression. Now I am about to give you a new piece of information. You are aware of the fact that a soul which has individualised upon the mental plane undergoes a long series of physical incarnations culminating in the expression of soul purpose. Do you consider it reasonable that the monad has only one incarnation in which it expresses itself through a causal body? Of course the teaching must be presented sequentially so as not to overwhelm the gradually expanding human mind. Consider the length of

a monadic incarnational cycle and then consider the fact

that the Second, Third and Fourth Initiations may be taken in a single physical incarnation within a subrace, within

a rootrace, on one globe, in one chain, in one scheme,

in one solar system. Does it not seem more reasonable to

consider the whole process of individualisation (the building of a causal body to express an aspect of monadic purpose) resulting eventually in initiation (the release from that causal body), to be a cyclic process occurring over and over again in the life cycle of a human monad? Just as the soul in the causal body has many incarnations in the physical, interspersed with incarnations occurring on the astral and mental planes, so the monad has many incarnations in causal bodies, interspersed with incarnations on the higher two planes of the triad. Causal bodies are sequentially taken by a human monad in order to unfold the monadic purpose over a much longer cycle than the lesser soul cycle. They are the many mansions of the Father’s house. These monadic incarnations take place on different chains and schemes, and are themselves completed when the equivalent to the causal body on atmic levels is destroyed at the Sixth Initiation. It may seem incomprehensible to you when I say that the monad stores ‘purpose traces’ (I don’t know what other words to use here) of previous incarnations (by this I mean the monad incarnating in a causal body) in the atmic body or Temple of Ezekial, in the same way that the soul stores ‘quality traces’ of previous physical incarnations in the causal body or Temple of Solomon. This is a significant piece of new information which will form part of the new teachings on the monad and, if pondered, will open up a whole new field of inquiry and speculation concerning the unfoldment through time of planetary and solar Purpose.

23 October 2002 Group Integration

The educational initiatives for which I am responsible have naturally incurred negative karmic responsibilities as well as positive ones—although you will find that the terms ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ here have no real meaning because they have no real independent reality. If you think through this information you might understand more fully my reasons for standing behind such a project as Shamballa School. This project will succeed to the extent that it demonstrates the power of alignment to the Will Aspect through occult obedience and the application of the teachings to life. These are the First Ray and Seventh Ray principles I am trying to introduce through example into the wider Second Ray field of my responsibility. I have given you much here that warrants your wise consideration. 8

With this paragraph from an earlier transmission I seek to begin a series of instructions along the lines of those given out in the books Discipleship in the New Age I and II. The difference will be that these instructions will not be addressed to a group of individuals but to the group individual. Mark this change clearly, for it distinguishes the Aquarian process from the Piscean. I seek to address the group as if it were a single entity rather than a composite entity—as if group fusion had already taken place. This is the way that the soul integrates the personality. The group is larger than you might think, with many inner workers assisting the seven of you currently working on the outer plane. You must begin to think of yourselves as a chakric system through which the energy

of the ashram is able to flow. In addition you must begin to view yourselves as an outer entity as well as one in consciousness. If one member is undergoing psychic difficulty, or financial hardship or an initiatory experience, then the group is undergoing the experience to a greater or lesser degree. Relate to each other from this perspective and the group will grow in power, radiance and functional capacity. Your next task is to ‘accept each other’ in this deeper way as integral parts of one being. As your Master I may have accepted you ‘as a group’ but this does not yet mean that you have accepted each other. For my work to be successful I require a unified field of consciousness. The energies which must move through the group soul are transpersonal, archetypal energies. They require a stable field of transmission, and this field must be created in your inner life together. Begin to think of this aspect of the group work in terms of energy rather than consciousness or activity. You are a centre within the worldwide group for the absorption, circulation and distribution of a particular type of energy—the energy of synthesis operating within a Second Ray field and directed towards manifestation on the physical plane. Think this through. As a group then, you are at the stage of ‘accepting discipleship’. The lower antahkarana has been built and the bridge between your inner and outer life has resulted in the integration of your personality into a functioning unit serving the soul. There is a stage in the individual journey when the incarnated soul must build the higher antahkarana to access the energy of the triad. This comes about when the soul itself requires more energy as a result of successful contact and integration of the personality life. In the case of a group, there comes a time when the outer group

integration process is far enough along that the group must consciously build a deeper connection with the inner group and the ashram. The inflow that you have been expecting as a group must come from the inner worlds first. After a period of integration you will then have a much stronger energy reservoir which will be able to hold together a larger outer group. I would like you then to do two things to accelerate your integration process.

1. Strengthen your will to view the group as an entity.

Make the change in consciousness that is required to decentralise yourself within the group life. The result will be greater love and an increase in the telepathic functioning of the group mind. Not only will you begin to view each individual differently as part of the group entity, but the group entity will then begin to live more fully in each individual consciousness so that each member IS in some developing way, the group.

2. Make space in your inner life for the inner group. These

are a group of souls which I have brought together for training in the same way as I have brought you all together as a group. I seek to bring you both, as two units within the ashram, into relationship at this time. This requires from you that you make time to attempt this connection. The inner group is ‘orientated’ towards you at this time, and you will find a sure response to a genuine invocative appeal.

When these two tasks in consciousness have been fulfilled then we may progress further.

30 October 2002 Communion

I want to emphasise a distinction in your attempts to work with and contact the ‘inner group’. I am specifically referencing contacts upon the buddhic plane which can of course be made with those in or out of incarnation, but are more common with those who are not also working through a body in the three worlds. Much of the communion that occurs between disciples in incarnation is telepathic and is happening on the causal levels of the mental plane. The energy from the ashram is stepped down into ideas, which are really geometrically crystallised ashramic intention. Disciples around the world who are affiliated with an ashram receive similar impression at certain times. This is a form of horizontal communion—a type of translation of energy through a certain ‘band’ or plane. The type of communion that I would like to emphasise is a more vertical one—it is a linking communion with a group who have been formed specifically to serve in this capacity as intermediaries between a group in incarnation and the ashram as a vortex of Hierarchical consciousness and Shamballic force. It is the type of link that has as its prototype the link between the Fourth and the Fifth Hierarchies or between Mercury and Venus. The result will be the group equivalent of the divine hermaphrodite—a group grounded in the ashram and yet able to express upon causal levels of the mental plane. This necessarily requires the cooperation of two hierarchies and also of groups in and out of incarnation. This communion is an essential part of the process of ashramic externalisation for which I am responsible. It is an attempt to consciously connect

the cosmic ethers with the consciousness that is contained but not limited within the three worlds. A useful analogy would be the relationship between the physical structure of a rose and its ensouling devic life. The inner group is your outer group’s ensouling deva. The devic life builds the structure and imbues it with the colour, quality and purpose of its archetype. Your group has been built in the same way—it has been brought together through resonance to an archetype, and through the inner promptings of each of you as a soul experienced in your causal bodies during meditation. As you build a structure of connection—your outer work together as well as your inner thoughtform building and meditative life—there comes a point of time where that structure is stable enough to be ‘informed’. You can expect to experience this ‘information’ in the following ways:

1. A greater telepathic rapport arising between you. You

should attempt to recognise the underlying archetype which is the source of this rapport.

2. A more powerful infusion of energy in your meditative (and

increasingly your day-to-day) life. In a peculiar way the ashram can be seen as the energetic substance of your connection. It is what brought you together and what holds you together. As you become increasingly aware of this, the energetic container that you form part of will become increasingly apparent. You might consider this the wine of the ashram being poured into the group chalice; or a more accurate image might be the crystallisation which occurs within a saturated solution. The chalice has no separate existence from the wine. It is, in fact, formed inside the wine barrel so that the wine may be held and experienced by those whose consciousness is as yet limited by the three worlds.


A greater flow of energy between your own etheric and

physical bodies. The link between the inner and outer groups has its direct analogy in the link between your etheric and physical bodies, and results in the activation of a particular group of agnichaitans which serve a similar

function in the interface between the fourth and fifth subplanes (counting down) of the physical plane.

4. A sense of ‘surrender’ of perspective as you recognise

your group as the externalising point of a descending mountain rather than the apex of an ascending one. Consider these words. Your students should have the latter perspective and the core group the former.

These schools are points of ashramic entry into the three worlds. You should begin to see yourselves in this way and to hold as your highest priority the maintaining of an open conscious link between the higher mental plane and the ashram on the buddhic plane. This will necessarily bring you en rapport with the inner group, at first during the high points of your meditation, but increasingly in the day-to-day life of the School. Your group has in fact no separate existence apart from the ashram. You are the effect of one of the first stages in the externalisation process. Your conscious recognition of this fact and acceptance in the group life of the consequences of this reality will do much to assist in the next stage of the process unfolding.

06 November 2002 Transmutation and Transfiguration

There has been much progress over the last week, and a closer relationship between the inner and outer groups is readily apparent. You must get used to considering and consulting the inner group with as much consciousness as you now consider and consult each

other. When this relationship has been further solidified something new will become possible. My responsibility as

a Master is to transmit energy from the monadic plane

through the ashram and into the three worlds. Groups of causal bodies therefore form the most externalised point of the ashram. They are the ‘tip of the sword’ as it descends from Shamballa. This energy of Will, stepped down through the Synthesis Ashram, is a most potent force and as you know can also be destructive to the forms through which it passes. This is why it is imperative that the inner and outer group form one fused whole (fused through the principle of Love and shared commitment to ashramic

purpose) before Shamballic energy is allowed to flow too freely through the group. Prior to this the dangers of cleavage are great due to the Great Illusion. Your work as

a group is to sustain the perspective of the ashram, thereby

overcoming the tendency to think from the bottom up. If your identity is polarised in the three worlds then you will be on the receiving end of the destructive power of the Shamballic force instead of allowing it to pass through you and remove all outer obstacles to the externalisation of the ashram. Think this through most carefully. Consider what there still is in your own nature (and by this I mean areas where your consciousness is still wrongfully identified with an aspect of one of your vehicles) as a group that tends to

‘occultly absorb’ the Shamballic force rather than allow it to pass through. When you have determined this you may adopt the method of ‘purification by transfiguration’ which is in reality the purification that results from the intense inflow of spiritual energy rather than that which precedes it. This purification must be done consciously by isolating with clarity the areas that need to be purified, and then allowing them to absorb the higher energies during the transmission process. The result will be the short but potent cleavage and rebellion of those parts of the group or individual which absorb them through wrong identification. For this technique to work there must be a strong field of love present in the group, and the cleavages must be expected and recognised when they occur. They will essentially be cleavages in consciousness and must be offset by the increase in the deeper unifying energies of the Life principle and through steadfast connection to the ashram. In a similar way this is the function that the group is serving in the field of the School. Those elements of the student field which are in resistance to the dominant soul culture of the centre must be brought to the surface and transmuted. Those elements which are in the core group that are resistant to the perspective and spiritual culture (if I might use that term) of the ashram must be identified and transfigured. In the case of transmutation, the resistances are lifted up into consciousness and redeemed through the light and love of the soul. In the case of transfiguration the resistances are isolated in consciousness and then annihilated by the inflow of spiritual Will. To use the latter technique there must be the realisation that nothing truly real can ever be destroyed. What is being annihilated is the wrongful

identification of the soul with the form, thus liberating the soul and preventing the more potent energies of Spirit from damaging the form. Damage to one or more of the three vehicles is not the result of the inflowing Life but the refusal or inability of the consciousness to disidentify with the vehicle concerned. Think this through carefully as it imperative to understand this process when working with Will energy. If you consider what is happening in the world arena in the light of the above information, some deeper understanding of current events with respect to the terrorism focus may be apparent in this time in Scorpio. Pluto rules the purification of those elements of the global psyche which are over-identified with the form side of life through the process of cleavage and rebellion resulting either in release or annihilation. If the group is to fully anchor a portion of the Shamballic force upon the physical/etheric plane, this energy must of course be passed through the consciousness of the group. I am able to direct the energy into the causal field but the group must pass that energy through from the abstract mental plane through the concrete mind, astral body and eventually into the etheric body of the physical site. This of course is only one aspect of the work. Much can be done and is being done through transmission of this energy laterally upon the plane of abstract mind. This energy is that which connects and inspires groups via the jewel in the lotus. As the Externalisation process necessarily will extend to the physical plane, it must also pass vertically through the vehicles as well as laterally. This vertical descent results in the transfiguration of the personality, both of the individual and eventually, of the group. This is the Sword of Shamballa descending to Earth, and I have outlined

some of the technique required to do this in Rule X for Disciples and Initiates:

The rules for work within the veils of maya are known and have been used. Let the group widen all the rents within those veils and thus let in the light. Let the Army of the Voice be no more heard, and let the brothers onward move within the Sound. Then let them know the meaning of the O.M. and let them hear that O.M. as it is sounded forth by Him Who stands and waits at the very centre of the Council Chamber of the Lord. 9

This descent of Shamballic energy onto the physical/ etheric plane has particularly to do with the Seventh Ray part of the Synthetic Ashram and hence the experiment in the field of New Zealand. You might like to consider the cooperation of the First, Second and Seventh Rays in this externalisation process and to make sure that they remain balanced within the group life, albeit with them each being emphasised sequentially in the development of the centre. One may take precedence at a particular stage but all are required and the balance between them must be held. At the current stage of the externalisation process it is imperative that the union between the inner and outer groups continue towards fusion and that the energies of resistance are brought to the surface and eliminated. Proceed slowly and carefully, running the energy of the ashram through all obstacles and making sure that the alignment is maintained at all costs and in the face of externally presented realities.

13 November 2002 Mantram

I would like to give you a mantram to use. It is seemingly simple and yet its power is great if used consistently and with intent.

There is no soul. There is no time. There is no space. There is only Life. One Life. This Life I am. My will is for all my lesser selves to know me at their core as the essence, the beginning and the end of their existence. It is thus, as the One Life, I LIVE

The purpose of this mantram is to aid in the conscious building (or should I say realisation) of a reservoir of Life at the core of the group process. It is this and only this which will be able to sustain and hold the soul of the group steady as it begins to draw to itself as part of the creative process those elements of personality life which will create a manifesting container. Just as Hierarchy must advance towards (and therefore begin to be absorbed by) Shamballa at the same time as it externalises and expresses through humanity, so in the soul life of a group, any attempt to externalise must be balanced with an equal attempt to be absorbed in its higher centre. Without this the inner resources of the group, carefully built up, can be swept into and exhausted by the activity of the Third Aspect. Many groups have ended thus. What is lost is the functioning of a vertical channel which can be used for the sustainable inflow

of spiritual energy. This can be avoided by paying equal attention to the First and Seventh Ray energies of the group at this pivotal time.

27 November 2002 Seventh Ray Integration Formula

I would refer you this morning to the Integration Formula for the Seventh Ray. The group is beginning to

realise more fully its relationship to the inner group and to my work. The inflow of energy from the ashram is having

a destructive and purifying effect prior to the energies of

organisation coming into fuller expression. This organisation

must be an externalisation of the ashramic organisation however, and it is with this point that I am most particularly concerned. I would like you to consider the Formula from the point of view of an integration between the inner and outer groups. The outer group, composed of

members on location in physical bodies, is the ‘personality’ expression of the School. The inner group, carefully chosen and comprised, is the ‘soul’ expression. I am endeavouring to integrate these two ‘fields’ so that they form one field which will faithfully express in the three worlds the Hierarchical archetype. The Seventh Ray as you know, is the ray of synthesis that can implement the work of all the other rays. It has

a particular affiliation with the First Ray and hence the

opportunity to manifest the School and work in some small way with the Shamballa force. The outer School must consider itself as a Seventh Ray externalised piece of an essentially First Ray archetype. The primary capacity that needs to be developed then amongst those in the outer ‘field’ is the capacity to listen to and pass on the SOUND as it is stepped down from Shamballa through Hierarchy. In order to offset the hard line energies flowing from the First to the Seventh Ray I have placed particular emphasis on the organisation of a predominantly Second

Ray field to serve as the inner group. The Seventh Ray will be strong in the makeup of those drawn into the outer part of the project and hence the necessity for correct ‘orientation’ and alignment. Those coming into the centre need to be gradually educated that they are being called into the outer ring-pass-not of a great LIFE which has at its centre the Will of God. They must be reoriented as soon as they have been somewhat stabilised in the field to ‘face outwards’ and allow the energy of the Life to pass through them as it is safely stepped down through Hierarchy and the inner and outer group associated with the School on the physical plane. At the core of the inner group of mainly Second Ray workers there can be found a small group of more First Ray workers whose job it is to work with the Shamballic Will. They are the holders of the ‘ashramic reservoir’ of Will, just as you have your own ‘Will’ triangle in the School. The whole outer group must learn to see itself as an essentially Seventh Ray part of this ashram. The ‘pentagram’ that you stand in is the causal body and it is from there you work. That ‘standing’ in the causal field must be maintained and all outer connections must be referred back through this ‘standing’ to the central point of the ashram. Nothing in the three worlds can be seen to be of greater ‘orientating’ priority than the ashramic centre. This will require a continual ‘decentralisation’ in the consciousness of the group. The decentralising from the personality to the soul should already have largely taken place in group members. The ‘recognition’ of the group soul as a centre and its relationship to the inner group and the ashram is becoming a greater functional factor in your consciousness. At the centre of the ashram is found that point of tension which I hold as a Master. It is this point

of tension which has semi-consciously called you forth into the field of service for which I am responsible. It is this central Will or Purpose for which I have taken responsibility that links me to the Master Morya and to the central Purpose held in Shamballa. Your conscious relationship to the Purpose sounding at the centre of the ashram is the triangulating point that will allow you fuller access to the inflow of monadic power emanating from your essential being.

My work as a Master is to educate those ‘units’ (referring to groups and not individuals) working in the externalising periphery of my ashram, so that they are able to more consciously respond to the central Purpose and be distributing agents for that Purpose into the three worlds. Consequently you have available to you an array of experienced inner workers who will operate, if you allow, as your teachers and your healers. Their job is to work primarily with the energy of buddhi, while your job is to hold a steady centre within the causal field. The job of the Seventh Ray worker is difficult for he must work within Matter and yet not be identified with it. All planes below the buddhic plane are ‘material’ with respect to the Spirit/ Matter duality, therefore those who work there must be able to sustain their alignment. As ‘the workers in the furtherest fields’ they must keep their spiritual supply lines open and functioning, and hence the emphasis on the teachings concerning the antahkarana. I would ask you therefore to begin to more consciously live as though the ashram was the ‘centre’ of your life. If you are able to hold this inner alignment on a more continuous basis, decentralising yourselves from the soul and the group, you will see the Plan take form and understand more fully your role within it.

It is the Seventh Ray Master within the Synthesis Ashram that provides the energy for the successful externalisation. The material fields must be ‘conditioned’ so that they willingly reorientate to the solarising influence of Hierarchy. When you remember that the buddhic plane is the fourth cosmic ether it will be clear why the Seventh Ray rules over the inflow of buddhic force into the three worlds which make up the physical body of the Logos. It is the Seventh Ray which allows form to birth the Christ, and hence the relationship of Mary to this energy. It is the capacity of the Seventh Ray to ‘orient to the Will of God’ while still within the three worlds that allows grace to enter and thus sacredises Matter through the ‘surrendered Will of the fiery stone’.

Integration Formula

“’I seek to bring the two together. The plan is in my hands. How shall I work? Where lay the emphasis? In the far distance stands the One Who Is. Here at my hand is form, activity, substance, and desire. Can I relate these and fashion thus a form for God? Where shall I send my thought, my power the word that I can speak?

I, at the centre, stand, the worker in the field of magic. I know some rules, some magical controls, some Words of Power, some forces which I can direct. What shall I do? Danger there is. The task that I have undertaken is not easy of accomplishment, yet I love power. I love to see the forms emerge, created by my mind, and do their work, fulfil the plan and disappear. I can create. The rituals of the Temple of the Lord are known to me. How shall I work?

Love not the work. Let love of God’s eternal Plan control your life, your mind, your hand, your eye. Work towards the unity of plan and purpose which must find its lasting place on earth. Work with the Plan; focus upon your share in that great work.’

The Word goes forth from soul to form: ‘Stand in the centre of the pentagram, drawn upon that high place in the East within the light which ever shines. From that illumined centre work. Leave not the pentagram. Stand steady in the midst. Then draw a line from that which is without to that which is within and see the Plan take form.’” 10

18 December 2002 Healing

The message today concerns ‘healing’ which as you know is also a strong emphasis of my ashram’s work. The perspective I seek to give however is of group healing. There are great healing devas who seek to work at national and international levels. They seek to heal and restore those areas of energetic conflict that exist within the mental, emotional and etheric vehicles of nations as well as of groups and organisations. This is a great Second Ray work. At the time of the coming full Moon, falling as it does just before the Solstice and Christmas, an ashramic effort is underway to pour healing energy into the mental field. Astrologically this process is signified by the trine between Jupiter in Leo and Pluto in Sagittarius. The unifying energy of solar fire is being used to absorb and heal those uprising unresolved issues within the fire by friction of the group mental field. To make this information useful to your group I would like you to consider the worldwide field of those who are working within the specific thoughtform I have created through the writings of Alice Bailey. There is an energetic opportunity to deepen and emphasise the unity that exists between all these minds working to uncover the energy of buddhi which lies behind the words. It is not an opportunity so much for synthesis (that will come later) but for unity. Consider how, as a group you might assist with this project in both your subjective and outer communications. To the world wide group who work with my teachings: Brothers, whatever your differences of view or emphasis, this is a time to recognise your shared response

to the note of Love-Wisdom. It is this response that has called you into a resonance with these teachings and in this response is the promise of a deeper and eventual ashramic unity. As a global field of individuals and groups united on the abstract mental plane and crossing over all lesser boundaries and obstacles of race, gender, culture, economics and politics you have a unique opportunity to sound that note of Love-Wisdom in the world. This note is not only sounded by the dissemination of the teachings but more importantly by the demonstration amongst yourselves of the effect of the teachings as they are worked out in practical cooperative endeavour. I call you to the demonstration of Love-Wisdom. The Uranus/Saturn trine will allow for the breaking up of old separative thoughtforms and the Jupiter/ Pluto trine will allow for the healing of old emotional wounds. Love. Start on the mental plane and work outwards through form. To the Highden group: You are a microcosm within the larger field. Work where you are. Examine that which exists of a separative nature in your mental and emotional fields and attend to it. Use the alignment with the inner group. From the inner worlds the divisions within the group field are more apparent and with invocation, much that is old and deep can be released, not only from this incarnation but from periods of old association. As you achieve some liberation and unity within your own field you may be able to contribute healing to the wider group. Call on the inner group, call on me, call on the Christ. Love wisely my brothers.

22 January 2003 The Creative Principle

We begin now a year in which the Third and Seventh Rays are emphasised in your group life. During the first year you worked with the energy of Will because this energy was needed to ground the School in the midst of many forces that were resistant to this process. In the year just passed the emphasis was upon the Love principle and its relationship to the Will. The personal relationship dynamics created the opportunity and necessity to develop this principle in the group life. And so the third year will be an opportunity to develop the Creative principle. This opportunity is presenting itself through the need to fund the School which is pressing at this time. Adopt the view that the current circumstances are a positive development that indicates the very ground needed in which the seeds of creative living can germinate. The occult generation of money requires need, love and magnetic power all present at once. Love and power have been the focus of the first two years. Need will be the driving force for the keynote of this one. This need is not an indication of any failure but of success and readiness to learn about a new principle. Need brings forth Creativity. The crucial point is to see that this creativity emanates from the soul and not the personality. The creativity of the personal self (operating on its own) is driven by fear, arises in the base centre and expresses through the sacral, attempting to draw to itself that which is needed. The creativity of the soul operates through the crown and expresses through the throat chakra as creative expression and living. The Third and Seventh Rays are involved. When the Seventh Ray is reoriented to

the Third (a reorientation demonstrated in Hierarchy and therefore assured for humanity in the graduation of the Master R from the Seventh Ray Master to Mahachohan) then the sacral centre serves the throat and can be used in group formation to attract resources for the soul. This is an important point to remember. This joint operation results from soul-personality fusion. You have been told that the first three initiations involve the sacral/throat, solar plexus/heart and base/crown respectively. This is the view from the personality. From the soul’s perspective, in the act of manifestation the situation is reversed. In the first year the emphasis was crown to base. In the second the heart had to control the solar plexus. In the third year the emphasis will be on the control of the sacral centre by the throat. The sacral centre has been called ‘the court of the money changers’. At this time the Third Ray ashram, and in particular that Master named ‘adjuster of finances’ is working through the emerging Seventh Ray ashram to reorientate the world financial situation. This reorientation and the consequent reprioritisation of values is something which must be demonstrated in your group life if you are to serve as a model for the new archetypal pattern. I have drawn your attention to the integration formula for the Seventh Ray in a previous message and I re-emphasise this. It is only through standing steady in the pentagram and drawing a line “from that which is without to that which is within” that the work can proceed. 11 Principally, do not leave the pentagram driven by the forces of fear aroused in your own nature arising from apparent outer circumstances. You have the support of the ashram which cannot be registered through fear-based thoughtforms and astrality. Any outgoing energy emanating from the

group must contain the creative flow of the ashram and therefore be sourced there. The purer the alignment, the greater the love the more potent the response will be. Fear will only result in activity that diminishes the capacity and quality of alignment and love. The Third Aspect, humanity, the personality, is divine. It need only overcome the fear of survival inherent in incarnated life and stand steady in its orientation to the soul to prove this fact and become a living testament to the glory of God. Such is the challenge and the opportunity before you this year.

29 January 2003 Tension

You are entering into a period of intensity as a group. This is not separate from the global situation and represents your portion of the challenge in front of Hierarchy and humanity in the current stage of the externalisation process. Periods of intensity bring to the surface those semi-conscious and unconscious ‘complexes’ within the psyche and allow them to be examined in the light of the soul. The issue of war is making people examine the roots of their thinking and feeling life in such a way, and if rightly handled may bring, as a result of conflict and tension, a unified world view into conscious focus in the life of humanity as a centre. In your own group work, the tension and uncertainty over whether the School will own the property provides a similar opportunity. If you allow the process to work through at a deep level you will find that it brings up the primary issues underlying the Spirit/Matter dual paradox in each of your natures. The result could be a confrontation with and victory over what has been called ‘the Great Illusion’. What is necessary is to hold a point of tension long enough in order for the core issues to become very clear. There will come a time however when the tension has borne fruit and the time for decision and action comes. Right timing is a key Seventh Ray skill. In both cases Hierarchy may inspire, educate and guide but the responsibility for the decision must be left with humanity, and in the School’s case, with the outer group. In no other way can all three Aspects of divinity enter into proper relationship with each other. Responsibility and power are intimately linked. Neither can exist long without drawing the other into being.

Your group must begin to operate more fully as an esoteric centre—think of the distinction between the way that the physical body operates and the way that the etheric body operates. The latter is esoteric to the former and underlies its functioning. As a group, you are seven energy centres which must come into right functioning relationship with each other in order to inform and organise the outer environment with the higher archetypal energies of the ashrams. Pay attention to clearing the flows of energy between you as it is these energetic flows which underlie and can reorient the thoughts and feelings, which to the inner being are material and dense. Do not seek to materialise the concept of your energetic interplay too early but stand steady on causal levels and work outwards from there. Remember that the key to working with the Great Illusion is to recognise the unreal for what it is and not attempt to work within it. It may be beneficial for you to consider the rules for the physical/etheric plane in A Treatise on White Magic.

05 February 2003 Choice

This has been an important week in the life of the group and in the magical process. What should have become clear to you at this time is the necessity for the group to function as one unit or entity as well as the importance of each individual within the group attending to his or her own purification work which naturally arises out of the correctly held tension in the group life. The group is also only a unit within a larger group, and as the synthetic process that is occurring in the ashrams continues, then it will become clearer how each group fits within the whole of which it is a part—just as your own synthetic process gradually reveals the key role that each individual must play in your group. Your question is about Highden and whether it will be the ongoing site for the School. I would seek to answer that by stressing once more the need for you to stay together in this process as a group. Highden came about because those involved were willing to stand in the stream of Will, of Shamballic force really, and so allow a point of anchoring upon the physical plane. The key note here is willingness to serve the Will of God. In some sense it is the willingness to serve as best suits the need that allows the Will to work most potently. How many disciples are there who are willing and able to just pick up and move in order to be a part of such a project? It is this very ‘willingness’ that brought you into this group in the first place. The Purpose is fixed but the Plan is ever changing in order to conform as closely as possible to that Purpose. It is the work of Hierarchy through the ashrams to continually work to bring humanity

in line with that Plan. There are two types of workers we seek to use as ‘pivotal workers’ in times of change. The first type is so firmly anchored that they become stable centres or vortexes of force in a particular location. They usually have deep karmic roots in place, families, livelihoods etc and they are not ‘moveable’ in the ‘relocatable’ sense. The other type of pivotal worker is the MOST ‘moveable’ in the physical sense. They have so adjusted their outer lives that they are available to pick up and move according to inner direction from the ashram. They become ‘connecting points of ashramic force’ rather than the ‘anchoring points of ashramic descent’. These workers are able to either stay or go, as directed by the need of the ashram. You are in a period of time where choice will be made. As a result of that choice, you have the potential to become, either individually or as a group, one or other of these types of ‘pivotal worker’. From the point of view of Hierarchy, we can use either type of worker to advance the sense of synthesis. If you anchor more fully at Highden, we can begin to use this centre as a stable point to which we can send other workers who will either stay and strengthen the anchor or move through, bringing new energy when they arrive and carrying the synthetic energy when they leave. The important point for this process to work is that you realise the importance of your own ‘will’ as an outer group. It is not acceptable for you to merely submit to what you might call the ‘Will of God’ in the sense of ‘what will be will be’. This is an avoidance of responsibility which denies the divinity of the Third Aspect. You must choose and then hold that choice lightly in surrender and alignment to the Ashram. Here are your choices as they appear to me:

1. You choose to take your stand ‘as a group’ at Highden. This will result in success or in failure in the sense of achieving the desired result of being able to purchase or stay long-term on the property. Success will mean that the project will be able to be used by the ashram as a stable vortex. Failure will mean that the group can then choose to offer itself as a unit for other service, or choose to disband and reform in other ways. Remembering of course that there is no true ‘failure’ in any spiritual work undertaken with aligned intent.

2. Or you choose ‘as a group’ to offer yourselves to be used as

a unit within the Plan as most serves the spirit of synthesis and

Hierarchical intent at this time. The result of this choice will be either that the group relocates to another site or indeed several sites, or that the group is directed to stay at Highden or disband.

The first option gives surety of intent but uncertainty as to outcome. The second option gives surety of outcome (that you will be used collectively and/or individually for the highest good) but uncertainty as to direction or intent. The important point here is to take the decision as

a group. This decision is in fact a part of your initiating process. Humanity must learn to use the Will, beginning with its own personal will, and we see that process at work right now upon the world stage. In your case as a group, it is not so much a distinction between right or wrong use of the Will. The only wrong use would be to not ‘choose’ and thus not use the Will at all. The distinction is whether to use the Will as a descending force that anchors in matter or as an ascending force that abstracts. Both directions bring forth the other as a consequence, but the outer appearance is not the same. Choose my brothers. We await your decision.

12 February 2003 Group Identification

You are in a process of group initiation. Is not that the central intention of an occult School? In making your decision you have chosen to reorientate your consciousness and in so doing you are in a process of shifting your core identity from humanity to Hierarchy, from the Third to the Second Aspect. Initiation of the consciousness from the personality to the soul is always ‘self-initiation’. The Third Aspect becomes sacred and demonstrates its divinity when the consciousness identified with the form (and remember thoughts are forms) wilfully chooses to re- identify with the soul. This you are in the process of doing as a group. Initiation occurs in consciousness and it is changes in consciousness that subsequently have an effect upon the form life. Sometimes the consciousness changes so radically that the old forms no longer serve and must be transformed or released. The death process is always an opportunity for initiation. Consciousness either clings to the form resulting in an ‘unconscious’ death, or joyfully releases and takes part in the abstraction process, in which case you have a conscious transition. Having taken the decision as a group, you are now in a process which has not completed and therefore you cannot know what the outcome will be. I may only help to guide the direction of your consciousness in the same way that there are guides which help the soul negotiate the transition at the time of death. There is no such thing as an individual soul, just as there is no such thing as an individual ‘wave’ in the sea. There is really only Soul—the one great ashram of Hierarchy. Within that vast sea there are the ray ashrams

and sub-ashrams, focalising points of ‘quality’ within the overriding quality of ‘Love-Wisdom’, impressed by Will and working out in Intelligent Activity. In the same way there is really no such thing as the ‘soul’ of Shamballa School. There is merely a focal point within the ashramic sea—a wave that has lifted in alignment with a specific purpose and drawn various individualised consciousnesses into the orbit of this centralised purpose. From above the buddhic plane, all form is seen as illusory, even those soul forms which exist on the abstract mental plane which consist of groupings of causal bodies. Group souls form as a way of leading consciousness identified with the illusion of a single causal body into the more expansive illusion of a group soul. Eventually all distinction in consciousness, all groupings and sub- groupings, must disappear under the realisation of the one Life which substands all consciousness. The Seven Rays of light are blended into the great synthetic indigo, and behind this is the darkness of pure Spirit out of which all light is birthed. In time and space however, illusions are mastered one at a time as larger and larger spheres are transcended within the one sphere of the planetary life. Having succeeded somewhat in the fusion of your individual consciousnesses into a group entity, the direction that your group consciousness must now expand is into the global ashramic group. The individual entity finds its proper function within the greater life when the consciousness of that entity has expanded into the larger field. I advise you now to consider the group soul as the form life of your ‘project’. This form exists upon the abstract mental plane. The transition you are making, little

though you realise it, is the transfer of your awareness of form or ‘body’ from the physical location of Highden to the causal ‘body’ of the group on abstract mental levels. The subjective life or consciousness of the group is likewise being transferred from the group astral body to the buddhic ‘body’. The group ‘will’ is likewise shifting from the concretised ‘thoughtform’ of the Shamballa School project to the Will of your Master as it is focalised upon the atmic plane.

If you follow this thinking through you will see that the identity of the group is shifting from the three worlds of the group personality into the three worlds of the triad. This transition may or may not result in the loss of the outer personality, not just of the project but also of the group (ie. those individual personalities which make up the ‘outer’ group). Whether it does or not depends upon three factors:

a) The degree of attachment that still exists within the

group consciousness to the forms on all three personality

planes. Consider in this regard not only your attachments to the physical place but to the group astral and mental body.

b) The capacity that the forms have to serve as containers

or expressions of the triadal life of the group.

c) The overriding considerations of the ever changing

Hierarchical Plan which serves the unchanging Purpose.

Two further suggestions I give you at this time:

1. Seek to expand your consciousness of the ‘group’ soul. This will lead you into greater ashramic perspective and therefore an understanding of the precise function that your group has the potential of performing. This is a buddhic

function leading to Pure Reason, and indicates Love moving through the causal heart and not so much the astral heart of the group.

2. Transmit Purpose. This is a different thing my brothers than ‘aligning’ with Purpose. You can align your consciousness with Purpose by reading and meditating upon those articulations of my purpose that I, as your Master, have indicated in the books and in these transmissions, and this I urge you to do. This process conditions the mental field and brings it into alignment with the atmic. Purpose however is not a concept but an energy. It is the transmission of this energy which ‘transfigures’ the mind and releases thereby the consciousness imprisoned by the Great Illusion.

In conclusion, I encourage you to put aside all thoughts of failure and concerns about the future and to redouble your effort and focus at this crucial transition time. Work as a group, as a group soul, on causal levels with the same degree of one-pointedness that was required of you on the physical plane three years ago when the outer project commenced.

19 February 2003 Life

The transmission this morning concerns Life. Aquarius is the time when the theme of “Life more abundant” is worked with. 12 This ‘Life’ originates in the Purpose which brought The Lord of the World into incarnation on this planet. It is this Life which sustains the livingness of all kingdoms, although the impress of this Life affects the lower five worlds in two different ways through the energy of ‘Will’. In the lower three subplanes of the cosmic plane this ‘Will’ energy is directed to the physical survival of the form. In the realms of the triad this energy is directed towards the fulfilment of triadal purpose. These two ‘focal points’ of ‘Will’, one on the atmic plane and one on the physical plane, are in direct opposition to each other. They are the ‘will to survive’ and the ‘will to purpose’ of the base and crown chakras. These two ‘wills’ can only be balanced by the third centre which transmits ‘will’—the ‘will to be’ of the heart chakra. The origin of this third and synthetic ‘will’ is the energy of Life itself which originates in the incarnating purpose of the Planetary Logos and is then transmitted via the monad, through the ashrams on the buddhic plane, through the jewel in the lotus and finally through the central group of petals in the heart. These three centres of ‘will’, the crown, the base and the heart, make a triangle within the Third Aspect through which the energy of the fourth quality of deity can flow. They relate to the planets Vulcan, Pluto and Earth within the solar being. It is through this triangle that the energy of solar Will can be transmitted via the planetary Will. Thinking this through may shed some light on the role of this planet within the greater system.

The causal body is in the centre of the five worlds and is the heart chakra of the monadic system. It is through the heart of the causal body that ‘Light Supernal’ must flow. This ‘light’, related as it is to the combined energies of Aquarius and the Seventh Ray, has a particular relationship to the planet Uranus. Light Supernal can flow from the atmic plane to the physical only when the two energies of the ‘will to survive’ and the ‘will to purpose’ are synthesised by the third energy of the ‘will to be’ flowing from the monad but originating on the logoic plane of the system. This brings the energies of the first, third and seventh planes together via the ‘bodies’ on the second and fifth planes. The true significance of Venus in Capricorn and its relationship to the Third Initiation has to do with the role that the Fifth Hierarchy plays in integrating the three ‘wills’ that operate through the First, Third and Seventh rays of Capricorn. The Fifth Ray is the bridge provided by the causal body of the energy of ‘Love’ that comes via the monad or planetary heart centre directly from the solar heart. It is basically the energy of Love ‘fixated’ upon a hard line or ‘Will’ plane. Thus it is the representative of Second Ray synthesis working within the 1, 3, 5, 7 alignment thus allowing the ‘highest and lowest’ to meet. Venus is the energy of sacrificial solar Love that descends to aid the ‘will to be’ of the planetary deity. The significance of this in your group life should be apparent. The energies of anchoring and abstraction are apparent in your process. By deciding as a group to be moveable rather than immoveable you have chosen the ‘will’ emanating from the crown over the ‘will’ emanating from the base and therefore effectively transferred your point of equilibrium from humanity to Hierarchy. The point of transition occurs in the causal field of the group. The issue now is whether the existing forms that

the group has been working through, the mental, astral and etheric/physical sheaths can be transformed or must be let go of altogether. The transformation is not a gradual process but a sudden one. Transfiguration is the sudden drenching of the group soul with the energy of ‘Life’ itself. This energy is so potent that it either serves to fuse the soul and personality together or results in the death of the personality. The fusion process occurs within the form through the heart chakra and is in effect the fusion of two ‘wills’, the will of the soul and the will of the personal self into one ‘Will’. The death of the personality, or really the breaking apart of the forms which compose it, indicates that the form is not

able to contain the transfiguring energy of Light Supernal. This

is why the initiate at the Third Degree is called “The Conqueror

of death”. 13 He understands that the energy of Light Supernal is ‘Life’ itself. He knows not whether the descent of that energy will result in the shattering of the carefully constructed and conditioned forms or whether it will result in their transfiguration. The image of a potter placing a cup in a kiln is

a good one. He knows not whether the fire will result in a fused

or a broken container when he puts it in the fire. The experiment at Highden is ‘in the fire’. The result will be a transfiguring or a shattering. There is no other option when you call on the energy of Life which is also death. Either the energy of Light Supernal will pour through the group causal body and find its way through to the etheric plane and the outer project thus anchoring on the seventh plane, or it will find its passage blocked in the mental, astral or etheric life of the group personality and result in the destruction of those fields. If the latter is the result then the group soul will return to the ‘drawing board’ of the ashram. In either case the ‘location’ of the group centre will shift to causal levels but it

may or may not have a group personality to work through. From a triadal perspective the group ‘personality’ consists of a particular energetic configuration of individual causal bodies. The real group soul is the ashram.

26 February 2003 Fusion

I have said that the ‘personality’ of the group should be understood as that coherent causal identity that forms on the planes of the abstract mind. To understand this process it is helpful to view the three-fold development of consciousness— individualisation, initiation and identification as three aspects of one process seen from different levels of experience. Group initiation for example, involves identification where the individual causal soul is concerned. The individualised solar consciousness ‘identifies’ as the group. The process is ‘initiation’ to the group as a whole and individualisation from the perspective of the ashram. A piece of ashramic purpose is ‘individualised’ through the geometric arrangement of a group of causal bodies on the higher mental plane. This individualisation process is no different in essence from that which occurred in the Third Rootrace as solar angels ensouled or individualised animal man. At that time there was a great destruction of the forms in the three worlds, while at the same time there was a fusion process occurring on causal levels which resulted in an ‘individualised’ identity—an identity which would be sustainable for a whole series of outer lives and would eventually make possible a lasting connection between monad and personality through the process of individualisation, initiation and identification. Thus an ‘individualised’ personality from the ashramic perspective is a group of causal bodies which is formed into a stable pattern which will last through several incarnations in order to carry out a specific piece of ashramic purpose. It is an externalisation of a part of the ashram on to the mental plane where the energy of Purpose is ‘fixated’.

This process requires the willing acquiescence of the individual causal soul. It is the Leo principle surrendering to Aquarius so that a greater Leo or Sun of consciousness may result. This process occurs under the Law of Destiny rather than the Law of Karma. There are many groups who are drawn together out of karmic association for the purpose of education, healing and growth. A group that comes together under the Law of Destiny is formed because of a united recognition and commitment to an ashramic purpose which will be fulfilled at a future date. Upon fulfilment of that destiny the group causal body is then shattered and the consciousness is transferred to the ashram. This purpose is always multi-incarnational and is recognised in different degrees by the members of the group according to the stage of development of their own antahkarana. From the time that this fusion or ‘individualisation’ process takes place then it is the united commitment of the souls of group members that carries the project forward. Up until that moment of ‘individualisation’ it is the purpose and cohering consciousness of the Master or initiate that holds the group together. Once it has taken place then the initiating consciousness is freed from its holding function and can then overlight and work through its ‘creation’ as necessary. I want you to see this very clearly. As an outer group you have been brought together and linked with other souls who are not currently incarnated to form a group field which can be used to externalise a portion of my ashramic purpose. This process requires identification on your part as individuals— each individual must ‘identify’ themselves with the whole and not with their individual identity (which is why I address you

as a group entity and not as a collection of individuals). It requires initiation as a group entity—the group soul is what initiates the individual consciousness with that of the whole group. And it involves individualisation—it is a portion of the energy of Purpose which comes via the monad which is ‘incarnated’ into the coherent field of consciousness of the group soul. This is the real experiment being undertaken and it requires the ‘will’ of your incarnated soul (which is the solarised personality) for it to be successful. I can only bring you together and educate you in the process. You must throw your ‘will’ in the direction of mine for a successful outcome to occur. Let me put this plainly. Are you willing to give up, not only your personality acquisitions, but something which is much more precious to you, the accumulated harvest of many lifetimes—your causal body, the Temple of Solomon in which you have carefully stored the essentialised experience of an individual soul? Each of you is a soul with much experience, and you are all capable of functioning somewhat as souls or I would not have been able to gather you together for this work. Will you become one soul, not in theory but in fact? Will you allow your individualised purpose incarnated as it is in your causal self to become one with a larger Purpose? Pay no attention to what is happening in the three worlds at this stage—the outer will only begin to repattern itself once the inner decisions are made. If fusion takes place then the forms that are required for the implementation of that purpose will be built or attracted. All the ingredients for fusion are there save one—the willingness of you all to throw yourselves forward into this new experiment, the willingness to let go of all thoughtforms and attachments and individual projects into the energetic centre of this experiment. As a result the energy of Purpose emanating from Shamballa will

be birthed through the group soul as a by-product of that surrender. The energy of Will must be applied by the initiate, not to others but to himself; and this law also applies to the group initiate.

05 March 2003 Light of Life

There is a type of light which is called the ‘light of life itself’. This light is beginning to break forth in the group field. It has nothing to do with intelligence or consciousness which is how we would normally understand light, but is associated with the Will and with the purpose of the Planetary Logos. It is not a light which illuminates so much as ‘vivifies’. It is the Light Supernal which awakens the ‘secret light’ within the form. I would ask you to focus more consciously on this light and to ponder upon its significance to the group process. There has been a rapid reorientation within the group field that has centred around the core concept of what an esoteric group really consists of. This reorientation has been a significant blow to what is called the Great Illusion and should have introduced to the members of the group an experience of isolated unity—that strange experience where the disciple stands seemingly bereft and yet unified—alone and yet with all the world. Each individual member of the group is becoming in a practical and experiential sense, the group itself. This allows for a greater separation amongst the personalities of the group members while at the same time indicating a deeper fusion at soul levels. This fused group has become ‘individualised’ through the initiatory process. What this means is that a ‘seed’ from the ashram can now be planted within the group, to inhabit the group soul form as it were. This seed carries within it a particular purpose which is a subset and a ‘working through’ of ashramic intent. In order for the ‘light of life’—a ray upon which this seed is planted—to be maintained, the seed must

have access both to its mother and father. The fused group soul is the mother principle—the ashramic purpose is the father principle. The group must nurture the seed through conscious loving attention—this is carried out through rhythmic meditation. A container is thus created and maintained. The seed develops intelligence in the world through the various activities of the group. These activities are the ‘roots’. When a group member is inspired along a certain path of service in the three worlds their attention is focused outward. This outward attention carries the ‘root’ further into the earth of the three worlds. However the root also allows for nutrients to travel back to the seed and make it more ‘intelligent’ in the sense of being ‘informed’ through outer action. Most outer groups have their attention focused outwards in the extension of the ‘root’ structure and occasionally lift their attention through inspiration and meditation to the seed. I am drawing your attention to a higher process where the work in the three worlds is undertaken with a different ‘direction of consciousness’. The gaze of the group member must be kept upon the ‘seed’ rather than upon the earth. The root will grow and grow faster and in more magical ways than would be possible if the attention is directed outwards. You have just had this demonstrated to you as a group. I want to restate this because it is likely that you will need to remind yourselves again and again about this reorientation until it becomes stable in your experience. The activity of group members is designed to bring intelligence and nutrients to the seed and not to achieve any outer manifestation in the three worlds. You are not to focus on achieving specific outer projects as goals in themselves. This will of course be almost impossible for you but

gradually will become easier. The teaching and writing and manifesting work of the group is NOT about bringing the teachings to humanity but about bringing humanity to the teachings. Think this through. From humanity’s perspective Hierarchy is externalising, bringing to humanity the light, love and power of the inner worlds and inaugurating a golden age of brotherhood on Earth. From Hierarchy’s perspective, humanity is food. The soul needs to extend its roots through the personality to gain enough nutrients to flower upwards to the monad. Consider serving the needs of Hierarchy rather than the needs of humanity. The greater always includes the lesser and you will find that the help to humanity is great but as a ‘by-product’ of the focus of your attention. This reorientaion makes the First Aspect of personality focus the Third Aspect of triadal focus and occurs upon the mental plane. Meditation upon the soul is normally the First Aspect in the trinity of meditation, study and service, but is the Third Aspect in the trinity of Intelligence, Love and Will. This does not mean that study and service are not undertaken but they are undertaken with a meditative orientation which directs all acts in the three worlds to the service of the soul’s growth. The Second or ‘Love’ Aspect is developed through ‘communion’ as a soul—in this case as a group soul. In the same way that individuals within the group learned to identify as the group through causal body communion, the group soul must consciously open itself in communion to other fused group souls within the wider ashram. Your new meditation work as a group will be along these lines. The First Aspect of ‘Will’ is related to atma and keeps the electrical flow between the group purpose (which is expressing through the facets of the individual soul

purposes) and the purpose at the heart of the ashram which is the purpose of your Master. You need to articulate this relationship to yourselves mentally but of course the real interplay is energetic and it is the dynamic thrilling energy which charges through the group soul and can be invoked and evoked. This is the reservoir of Will. The light of life itself is a synthesised light which operates through the three lights of the triad in the same way that the soul light operates through the three lesser lights of the personality. It comes through the monad in the individual sense, in the group sense through the Chohan or Sixth Degree initiate in whose ashram your Master finds his place, and through Shamballa in the planetary sense. In closing I remind you that the current progress in the affairs of the group life has come about through the taking of your focus off the outer project and allowing the power of the ‘seed’ to draw to itself those elements and ingredients it needs for growth. I have said before that the capacity for this project (and now I mean soul project) to grow is restricted by the limitation of your thoughtforms. I now add the element of ‘direction’. It is not only your thoughtforms (which are merely containers for consciousness) but the direction of those thoughtforms—are they ‘manifesting’ thoughtforms that you become attached to implementing or are they ascending thoughtforms, surrendered once they are constructed to the ‘seed’ at the centre of the group soul? I am not asking you to become abstract. Continue to operate in the three worlds. Do what must be done but let your consciousness remain in the high place of the soul and enter more and more frequently into the ‘secret place’, the inner court of the group soul which contains the seed.

12 March 2003 Group Soul

It is only when forms go that we are able to fully realise our attachment to them. This is true whether it is an individual, a place, a thoughtform or a relationship pattern. This is the gift of death—the release from our illusions and our ‘investments’. Nothing real dies. Nothing real ends. This is eternally true and yet must be learned over and over again at different levels—for forms become more and more subtle as the soul evolves and grows in experience. Old forms become ‘incorporated’ into new forms better able to express the inspiring consciousness and the indwelling life which is but one Life. You are in a deathing process as a group and must go through the stages of this process until the stage of joyful acceptance and harvest is reached. What has been created together at the level of soul cannot be uncreated. It cannot be threatened nor does it need to be preserved. It simply is, and will reveal itself through new forms as time proceeds. What I am talking about is the ‘entity’ that is a group soul and contains within it the seed of ashramic purpose. This is an entity on causal levels—a jewel around which twelve petals will form. Naturally this entity will have outer incarnations—forms which reflect and express the inner archetypal pattern—but the entity should not be confused with any of its forms nor with the personalities of those who form a part of them. There is almost no way to explain the process of the building of a causal entity for a School within the causal body of a nation without that process materialising in the minds of those to whom I explain it. Nevertheless I will make the attempt.

The ashrams exist on buddhic levels as you know. The externalisation of those ashrams becomes possible when there exists within the higher mind of humanity those lighted thoughtforms which are responding to the ‘note’ of qualified purpose which defines the ashram. These ‘thoughtforms’ are a bridge between the emotional body of humanity and the ‘buddhic body’. On the lower mental plane the thoughtforms are more ‘material’ and have at their root the identification with a form, be it an individual or a nation. On the higher mental plane, the thoughtforms more fully reflect the archetype, however they still have threads of connection into the physical and emotional plane. The ‘soul’ of a nation is that amorphous entity which is composed of the combined thoughtforms that have built up over many generations on the higher mental plane. When this thoughtform begins to approximate an ‘inner archetype’ which exists on the buddhic plane, then a flow of energy can begin to take place from above downwards, and the causal field becomes more ‘defined’. When this causal field reaches a certain stage then a ‘seed of Will’ can be sown into it. This seed originates from the monad and contains the Purpose which will be carried out once the consciousness has been more fully developed. The second solar system is developing the Love or consciousness principle so that a seed of solar Will can be planted which will form the basis for the third system. In a similar way a planet, a nation, a group and an individual are ‘seeded’. Individualisation is related to the planting of the seed, initiation to its flowering and identification to the deathing process. The anchoring of the archetype of the ‘School’ has occurred within the causal body of the nation. A small portion of Shamballic ‘Life’, a ray of Light Supernal has ‘formulated’

or become ‘fixated’ upon the higher mental plane within the field of the national soul. This will form a reservoir of Purpose around which a ‘body of egoic light’ will form. None of this has anything really to do with the personalities involved in the anchoring. In the same way, the individualising of animal man did not have much to do with the actual outer identity of the animal man which was ‘individualised’. In most cases the outer form perished however a ‘whirl’ of identity became fixated upon causal levels from which many incarnations subsequently were ‘launched’. The ‘entity’ of the School has utilised your causal bodies in the same way that a potter utilises a ‘mould’ to create a form. The mould must be able to hold a coherent form into which the waters of buddhi containing the seed of ‘Life’ can be poured. Once the pattern has been ‘set’ or ‘fired’ then the mould is no longer needed and can be broken or reused. It is the solidified pattern which remains and not the mould into which it was poured. Think this through. Of course the form is always developed and evolved as a result of consciousness operating through it.

It would be useful now to distinguish between a

‘group soul’ and the causal bodies of group members which may from time to time operate within the aura of that group soul.

A group soul is NOT just the combination of the

consciousness of the causal bodies of those who comprise it. Nor was it ‘formed’ from the causal bodies of group members although it did ‘incarnate’ into the group. It is an independent triadal entity which has a purpose and a consciousness which transcends its manasic vehicle. It existed before ‘incarnation’ within a particular group of causal bodies, will survive the coming and going of individual units within that pattern on the higher mental plane and indeed the pattern itself.

This causal ‘entity’ requires a physical ‘anchor point’ in the same way that individualisation and initiation can only occur during a physical incarnation. In a peculiar way, this entity is as closely related to the physical location of Highden as it is to the causal bodies of those who formed part of its ‘mind’. Will is anchored along the lines of 1, 3, 5, 7. Those who come to Highden will come into the etheric ‘aura’ of this entity whether or not they are equipped to contact its consciousness or purpose. Similarly, the soul life of this ‘entity’ can be contacted by those who may never visit the place or indeed be in incarnation at all.

19 March 2003 The Word

Pisces is the sign of endings and beginnings—the comings and goings from the Father’s house. If you examine carefully the events in the group life over the last two months you will find a keynote emerging. This keynote expresses itself in many ways and can be summed up in the phrase ‘the Word has sounded forth’. This Word is the light of Life itself, the First Aspect. It is the Word that gathered the group together in the first place in response to the great Sound. It is the Word which carries the Life energy from the personality to the triad. It is the Word which IS the electric fire at the centre of the jewel. It is the Word of Death and the Word of Life. It is the Lost Word of Masonry and the secret of alchemy. It is the Word of God which carries one shaft of the Will of God from Shamballa through the ashram into outer manifestation. What can be expected when the ‘Word has sounded forth’?

Firstly, something has begun. ‘In the beginning was the Word’…something has been set in motion, a genesis, a creation has occurred which will now run its course and produce in time and space outer forms that will eventually express that Word. Secondly, something has ended. The Word is also the ‘trumpet of Jericho’. The Word is simultaneously the Word of Life AND the Word of Death. These are not separate words but ONE. The same Word causes the destruction of those forms which are not able to adequately hold and express the Life, and the beginning, the cohering of those new forms which can contain the Life energy. Life energy

enters and Life energy leaves at the ‘sounding’. The Word itself is a vortex that allows for the movement of the essential energy in two directions. You can observe for yourselves the working out of this Shamballic ‘sounding’ in the world at this time. In the anchoring process of the School ‘the sounding of the Word’ could be said to cover the first two and a half years, the ‘reciting of the mantram’ the middle three years and the ‘repetition of the formula’ the last two and one half years of the seven year manifestation cycle. The ‘reciting of the mantram’ is the response of consciousness to the ‘sounding of the Word’—the reflex action if you like—and this response is dual. One aspect moves towards the ‘source of the sound’ and the other carries the ‘sound into matter’. You might consider these dualities the two aspects of the School which are forming in response to the issuing forth of the Shamballic note. These two aspects form, nevertheless, one sphere of consciousness, harmonised at the centre corresponding to the buddhic plane within the triadal sphere. The OM becomes the AUM. Consciousness, starting as a duality becomes a triplicity. The ‘repetition of the formula’ is the intelligent ‘formulated’ response of the Third Aspect to the initiating Purpose and the dual workings of consciousness. I invite you to examine the process of manifestation over the entire seven year period regardless of the comings and goings of individual personnel and the apparent outer situations and events. If you think this process through in advance, many difficulties may be avoided through the recognition and fostering of the archetype which is seeking to express according to law. The middle three years in this process, like the middle three rootraces are primarily concerned with the

development of consciousness. In the middle of the Third Rootrace, individualisation occurs. In the Fourth Race a conflict between the forces of light and the forces of dark. In the Fifth Race the process of initiation is instigated. Think this through. You have, in the creative work of manifesting a School on the physical plane, the expression of a divine archetype. If you pay attention to the manifesting Will of this entity then the process of manifestation can be accomplished with grace and joy.

26 March 2003 Destiny and Purpose

Progress continues. As with all ending processes there is a period of discrimination required which allows for the separation of the self from the not-self. The soul becomes aware of its misidentification with the sheaths and releases them one by one. The sheaths contain in the very substance of which they are composed, the seeds of karma. It is the

soul’s destiny which expresses its relationship to the monad, and the soul’s karma which expresses its relationship to the forms which it has built and inhabited in the past. Shamballa relates the soul to the monad and so I ask you to consider your destiny. Base any outer group cooperation on your capacity to fulfil that destiny. If you could but see it from my perspective you would be aware of synthesis operating in the inner life of the group—resulting necessarily in an increased outer differentiation of group members. Think this through. You are at that stage, as a group, where a shared purpose should not be focused on. Isolated unity should be becoming a reality in the consciousness of each member. When the personality is trying to contact the soul,

it needs to develop soul qualities—essentially qualities of

Love-Wisdom. As the identity shifts to the soul then these

qualities are realised as innate. Essentially the personality is

a subset of the soul and so is inherently (inheriting from

the Son) Love. When the soul is trying to contact the monad, it develops qualities of Will and Purpose until it realises it is inherently (inherited from the Father) Purpose. The light of Life breaks forth into the soul field and the reality of Being Purpose is experienced. This is the significance of the Third

Ray word of power “PURPOSE ITSELF AM I”. 14 This is the reality the soul experiences on the atmic plane, just as the personality experiences the reality of itself as soul on the mental plane. The soul realises that it IS Purpose and that there is no separation from the Father inherently—there is no need to construct or create a ‘purpose’. Purpose already exists. This ‘realisation of inherent Purpose’ shapes the three worlds automatically once the antahkarana is built to bring them into alignment with the Purpose and reveal it in matter. This is a later stage than when the soul seeks to condition and then fuse with matter in order to carry out its realised or apprehended purpose in the three worlds. This is an important distinction to make. On the mental plane the soul knows itself as Intelligence, on the buddhic plane as Love or Pure Reason, and on the atmic plane as fixed design or Purpose. There is a difference between ‘having a purpose’ and ‘being Purpose’. This is a difference you should seek to cultivate at those high moments of integration and fusion. Be Purpose. The atmic plane ‘fixates’ or formulates Purpose in the same way that the mental plane ‘fixates’ consciousness. Purpose is really then a monadic quality, just as consciousness is a soul quality. The soul’s purpose is really that portion of monadic destiny fixated on the atmic plane that the triadal soul is seeking to express in a ‘solar cycle’. Similarly the causal body contains that portion of the soul’s consciousness which the personality in the three worlds is seeking to express in a lesser cycle. Just as there comes a time when the causal body becomes a limitation and must be transcended, there comes a time when, on the Higher Way the ‘atmic body’ becomes

a limitation and must be transcended. This is why we are told that Purpose is only an energy held within the confines of the Council Chamber. Consciousness, held in the ashram of Hierarchy on the buddhic plane, is ‘fixed’ in an individual causal body. Purpose, held in the Council Chamber of Shamballa on the monadic plane is ‘fixed’ in the atmic body. The accumulated wisdom stored in the causal body or Temple of Solomon over many lives is but a grain of sand compared to the Pure Reason of the ashram which harvests millions of causal identities. The ‘purpose’ stored in the atmic body or Temple of Ezekial is tiny compared to the energy of Life itself stored in Shamballa. This great reservoir of Life is that portion of the solar Purpose which can be utilised by the Planetary Logos in any cycle. When you contact this Life directly, all lesser purposes are lost in that blinding ‘light of Life itself’. This is the true significance of the Second Ray ‘word of power’ “I SEE THE GREATEST LIGHT”. 15 This light is the ‘light of Life’ contacted on the monadic plane. Some tiny portion of this light has been released into the container of the group soul. If this energy is to be utilised it must be allowed to alter not only the orientation of the consciousness of the group but the consciousness itself. It is the ‘dark light’ which must appear in the very centre of the light of the soul. It is not a mental ‘will’ (which is the reflection of atma into manas). It is not even the ‘will’ of the soul (which is purpose defined on the atmic plane). It is in a peculiar way the absence of ‘will’ which allows the energy of ‘Life’ of solar Purpose to enter the soul. This ‘Life’ is held in a reservoir—a kind of ‘liquid Purpose’ before it becomes focused and wilfully directed into the five worlds of human evolution. Seek you first the Life.

Once this energy has become revealed in the consciousness of the soul then the process of working synthetically with all three vehicles—monad, soul and personality begins to become faintly possible. The soul must learn to circulate the energies of Life, Love and Intelligence in such a way that a fourth quality of deity can become present. It will be for groups who come later to work consciously with this fourth quality. Nevertheless groups such as yours can begin to work with it unconsciously and by that I mean they can become vehicles that allow the entry and distribution of this quality into the field of humanity by focusing on the synthetic work. The analogy is the bee who focuses upon collecting pollen without realising the pollination that is occurring as a by-product of his activity. Just as the energy of Will has been largely unconscious to groups and to individuals and yet operates through humanity as a whole and some key individuals (and indeed causes all activity regardless of consciousness), so this fourth quality can operate and does operate in the planetary life. It can be sensed in operation even if not known or understood.

02 April 2003 Synthesis

This series of transmissions to this particular group is over. They will be valuable for other groups who are working at this particular phase of the group initiatory process and they will be valuable for individual group members as they begin to form and initiate their own groups. Let me summarise the process for you.

A group forms, based largely upon destiny or a synchronous response to a shared purpose, rather than based on karma as is the case in earlier stages of the group process. The individuals in the group are each called by the synthetic central point of the group life—the Master or initiate who is forming the group. The group establishes

a synchronous meditative process forming an entity on

abstract mental levels—the group soul. This group soul contains archetypal energies which need to be brought into relationship with each other in order to recognise a deeper synthesis. First the one, then the three, the five and the seven must reach a stage of recognised fusion before the inner mystery can be revealed. This inner mystery is related to the jewel and also to the Life Aspect. The many groupings of souls on the mental plane are externalisations of the forty-nine ashrams on the ashramic plane which are themselves externalisations of the seven planetary ashrams whose centres are found on the monadic plane. These seven have three synthesising—the First, Second and Seventh Rays

and are all synthesised by the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom. It is the fused energies of all seven rays which creates ‘Light Supernal’ which is an expression of the light of Life itself as

it is focused and directed into the five worlds via the atmic


When Light Supernal is released into the group soul during the process of group initiation then this seven- fold synthetic energy is ‘seared through fire’ into the field. Different individuals may be at different stages of the individual initiatory process and so will respond to this event differently, however these responses only appear to be different in time and space. By this I mean that an initiatory event has taken place—this will be registered differently by the individual consciousnesses that make up the one unified consciousness of the group entity, however that does not change the fact of the event. An analogy would be a new scientific discovery. Such a discovery may be registered and understood by only a few, however it may quickly change the lives of many through its application. The Theory of Relativity for example, is still not well understood by the masses and yet it underpins much of modern society. As each consciousness grasps in their own time and space what Einstein once grasped during the formulation of the theory, they are coming into relationship with a living reality which lies outside of their normal day-to-day consciousness. A similar process takes place in group initiation. A new energy enters (new to this group) and is sequentially registered in consciousness but—and this is important—has unconscious influence regardless of its apprehension by individual members of the group. Think this through as it is an important point to grasp. Light Supernal is a seven-fold synthetic energy which (speaking within the cosmic physical plane) issues from the monadic plane, is distributed in the three worlds through the jewel in the lotus, and finds eventual expression in the Aquarian Age upon the physical/etheric plane. Each individual in the group process now becomes a carrier of this synthetic energy which has individualised

holographically in the group field. The degree of unfoldment of their individual lotus will condition their conscious application of this synthetic energy in time and space.

Over time the archetype will repeat itself. Each member should be aware of this whether or not they are seeking to consciously support this process. Each individual will gradually become part of a triangle which

will eventually become a seven-fold field which will undergo

a similar initiatory process. Thus the seven-fold synthetic

energy will produce in time and space a forty-nine-fold field. This will happen because it is in the very nature of the energy itself. How quickly this occurs is up to you. Humans can cooperate intelligently with this process and group initiation is an experiment in accelerating this cooperation through experience. You have just had such an experience and now I await your cooperation. No further transmissions will be directed to you as

a group at this time. Instead a period of gestation and integration in which I would ask you to review your experience and to review the transmissions that have been given. You might find it useful to write out your conclusions and learnings and to formulate very clearly, each on his own, the synthesised mental proposition which

will serve as the core ‘seed’ that is able to contain on the abstract mental plane the particular quality of Purpose that

it will be your job to externalise through a seven-fold field.

Part Two

30 July 2003 Decision

You have had now a four month period to integrate the above information and to analyse your experience to date as a group. I would like to propose now a further experiment. An experiment that will require your greater aligned conscious participation as a group. This must be a free and cooperative process and so I would like to propose a number of questions to you—as individual members of this group experiment. The answers will help clarify for you whether or not this next experiment is one you would choose to be involved in. After carefully considering the experience of the last year and the information received through these transmissions, is it your assessment that this group is actually under the impression and guidance of a member of the Hierarchy? Your answer to this question may of course be qualified, but you must make a decision based upon your experience at this point in time. I am asking for you to exercise your honesty and discrimination. And then to choose. This is part of the use of ‘occult power’. If your answer is a qualified NO—in other words you are not prepared to make the above assertion even though you may be sure that there is something going on, then I would ask you to say so and then withdraw from the next stage of the experiment. Do not be concerned that you might be letting the group down in some way if you withdraw—the archetype can draw replacement members who, after some integration into the field will be able to carry forward the work. Also be aware that I am only referring to this particular

phase of group experiment and NOT other activities of group members, nor their individual soul alignment and connection to the ashram. If your answer is a qualified YES—in other words you may be only 51% able to make the assertion affirmatively— then I would invite you to consider the next question. If the group is under the direct guidance of a Member of Hierarchy then are you willing to increase the priority that you give to this experiment in your lives? Specifically, I am asking for a time commitment as follows. One hour on Wednesday morning from 10am which is given over solely to this work of deepening contact with me. This hour should take precedence over all other outer activities save genuine emergencies. More significantly I am asking for a commitment in consciousness. This will require a decision of the inner being and the practical use of the Will. Having made the decision that this process is under my direction, I would ask you to then so discipline your mental vehicle that this belief is able to hold steady for a period of six months. This is linked to the capacity to ‘hold the mind steady in the light’. I am not asking you to suspend the discriminating function of the mind nor to accept things blindly—I am asking for you to be responsible in your consciousness towards the experiment. Having made a decision, I am asking for you to hold to that decision and not review it (even, and especially, in your own mind) during the period of the experiment. This requires a degree of detachment and the capacity to direct thought. You have this in various degrees but I would not ask it of you if I did not think you were capable, individually and as a group, of carrying out such a discipline. This is the discipline of ‘occult silence’. It is essential to the experiment because a stable

focus of consciousness is the platform from which the more advanced work I am attempting to do with you is built. If the foundation fails the pillars will surely fall. At the six month period leading up to the Aquarius full Moon I will ask you again to assess the process without any restriction on thought. The third ingredient that is a prerequisite to a successful experiment is your willingness and commitment to follow through and act upon the information and instructions given. Group initiation is an acceleration process under the direct guidance of Hierarchy. By definition you will not understand or even necessarily be inclined to carry through with instructions and suggestions

I give. I am requesting that you keep the priority of the work in mind, give me the benefit of the doubt and

follow my guidance until you have determined through experimentation whether it is wisdom or folly. This in no way encroaches on your free will as a soul—in fact it relies upon it. As a soul you must freely choose whether to attempt the acceleration of your learning in this way. This is the discipline of ‘occult obedience’. In closing, let me give you some insight into the purpose of the experiment. My previous work with you was primarily to do with achieving a fusion, at least momentarily, in consciousness, at the causal level. This fusion results from the soul’s recognition through revelation of the seven-fold nature of the underlying synthetic Life.

I addressed myself to you as a group because it was the

underlying synthesis of the group life I was trying to achieve. What I seek to do now is to consciously use the group as a unit within the larger group life. This requires that the group is a synthesised and therefore differentiated unit. It is a seven-fold archetype which can be trusted

to operate as a prism and refract the one underlying life expression into seven streams of consciousness. From a technical perspective, it means that the seven causal bodies are linked together by the individual soul will of group members and the purpose emanating from me—a purpose which will not be fully apparent to the group soul but will be revealed as the soul distributes the Life aspect. I will seek to impress the whole field in unison on the higher mental plane rather than through the transmission of information through one receptive causal field. This means that you will experience my energy as a pressure in consciousness on the causal body and I would ask you each to attempt to open more fully into a direct relationship with me. The linking of the causal field enables me to work with you safely as the energies are spread through the field—it also enables me to convey much more potent energies and concepts than any one soul is able to grasp. For such energies to be grasped consciously by the group, it will require an increase in both telepathic communications between you as well as outer sharing of impressions. And so I propose two questions, the second involving three commitments. I invite you to meditate upon them carefully and share your decisions with each other.

[At this stage in the group process one member decided not to continue and another member joined.]

06 August 2003 Group Integration

One of the signs of group integration is when individual members who form part of the group are able to come and go without disturbing the essential coherence of the causal field. This demonstrates that the emphasis of identity has shifted to the group soul rather than focusing on the individual. This in no way negates the importance of the individual, in fact the reverse—it allows the individual soul a greater appreciation of the particular differentiated energy it contributes—the greater always includes the lesser. I foresee little difficulty in this group beginning the next phase of work together. One hint I would give to help facilitate the fusion process—pay particular attention to any ‘contraction of consciousness’ when you are meditating together as a group. To understand what I mean by this, imagine the fusion process as a spontaneous flowing outwards of fire between your causal bodies forming a sphere of fire which is the group field. If this flow is blocked in any way or meets resistance in the abstract mental field it will result in ‘thought’. Thought in this context, when you are meditating or rather ‘communing’ together, should be seen as an indication that some part of your consciousness has ‘contracted’ or begun to concretise itself in layers of mental matter. You may counter this by refusing to take whatever you find yourself thinking seriously. Pay attention, as a group, to the sphere of fire that you are forming together or rather is evoking you. This sphere is as important to your work together as a vessel is to a group setting sail to a distant land. You will become used to checking the integrity of your ‘boat that sails the

ocean of Buddhi’ and making any adjustments necessary before you journey. This requires the recognition of three essential aspects:

1. Each individual has a responsibility to ‘sound’ clearly

their own soul note and therefore hold the particular point within the larger whole.

2. The relationship between the points must be such that

there is no impediment to the flow of fiery energy which provides the coherence of the field.

3. The field as a whole must be increasingly responsive to

the key note emanating both from the centre of the field

AND the centre which the field forms a point within—the note of Purpose.

Clear your own field, clear your relationships as a group, clear your relationship to the centre, to me your Master, at least in this experiment, and then THROUGH that centre begin to form a relationship with the larger note of Purpose that your whole field circles around. This latter relationship of resonance between the internal centre of any entity and the external centre around which that entity circles is peculiarly related to the buddhic plane and fourth-dimensional consciousness. Attempt to make this relationship a factor in your group meditative work. It is the key factor which will open the door to the next phase of work I have in mind for you.

13 August 2003 Chakras of the Group

Light Supernal is a seven-fold light. What I am seeking to do is release this light through you ‘as a group’. The analogy is between the soul in the causal body (myself) and the seven chakras of the etheric body. This will be the most useful analogy for you to use in your current work as a group. The soul works through the different chakras with different emphasis at different times. The focus of the soul is not on the chakras per se but on the purpose it is trying to achieve in the outer world by way of the flow of energy. The chakras themselves may not be aware of this purpose except through the experience of the energy as it moves through them. Their work is simply to open in response to the inflow and to be transformed as a result (you might think of your causal bodies as the chakras in this analogy, and your own chakras as petals—rather like the Sun and the seven Planetary Logoi). In addition the soul will activate different flows of energy between the different chakras at different times according to its overall purpose—this is the science of ‘triangulation’. There will also be flows of energy through the central channel equivalent to kundalini flow in the system. I have drawn you together as a group—although this gives the impression of too personal an approach—in effect the drawing together occurs under law as a natural expression of the way energy works—you have been drawn together BECAUSE you already contain the differentiation of energy necessary for this seven-fold process to work. Synthesis differentiates and it is important for you each to sound your own ‘note’ without undue comparison. A throat chakra does not compare itself to a crown chakra,

it merely expresses its innate quality of energy and finds itself cooperating with other energy centres. The difference between seven levels of etheric chakras is not so great when compared to the difference between the etheric body as a whole and the soul. If you will simply sound your own notes generated out of your individual alignments to me, then the group work can progress as a whole. This is the ‘Leo’ emphasis that is necessary in order for the Aquarian group initiatory process to have full effect. In Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle I have provided some good information for the science of impression. The key to understanding this is to realise that the etheric vehicle I am talking about is the planetary etheric vehicle. This work involves the linking of the etheric vehicle (the planes of Shamballa and Hierarchy) with Humanity. The place of this linking is the abstract mind or groupings of causal bodies. The aim of this linking is to produce consciousness on the buddhic plane where the four lower ashrams are to be found. The Fifth Ray ashram is on the abstract mental however, and this should not just be understood as a ‘scientific’ ashram. The science of esoteric psychology is a Fifth Ray science and the whole process of linking the higher with the lower is part of occult science. The Fifth Ray rules the Third Initiation and it is at this initiation that the soul is freed from the Great Illusion and begins to be able to function more and more freely on the buddhic plane. This group contains the necessary range of soul quality and development for it to play a useful role in my work and the work of the Synthetic Ashram. The telepathic interplay between you will develop under the impress of Purpose. It is the Will behind the manifestation of Light Supernal that drives it towards the etheric plane and

manifestation. That Will must work through causal bodies in a seven-fold way. This is why I have asked for your occult ‘obedience’ in this experiment. Your work during the Wednesday sessions is to ‘allow’ this flow of energy to work through the group—as it does so it will naturally create those telepathic connections and synchronicity of thought impulses which express its underlying synthesis. Synthesis does not need to be created. Synthesis IS. The group will experience it, not by doing or creating anything on its own but through the willing surrender to the higher Will of Hierarchy that is seeking to work through it. Think this through, as it will be crucial to the success of the experiment. Your work as a group is to hold the channel open. To do this you will need to pay attention to your own individual alignments, the group field and the alignment with Purpose. Once these preliminary steps are achieved then it merely requires you to let go and ALLOW the synthetic energy to work through the field, NOTICING as it does the effects on your consciousness ie. both buddhic and manasic, and the direction that the energy is seeking to move. Gradually the group will develop sensitivity in this process and be able to greatly assist the process by using the group mind to consciously FOCUS the energy in this direction. But the time is not yet. At this time I would like to place the emphasis on your individual alignment to me within the context of this experiment. I need eventually to relate to each chakra independently within the overall field, so do not rely upon the group process alone but seek each in your individual meditation to will and be willing for contact. It is a paradox that in early stages of the group initiatory process there was no focus on the individual but

merely upon the group. Once the group has differentiated however, there is a greater focus on the individual but ONLY as that individual forms a chakra within the overall field, and ONLY as that field itself has significance in the wider purpose of the entity in which it forms a part. Thinking this through will shed some light on the importance of this planet at the moment within the larger system of which it forms a part. One last thing I seek to convey: The emphasis upon transmitted Purpose is an emphasis upon ‘function’. It is the ‘organisation’ power of Shamballa as it is channelled through a group crystal or prism. As such it is conditional, ie. conditional upon the capacity of the group (and even an individual in a group) to transmit it. The one Life permeates all, but the transmission of the Purpose of that Life is confined to those structures that are able to carry the current. This transmission relies upon the fact that the development of the Love aspect and therefore the self-love aspect has already taken place. Therefore see to it that your connection with your essential divinity, and therefore your own intrinsic value as a soul, is strengthened and remains strong in order to balance the conditional nature of the transmission of Purpose. Your value as a worker in energy is commeasured. Your inherent value is unassailable.

20 August 2003 Time and Spiritual Experience

The subject is time and spiritual experience in the

three worlds of human evolution. I want to try and give

a perspective from the reality of the higher planes, the

etheric planes of the system. As you know, in the process of White Magic, the soul brings the completed thoughtform only down to the etheric level and then allows the natural processes of manifestation to result in the eventual externalisation on to the physical plane. The same exact process is carried out by the Planetary and Solar Logos as they practice White Magic within the cosmic planes. The thoughtform or ‘idea’ which the Solar Logos is seeking to externalise from the cosmic mental plane, inspired in turn from the cosmic ashram, is precipitated through the seven Planetary Logoi. This idea—or to put it another way, the Will of God—eventually organises itself upon the buddhic plane, the fourth cosmic ether. Here it takes the form of a pattern: the forty-nine ashrams. This is the lowest conscious

expression of the planetary purpose as it responds to the solar purpose. This consciousness of course has ramifications on the lower three planes, but this is an inevitable working out process that takes place under the Law of Economy. Humans incarnate within the three worlds and appear to have free will in this working out process…they can respond or not to the externalisation of these ashrams into outer manifestation. This free will is circumscribed however to the beings upon the higher planes who operate in a totally different time continuum. The Plan must work out…the experience of that Plan working ‘in human time and space’ is dependent upon human response. The reason the Plan must work out

is that the Plan is the very substance of all life in the three

worlds. This is difficult to understand from the perspective of consciousness operating in the three worlds, however let me give you an analogy: A soul can be initiate without being conscious of that fact, or even expressing that reality within the three worlds. A group soul can be initiate without the individual members of that soul registering it. A planet can be sacred without fully expressing that sacredness in the three worlds. These truths all have reference to the realities experienced on the etheric planes of the cosmic physical plane. When I say for instance, that the planet Earth is sacred, you might ask why the money supply has not yet been shared equitably. When I say that your group has undergone an experience of group initiation, an individual member might ask why they have not experienced that fact. The reality is that in the three worlds, you are in the effect of higher causes in the working out of inner realities that are inevitable. This does not mean that they will work out in a predictable time or way, only that the blueprint is set and therefore the eventual outcome is set because it is irrevocably built into the very substance of the consciousness that is working it out. Within the solar system there are those Planetary Logoi who are termed ‘rebels’ thereby demonstrating the principle of free will in action in the solar sphere. This free will is circumscribed however, because it can only arise out of, or in response to, the underlying Will of the Solar Logos. The Solar Logos sets his purpose, thus providing the very substance of Will energy within the system. A Planetary Logos can utilise this energy by aligning with it or opposing it, as an expression of his independent will. But this conscious rebellion only forms a part of the working out of the higher Will. Within any system of seven you will have three aligning and three opposing, with a fourth in the middle position. The forces of opposition are merely a part

of the working out of a higher Will. This is why it is said that on the Sun the Black Lodge and White Lodge are seen as one—dual aspects of a spirit/matter continuum whose purpose is the working out of a Will that underlies, and in fact gives substance to, the duality. I am now going to make a statement that, if fully engaged, will operate as a liberating key.

All solar consciousness that is expressing within

the lower three planes of the system is in rebellion to the purpose of the Logos. This willful rebellion results in the working out

of a higher Purpose.

Herein lies the Peace of God.

A further hint lies in the contemplation of the two

groups in Shamballa

Custodians of the Will. The Will is a seven-fold expression that is focused through the atmic plane.


Registrants of the Purpose and the

27 August 2003 Dragon and Serpent Energies

The Monad is the source of light, not only to the human family, but it is the receiver of light from the threefold Sun; it is the lens through which the light of the solar Logos can flow to the planetary Logos, preserving and holding steady in that light the vision, the purpose, the will and the creative intention of the planetary Logos. 16

This quote has real relevance to the second round, the coming of the Dragon energy and the reptile kingdom. Let me make some correlations for you:
















The second round is ‘pre-conscious’. The third, fourth and fifth rounds are for developing consciousness, and so we must wait for the sixth round before the mystery of the second round is fully revealed. When we are developing consciousness it is easy to ignore the divinity of that which lies outside our sphere of awareness. These things that are hidden from us lie in both directions—that of the superconsciousness and of the subconscious. They form a matched pair, matter and anti-matter. They are the solution to each other. The purpose that is revealed in the later rounds requires the energy that was stored in the earlier rounds in order to be completed. There is a peculiar pairing of the lower two chakras in the same way that the higher two are paired. The serpent

and dragon energies relate to this pairing. One is active, one latent or sleeping. Just as the ajna centre can be used by the personality to block the flow of soul energy through the over-development of the mind, so the sacral centre can be used to block the kundalini energy from rising. Both chakras ultimately have the function of directing the energy emanating from their pair into the system. The sacral centre lifts the energy of kundalini. The ajna centre directs the will of the soul into the three worlds. The development and full functioning of the third eye in man requires that right relationship is developed between these two pairs of centres and that the antahkarana is built between them, via the three thorax centres which equate to the central three rounds where consciousness is developed. The energy stored in the lower chakras must recognise its polar opposite, which it cannot do until the vibratory strength of the higher is such that the lower must respond under law. When speaking of the relationships between chakras it is important to make the distinction between consciousness and will. You are familiar with the traditional linking of sacral and throat, solar plexus and heart, base and crown. This is a relationship in consciousness, having to do with the soul. The will relationship is solar plexus to throat, sacral to ajna and base to crown, with the heart being the central and synthetic point in the system. This is why the heart is viewed as both a Second Ray and a First Ray centre. If you think this through much light will be shed upon the difficulties and paradoxes that arise in the teachings concerning in particular the relationship between the second chakra and plane and the fourth chakra and plane. 24 is the number of Shamballa and this is a centre of both Love and Will found upon the monadic plane or second cosmic ether.

I cannot be more direct as this concerns initiatory matters, but I can give you hints to follow—the middle principle is built out of the relationship between the third and the fifth kingdoms, creating as a result the fourth or human kingdom. This involves an inversion. It is in this fourth kingdom and on the fourth plane that the at-one-ment between the second and the sixth takes place. As a result the serpent energy of the reptile kingdom is restored to its destined functioning. More I cannot say. In the next chain, the Mercury or fifth chain, individualisation will occur in the sixth race of the second round, and can do so because the fifth principle has done its work. Similarly in this the fifth root race, sixth race egos who came in during the second round can individualise. The initiation of one kingdom is contemporaneous with the individualisation of a higher. They are both part of a dual process that, when seen together, is recognised as identification. Let me return to the first quote and link this together with the information I gave you last session. The monad is the way by which the Will of the Solar Logos sustains the will of the Planetary Logos regardless of whether or not that lesser will is in conscious alignment with or rebellion to the higher Will. The serpent energy is the energy of Life and therefore of the monad regardless of whether or not the consciousness operating in the system acknowledges this fact. Because this energy is so powerful it is repressed by the consciousness until such time as the antahkarana has been built and the monad has been accessed. Then Saint George can slay the dragon- serpent with the sword of Will because the lower energy has been met with its higher counterpart. It is dangerous to wake the serpent unless you have with you in consciousness the anti- matter antidote to its power. This is why the monad must be reached before the Second Initiation can take place.

Consider this process globally. The repression of the serpent or dragon energy via the Sixth Ray was a necessary development in the consciousness of humanity (although its demonisation was unnecessary and regrettable). The planetary antahkarana must reach a certain stage of development in this fifth root race before the monadic energy is able to flow in to offset the power of the lower energy and evoke its surrender through the process of initiation and individualisation—which is really, seen from a higher perspective, merely identification, as the two energies recognise their mutual origin. The Seventh Ray allows for the inflow of the Will via the Shamballic impacts. This impact progressively results in the surrender and upliftment of the serpent power via the sacral to the ajna, generating the New Group of World Servers, who then collectively act as the lens through which the will of the Planetary Logos is made manifest. A similar process happens on the cosmic etheric planes and involves the monad. It could be said that the soul aids in the distribution of the will of the Planetary Logos into the three worlds, and the monad aids in the distribution of the solar Will within the planetary ring-pass-not of the cosmic ethers. Let me now relate this information to your group process. You as a group are preparing for the Second Initiation. This in no way indicates the initiatory status of individual members. A group composed of individuals all post the Second Degree does not necessarily make a Second Degree group. However the reverse is true. Think this through. Remember that the experiment we are engaged in is the initiating of this group ‘as a unit’ into a wider field. In this experiment, I as the Master represent the monadic point, you as a group unit—the soul or consciousness aspect. The lower energies that I am seeking to relate to,

identify with, to redeem, through this group are not so much in your lower natures (those have been quelled by the individual souls) but in the wider group of which you form

a part. Your training is not for your benefit, but so that

something of wider import can be achieved. An initiate, even a group initiate, ‘knows because he works’. Therefore, if you are being used as a conscious relating factor between the energy of Will and synthesis (emanating via me) and the astral serpent energies that exist unmastered within the wider field then IT IS ESSENTIAL that you develop and maintain your alignment with me. This is why I

asked for your commitment to this process before it began. It

is that commitment in consciousness to maintain a relationship

with me, and if that relationship is not directly experienced, to assume it is there and hold the attitude of loyalty to that assumption during the course of our experiment. It is only in this way that the antahkarana which you must become can be kept open enough to allow others to accelerate their initiatory process as a result of the inflow of Shamballic Will. One last point—it is not your work to engage and master the group astral energies yourselves. You are a relating factor via the soul. The energy of Will pouring through your group is distributed via the will petals and the jewel, causing a strengthening of the Will energy in those souls with whom you are karmically connected and related to as part of this experiment. Thus, once again it is important for you to maintain the point of conscious focus as high as possible, and not to direct it into the astral plane itself. The experiment is the clarification of the astral plane via the empowerment of souls using the Will and identification. This empowerment will assist them to clarify and master that portion of the astral plane for which they are responsible, and thus result in their initiation.

02 September 2003 Group Initiation

I have said that you are preparing, as a group entity, for the Second Initiation. This is primarily an initiation of ‘decision’ related as it is to the Fourth and Sixth Degree initiations. The First Initiation resulted in the breaking forth of Light Supernal within the conscious heart of the group soul entity. The Second requires that this ‘life’ is consciously ‘chosen’. Discipleship is a conscious process, and that is why I have asked you individually and collectively for your greater commitment and the active participation of your will. The soul is group conscious and operates primarily on the triadal levels, from where it attempts to solarise and fuse with the personality fields. When speaking of a group initiation I am talking primarily about events taking place on the triadal planes. The ‘First’ Initiation then is the breaking forth of the synthetic Life principle within the ‘mind’ of the group—the causal body is the heart chakra on mental levels, just as the etheric heart chakra is on the second subplane of the etheric. This allows the mind to be held ‘steady in the light’. You are practicing this as a group presently. The Second group Initiation concerns the buddhic plane. There is a simultaneous ‘lifting’ or liberation of the consciousness of the group into the ashram on the buddhic plane. This is accomplished through a united focus on the Purpose of the ashram, represented by the Master on the atmic plane, which opens up for a moment an inflow of energy from the monadic plane—a microcosmic Shamballic Impact that is consciously invoked by the group entity for the purposes of liberating consciousness from the three worlds.

In reality there is only one initiatory process occurring— that of the Planetary Logos. The perception of different individuals and groups undergoing different levels of initiatory experience is only valid from the fragmented perspective of the three worlds. There is only one group, that great ashram of Sanat Kumara, and only one initiation. This experience is spread though time and space and consciousness in such a way that this group is progressively made more aware of the synthesis of the process. The value of the teachings given by Hierarchy is that they allow humanity to understand something of this synthetic process—resulting either in more intelligent cooperation, or rebellion to the process, by humanity. This is the choice offered. I am attempting to work through this group in order to achieve something of the purpose for which I am responsible. I seek to educate the group in order to facilitate greater capacity for cooperation and therefore a more accelerated achievement. The whole experiment in group initiation is dependent primarily upon the conscious alignment of wills. It is a forcing process, but not in the sense of one will (mine) forcing compliance of another (that of the group). The forcing process results from the cooperation but is not the cause of it. In order to cooperate, independent will has to be developed. This is why it was so important for you to decide, as a group, whether you were committed to be an anchoring group or a moveable group. This was an expression of independent will without influence from me. When the capacity for independent will exists, then the capacity for group initiation using that will becomes possible. If the group will is consciously and deliberately surrendered to the will of the Master then that group becomes an outpost of that will. The Master Morya is the head of the One Fundamental School. It is therefore an outreach of his will that lies at the

core of each and every esoteric education initiative that forms part of the One School. In order for his will to exist as an energy at the core of a group soul, there must be elements of

that group soul who are ‘surrendered’ to that will. Will-lessness is not surrender. Willfulness is not surrender. I ask you to contemplate the true meaning of surrendered will. There is indeed no separate soul or Love principle—it is the Christ who loves in us. There is only one Life and therefore one Will. It is Sanat Kumara who Wills in us. The capacity of an individual or group soul to allow this Will to work through them is what is meant by commeasurement.

I would invite you to develop your capacity to work

with the seven-fold energy of Will in the following way. Attempt to understand the interactions of consciousness between you according to the simple chakra pattern below.

1. B — Crown

2. D — Ajna

3. V — Throat

4. S — Heart

5. B — Solar Plexus

6. J — Sacral

7. S — Base

I am not here talking about flows of etheric,

emotional or concrete mental energy but of abstract mental thought. Try to be aware of those inner flows on causal levels from an impersonal point of view. You will gradually become aware of threads of energy that are linking and triangulating different chakras at different times as the group becomes more aligned as a miniature expression of what is occurring between the ashrams on the buddhic plane. Begin to view any interaction between this group and other groups in the same way, until you are able to appreciate the

particular chakra this group forms within the larger field of which it is a part. This is a discipline in non-precipitation. What I mean by that is the conscious resistance to manifesting flows of energy into concrete thoughtforms or interactions between you. Instead, attempt to lift these flows into the light of buddhi—seeking to understand the archetypal pattern behind them. The buddhic field must free itself from the abstract mental field in the same way that the astral body must at a certain point be able to function free of the etheric. You will be able to take your conscious functioning place as a group unit within the etheric body of the planet and thereby your Second group Initiation, only when you are able (as a group) to free yourself from manas.

10 September 2003 Spiritual Intimacy

I consider my work with you in this most recent experiment has just had its first harvest, its first significant success. This of course is from my perspective and in the context of the purposes I am trying to work out and in which the group can play some part if it is ‘willing’. I have been able to utilise the group as a ‘centre’—a stable field for both distribution and abstraction—for a centre ever has a dual function in allowing energy to move through it. I would like to continue this process over the full Moon and so ask you to stay closely attuned to my energy and sensitive to my will over this time. Sensitivity to Will is a new phenomenon in groups and is part of the experiment I am attempting. It is connected to ‘spiritual instinct’, and when fully functioning in the centre that is this group, will result in that independent yet synchronous activity of each member as they respond to the Will in its seven expressions. The group purpose is thus ‘revealed’ to you through the realisations and actions of each member seen synthetically. It is not derived from the consciousness of the group but is revealed to the consciousness of the group. In this way the grip of manas is sequentially broken. Self consciousness and independent will are hard won evolutionary successes not to be given up easily. Group consciousness and the surrendered will can only occur truly when the individualised consciousness has become impressed beyond all doubt with the greater value, wider perspective and more inclusive purpose of the Higher Way. This is why I have asked you to experiment and to ‘sacredise’ the experiment through commitment over a

period of time. At the end of that time you will be able to seriously assess the results. In the process of opening yourselves more deeply to the experiment it is important that you do so vertically first and horizontally second. What I mean by that is your opening as souls first more fully to me as the central impulsing energy, and then to each other as parts of the same field. I do not refer to the meditative building process which builds from the bottom up, but to the revelatory process which proceeds from the top down. Your deepest soul intimacy should be with me, and then you should be unafraid to open more vulnerably to each other. Presenting subjective realities to the concrete mind of others is never an easy process, and indeed when done from the right motive it is an act of sacrifice. When what you have contacted is real then you are sharing a piece of the Christ mind—offering it up to be crucified on the cross of the lower four subplanes of the mental plane. It is this crucifixion however that redeems the lower, and gradually releases doubt and fear from the mental field altogether. Keeping your vertical alignment will give you greater wisdom about what to share and when to share it. On the other hand when something is being shared into the field by another, you must have your discriminating mind functioning but infused with the quality of love. You will quite naturally observe those places when the archetype is coloured by glamour or illusion—which can be your own or the other person’s—and this will have a reflexive and purifying effect upon the group field. The focus of your attention should however be on those threads within the sharing that are truly numinous and carry the archetype in its highest expression. You will be amazed at how quickly the archetype can manifest through a group when it is heralded and honoured in such a fashion.

There is a deep intimacy and trust that can occur within a group that is the precursor for instinctive telepathic interplay—it occurs when you truly accept one another— which does not mean that you accept everything they think say or do, but that you accept that they as souls are called by me into this field, and that they are committed and capable of holding their point in this experiment. In short, that they are ‘worthy’ of your love and respect. Please do not pass over this comment lightly. I ask each of you to deeply and sincerely examine your attitudes to each other at the core of your relationship. Do this leading up to the full Moon time with the aim of purifying the field so I will be able to utilise it with greater potency.

17 September 2003 Identification with Hierarchy

Purification in its triadal sense is a destructive process and an expression of the Shamballa force. It is in effect a forced substitution, consciously invoked by the soul, of the lower by the higher. It is linked to the process of ‘individualisation via the Will’ which is the individualisation method of the third system. What is substituted is the very matter of the lower vehicles. In the etheric as you know, the four higher subplanes must eventually offer unimpeded resistance to the flow of energy from the four systemic ethers ie. buddhic, atmic, monadic and logoic energy. In this system when monadic energy is able to flow through the centre of the heart chakra on the second ether then we have the capacity to anchor the Will of the monad, and therefore Shamballa, on Earth. This begins to become possible on brief occasions after the Second Initiation, and more stably after the Third when the personality vehicles, including the etheric body, are ‘transfigured’ with triadal energies. In other words their very substance is changed. These changes naturally also have flow-on effects to the physical body, which takes much longer to adapt itself to the increasing fire of its substrate, the etheric. Consider this process from the cosmic perspective. The mental plane is the gaseous subplane of the logoic body. The cosmic ethers—the four higher planes—are also being transfigured in their turn by the Soul of the Sun who is undergoing the Third cosmic Initiation. The result is a corresponding inflow of cosmic fire into the planes of the triad and monad. This energy has in turn major effects upon the physical body—in this case humanity is part of that physical body. The agnishvattas are the

cosmic equivalent of the agnichaitans that build with fire


substance of man’s body and are released as part of


kundalini rising to meet the higher fires. Follow this

analogy through and you will see why it is possible to release increasingly large numbers of human ‘solar angels’ from the mental plane. There are direct analogies here that you would find useful to explore. In the same way that one of the most dangerous points occurs for the White Magician when he seeks to bring his creation into contact with the

three ancient fires—the same is also true for the Logoic Magician. The human mind is the ‘ancient’ gaseous fire of the Logoic body. The Magician risks ‘burning’ and must call on the solar angel to dispel the Grand Illusion. I recommend to you all the re-reading of Rules XIV and

XV in A Treatise on White Magic with the above analogy

in mind. They apply directly to the stage that the group is at in the grounding process of the thoughtform which is behind Shamballa School. This refers to a number of outer

‘projects’ such as Highden and S

inner process of revelation of new soul energies. The new

teaching thoughtform is a ‘fire’ which when introduced into

the mental plane as a whole will result in a ‘burning’. To

prevent this burning from turning into a conflagration and destroying the new thoughtform and attacking the minds of those who are introducing it, one most important thing must be done—the calling in of the soul. In your own case as a group, the soul is the planetary soul—Hierarchy, and in particular that inner group which are primarily associated with your project. Your only protection is to deepen your connection to your inner group, to call on those energies that initiated the creative process in the first place—your Masters. You must realise

as well as to the

that you are part of a planetary White Magic process which

I have termed the Externalisation of the Hierarchy. One

aspect of this Externalisation will be the Restoration of the Mysteries, and it is with this latter that the group is particularly involved. Your group must enter into a new level of self-forgetfulness—the self now that needs to be forgotten in favour of a higher, more expansive self, is the self of the group. Let the group ‘protect’ itself through sacrifice of the thoughtform of the group. Does this make sense to you? Your only protection is Hierarchy. Therefore

you must become Hierarchy, at least for a moment in time and space, via the process of ‘identification’. This is different from identifying with Humanity—itself a divine centre. In fact ‘identification’ with Humanity at this crucial stage would only increase the danger of burning. Identification with Hierarchy ‘lifts’ for a time your ‘identity’ from the lower worlds. It is this ‘identity’ which channels energy. Think of an analogy with an electric bar heater. If the curtain is too close to the heater when it is turned on then it will burst into flames—if there is enough distance between the element and the fabric then heating will result but not flame. The human soul is an element; the three worlds are the curtain. When current is run through the element of the group it is important that there is enough distance to prevent conflagration. Therefore, when the creation is taking to itself an outer fire sheath, the ‘identity’ of the Magician must be moving towards the spiritual centre of Hierarchy and the safeguarding central fire of Shamballa while the ‘attention’ is focused outward to the creation. Think of the group as an ‘eye’. That eye must focus the light from the higher planes into the lower.

I, as your Master, am at the central point. My identification

with Hierarchy is unshakeable and so if each of you is able

to maintain a link with me then you will participate in that identification. This is why I have made a definite attempt at this time to deepen my contact with you as individual centres within the group centre. The eye must stay open. It is closed or clouded by the weaving of the lower mind. If this happens then the spiritual thoughtform is separated from its parent, loses its vitality and is stillborn. Conversely if the impress of Shamballic fire is too great then conflagration results as the fires of resistance from the mental plane rise up and destroy it. The answer is an increase in ‘solar fire’. Let the energy of Hierarchy pour through the group. Take refuge—that is, allow your ‘identity’ to rest back and merge into the Hierarchical life for a time—let the drop join the ocean and solar energies will flow through the abstract mental plane of the wider group, conditioning it to receive the impact of revelation. A birth in the three worlds is an exit from the inner worlds due to the separation created by the Great Illusion. Only a soul who has passed the Third Degree is able to transition through this great veil and maintain the connection. Thus every human baby that is born into the world is simultaneously a revelation anew of the Christ— and therefore of Hierarchy to Humanity—AND an exile from Hierarchy. Every new expression of the teachings is simultaneously a revelation within the gaseous body of the planet (ie. the mind of Humanity) and an exile from the true teaching which is energy itself. The Word is made flesh, and if the ‘eye’ is not kept open then the Word succumbs to the Great Illusion which operates in the lower worlds. If the connection to its parent is maintained, then the Word remains the Word of God and becomes a dispenser of the living waters—ie. the Love and Life of the planetary ethers. I would like you to try and view my three-fold revelation into the mind of Humanity of the teachings as

a single unit within the Plan for the Restoration of the Mysteries. The three stages of the teachings form part of One Teaching that expresses through them as the soul uses the personality. This central Teaching pervades the three revelations to the mind of man and yet transcends them in the same way that the Solar Logos expresses through three solar systems and yet remains ever aloof from his creation. Keep your connection strong to me, to the central point, the eye, and watch the Plan take form.

24 September 2003 The Group Crystal

This group has been tested over the time of the Virgo full Moon and I want to reiterate that I am pleased with the results and encouraged about the possibilities that exist in this experiment to forward a piece of my work and purpose. The image that I want to place before you is that of a current being passed through a crystal. You may think of this in relationship to a ‘radio transmission’. The crystal is the seven-fold group soul and the current is the ‘energy’ of Purpose—the energy of Shamballa. This is why I have said to you that ‘transmitting Purpose’ is a very different thing than ‘aligning with Purpose’. Very few groups are entrusted at this time with the energy of Will. This new and potent energy of Shamballa—new in the consciousness of humanity that is—is what brings ‘livingness’ to the three worlds. It is related to the Seventh Ray injunction ‘raise the dead to life!’ Eventually groups such as yours will become ‘instruments of resurrection’. Think through this appellation. As the current runs through the crystal it will of course bring up any impurities in the crystal itself. These, to you who are the very substance of the crystal, will be experienced as failures—parts of the ‘substance of the crystal’ are not able to pass the current through them without breaking down, and so you become aware of these breakdowns. I venture to suggest that many of you may have experienced patterns in your own natures that you had thought were long since purified, surfacing briefly. This is not the result of a ‘falling back’ but of a pushing forward. Handling a vastly increased ‘current’ ‘tests’ the system. Because it is a result of pushing forward there are also vastly increased resources to deal with and heal the ‘impurities’.

To access these resources however you must ‘realise’ your success. This is why I have stressed that you try and maintain the Hierarchical perspective through identification, rather than identifying with humanity. In reality this is a triadal perspective rather than a personality based one. If the triad is pouring in energy (transfiguring) the personality, it must learn how much current the three vehicles are able to ‘take’ without failing completely. In considering the analogy of the crystal, there are two forces that I want you to consider. If these forces are broken then the crystal itself breaks and then the experiment is over. The aim is to pass sufficient current through the crystal in order to purify it and to transmit energy into the three worlds but not so much that the crystal shatters. Do you understand? These two forces are as follows. Firstly the force that connects each of you as souls to me, your Master. The dynamic of this force holds the group together and is ‘Purpose’. Your occult ‘distance’ from me will be determined by the degree of ‘Purpose’ or current that you are able to pass through your individual system. Over time you will therefore be ‘put in your place’ by the energy of Shamballa—in other words you will find your ideal ‘occult distance’ from the centre of the ashram based upon Purpose. The other force is related to the attraction and repulsion between yourselves as ‘functional components’ of the crystal. These are not ‘personal’ ties but ‘organisational’ ties. You are held together not only by your commitment to me as your Master, but by your commitments to each other in terms of your ‘function’ within the crystal—the specific ‘point’ that you hold. I want to stress here that I am speaking from the ‘Will’ aspect and not from the ‘Love’ aspect. The Love and

consciousness principle is assumed to have already been built in somewhat and is brought to more rapid flowering via the Will. From my perspective I am able to gauge the group in

a number of ways. The first has to do with the intensity of the current that I am able to pass through the group. This is related to atma. Too much current and the form shatters.

I want to gradually increase the intensity. Therefore you

will experience from time to time ‘failures’ in the structure of the crystal. It is crucial that you see these within the context of the overall testing pattern as opportunities to

strengthen the two forces of cohesion. I will decide when and if the overall experiment succeeds or fails, and you will be given the opportunity to review your participation from time to time as it proceeds. The second way I am able to gauge the experiment is related to buddhi and concerns the ‘quality’ of the current that emerges from the other side of the crystal. The current flows in and is rayed out from the centre of the crystal through each of the triangular ‘facets’ of the octahedron. By the quality of each ray and through comparing this quality to the archetype, I am able to gauge the purification that is required in order for the output to match the input. The third way I am able to gauge the crystal is to see how far the rays of light that emerge are able to penetrate

into the three worlds. This helps me to assess the ‘clarity’ of the jewel—its degree of translucency—and is related to the manasic aspect of the triad. And so from the triadal perspective, I have three ways of assessing the group—potency, quality and clarity. I would recommend to you that you compare this process with the study of precious jewels. Much is to be gained by the comparison of the mineral kingdom and the human when

it comes to the development of ‘radioactivity’. The precious

gems are the pinnacle of development of the physical plane. The human jewels are the foremost development of the cosmic physical plane viewed from the matter perspective. Consider the jewel at the apex of the rod of initiation as it is visualised by those in the physical world and some inkling may come of the composition of the true ‘rod’ wielded by Sanat Kumara. You must each becomes ‘jewels’ in the crown of the group life, just as the group itself will form a ‘jewel’ in the crown of a larger group. There will be changes in the composition of the individual and group jewels but no change in the archetypal pattern. Do you understand this? I must re-stress this point. There will be no change in the archetypal pattern. It will not and cannot adjust itself for the sake of individual or group units. The archetype is not responsive to the forms that are built into it. That is the work of Hierarchy—to adjust the mutable forms to the immutable archetype of Shamballa. The archetype of Shamballa is ‘summed up’ in the number 24. You will need, in time, to relate the seven-fold nature of light or consciousness to the number 24.

01 October 2003 Will, Consciousness and Manifestation

I would like to give you some practical information on your work together within the esoteric sphere of fire which is the group soul field. Just as disease in the physical body is primarily the result of distortions to the inflowing energy of the etheric, astral and mental bodies, so ‘disease’ in the three worlds of the personality life has to do with distortions to the inflowing energies of higher manas, buddhi and atma. There are of course those tendencies inherent within matter that are resistant and block the inflow, as well as problems with integration of the vehicles, but these can both be more easily overcome if one basic premise is realised:

Problems in the lower three subplanes of the physical plane—be it systemic or cosmic—are best addressed from the corresponding etheric level. When considering the five lower planes the correspondences are as follows:

Lower Manas — Higher Manas Astral — Buddhic Etheric/physical — Atmic

These are the Will correspondences or those concerning the First Aspect. There are also the better known consciousness correspondences:

Higher Manas — Atma Astral — Buddhic Etheric/physical — Lower Manas

One correspondence concerns transformation and the other transfiguration.

There are similar correspondences that I have given you regarding the relationships of the chakras. In particular I would like you to consider at this time the dual relationships of the chakric system. These are, from the consciousness perspective:

Crown / Base Heart / Solar Plexus Throat / Sacral

You will note that in this case the ajna centre has a linking function that relates the three pairs of dualities and thus forms a triangle with each pair. The Will correspondences I have already given:

Crown / Base Ajna / Sacral Throat / Solar Plexus

In this case it is the heart chakra which is isolated and triangulates the three pairs. In the dual functioning of these three dualities a number of mysteries are approached. These concern:

1. The esoteric relationship between the 2 and the 4.

2. The duality experienced on the atmic, mental and astral


3. The inversion of the Capricorn and Sagittarius


Think through these dualities and the relationship between Will and Consciousness will become clearer to you. It will also become clear through your practical work together as a group. It is important that you bear these relationships in mind as you go about your meditative and

outer work, but do not seek to consciously ‘apply’ them.

I have asked you to pay attention to the flows of energy

between yourselves and between your group and others at

a ‘triadal’ level. As you develop the inner relationships—or

more correctly, as you recognise through revelation the triadal relationships that already exist, this recognition conditions the higher mind and then subsequently the three personality vehicles. The lower mind must have been developed in order for the transfiguring of the lower by the higher to occur. However the mind is now being used primarily as the lowest aspect of the triad and NOT as the highest aspect of the personality. The abstract mind is a receiver of the triadal archetype, and this archetype naturally—as a result of the previous work done in integrating the personality—has an automatic effect on the three worlds. This effect becomes ‘subconscious’ because the consciousness is focused towards the monad and not towards the physical plane. Think this through in relationship for example to money, a theme that concerns this group as it enters into the cyclic Libran experience. Saturn rules attention to detail and has a function both on the mental and the atmic planes. In the former case it is concerned with ensuring that the lowest plane, the physical/etheric, is able to be regulated by the mind. The practical outer result is the capacity to budget, plan, spend resources according to the Law of Economy and so forth. It is ‘management’ in all its many forms and expressions. This stage reflects the connection between the mental and physical planes from the perspective of consciousness. From the atmic level Saturn is used to wield the seven-fold energy of Light Supernal upon the physical/etheric plane. Personal economic management occurs from the mental plane. Transpersonal

economic management—concerning as it does the collective and the greater good—occurs from the atmic plane. Do you understand this? An individual or personality based group therefore, which is encountering financial difficulties would use the concrete mind to organise the etheric planes (the four lower mental planes reflect via the astral into the four higher ethers) and this would have a corresponding effect upon the physical plane. A soul group (and an individual working transpersonally is always a part of a group) which is encountering financial resistance is in a different situation. If they have been engaged in the process of White Magic and manifestation, they will have succeeded in bringing a piece of the archetype down on to etheric levels and are now faced with the calling forth of the physical plane resources—ie. money—to ‘conform’ to that archetype. A group in the latter situation do not need to focus their consciousness upon the outer physical plane. They should paradoxically INCREASE their subjective focus—attempting to unitedly penetrate more deeply into the energy of atma. The atmic energy will as a result flow through into the mental field and via the prepared channels of mental/etheric coordination, have an effect upon the physical plane. Do you see? I have given you much here that if contemplated will result in increased light—but more importantly, if applied will result in an increased potency upon the physical plane. My work in the third phase of the teachings is primarily about the relationship between the Consciousness aspect or the soul and the Life aspect or the monad. This is not because the form nature is seen as less important, but because it is assumed that the soul and form have been ‘at-oned’ so that changes in consciousness have an automatic

effect upon the forms that are imbued with these changes. This of course is not practically so for most people, but by the time these teachings are being studied and applied on a wider scale by those who have integrated and applied what has earlier been given, this ‘at-one-ment’ will be increasingly evident in their life expression.

07 October 2003 The Seven and the Five

It should be noted that there are seven forms of light, related to the substance of the seven planes. These are stimulated and enhanced by the twelve forms of light of the twelve Creative Hierarchies, related each of them to one or other of the twelve signs of the zodiac. On this I may not enlarge as it concerns the mysteries of the higher initiations. I simply make the statement so that it may be appreciated by you as an occult fact to the proof of which you may not yet have access. A paralleling statement would be that the light of the seven centres in man (when enhanced by the light of the seven planetary centres) and the five kingdoms in nature (7 + 5 = 12), plus the twelve lights of the zodiac will produce a consummation of “light” effectiveness which will make possible the expression of the whole. This, through the medium of humanity. This is a basic statement which means little to you as yet but which will—in the next century—form a seed thought or “key sound” for the next revelation of the Ageless Wisdom. 17

I want now to bring your awareness as a group to the relationship between the seven and the five. My object thus far has been to build a group that could begin to function somewhat synthetically and provide a reflection in the microcosm of the archetype which exists in the macrocosm. To do this you must each be aware of the ‘type of light’ which you inherently are and with which you can work. You must then be ‘related’ to each other in such a way that a functioning whole results. You are differentiated as a result of synthesis and find that you are more deeply identified

with your ‘self’ than in an undifferentiated state. A ‘self’ is truly found only in relationship to other selves as well as to the Self or the One Life. In order for the whole to function as a unit it must first of all be related to the planetary seven—the archetypal energies of the Planetary Logoi who are themselves reflections of the seven Rishis. This requires the procedure called ‘the surrender of the centres’. The lesser pattern ‘surrenders’ to the greater and finds as a result that it is brought into closer alignment with its own true nature. Now the ray and zodiacal energies must be brought into closer relationship. The seven centres in the etheric body must become transmitters for the twelve energies operating through the egoic lotus. This involves a ‘blending of lights’—the light of the soul and the light of form. When these lights are blended and fused, the soul is fully manifesting—the ‘Word is made flesh’. Each chakra is fully expressing a particular combination of soul energies and therefore ‘organising’ matter upon the physical plane according to an archetypal pattern. The heart chakra with its twelve petals holds a synthetic point (in relationship to the soul) and therefore a regulating point within the lower seven. Each of its petals must become a distributor of one of the twelve solar energies. There are seven zodiacal signs that are more easily related to as they express upon the seven planes of the cosmic physical plane. The five Creative Hierarchies that express on the cosmic astral plane can only be related to via the wider group or ‘kingdom’ of which they are the ‘ensouling’ energy. The relationship therefore of the seven to the five concerns the relationship of the form to its five-fold ensouling ‘life’. Kingdoms have ‘souls’. The

human kingdom must be able to integrate the soul life of the three lower kingdoms. Think this through. Your own chakras have a relationship to one or other of the kingdoms and are thus affected by one or other of the five liberated Hierarchies. The relationship of the seven to the five and the twelve is intimately connected with the science of triangles. My work with this group is ‘practical’—it is applied occultism—and so I would like to give you an instruction that will assist in making this relationship more tangible to you and also make of this field a better ‘transmitter’ for Hierarchy. I would like you to use the following ray correspondences to the chakras to which each of you has been ‘assigned’:

I. Head centre 1st & 7th races

Energy of Life. Synthesis. Seven centres awakened and functioning. In first root-race alive and faintly vibrating. In seventh root-race fully awakened.

II. Heart centre 6th root-race

Energy of Identification. Achievement of fusion. Six centres functioning. The focal point of the egoic consciousness of divinity. The fifth kingdom. The Kingdom of God.

III. Ajna centre 5th root-race

The energy of Initiation. Development of inclusiveness. Five centres rapidly awakening. The focal point of personality. The human kingdom, the fourth kingdom in nature.

Shamballa Will; the goal.

1st ray

Hierarchy Love; the goal.

2nd ray


5th ray

Intuition; the goal.

IV. Throat centre

3rd root-race

The energy of Illumination. Creating in the light.

Four centres functioning. Focal point of the instinctual consciousness. The third kingdom in nature.

V. Solar plexus 4th root-race

The energy of Aspiration. Unfoldment of sensitivity. Three centres functioning. Focal point of psychic response. The second kingdom in nature.

VI. Sacral centre

Animal Intellect; the goal.

3rd ray


6th ray

Instinct; the goal.

Deva evolution

7th ray

2nd root-race

Responsiveness; the goal.

The energy of Magnetism. Power to build. Two centres functioning; heart and sacral centres. Focal point of vibratory response to the “eye of God.”

VII. Base of spine 7th root-race

The energy of foundational Synthesis. Completion.

All centres functioning as one. Focal point of evolution. The first kingdom in nature. 18

Mineral Synthesis; the goal.

4th ray

I would seek to have each of you deepen your conscious connection to the ray energy indicated and to the three zodiacal constellations that are connected to the ray in question. These are:

Ray One: Aries, Leo, Capricorn Ray Two: Gemini, Virgo, Pisces Ray Three: Cancer, Libra, Capricorn Ray Four: Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Ray Five: Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius Ray Six: Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces Ray Seven: Aries, Cancer, Capricorn

Do not try to work all these relationships through too carefully with the concrete mind. I ask you simply to establish a ‘relationship’ in consciousness with the particular kingdoms and ray energies given. Work with the higher aspects of the Fifth Ray rather than the lower. Experiment here with ‘light’ and therefore consciousness and not with ‘matter’. The lower mind will have the archetypal patterns revealed to it as a result. By way of stimulating your intuitive approach I would like you to contemplate the following from the Old Commentary:

In the chamber of death, the blue light of dawning day reveals the group of workers who seek to raise the dead. Naught avail their efforts until they blend the five great forces of the Lord of Magic. When thus they work as one, in unity complete the work is done; they fuse the life-giving force; the dead are raised, and the work of building can proceed. The temple can be glorified and the Word be uttered forth within a chamber of life- giving force and not of death. Through death to life, from struggle in the dark to building in the light! Such is the Plan. Thus do we enter into life that is a death; pass onward through the door whose pillars twain stand there forever as a sign of strength and truth divine; thus do we enter quick within the tomb and die. Thus are we raised again upon a Word divine, upon a fivefold sign, and—springing forth—we live. 19

15 October 2003 Money

What I am attempting to do with this group is

to organise matter via the mind of the group members into patterns which reflect an archetypal pattern. This will aid in the precipitation or externalisation of that pattern in the three worlds. Similarly, you are involved in a manifestation process which seeks to externalise your soul pattern upon the concrete physical plane. At

a certain stage in the manifestation process the energy

patterns which have conditioned the etheric must draw to themselves the outer forms. On the physical plane, the response of the form to the etheric pattern comes under the Law of Attraction and the resultant flow of energy can be seen by those able as the flow of money. This is why I have said that money is concretised prana.

Today I want you to consider the following question. What is the equivalent of money on the cosmic physical plane? In considering this question I would like to make a few statements. With regard to the five planes of evolution:

The Law of Synthesis is particularly active on the atmic

plane. It governs the relationship of the ashrams to the Purpose

as held by the Master at the centre. The Law of Attraction governs the relationships within the ashram and between inner and outer groups. Its power is wielded from the buddhic plane. The Law of Economy governs the relationship between groups upon the outer plane. It is particularly active upon the mental plane. Money has a peculiar link with the sacral fires or with the fires of desire as they express through the etheric body.

An equivalent process occurs on the mental plane and upon the atmic plane. When these three processes are realised as part of a single process then alignment takes place, Light Supernal breaks forth and the organisation of the physical plane reflects the Purpose held upon the atmic plane via the mental plane as the intermediary and link. Taking the above into consideration I would like each of you to clearly formulate an answer to the question I have proposed. This process itself will be very helpful to the group as a whole in understanding the work I seek to accomplish through it as a centre within my ashram. Now I would like to give you some information about the global financial situation. You are currently in Switzerland—the reservoir of a large amount of the world’s financial resources. Consider the information I gave you about the serpent energy being the subconscious Life energy of the soul. Similarly we might think of the vast amounts of money that are tied up in as yet unsolarised matter below the penetration of soul consciousness as a form of kundalini energy. Kundalini rises when it is realised as not separate from the soul. It is realised as spirit in form and no longer suppressed when the indwelling consciousness has matured enough to make this identification. Similarly the financial reservoirs of the world must be realised by disciples and initiates as Life energy and therefore spiritual, regardless of the consciousness that is involved—this realisation will result in their upliftment or raising into the hands of Hierarchy. It is easier for spirit to work through matter that is either completely unsolarised or completely solarised. Semi-consciousness results in a necessary duality between the inherent pull of the intelligent life of matter (or the instinctual impulse) and the spiritual impulse.

If you think this all through you will see the necessity of groups of disciples who have completely solarised their own systems (in other words taken the Third Degree) wielding the energy of Will to release the Life energy and therefore money from those groups who have almost achieved complete unsolarisation. What do I mean by this? The aspects of the personality life that seek to remain separate must hide their motivations and their resources from the unifying light of the soul both in the individual and planetary sense. Secrecy and darkness is common to both the super-conscious as well as subconscious life. Penetration into the former allows and is a prerequisite for penetration into the latter. What we are about to see on a global scale is a relaundering of money. This can take place through a process of spiritual reorientation when it is realised that that which has been most deeply hidden away in form is the energetic equivalent (although with reversed polarity) of that which awaits us on the heights. Indeed it is the energy which will allow the purpose to manifest. Watch and see. Groups who work with consciousness gradually educate matter about spirit and thus solarise it. Groups who work with the Will use the polarity of spirit and matter to produce results in consciousness. Think this through as it relates to the method of individualisation which will be used in the next system and some light may come on the type of work I eventually have in mind for this group.

22 October 2003 Energy Transmission

Initiation is a result of the transmission of energy into a prepared group field. My primary purpose for this experiment is to make of you distributors, not only of information about initiation but of initiation itself. I seek to fashion of you a ‘rod of initiation’. The structure of this rod is built not with form but with mental matter. Through these transmissions I am seeking to assist in the building of thoughtforms which reflect higher archetypal patterns. When these thoughtforms and relationships become stable and consistent they can be used as a luminous structure through which the energy of initiation can flow. You are by no means the only group I am working with in this way. Masonry, for example is specifically designed to serve in this fashion. I have encouraged you to think of yourselves as a chakra within a group entity and to build relationships within that field based on rayological and astrological realities. This will eventually create a small reflection in the microcosm that through resonance can transmit the macrocosmic energies within the three worlds. The result will be the readjustment of form, the reorientation of consciousness and the eventual resurrection of the soul. Put simply, through the group I seek to awaken souls—to raise the dead to Life. The energy I seek to wield through you is ‘Light Supernal’, a synthetic light that operates in a seven-fold manner. Each of you will become a point of transmission for an aspect of this seven-fold energy. You will utilise or wield this aspect in your own projects and with other individuals. Together you will wield the energy as a

synthetic whole and can apply this to the specific project of Shamballa School and when working with other groups. The transmission of this energy in the individual and in the group sense should happen in three ways:

1. Invocation—a call from another soul, individual or group is

perceived and responded to at soul level.

2. Radiation—This is non-directional and is a result of

the stimulation of the group soul aura and it becoming radioactive.

3. Evocational—your consciousness as a group is evoked by

me, your Master. I call your attention so that I am able to wield energy through the group. This is actually the fastest form of teaching and forms the core of the third phase of my educational presentation—summed up in the phrase ‘an initiate (group) knows because he works’. You are not to attempt to direct this energy in any ways yourselves, particularly through the conceptual formulation of ideas about where it is needed etc. Respond to a perceived inner call, allow it to be directed through you or simply radiate it in all directions through the soul field.

It is important to remember that you are not distributing soul energy to personalities, either group or individual. You are distributing the energy of Life—the Third Aspect of the monad—to groups and individuals who are in soul crises and seeking more power to externalise themselves in service. Much of this work is subjective—it involves the divine circulatory flow understood esoterically. A call for greater aid is responded to with higher energies distributed through resonant chakra points. This may or may not be accompanied by communication either written

or oral. It might help to think of my work through you in two octaves:

One is Mercury—the messenger, the communicator of the teachings via the intuition to the receptive and open mind.

The higher octave is Uranus—the flashing forth of the energy of Life, beyond comprehension, beyond understanding, timeless, spaceless, the ever present foundation of the world. I want you to consider the work of making yourselves available and fit for the distribution of energy as your highest priority—higher than the construction and maintenance of any form in the three worlds. I did not say ‘only’ priority but ‘highest’ priority. At least part of the Wednesday meditation time should be spent linked as a group simply making yourselves available for transmission. Ideally the three forms of distribution should take place at three different times during the week. Wednesday should be primarily the response to invocation—the conscious distribution of energy. Thursday should emphasise group radiation, and Sunday the group should be surrendered to be used according to the Will of Hierarchy, channelled primarily via the Master Morya. When I am using the group as a field for transmission it is important to resist trying to control the process in any way—this is why I have emphasised the ‘surrendered’ will. It may in time be possible to develop some awareness of where the energy is flowing to. In the early stages however, the dual process of awareness is not functioning and because of the age old bias towards form, I ask you to keep your awareness directionally towards me as your central synthetic point and source during these periods of transmission training.

29 October 2003 Source of Strength

There is a line from the Mantram of a Disciple that has particular reference to the Work I have in mind for this group:

I am a source of strength enabling them to stand. 20

Souls, individual and group, emit a peculiar ‘note’ when they come under great tension. It is this note that the group must train itself to listen for and respond to. It is not a note of personality distress but of the central or middle principle as it seeks at all costs to hold ‘heaven and earth’ together. The personality is primarily concerned with purifying itself so that it can serve as a fitting vehicle for soul expression. The soul has an entirely different form of yoga to undergo—it must unite two widely divergent streams (divergent in consciousness), and this through the sacrifice of its own substance, the solar life. When the tension gets too great the soul must choose to primarily align with one or the other pole or become torn in two, and this is how it learns through incarnational experience. It is the dedication of the personality which brings forth the aid of the soul. It is the extreme tension of the soul in service—the refusal to leave the battle field—the willingness to be torn apart or crucified if necessary, which calls forth the monad. This group can aid in the distribution of flashes of monadic energy to souls under tension. That is essentially what the process of initiation is after the Second Degree. It is the soul which is initiated via the inflow of monadic energy. The resultant empowerment of the soul allows it to take full possession of its vehicle, the personality, at the Third Degree.

Seek to train yourselves to be receptive to the cry of a soul, individual or group, under tension. This facility is the higher octave of the common capacity to be aware of emotional stress and tension in the personality as the emotional body seeks to bridge between the mind and body. Psychology works with the latter, esoteric psychology with the former. In an earlier transmission I have said that your only protection is to identify with Hierarchy. A group too, must lose itself to find itSELF and I would ask you, during your times of outward focus, to practice self-forgetfulness as a group. During the time of inward focus I ask for your surrender, and during times of outward focus I ask for your self-forgetfulness. Both these disciplines result in a decrease of self consciousness or the ahamkara principle, and therefore a greater liberation of the essential nature of the soul from its mental sheath or identity construction. One of the energies of Shamballa is ‘organisation’ esoterically understood, and this energy is potently at work behind the scenes bringing soul groups into functional relationship with each other. The ‘body of Christ’ is being organised. The Masters are working to create productive links between their various different groups as the energy of synthesis enters more powerfully. This is a synthesis in consciousness which results in differentiation of function. Think this through carefully because it is a key thought for the Aquarian Age. When identity is developing it needs to be somewhat separative to define itself—this is individualisation. When identity is secure it can be surrendered back to the whole— this is identification via progressive initiation into greater and greater ‘wholes’. Identity is a vessel created out of solar substance in order for spirit or essential divinity to journey

from one side of the river to the other. Once the crossing is made the vessel is no longer needed. Seek as a group to merge your identity more fully with Hierarchy and give aid to the New Group of World Servers whenever you are ‘called’ to do so. This will increase your capacity to respond to invocation and result in a greater decentralisation. It will also result in a greater realisation of your ‘place’ and differentiated function within the body of Christ.

04 November 2003 Liberating Light

Things are not what they seem to be. Surely this is the essence of the Great Illusion. It is why those imprisoned in the three worlds seek alignment to Hierarchy, and what the essence of the Hierarchical teachings are all about—the presentation of reality as it appears from those who have been liberated from the Great Illusion. Truth and illusion cannot co-exist. The presentation of Truth if it is listened to and acted on MUST dispel illusion. I want you to consider at this time the fact of Mercury’s hierarchical rulership of Scorpio. It is Mercury that brings forth the light of Victory. It is this ‘light’ which dispels illusion. It is the release of this ‘light’ into the wider field via this and other groups that I am seeking to achieve. All teachings once they are formulated into words become part of the Great Illusion. They are useful only to the extent that they still contain the ‘essential light’ that inspired their formulation. This light has a ‘half-life’—to use a radioactive term. It gradually decays as the mental field of humanity absorbs the light essence and becomes ‘familiar’ with the presentation of truth. If this were not the case there would be no need for further teachings. Above all I seek to bring this ‘light of victory’ to humanity. It is a ‘light’ that results from the combination of the light of the soul and the light of the monad— the essence of the monadic and buddhic planes. It is not merely the light of buddhi. It is a ‘liberating light’ because it contains the essence of monadic Will. It is in effect the result of the at-one-ment the Christ made between Hierarchy and Shamballa. It is the light of Life or Shamballa, clothed as it were, in the light of Hierarchy

or the light of Love. The release of my teachings through this group at the time of this Scorpio full Moon is only an outer symbol of the release of this light. It is NOT the main event, and I would ask you to stay focused on the esoteric side of what I am trying to do.

I have asked you to ‘forget yourselves’ as a group. This

is the essence of the Second Initiation in both the individual

and group sense. The little self is lost in the outpouring of the soul’s focus on service through the personality. In this analogy I, as your Master, stand for the group soul and the

field of fire you have created on the abstract mental levels is

a ‘personality’—a distinct identity that the soul is seeking to

work through. To allow this to happen the personality must surrender to the soul. This is its victory. The soul must be wise and loving and willful enough to elicit the personality’s surrender. This is the soul’s victory. The light of victory is the result of the fusion of these two victories and is both the

result of, and reveals the underlying light of Life itself. This

is why I have told you that my teachings on Shamballa are

perhaps my most important at this time. I am educating the Third Aspect so that it is able to withstand more of the First Aspect as it is channelled through the mediating principle of Hierarchy. I, as a Master, have a particular responsibility in this regard owing to unique combination of ray energies. If you would seek to serve my purpose then I would ask you to take your attention completely off the release of the outer words. They are merely shells that have become somewhat transparent because of the light they sought to express. Focus your hearts, minds and will towards me and through me towards Shamballa. If you do this out of the motivation of service to your brothers and sisters, then you will release a great light. When others turn to the word shells they will perceive through their transparency this

light. Let me emphasise this point. IT IS NOT ABOUT THE TEACHINGS BUT ABOUT THE LIGHT WHICH LIES BEHIND THEM AND IS ABLE TO SHINE THROUGH THEM. This is a dynamic living light and the third phase of my teachings is to train groups to respond to this livingness directly. This, if you examine my transmissions to you carefully over the last three years, is the training I have been putting you through. Now it is time for you to be tested—to demonstrate what you have learned. Can you forget yourselves and hold a united alignment to that which has sustained you and inspired you? Can the group personality in its higher and refined sense lose the battle with the soul and thus achieve victory? A victory could you but know it, that is a result of and an integral part of planetary victory. Victory is not created—it is recognised in time and space. Victory IS. After this testing time you will have experienced and will realise more fully that which you only sense now. Groups undergoing initiation form an integral part of the Hierarchical work. Thus their training is not theoretical, nor is it quarantined in a school environment. That is for discipleship training. The School in which you are enrolled is the work of Hierarchy itself. You learn because you are involved in and form an integral part of that work. Thus your successes and failures are not just relevant to yourselves—they create karmic strands within the evolutionary history of the planetary life. Under the Law of Destiny hierarchical workers share responsibility for planetary karma—its creation and its resolution. I have used the name ‘Mercury’ consciously. It is my particular function within Hierarchy to distribute the liberating light that results in initiation, in conjunction with the Master Morya and The Master R. You can participate

in my purpose to the extent that you equip yourselves to

be vessels through which that distribution can take place.

I give you this commitment. I will stand with you and

behind you to the extent that you strive towards this end.

I can make this commitment only because it rests upon the

commitment of the Lord of the World to stand behind us all without condition. This is an extension of the Father’s covenant. Only one thing can result from such a covenant.

Liberation. This is why I say Victory IS. Lesser wills may only create and perpetuate the illusion of imprisonment in time and space. It is not my particular work to engage unaligned wills, but to work through those souls and groups who are willingly and willfully surrendered. In closing I would ask again that you dedicate your consciousness to this higher work over the five day full Moon period. I would recommend to you the following mantram during this time:

May the Holy Ones Whose disciple I am show me the light I seek; give me the strong aid of Their compassion and Their wisdom. There is a peace which passeth understanding; it abides in the hearts of those who live in the Eternal. There is a power which maketh all things new; it lives and moves in those who know the Self as one. May that peace brood over us, that power uplift us till we stand where the One Initiator is invoked, till we see His star shine forth. 21

Do not allow yourselves to be lulled by its familiarity but seek to contact the light that lies behind it. The light of the world.

[One member left the group at this point in the process and was not replaced.]

12 November 2003 The Fixed Cross

I would like to begin with some comments about the Fixed Cross. The four energies concerned together form a vehicle for the light of Liberation. This light ‘enters’ at the time of the Wesak full Moon in Taurus. It proclaims its identity at the time of the Leo full Moon. It is released at the time of the Scorpio full Moon through the destruction of the identity. It becomes part of the whole at the time of the Aquarius full Moon. This cross is definitely related to the soul and the life cycles of the soul. The soul IS this light—it enters the world through sacrificial love, it builds a form (the causal body) that serves as a staging point for the introduction of that light into the three worlds. It destroys the form and releases its light, and then this light becomes the shared light of Hierarchy. These are four points in the life cycle of the soul: its entry through the solar heart (Taurus), the building of the causal body—individualisation (Leo), the gradual release of the soul from the causal body—initiation (Scorpio), and finally the absorption of that light into the light of the world—identification (Aquarius). These four full Moon periods (which are particularly potent when falling near the midpoint of the sign) can be used consciously in the distribution work of the School, and should be seen as a unified whole within the yearly cycle. They form the Saint Andrew’s cross between the equinoxes and solstices, and thus make the eight-fold initiatory field. You should also attempt to view these yearly ‘wholes’ within the greater cycle of seven and forty-nine years. A cycle began at the time of the Aries full Moon in 2000 and will complete its seventh year in Pisces 2007. The ‘light’

or soul cycle therefore began in Wesak 2000, and so the Scorpio full Moon of 2003 marks the midway point of this seven year cycle. The Scorpio full Moon of 2025 will mark

a similar midway point in the greater forty-nine year cycle.

Think this through and some insight may come as to how

a seven-fold light is distributed through a twelve-fold field

with its three crosses. With respect to the group itself, let me remind you of my earlier comments that the group is undergoing the Second group Initiation and that this process involves the wider field of which the group is a part. At the time of the individual Second Degree a contact with the monad is required in order to master the potency of the astral field. The group (with other groups) has just been part of the release of a small portion of Shamballic (or planetary monadic) energy into the wider group field. You will be dealing with the effects of that release between now and the full Moon of Aquarius in the yearly cycle, and between now and 2007 in the seven year cycle—the first ray cycle within the forty-nine year cycle. Shamballic energy is always crisis producing as the form nature reacts through contraction—the intelligence within the form resists the inflow, polarises against it and seeks to expel it. This is what creates the energy of battle. The work of the soul as the mediating principle between these two ‘lights’—that of Shamballa and that which is inherent within the form—is to not engage the battle itself, but to lift up its attention toward the monad and towards Purpose. I would also remind you that it is this focus upon Purpose that will create the necessary ‘insulation’ around the group which allows it to serve as a useful conduit of energy. You are not, remember, insulated from the energetic effects within the group but ‘as a group’ you may be

somewhat insulated from the wider field in which you serve if you keep the group focus and attention strongly directed towards my purpose for the group. Shamballa clears the way for Hierarchy, and once the impact of the First Aspect takes place then what is most needed are the energies of the Second Ray to mitigate the harshest effects of the impact. Therefore both within the group and in any communications with other individuals and groups, see to it that the Second Ray and the heart is emphasised at this time. As your Master and through the inner group, I will be emphasising this Second Ray inflow during the coming week—see to it that you take time to absorb this inflow, allowing healing and rejuvenating within the field so that it may cohere and serve as a chalice for its distribution into the wider group in which you serve.

19 November 2003 Abstraction

The group testing in serving as a transmitter of energy is now entering a final phase. The first step was the purifying of the group crystal in preparation for receiving the current. Then there followed the release of the energy itself. During the last week the emphasis has been on the permeation of the Second Ray to offset the reflexive reactivity of the Intelligence aspect. Now we enter into the phase of abstraction. The energy, having reached its deepest penetration into the matter aspect cosmically considered, is withdrawn. The ‘direction’ of the current is reversed, resulting in a vacuum effect on the mental plane. The procedure is as follows—the light breaks forth on the buddhic plane as a result of the blending of monadic and buddhic energies—it breaks forth in the container of the ashram. That light then penetrates into the causal fields of the egoic groups and is registered in the minds and brains of disciples as ‘revelatory light’. The impact of this light shatters old formulations existing within the mental, emotional and etheric bodies of groups and individuals. This shattering releases energy that has hitherto being organised into these patterns of thought and behaviour. This energy can now be organised in new patterns which reflect the living archetype more closely. This is achieved through the relationship of the energies released to the source of the inflow. In the language of initiation, at the Third Degree the base chakra is related to the crown via monadic inflow. The result is the uprising of kundalini as it seeks to relate to the source of the inflow. As the kundalini fires rise they activate and empower the chakras and burn through the webs. This group is involved at present with the Second Initiation. It

is being used to assist in the raising of the astral energies in the larger group field through the inflow of light—buddhic light imbued with some essence of the dark light of Shamballa. As such, the energies being raised are those of the astral serpent. In order for these to be raised, the light must break down through the mental plane and reach the astral. The astral energies, recognising their essential nature, rise up in response assisting to break the ahamkara principle free from the causal field on to the buddhic plane.

It may be of interest to know the appellation applied to the devas of fire whose part it is to tend the fires that will later destroy the causal body. We need to remember that it is the upspringing of the latent fire of matter and its merging with two other fires that causes destruction. These elementals and devas are called the Agnisuryans, and in their totality are the fiery essences of buddhi, hence their lowest manifestation is on the sixth plane, the astral. 22

As I have said in previous transmissions, it is not the group’s work to engage these astral energies directly. You will be insulated from them to the extent that you have mastered your own astral field and to the extent that you remain focused on my purpose for the group at this time. You will not be insulated from your own or the group astral field, and can therefore as a by-product of your larger work, lift and master the group astral field as an ‘entity’. You might consider this entity as all the unredeemed pieces of your individual fields gathered together and requiring the unified will of the group to lift. This lifting occurs as a result of staying conscious in the causal field and holding two relationships clearly in awareness. The first is with the inner group, ashram and Master. The second is with the

astral plane. You must be aware of the lower energies and be in relationship with them but not ‘identified’ with them. Any identification will naturally result in a battle that has its origin on the astral plane. Keep in mind that the energy flowing through the monadic, buddhic and astral planes is essentially one energy expressing through duality. On the astral plane this duality battles, on the buddhic it at-ones and on the monadic the essential identity is realised. In meditation see your group standing in alignment on causal levels within my ashram as one point within a six-pointed star. The central point is a point of transition. Above this central point visualise me your Master, beneath it visualise those groups who relate to the energy of the ashram on astral levels. You are in effect forming a vortex of energy which can aid in the raising and purifying of consciousness within the wider field. All those who respond to the impulses from my ashram form part of that ashram in a larger sense, regardless of the mental and astral distortions in that response. The lifting of consciousness is undertaken as an expression of the Law of Sacrifice. The higher relates to the lower—the mental plane reaches into the astral with loving identification. It does not seek to judge it or repress it but to lift these energies into the light of buddhi as a result of a higher identification with the monad. In meditation form first the relationship with me at the apex, and then seek to allow a lower identification with those energies that seek to be lifted from beneath the central point. Now throw your will upon the side of this lift, connecting as a group and with other groups through the jewel in the egoic field. Let me draw your attention to the Second Point of Revelation with which the group is now concerned:

The Will is an expression of the Law of Sacrifice.

The second Point of Revelation is of peculiar interest. It concerns the first contact of the initiated disciple with the energy emanating from Shamballa and transmitted to him via the Master of the Ashram with which he is at this time associated… At the indicated second initiation he receives a quality of stimulation which enables him to “see” the astral plane as it essentially is; with this revelation comes also the recognition of the basic human necessity to “make it holy” or to “render whole” that which provides the most disturbing element in the existence of mankind…

At this point, he knows that he must, inevitably and eventually, contribute something. He realises that he must intelligently work towards the separation of the astral plane from the six planes of divine creation. I would ask you to remember, brother of mine, that the star of creation is the six-pointed star and not a seven- pointed star.

…As the needed service which must be rendered takes

possession of the heart and mind of the initiate, the method is simultaneously revealed to him. This method

is the use of an “advancing point of light”; it is, however,

a form of light which can only be implemented by the will; this will can only fully complete its task when all

three aspects of the will—as exemplified in the three points of the Spiritual Triad—have all been sequentially employed…

He discovers that he must learn the divine nature of the destroying aspect of the Will; he learns that it is not related, when demonstrating as this particular aspect, to

determination or fixed intention, but is a fluid energy which can be directed toward the plane of desire wherever and whenever contacted; he finds out also that, in order to combat this vast and vibrant astral world, an aspect of light must be employed, and that therefore he is being given his first opportunity to work with Light under the inspiration of the Will—as do all the Members of the Hierarchy; he realises, consequently, that he must employ this aspect of light under the action—definitely directed— of the Will, in order to bring about the disappearance of that world as a sentient conscious entity; he knows that he must primarily destroy the astral phenomena for which he is creatively responsible, and that (having done this) he must demonstrate his complete freedom from the phenomenal contact of the astral plane at the second, the third and the fourth initiations. This he must do through the “advancing light” of lower mental substance, and the activity of the buddhic level of activity; then to this he adds the destroying power of the atmic level of activity. He has to take note, in this process, of a certain level of responsibility. Thus he can finally destroy (with the means of the advancing light of the atmic plane) a certain proportion of astral substance for which he is not individually responsible but which is nevertheless related to the group or to the nation with which he is by birth or inclination affiliated. It is the united and synthetic use of the three triadal expressions of energy which makes the work of the world servers effective. 23

You have been successful as a group in directing a portion of this Light into the wider group field of which you form a part. The result has been the destruction of certain patterns that have been prevalent on both the lower mental and astral planes. The work now is to lift the energy

released into a direct relationship with the realities existing on the higher planes. The result of this will be a significant increase in the vertical empowerment of the wider group as a whole. In order for this to be accomplished the Law of Sacrifice must be consciously applied.

26 November 2003 Synthesis Ashram

Let me begin with a few statements designed to orient your thinking in this time of transition. As a group you have been asked to release identification with the thoughtform of the group and increase identification with Hierarchy, thus decentralising your consciousness. You have been asked to view your function as a transmitter of the energy of initiation or Light Supernal within the wider field of my ashram. You have been asked to hold an alignment to me, and through me to my purpose, as a consciously chosen decision. To the extent that you have been successful in this process you should be beginning to gain greater insight into the particular ‘note’ that I am seeking to sound through this group. The initiatory energy released into the group at the first stage of the experiment resulted in the possibility of synthesised differentiation in the group life. You were able to take up chakra points within the group without a sense of separation from the purpose as a whole. Now, in this second stage of the experiment, you are asked to fuse the group consciousness with the ashram—to the extent that you achieve this the group itself will find its differentiated function within the wider field of groups that respond to the ashramic ‘note’. Your primary relationship is with me as a Second Ray Master because the field of the work you are engaged in is educational in the broad sense of that word. However it is with the energy of synthesis and the Synthesis Ashram that the group must increasingly work. Therefore at this time I would ask you to strengthen the triangular connection with both the energy of the Master Morya and the Master R. In viewing your work as a group you might consider the three aspects as follows:

• The transmission of energy via occult meditation—First Ray.

• The teaching function via schools and via the dissemination of writings—Second Ray.

• The spiritual demonstration on the physical plane through centres which sound the keynote of the coming civilisation—Seventh Ray.

During the last year there has been an increased

focus upon the First Ray component of your work, which has been necessary in order to facilitate an expansion of the Seventh Ray aspect. The penetration in one direction allows for a greater expression in the other. You already have in operation a triangle that is working with the stream of energy via the Cedercrans material and the Master R.

I would ask you to consider making a more conscious

rhythmic approach along the First Ray line via a second triangle—B, D, J—and utilising the Agni Yoga teachings. Both triangles should consider their work as bringing a stream of energy into the group field as a whole, centred around the Second Ray synthetic note of my ashram. You should also consider any triangles created with other groups in this synthetic way, and allow time and the revelatory process to indicate the particular note and quality of energy being brought into the wider field by each group as a unit within a larger life. The group is entering a new phase of its work, and

I ask you to make a conscious effort to continue with the decentralising process so that a wider purpose may reveal itself. This will require a dual focus—the maintaining of the integrity of the group field at the same time as you open to assimilate and work with energies from the wider field in which you can form a functional part.

03 December 2003 Integration

I have nothing further to convey to the group at this time. You are in a period of integration following the experience during Scorpio. My recommendation is to rest before entering a sustained concentration at the full Moon where it may be possible for the group to receive a clearer vision of the work ahead.

10 December 2003 Light Supernal

The work of releasing and lifting has now completed and the focus of the group’s attention should therefore shift forward to the Aquarius cycle where the recognition of that light will register more potently in the collective consciousness. Pay particular attention to the Fixed Cross cycles as they serve to reveal the nature of the group work beginning each year with the reception of light at Wesak. Above all else this group should be seen as a distributor of Light Supernal—that particular quality of light which results from the synthesis of seven Rays. The Fifth Point of Revelation should be studied and adopted as somewhat of a motto or mantram by the group, as it has particular and significant relevance to the purpose which I am seeking to accomplish by working with you in this way:

When the light of the seven Rays is blended with the seventh Ray, then Light Supernal can be known. 24

If you follow my instructions to you carefully you will see that the first series of instructions were specifically designed to produce the breaking forth of this Light within the group process through the fusion of seven energies focused as they were on a manifestation project. This second series of instructions is designed to educate the group in the distribution of this Light within the wider group in three synthetic ways—direct transmission; education of others in the process/dissemination of teaching; and generation of an outer project designed to carry this energy onto the physical plane. A good beginning had been made in each of these key areas. One point I would like to stress in introducing others to this work is that the Seventh Ray externalising

focus is crucial for success in achieving the first stage—the breaking forth of the Light in the group field. I would like now to give you some information which will be helpful to the next stage of the group process. As the energy is run through the group rod it results—through experienced fusion at the centre of each chakra—in the creation of a pathway or channel. Once the channel is established it becomes easier and easier to use, and the rod itself composed of group members can become more intelligent and flexible in the way it works with the energy flowing through it. In the meantime I have asked you to make no attempt to direct the energy but to merely allow it to be directed through you. Another result of the flow of energy is that it naturally breaks up and expels those energies built in to the rod itself that are not conducive to the flow and need refining. This is often experienced as energetic trouble in a particular chakra area. The group should carefully meditate for example on the deeper significance of the withdrawal/exclusion of the throat chakra or Third Ray point just prior to the release of energy through the group. In a similar fashion particular attention should be given to chakric disturbances experienced in the individual systems. This attention should be brief but revelatory. By invoking Mercury and the powers of the intuition, seek to understand what energies are needing to be expelled or transformed in the system so that it becomes a better conductor. The same intuition should equally be sought when understanding the process in larger entities such as a planetary chain or scheme. Herein lies a hint. Remember that there is no failure, only refinement. This will be a great aid to your psychological process. Expect, after the release of each current of energy—daily, weekly, monthly, yearly—to undergo a period of adjustment and refinement.

I have indicated that the group should also seek to become aware of the differentiated ‘note’ it is sounding within the wider group, and to assist with this process I would like to give you some information about the current initiative underway in Hierarchy to which we give the name ‘The Empowerment of the New Group of World Servers’. This is a definite and planned process linked to the release of energy from Shamballa and to the circulation of this energy through the three major planetary centres. Visualise the NGWS as a circle of light formed in the centre of the triangle of Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity composed of those increasing numbers of soul-infused personalities active in service on the inner and outer planes. Within this centre of light visualise a pulsing blue-white core and make a definite attempt to move into this core meditatively as a group and in growing recognition of other groups sounding a similar note. The symbol for the NGWS is a triangle containing an even- armed cross and surmounted by a diamond, and the motto has been given as ‘the glory of the One’. The cross represents the Fixed Cross and it is with the release of energy through the centre of this cross that the group can play its part. The process of soul infusion requires at the Third Degree a willful surrender of the personality will to the soul, after it has been built up through the process of expression in the three worlds. The key note here is the willing and willful surrender. This process involves the relation of the ajna centre to the crown and the gradual elimination of the ahamkara principle which has been hitherto directing the soul energy into the three worlds. Consider this on a planetary scale, understanding the chakric role of the NGWS. Spiritual initiatives (used in the broadest sense that includes all areas of human endeavour) are undertaken in

the three worlds by personalities under the impress of the soul. Soul impression however, does not mean soul control. Hierarchy, as the world soul, seeks to both inspire and reinforce initiatives undertaken by humanity according to the Plan. Because the control of these initiatives however, rests with humanity as it begins to come into demonstration of its own divine nature, the process is necessarily a lengthy one. Hierarchy supports many initiatives but must continually withdraw that support as initiatives crystallise or move in directions that run counter to the Plan. The support comes and goes, waxes and wanes according to the immoveable purpose and the adaptable Plan. It is only when humanity will be able to hold a fixed and willful surrender of control to Hierarchy that the soul will control. This is a gradual process within the life of the planet. The NGWS demonstrates a spectrum of this evolving process. On the one hand are those groups who have instigated activities and created energetic centres that are primarily under the control of the personality will. At the other end of the spectrum are initiatives that are primarily under the control of Hierarchy. This control is only possible through the fixed, willful surrender of the developed personality will of the groups involved. Think this through and a deeper understanding of the training of this group may emerge. Hierarchy needs more and more groups who are willing to come under its control via impression. There are many such that are astrally focused (with all the attendant distortions) because the astral plane is along the 2—4—6 line of receptivity. There are relatively few who have strong mental development. This is due to the nature of the mind itself, which until the Third Degree is a dominating factor within the three worlds. Developed mental fields that are focused into the three worlds along political, economic,

humanitarian or scientific lines are becoming more and more common and these can be empowered by Hierarchy. Developed mental fields whose major function is to be receptive to the Will of Hierarchy, and therefore can act as transmitters of that empowerment, are few indeed. This should be enough information to orientate and stimulate your thought and meditation as a group. I will expand on these themes at a later time.

17 December 2003 The Ajna Centre

I want to continue to give information on the role of the ajna centre which you can consider within your group as well as the planetary life. The ajna centre has a correspondence in the life of the triad similar to the solar plexus centre in the life of the personality. At a certain stage in the personality life just prior to the Second Initiation, the energies of the personality are gathered together and concentrated in the solar plexus centre prior to lifting into the heart centre. Similarly, prior to the Third Initiation a similar process takes place with the ajna centre becoming the point of focused attention. Let me make this clearer through some diagrams:

Heart (2)

Sacral (3)

Base (1)

Synthesising chakra—Solar Plexus (5)

Crown (2)

Throat (3)

Heart (1)

Synthesising chakra—Ajna (4)

Some clue here is given as to why the heart chakra is seen as both a channel for the First and Second Aspects, and why Shamballa can be thought of as a Second Ray

centre. The crown chakra prior to the Third Initiation is combined with the causal body itself making a ‘heart’ within the monadic system. The etheric heart chakra then acts as a base chakra and the throat chakra is the higher octave of the sacral centre channelling the Third or creative Aspect.

The head centre of the Occident is beginning to react to second ray energy and the ajna centre to fourth ray energy and in this lies the hope of the race of men. 25

I would point out that just as the energies released by use of the first three phrases of the Invocation relate to the Head, Shamballa; to the Heart, the Hierarchy; and to the Throat centre, Humanity; so the right use of this fourth phrase will bring into conscious, functioning activity the centre between the eyebrows, the ajna centre in individual man and in humanity as whole. This centre begins to become active and to function dynamically, governing and directing the individual energies, once any real measure of personality integration has been achieved. It is, as you know, the fourth centre found above the diaphragm in the human body and the phrase which awakens it (both individually and in the group) is this fourth phrase. There is, therefore, a numerical relationship. When used wisely and intelligently by human beings, many of the blended potencies which the first three phrases have made available are invoked and so made available to the individual as well as to the group. They can then be focussed for his use in the ajna centre. In many ways, therefore, this fourth phrase of the Great Invocation is of paramount importance to the individual as well as to humanity, invoking as it does great and vital potencies and indicating process (Sacrifice) and purpose,

plus the identification of the unit and the group with the basic intent of manifestation. 26

Once the ajna centre is functioning in its own right then the leaders of humanity will focus their attention together as the ajna centre of the planet and become the directing and guiding influence within the life of the three worlds. The outer expression of this can be seen in the gradual synthesis of the best of human thought on the guiding principles that should underlie planetary existence. It is seen in the numerous groups building thoughtforms on right human relationships, environmental charters, global governance and international law. Eventually these groups will synthesise together and become in effect a governing body within humanity. Their authority will not stem from any organisational affinities but the clear note of illumined thought guided by the principle of the greater good and therefore under soul impression. The keynote of the group as I have said, is the ‘Glory of the One’ and the quality they will radiate will be forgiveness. Forgiveness here should not be understood in the usual sense of solar plexus to heart energy. This is the lower octave for humanity. The higher forgiveness is in the sense of ‘to give for’ and is an expression of the Law of Sacrifice. Having gained power (the mental power given by the ajna centre as distinct from the emotional power wielded through the solar plexus centre) and a point of synthesis, that power is willingly surrendered to the good of the whole, it is impressed upon the consciousness via the will of the soul or atma. In the global situation, this will allow a greater fusion between the crown and the ajna centre. The ajna centre has synthesised the lower five chakras and therefore becomes the representative of the best of the Third Aspect, Humanity. The Hierarchy is now represented by the triad operating

through the causal body, and Shamballa represents energy flowing from the planetary monad. The Masters of the Fifth Degree who find their place of operation on the atmic plane stand as a point of fusion between Hierarchy and Shamballa. They are linked with the Third Degree initiates who represent the point of fusion between Hierarchy and Humanity. The will of Humanity is aligned with the Will of Shamballa via the will of Hierarchy. This alignment of wills is necessary for the breaking forth of the Fourth Ray, and much should be looked for along this line prior to 2025. Remember too, that the United Nations is basically a Fourth Ray organisation. In order for the keynote of forgiveness to sound more strongly through the ajna centre the Second Aspect must be more fully developed. The heart centre broadens the individual focus of the solar plexus. The soul itself broadens the individual focus of the ajna centre. Accordingly I seek to bring these three ideas together in your minds:

• Light Supernal (the directing energy).

• Forgiveness (the quality of consciousness being developed).

• The ajna centre (focus for transmission of energy).

These three ideas are linked through the planet Mercury which rules the ajna centre just prior to the Third Initiation. You should also bear in mind that Venus is related to the solar plexus centre representing the sacrificial descent of solar energy into the lower three worlds prior to its lifting to the heart and eventually to the causal body. In the two eyes lies the symbol of the dual activity of Mercury and Venus, the Fourth and Fifth Hierarchies. In terms of the distribution of energy within the two triangles of the higher and lower chakras, they form the central points. The dual operation of the eyes links Four and Five and brings

them under the direction of atma, which is both the Will aspect of the soul but also the Third Aspect of the monad. Light Supernal is thus a synthetic energy, but is expressed in dual fashion through the lower being via the ajna and the solar plexus centres. As a group you should now be lifting your attention from the Second Initiation issues that culminated at the Scorpio full Moon towards Third Degree issues which involve the synthesising of the mental field as a point of transmission for soul energies via the inner group and the ashram. This process brings you into increasing alignment with the key principles and energies which underlie the group soul and are linked to my purpose for your formation. For this reason I have asked you to pay particular attention to the revelatory note of Purpose which is sounding through the group, and to permeate the group field with the quality of ‘forgiveness’ so that the formulated entity of the group itself may lose itself within the wider field of service to the whole.

24 December 2003 Sacrifice

The Christ, the world soul, is the great symbol of to-give-for-ness. The gift that is most meaningful is the gift of the soul itself. To give one’s soul for humanity is to give the very essence of relationship (the soul’s unique quality) so that the soul becomes a strand of the great bridge between humanity and Shamballa. It is this unique act that the Christ demonstrated for us and calls upon us to emulate. Ponder on this thought, my brothers. One cannot give what one does not possess, and one cannot possess something and be it at the same time. To give one’s soul there must already be a faint recognition that there is something more—that one is something more and that the soul is merely the clothing, the sheath of something more essential still. Just as the personality life is sacrificed to the soul and yet this sacrifice is not really a giving up but a letting go in the name of reaching for something higher, similarly the triad is the personality of the essential being and must be sacrificed in order to gain a larger estate. When one is done with the things of the material world and identified with the soul then the lower possessions— money, emotion, ideas—are given to those who need them most. When one is done with triadal assets they are similarly given away—all is sacrificed in the reaching for that which is deemed the most essential. Thus it could be said for those on the fast path, sacrifice is bliss. There is only a joyful release of outworn garments to reveal the shining beauty of the wearer beneath. While this stage of release from the triad lies far ahead, it is useful to orientate the consciousness in this direction and at high moments of meditation to willfully seek to stand ever freer from

one’s vehicles. This practise increases the vertical capacity of alignment, remembering that the capacity to contact the monad does not mean one is identified with it. Once the consciousness is somewhat stabilised on the buddhic plane during meditation, the higher antahkarana can be travelled through the assistance of a Master who himself forms the gateway and can reinforce the monadic thread. The Third Ray seeks to fully master the substance of each plane as it ascends until it is able to fully manipulate the matter found thereon. The Second Ray also tends to expansion and the inclusive functioning of one plane with those above and below it. The First Ray tends to focus primarily on descent and return, opening the central channel with little expansion of consciousness on to the plane itself as it is passed through. These are the three primary rays of the monad, and each is needed for rounded-out development. This is primarily a Second Ray system and I am seeking to develop the relationship between the Second and First Ray, the Third Ray already having been built quite fully in the early system as a result of being the ray of the planetary personality. The legacy of the Third Ray development results often in an over-development of the mental plane so that it becomes a barrier to higher energies reaching through to the three worlds. It is for this reason that many of those who study esotericism can become crystallised through the over- manipulation of the mind, and it is this tendency which I seek to offset with the emphasis upon Shamballa and the monad in the third phase of my teaching work. Now I would like to give you some practical direction in your meditative service work. I have said that I want you to avoid attempting to direct the energy that is being passed through the group field and merely to hold the intention of offering the field for transmission. I seek to

expand upon this somewhat by trying an experiment. The outer manifestation project at Highden has passed through its major crisis of transition and a new phase of expansion is underway. The essential jewel has drawn to itself a field of fire which will continue to grow and expand and now

requires regular rhythmic ‘pulsing’ from the jewel as well as the training of others to eventually take over this function.

The development of the entity which is S

a somewhat different course. The field of fire is already in existence and the task is now to essentialise a ‘jewel’ in the

centre to focalise the Shamballic energies. By contemplating the different evolutionary development of the two entities some light may be shone on different ray approaches to the formulation and the eventual destruction of causal bodies both individual and group. I have been seeking to expand the identification of this group into the wider group field for a number of reasons. One is that, as the intensity of the energy that passes through the group is continually heightened it produces distinct effects in the lower worlds. These effects are produced by the direction of the mind. When the mind of group members dwells on a particular project or location in the three worlds as part of its daily manipulation by the indwelling consciousness, so the higher energies pour towards that focus. Too much focus on the Highden field creates a situation where the forms that are now needing to be built around the essential energy cannot cohere because they are continually being shattered by the inflowing Life energy. This situation was desirable during the early years of the project’s life but will prove counter- productive if continued, particularly as the intensity of the energy transmitted continues to grow. I seek therefore to shift the focus of your thought somewhat. Individually

has taken

this is facilitated by a developing positive preoccupation (mark that word) with the development of the self-initiated projects of each individual as they lay the groundwork for their ‘masterpieces’. In your group work I would like you to attempt a general shift of attention for a time from the

Highden field to the S

experiment. S

its development and would benefit from this attention if

it is carefully directed. In meditation I would like you to

gently hold the image of a jewel or crystal forming within

the field of fire that is the overlighting energy. Another image is of a ‘seed’ within the fire. This seed, already present but unformulated, can come into greater definition through this conscious attention. Let me stress that it is not for you to direct energy into the field but rather ‘hold

a space’ for the seed to appear. This aid occurs through the

process of resonance. Attempt this gentle shift in focus in your meditative work and your daily thought for a period of time and share any impressions and outer results with each other.

field. This is by way of an

is undergoing a period of intensity in

31 December 2003 Formation of Esoteric Structures

As we approach the Capricorn full Moon I would like to give some information about the formation of esoteric structures. Exoterically Capricorn is related to the skeletal system and esoterically to initiation. These two processes are linked. Let me give you some examples. In the biological world we see the gradual development from amorphous organisms to those with more elaborate structural systems. In starfish for example, a calcium-based skeletal structure is laid down along geometrical lines. We might imagine that the etheric prototypes of these creatures were patterns of energy that gradually resulted in a calcification of these stable patterns into form. A similar process happens in the triad where of course the most physical or dense plane is the mental plane. Meditative groups, impressed by the archetype, form and maintain patterns of conscious interconnection. Eventually the patterns, if held long enough, ‘calcify’ in lines of thought substance or mental matter. This mental structure, like all structures, both serves to limit and liberate consciousness at the same time. Limit, because once a structure is set in place the flexibility of the organism is decreased. Liberate, because when the structure is in place the organism’s conscious resources are freed to work in higher substance. Another example of this structured thought building process can be seen in learning. Mathematics for example, historically involved a great deal of ‘rote learning’ in the early stages. The times table has been recited by many generations of children. Once these patterns have been ‘hard wired’ into the consciousness they form the structure which allows the mind to go on to understand algebra or calculus for example. At the same time these underlying

structures create necessary limitations in the flexibility of thought which become unconscious. Periodically the way these structures are created gets transformed—we have new maths for example that seeks to emphasise a more flexible association between numbers as ‘fields’ or qualities rather than fixed quantities. As each generation passes, more complex and flexible structures are created in the basic building blocks of thought which both enable and limit the consciousness of that generation. In building esoteric groups such as the New Group of World Servers, a similar process takes place. My work in formulating the global triangles initiative has its roots in this very process. As I have told you elsewhere, there is a shift in the basic esoteric structure of the planet from squares to triangles as the planetary personality is re-patterned by the planetary soul. This is a necessary part of the Externalisation process. In the building of the esoteric structure of Shamballa School the original pattern was a triangle which was formed strongly at the core. This pattern was ‘anchored’ within the learning field of the organism. When dealing with patterns of this kind it is important to realise that it is the archetypal structure that is preserved in ‘memory’ and not the cells or units which from time to time go into building that structure. In the physical world cells are replaced in the body regularly but the structure is retained. At this stage in the group life another structure has been built and tested and is now ready to be ‘anchored’ within the psyche of the organism. That structure is the six-pointed star constructed out of two interlaced triangles and built around a seventh synthetic point. Specifically you have a First and Seventh Ray triangle structured around a Second Ray point, thus bringing the energies of synthesis into play. This formation has been tested at the time of the Scorpio full Moon.

Higher energies ran through the crystal, as it were. The energy pattern is now ready to be sealed into the group ‘memory’ at the time of the Capricorn full Moon. This is why Capricorn is associated with initiation. Initiation is an expansion of consciousness, but this expansion is facilitated by a simultaneous solidification of consciousness patterns. Between initiations the consciousness of the individual or group is struggling to hold a higher point of vibration or tension—at first only held at high points in meditation, but eventually sustained as a stable

focus in day-to-day awareness. Initiation seals this ‘vibratory lesson’ so that the resources of the individual or group are able to use this as a base for further expansions. These instructions on group process will be valuable to other groups precisely because they address the precipitation of archetypes into form. Different ashrams and different groups will express different patterns but the process is the same. Hierarchy seeks to generate reflections of precipitating archetypes within the consciousness of humanity, and then by externalising a piece of the Plan through these archetypal formations it builds ‘learning’ into the racial memory. This is also why I have asked the group to focus

awareness on the S

are like the amorphous biological organisms just prior to the

calcification of a skeleton. Patterning can be aided through a process that Rupert Sheldrake termed ‘morphic resonance’ which is in effect an acceleration of learning patterns via vibratory induction. A similar process occurs in chemistry when a crystal is dropped into a super-saturated solution. As you know, the outer esoteric schools have been structured around a light and dark cycle during the course of the year—an inbreath and an outbreath. In the northern hemisphere the cycle is opposite to that in the southern

field at this time. Fields of energy

hemisphere. Thus Capricorn is a sign of beginnings and endings. The lesson of the interlaced triangles is the capacity to see both poles as expressions of one underlying process. Capricorn and Cancer are the gateways in and out. Abstraction and precipitation, ascent and descent of consciousness are part of one process. You have had this direct experience in the life of the School this year. This mystery is intrinsic to the externalisation and reappearance. The precipitation of solar archetypes into form is coincident to the penetration of the soul into monadic realms. They

are one and the same process, and it is this process which will allow the Christ to ‘reappear’ on a global scale. Think this through, for it underlies the seven-fold field. Spirit and matter form an interlocked and complementary pairing of Shiva and Shakti. This is ever true but must be ‘realised’ by the soul, who stands at the midway point. It is this ‘realisation’ which I seek to have ‘sealed’ within the group life—not as a theoretical concept but as one proven and tested by practical experience in manifestation on behalf of the Plan. Think through the process that has happened at Highden in this regard. Accordingly, at the period of the full Moon I would have you hold this pattern of the six-pointed star strongly in your group consciousness and offer it in service to Hierarchy and in willingness for it to be ‘seared’ into the group organism. Keep your focus internalised within the group ring-pass-not prior to an expansion into the wider field during Aquarius. Let your attention then come off this pattern and be open to the next phase of learning. Let

it fall below the threshold of consciousness as it were, in

a similar way to learning the times table. It will then have

been ‘built in’ and form part of the instinctual solar wisdom of the group.

01 January 2004 Externalisation

I have little to communicate to the group concerning its internal functioning at this time. The requisite point of tension is being held and it only remains for you to continue to hold it through the full Moon period. The quality of ‘stillness’ is much to be sought after at this time, particularly as it relates to the mental field. The rays of Capricorn are 1—3—7 as you know, and it is the focused stillness required of the Third Ray which allows for the energies of the First Ray and plane to penetrate down into the etheric/physical and anchor the archetypal spiritual energies in form. Let me give you then some Hierarchical perspective on the planetary work. The Externalisation process is well under way, and from the inner worlds the educational work of Hierarchy is apparent everywhere in the light-filled higher mental field of the planet. Networks based on the principle of Goodwill are everywhere to be seen and there is a perceptible shifting of power from the old networks based upon personality control to those operating under differing degrees of soul control. One thing is most definitely required at this point in evolutionary time in order to speed up this process. This could be termed ‘spiritual organisation’. As you know ‘organisation’ is one of the three qualities of Shamballa and yet it is quite different in expression than the way the term is commonly understood from a personality perspective. The most useful analogy is the formation of the nervous system within the human body. Triadally, the higher mental field is the physical body organised in egoic groups. The buddhic field is the triadal astral body and unifies the operation of the egoic groups by

infusing them with the cohering energy of Love. This loving mind allows for egoic groups to ‘see themselves’ within the inclusive whole of the ashram. The atmic field transmits the energy of Will into the triadal astral and physical bodies. To the inner eye the egoic groups are seen as specific geometrical forms which are infused and surrounded with the ashramic currents unifying and informing them from the buddhic plane. Stable structures of consciousness within a lighted field—the sphere of the one great ashram. The nervous system which communicates the Will of God within this great sphere is seen as blue-white electric fire flashing through the spiral-cyclic currents and connecting egoic groupings via the jewels in the centre of all structures from an ashram to an individual lotus. There is in essence only one jewel, and it is this one identity realising itself and responding to Shamballic energy which is behind the idea of ‘straight knowledge’. The Will of God is registered simultaneously through the whole system not as intellectual perception but as the galvanisation of the system as a whole in concerted action that is in alignment with the inspiring Will. The ashram ‘thrills’ and the underlying synthesis is revealed to the consciousness of the whole in hindsight. The analogy within the personality system can be seen at times of great danger to the survival of the organism. The galvanisation occurs from the lower instinctual expression of the will, sudden action is taken and after the crisis is over there is often a period of adjustment (the post-traumatic stress syndrome) where the emotions and the consciousness seek to integrate what has occurred and to recover from the effects of a sudden inflow of will. The field of the ashram undergoes a similar process of adjustment to the inflowing Will of Shamballa. Over time the consciousness is able to sustain greater and more regular impacts as the spiral-cyclic nature responds positively to the

direct straight-line energy of the Will. The occasional flashes of electric fire are gradually replaced with stable currents of electrical energy which become the nerves of the triadal life and allow for the continual flowing in of the organisational energy of Shamballa. Think this through. The ‘flashes’ of the Will which thrill from time to time are not a result of the nature of Will. It does not ‘flash’ on and off. Rhythm is a result of consciousness and not of LIFE. LIFE IS persistent, eternal and ever present. The capacity of form to respond to LIFE is however inconsistent and intermittent. The buddhic consciousness that links form and Life operates spirally to increase the capacity of the form to respond to Life via an increasing rhythm of contact. As consciousness is able to identify more and more with the Life principle there are less and less intervals between contact until a stable current is maintained. Once these stable networks of Will energy are established within the triadal life and expressing in the outer world through the New Group of World Servers, then you will see the emerging culture and civilisation based upon direct conscious response to the Will of God precipitate rapidly. The purpose of this discourse is to emphasise to your consciousness the focus of the current work. Seek to build your capacity to become more and more a consciously operating part of this rhythmic building of the nerves of the Will-to-Good within the planetary body of Goodwill. Remembering that the Will itself is not rhythmic in essence but only in expression, and that this expression is the result of the close connection between the First and the Seventh Rays.

14 January 2004 Constellation

The full Moon has seen the ‘constellating’ of the archetypal pattern of the six-pointed star in the group field. Constellations as they are understood by humanity normally have something to do with the projection into the heavens of a thoughtform that links certain star formations together around a particular story or myth. A true constellation is created by the consciousness and will of the beings who are the life of the stars to unitedly project some purpose or archetype into the mind of humanity. Truly it is said that the stars ‘name’ themselves. You are building as a group to the completion of this second phase of the initiation work I have been guiding you on. Let me reiterate for you the process to date. The first phase had to do with the introduction of a particular type of energy into the group field. This energy is ‘Light Supernal’ or the light of Life itself. The first phase of the work was completed when this energy was released into the group making each of you ‘carriers’ in a holographic sense of this archetype, even if it was not registered in your consciousness. The second phase of the group initiatory process had to do with the release of this energy into the wider world group of which you are a part. This involved a conscious process of commitment, not so much to an outer project as in the first phase, but to me, the inner coordinating point and purpose of the group life. The First group Initiation involved the birthing of an energy into the group. The Second involved the group serving this energy by shedding it abroad in service. You are in the final stages of this process as you build to the Aquarius full Moon. At the time of