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Riding in moving van. Dark. Walled in.

No pokemon

Door opens, light floods in. Entrance seen.

Mother arives with her dress on backwards. Batshit crazy. Sunny. Outside. No

Follows mother inside, cluttered by pokemon. Skip clock+tv ordeal.

"Raven, We're here honey!" "Well this is Little Root!" "Go

screw the man-boy in the next house, K?" -tilt head-

Enter HOUSE. Brendan's mother greets and walks over.

"We have a son the same age as you!" "Our son was excited to meet
you-he's upstairs." "When you pass the bowl by the stair case, feel free to
take whats in it! <3"

Walk towards stairs, take from bowl. Stare at item judge-

ingly before going up the stairs.

Enter BRENDAN's room. Scan surroundings and notice pokeball on floor. Go

to retrieve.

Brendan runs over and looks at suspicously.

"Hey....You!" "What are you doing in my room?"

"Oh..You must be Raven. When my father said you were a gym leader's kid, I
thought you were a guy." -looks over- "Good thing your not <3" "..Huh?
Where's your pokemon? Don't you have one?" "..I..I could catch you one if
you like?" -startles raven- "Ahg! Sorry, I forgot, I have to help my dad today.
Some time later, kay? <3" -walks over to computer-

Poke pokeball before leaving. Enter LIVINGROOM.

Leave HOUSE quietly.

Enter LITTLEROOT TOWN. Walk over to exit and talk to little girl.
"Hey lady! The fat professor is getting chased by a rabid zigzagoon-
with knives for teeth! Its terrifying!! Can't you hear the pokemon's cries?"

Walk into clearing, see professor and go to retrieve

pokemon ball from bag.




Water. Torrent. Bashful nature, route 101. STARTER POKEMON

Zigzagoon murdered. Non-painful death.

Birch speaks.

"Thanks for helping me! I was jumped when studying."

"Oh? Your Raven? Come to my lab later!!"

Birch leaves and Raven is left to follow with temporary companion,

nicknamed Celio.

Enters LAB. Walks up to birch, who begins talking.

"Hello, Raven. My son told me you don't have a pokemon

yet-is that true?"

"But the way you battled earlier was amazing! So

skilled <3!" -wavy arms-

"You are your fathers daughter~ And

he was very..Skilled <3" -Raven twitches- "Oh...Ehm, right. As thanks for
saving me, you may keep the pokemon you used. (It's mother won't take it
back now that it has your scent, anyway.)"

CELIO JOINED THE TEAM! Welcome to your new home <3!

Final Script. "Now get your hot body out there and get some pokemon! <3"
"My kid is also a pokemon trainer, he's helping me study. Say hi to him along
the way!"
It is now Raven realizes she can't run.

Enter HOUSE to see mother tying up a pikachu in a fedora and tie, with a pipe
in it's mouth.

"Hello Honey! I finally found daddy! He's been getting smokes

since the day you were born. AHAHAH." ...Raven slowly leaves and enters

Walks onto route 101 and avoids grass+trainers, while celio rides on hat
happily. Wurmple cry.

Sets foot on grass and encounters said pokemon. Begins fight. Mudkip wins,
using tackel twice. Left with 16hp.

Another wurple cry. Celio growls and lays down on hat.


Enters OLDALE TOWN. Recieves free potion.

Runs onto route 103 curiously, seeing Brendan near.

"Mutter mutter...-pokemon crap-" -notices Raven- "Hey! Its Raven!

(The cute girl <3)" "..Oh, did my father give you that pokemon?" -picks up
Celio from Raven's hat and inspects it- "...How about a battle? C'mon! It'll be
fun." DNANANAN -battle starts-


p m
k n
Trainer Brandan would like to battle!

Sent out Treecko. Sent out Celio.

Treecko used LEER

Celio used MUD-SLAP


Treecko used POUND. Attack missed.

Celio used TACKLE


Treecko used POUND

Celio used TACKLE


Treecko used LEER

Celio used TACKLE


Treecko used POUND. Attack missed.

Celio used TACKLE

Foe treecko fainted!

+69 exp

Celio grew to lv.7!


"Not bad, for an amuture."

Battle ends.
"I now know why my father likes you so much.." (You really don't!!)

"Look! Your pokemon likes you so much already, you'll

become a great trainer-I know it!""

"We should head back to the LAB."

Begins trck back, celio sleeping on head.

Raven remembers she can't run.

-return to lab-

"Oh! Hello, Raven! I see you beat Brendan-good show!" -slaps raven on the

"Brendan has been helping me for what seems like forever-he has
excessive history as a trainer. You will need this, if you ever want to be as
good as him."

Raven recieves POKEDEX.

"Please record the data on pokemon when you catch them <3!"

Brendan walks up to, and hands pokeballs. "Here, since your a trainer now,
you'll need these!"

Raven recieves POKEBALLS.

"Im going to search all over for amazing pokemon-you should too!"

Raven exits LAB and enters LITTLEROOT TOWN.


Raven gets stopped by her mother next to her house and is given, RUNNING

Raven's ability to run was restored!

Exits LITTLEROOT TOWN and goes onto route 101. Enters patch of grass,
waiting for expected new team mate!

Encounters wild POOCHYENA female, lv 2.

Used tackle, then POKEBALL 1


Nicknamed Ally.


Type; Dark
Run away.

Lax nature

Route 101

Moved onto route 102, with new teamate following and Celio resting on head.

Encounters wild LOTAD male, lv 3.

Uses TACKLE twice, then POKEBALL 2.


Nicknamed Lex.


Type; Water, Grass

Swift Swim

Timid nature

Route 102

Moved on to second and third battles.

Won second battle, celio grew to level 8

Won third battle, Ally grew to level 3

Entered another battle.

Won battle. Celio grew to level 9


Meets father. "Wow, if it isn't little Raven! Now how did you get here by
yourself?" "Oh, Birch gave you a pokemon, fantastic!" "Hm...." "Then I guess
your going to become a trainer like your old pa'!" -laughs- "I'll be looking
foreward to it."

Wally enters, coming to Dad shyly.

"Um..I..I'd like to get a pokemon, if its not any trouble. Please?"

"Hm? You're...Uh..Oh, right. That Wally kid, right?"

"I..Im going to stay with my relatives in a few towns over, and I thought I'd be
lonely." "...But I've never caught a pokemon before. I don't really..Know how."

"Oh, so thats the problem" "...Hm.."-Turns to Raven- "You heard that, right?
Go teach this runt how to catch a pokemon!" -turns back to wally- "Here, I'll
lend you this Zigzagoon."

"Oh wow! Thank you, really!"

"Mm, I'll give you a pokeball too, Go for it!"

"O-Oh wow! Thanks!...Raven, will you really come with me?"

Wally exits. Raven leads to tall grass. Raven teaches to catch a pokemon. Its
a ralts.

"I-I did it?! W-Wow! My first pokemon..Raven! Thank you, lets return to the

Wally returns pokemon. Raven speaks to dad before leaving GYM.

Returns to PETALBURG. Goes to investigate Wally's home.



Enters route 104! What new companion will we find here?

Enters another battle.

Defeats Zigzagoon
Captures Tailow female lv 4!


Begins Training in the long grass <3

Celio learned watergun.

Ally almost murdered by wild Tailow. Left with 1hp. Switched with Celio.
Battle won.

Runs to pokecenter with Ally in arms, clinging to life.

Ally restored, precautions will be had.

Almost killed again by wild wurmple. She sucks

worse then a bug :|

Survived and leveled up to lv 5

Learned howl

Ally grew to level six. Beat up a fisherman (magikarp) and a youngster

(Zigzagoon, seedot). Aim is level 8. Grew to level seven.

More grinding.


Female Shroomish caught!


Battled Bug Catcher! (All wurmple)

Skylar grew to level 6!

Battles team aqua grunt for Devon researcher.

Poocheyena used HOWL, then TACKLE




Devon researcher thanks and runs in the direction of RUSTBORO CITY, Raven
is left to follow helplessly.

Exits PETALBURG FOREST, Comes out on route 104


Raven received WAILMER PALE. Hurray!


Investigates grass behind shop. Finds POTION. This will be handy!

Wild WINGUL female encountered. It is killed on sight.

Wild WURMPLE male encountered. Skylar used peck on him, and a pokeball is

Wild WURMPLE is caught! LENNY joined the team! Yay!

Renters PETALBURG, healing pokemon and buying items from a pokeshop.

Renters FOREST. Battles bug trainer with Ally. Is left clinging to life by
3hp. Close call.

Withdraws Ally and sends out Celio, who uses water gun.
Nincada is murdered.

Another nincada is sent out. Killed with water

Celio grew to level 11! Yay <3

Exits FOREST. Renters route 104.

Battles Rich boy, wins with Celio against a zigzagoon with tackle.

Battles against Lass, First pokemon: Lotad against Lex. Lex wins. Second
pokemon: Shroomish against Skylar. Skylar wins. Lex grew to lv8! Skylar
grew to lv7!

Battles against Twins! Seedot and Lotad against Lin and Celio! Lotad down
first. Seedot down after. Lin grew to level 7! Battle won!

Entered RUSTBORO CITY, heals pokemon at pokecenter.

Battles fishermen, Lin against two magikarp. Lin grew to level 8!

Entered Cutter's house! Recieved HM Cut!!

Entered GYM and spoke to Jim Gui. Should Raven take the risk?!

Battled Youngster gym trainer, rough levels are 10+. More Grinding
needed >__<!

Lex against Geodude, used 1 absorb, Geodude was murdered!


Lenny grew to Lv5. Lenny learned POISON STING.

Lex grew to lv9 <3 Defeated youngster.

Battled Youngster gym trainer and Hiker Gym trainer!

Lin and Celio against two geodude, first geodude down by Celio's

Celio grew to level 12! Youngster sent out geodude.

Third geodude murdered by Celio's water gun! Lin grew to


Second geodude killed by Lin's absorb! Lenny grew

to lv6.
Hiker sent out Geodude! Killed by Lin's

Entered route 116 in hopes of training.

Battled youngster! Youngster sent out MACHOP, Celio murdered him with
watergun and tackle!

Celio grew to level 13!

Defeated Youngster.

Wild WHISMER female found!


Battled Bugcatcher, who sent out a wurmple. Raven sent out Lenny.

Lenny is poisoned with 4hp. Withdrawed, sent out Ally.

Wurmple defeated, Bug catcher sent out nincada.

Nincada leeched life from Ally, left with 2hp. Withdrawing.

Sent out Celio. Nincada defeated with watergun.

Lenny evolved into Silcoon! Wow!!

Found one repel. Bagging.

Returned to pokecenter to heal, then checked up on Ferte.

Returned to route 116.

Battled Hiker, Celio against a GEODUDE male.

Battle won-Lenny Grew to level 8!

Battled Youngster, Skylar against SHROOMISH male!

Skylar fell asleep!!

First battle won.

Skylar grew to level 9!

Second battle! Skylar against LOTAD male!

Battle won! Hurray-Skylar survived!

Battled Hiker, GEODUDE male against Lex!

Lex won the first battle and grew to level 10!

Second battle-GEODUDE male against Lex.

Lex won the battle!

Entered Rusturf tunnel, what companions could we find here?

Exited tunnel.

More training.

Ally grew to level 9!

Ally grew to level 10!

Lenny was exchanged for Cupid! (Lv7 male skitty)

Cupid grew to level 8!

Cupid grew to level 9!

Cupid grew to level 10!

Skylar grew to level 10! <3

Lin grew to level 10..Should we

take on the gym yet?

Challanged Pokemon Gym Leader, Roxanne!

Defeated first pokemon, Geodude! Lin grew to level 11.

Lin grew to level 12!

Lex fainted! Have 4 minutes to get him to a center!

Set out Celio! Defeated Nosepass!

Battle won!

Raven recieved ROCK BADGE!

Raven hurried to the pokecenter, Lex resting in her arms! She made it there
with a minute to spare.
Raven is then sent after a team aqua thug, who enters the TUNNEL.

Challenges aqua thug, Poocheyena against Celio!

Celio wins the battle with a water gun! Yay!

Reobtained the Devon goods and gave Peeko back to OLD


Returned Devon Goods to the STRANGE MAN! Recieved

greatball as reward.

Gets sent on snother mission to slateport. Oh joy.

Also gets sent to give a letter to Steven in


Raven recieved POKENAV! Hurray!

Raven leaves the Office Building and begins to travel towards OLD MAN's
house, to see if she can catch a ride.

Ends up having a rival battle with Brendan before she can even leave the

Battle starts! Lin against WINGULL male!

Lin fainted! Raven has 8 minutes to revive her!!

Celio defeated Wingull!

Celio against Treeko!

Celio wins!

Raven then ran off to the nearest pokecenter, clutching the fainted Pokemon.

Made it to the pokemon center with three minutes to spare! Oh


Then leaves city again to get to OLD MAN's house.

Enters OLD MAN's home.

Hitches a ride on OLD MAN's boat, Dewford, here we come!!

Halfway there, DAD called Raven, and registered her.

Set anchor in Dewford! We've arrived, finally.

Receives SILK SCARF.

Equips to Cupid.

Then notes down she needs to buy clothes for her pokemon,
when she noticed they were nekid. Poor things.

....Gets roped into a battle with a wandering fisherman.

Lex against TENTACOOL male!

Lex is badly poisoned!

Recalled Lex and sent out Lin!

Lin is poisoned!

Recalled Lin and sent out Celio! (Damn


Just realized Poison types are x4

weakness against ground moves...OTL;

Celio grew to level 15-hurray!

Celio learned Bide.

Lin grew to level 13!

Lex grew to level 11! Hurray.

Rests pokemon at the nearest pokecenter to cure poisoning.

Skips other fisherman.

Lex leveled up to level 12.

Obtained HM Flash! Wow!

Male RALTS was added to the team!

Nicknamed Trace.
Traveled back to Dewford.

Now-Back to the cave for rare pokemon hunting! (Maybe a Sableye or a


Found a Makuhita..Skip!

Sableye found-its a hard hitter and almost wiped out my team

(Everyone has low health!)...Raven decided to catch!


*nicknamed Garnet

Encountered Wild ABRA female, must have!! <3

It fled! UGH.

TRAINING. Raven found out that bird types are supereffective against
fighting. Amazing!

(Skylar needs to BUFF UP.)

Skylar leveled up to 11!

Skylar leveled up to 12!

Skylar leveled up to 13!

Skylar leveled up to 14!

Wandering ABRA male was caught! Raven is overexcited! (Loves abras <3)

Found STEVEN on accident-witthout flash!! Shoot!

Delivered the Letter.

Registered Steven on the POKENAV.

Steven's cute..

Exited Granite cave, healed pokemon at pokemon center.

Goes to the gym to train Celio and Cupid.

Challenged Battle Girl. Celio against Meditite!

Celio wins with bide plus watergun!

Celio grew to level 16!

What? Celio is evolving!

-dundundundundun- Celio evolved into

T-Thats fabulous! Celio survived to his first evolution! Congratulations, dear!

Challenged Battle Girl and a Sailor! Girl sent out meditite, Sailor sent out

Cupid fainted! Raven has 5 minutes to revive him!

Defeated pair, Cupid is healed with a minute to spare! (Thank

god ;w;)

Returned to the gym.

Challenged Karati boy, Skylar won.

Cupid grew to level 11.

Challenged Karati boy!

Garnet against Makuhita, Garnet won!

Garnet grew to level 11.

Challenged Battle girl!

Garnet against Meditite.

Garnet won without a scratch on her!

Grew to level 12.

Challenged GYM LEADER BRAWLY. (Oh god >__<)

Garnet (12) against MACHOP(16) male.

Garnet won! Oh god, thank god normal moves don't work on


Garnet grew to level 13! Wow.

Garnet against MEDITITE(16) male.

Garnet won! (Again? Thank good Sableyes

are immune to most fighting attacks.)

Garnet leveled up to lv 14!

Garnet against MAKUHITA(19)


Garnet defeated foe


Raven defeated LEADER


Raven recieved GYM BADGE from LEADER

Thanks Garnet!

Raven registered GYM LEADER BRAWLY in her pokenav! Who knew Sableye
are such great investments?!

On another note, onto Slateport we go! (:D)

Excited to be off that baren waste-land of an Island, Raven raced to the

OLD MAN's boat (Not until she healed her hard-working pokemon!) Garnet
and Cupid in hand.

But as they sailed, Raven realized the swaying of the boat..Did not
make her feel comfortable.
Docked in Slateport harbor, challenged to a fight by Sailor Huey.

Cupid against WINGUL male. (Shame its not a female, thats his

Cupid defeated WINGUL! Cupid was withdrawn, and Garnet was

sent out.

Garnet against MACHOP male.

Garnet defeated MACHOP! Cupid+Garnet leveled

up (12 & 15)

Sailor defeated!

Raven entered SLATEPORT CITY, and darted over to the pokemart.

Bought 3 Pokeballs, 2 Super Potions, and 2 Antidotes.

Raven healed her pokemon at the Pokemon Center.

Strolled through the infamous SLATEPORT market!

Walks onto SLATEPORT beach.

Gets tricked into battling male tuber.

Celio against Tentacool.

Celio wins in a land slide! (-snort- I used a ground move :D

Im so clever)

Celio against Tentacool.

Celio wins. (Again.)

Celio grew to level 17!

Battle end.

Raven shacks up in the near-by pokemon center, curling up for a good nights
rest. (End day 2)

Once morning came, she left the pokecenter and ran to the beach for some

A zigzagoon just used surf on me...

Skylar grew to level 15!

Cupid grew to level 13! (And learned sing <3)