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Super Mario 64

Canon Game

Super Mario 64

Canon Game
What is cannon game? Canon game is the classic game and the totally creative
game compare with the other early games which can be considered for preservation
by the Library of Congress.There are some famous video games considered in the
Library of Congress as well.
Such as Streetfighter II,SimCity,Warcraft-Orcs and Humans,Doom, Start Raiders,
Zork, Tetris,Civilization II, MYST,Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Bro.
Those games can be considered in the Library of congress is not only the rea-
son what I say before but also they all did some kinds of the important effect to the
game’s history.

Game:Super Mario 64
Game Type:RPG
Action Video Game


To talk about Super Mario 64 before there is no reason to ignore Mario’s history and
his farther Shigeru Miyamoto.


Mario is a fictional character which created by Japanese video game designer

Shigeru Miyamoto in 1981. His first video game is starting with Donkey Kong. How-
ever the first name of this short guy is call Jumpman not Mario. Because to pass the
game he just only need only ability which is jumping. Through the success of Donkey
Kong, Jumpman becomes one of the famous fictional character in the whole
world.One years later he was first name ’Mario’ in the arcade game Dokey
Junior.Since at that time to now that Mario has appeared in over 200 video

Super Mario 64
Super Mario 64

Shigeru Miyamoto:

Shigeru Miyamoto is a Japanese video game designer

and producer.He made a lot of great games after he
worked in Nintendo company.

In the early time he helped design the compay’s first

original conin-operated arcade game Sheriff[1]After that
Miyamoto worked on the famouse video game Dokey
Kong,Dokey Kong Jr and Dokey Kong 3.

With the success those game design, he worked on

several different games, including Ice Climber and kid
Icarus. Based on the experience he got before he soon
made anther canon game Super Mario Bro.

Althought he already be a successful game designer,

it can not stop him to create.Therefore he started working on a new game which is
The Legend of Zelda.

It can be said that he the game he has made most of them are the principle game.


Super Mario 64 is a platform game which is developed by Nintendo Entertainment

Analysis and Development and published by Nintendo[2]. Super Mario 64 is game
played on the Nintendo 64.It was released in Japan on June 23,1996,then after that
released in America,Europe and Australia.

As the matter of the fact Super Mario 64 is Shigeru Miyamoto’s first game on the
new system Nintendo 64. This also is the big challenge to him as well.However he still
make it out in a really successful way.

The sale of Super Mario 64 is successful,which has sold over eleven million
copies.[3]To create such a good sale,there are few reasons that help Super
Mario 64 become the classic and wonderful game.

Super Mario 64
Super Mario 64

First.In 1996 the economic situation in the world turns good that people has extra
money to improve the entertainment.This is the big background behind Super Mario

Second.In 1996 the mainstream of games which not only the video game but also
computer game is two-dimensional.However Shigeru Miyamoto who is the director
and producer and the other design make Super Mario 64 as one of the first three di-
mensional platform games.

To compare Super Mario 64 to others

three dimensional platform games. For
example Crash Bandicoot which famous as
well.However there is two things that Crash
Bandicoot could not do as better as Super
Mario 64,the dynamic camera system and
the control system.Super Mario 64 features
to the player a free- roaming analog de-
grees of freedom, large open-ended areas
and true three dimensional polygons plat-
form as well.However to create this camera
system and layout made Shigeru Miyamoto spend months on it[4].

For the control system is incredible as well.To com

pare with Super Mario Bro,Super Mario 64 do far
more diverse. Mario is given a nice ability in Super
Mario 64.Jumping is not the only thing that player
can do in Super Mario 64 but also can make Mario
walk, run, jump, crouch, crawl, swim, climb, or punch
using the game controller’s analog stick and but-
tons.However Mario’s previous name is ‘Jumpman’.
Therefor the best ability still is jumping.For keep it fun
there are special jumps in it which can be executed by combining a regular jump with
other actions, including the double and triple jumps (jumping two and three times in a
row, respectively), long jump and backflip.There are also special maneuvers, such as
wall jumping; jumping from one wall to another in rapid succession to reach
areas that would otherwise be too high.[5][6.] The player can pick up and car-
ry certain items, an ability which is used to solve various puzzles, and swim
underwater at various speeds. Mario’s life energy slowly diminishes while
underwater, representing how long he can hold his breath. His power meter
refills when he surfaces. Because of this, if Mario is damaged and jumps into
deep water, he is fully recovered
Super Mario 64
Super Mario 64

Because of those creative features that it can be said Super Mario 64 makes the
principles for three dimensional.Just like Super Mario Bro do for two dimensional
game.Therefore Super Mario 64 hold the greatest revolution for the game’s history.


The story of Super Mario 64 is based on

Super Mario Bro.It begins with a letter from
Princess Peach inviting Mario to come to
her castle for a cake she has baked for him.
However, when he arrives, Mario discov-
ers that Bowser has invaded the castle and
imprisoned the princess and her servants
within it using the power of the castle’s 120
Power Stars.[7] The environment is set in
Princess Peach’s Castle,which has three
floors, a basement ,a moat and a courtyard.
The area outside the castle is a practical area which the player can test his or her

The task of game is saving Princess Princess by finished the mission.However to go

to the next course you need to collect number of stars.


In Super Mario 64 freedom travel is one of the creative features. Instead of the way
to play as before in the step by step way,Super Mario 64 has the open area for the
player.Every player can get the different ways go through the course. It makes the
game more fun and more challenge.
Dynamic level design is the big feature in
Super Mario 64 as well. In different level player
has the different task or challenge to do.It keep
players interesting in it.
However for making Super Mario 64 has a
good playability Shigeru Miyamoto
and the other designers add some
hidden paths and some hidden
course as well .There are 120 stars
in the whole castle but 15 stars are
hidden that can if the player is really
crazy about it,it can keep the player play it in a real long time.
Super Mario 64
Super Mario 64

3D Space

In 1996 Super Mario 64 can be said

it has the best three dimensional effect
at that time.

That player can be play in 360 de-

gree view during the game. You can
see lots of details in every courses.
Such as at the beginning of the game.
Player can see some small animation
like the butterfly flys and the waterfall

There are 3 different spaces in Super Mario 64. The first is the land world. The second
is the water world and the third one is the air world.Every world get the different way
to play. This is also become one of the reason that makes Super Mario 64’s playability
can be more longer.

The music in Super Mario 64 was com-
posed by the famous veteran composer
Koji Kondo,who used new familiar melo-
dies from the earlier games as well as
entirely new material.[8.]

It can keep a deep impression to the

earlier player who has play Super Mario
Bro And during the play time player can
hear many funky sound effect which are
really match the environment.

Super Mario 64
Super Mario 64


Super Mario 64 has win a lot of honors in gaming press and nowadays still collect-
ing rewards. In fact Super Mario 64 win the “Game
of the Year” honors by members of the gaming me-
dia, as well as Nintendo’s own best-selling Player’s
Choice selection.
In addition, Super Mario 64 has been placed high on
“the greatest games of all time” lists by many review-
ers, including IGN,[9][10][11]
Game Informer,[12]
Edge,[13] Yahoo! Games,[14] GameFAQs users,[15]
and Nintendo Power.[16]Electronic Gaming Monthly
awarded the game a Gold award in its initial review,
and in Edgemagazine, Super Mario 64 was the first
game to receive a perfect score.[17][18] Game In-
former initially rated the game a 9.75, but re-rated
it a 9.0 a decade later in a “Retro Review”.[19][20]
GameSpotcalled it one of the 15 most influential
games of all time, and rated the Nintendo 64 version
a score of 9.4 and the Wii Virtual Console version
an 8.[21][22][23] The Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu ratedSuper Mario 64 a


I really like Super Mario 64 and I will keep play it until I finish all the course.I think
if i can play it well that means i can play other 3d games in a easy way as well.
Because Super Mario 64 does a lot of effects to the 3d games development. It sets
many principles for the 3d platform game.The dynamic camera system, the control
system, freedom travel and the 3d space.
Super Mario 64 can be the canon game still has lots of reasons to tell. I will
keep study and get the information about Super Mario 64.

Super Mario 64
Super Mario 64

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Super Mario 64