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Harold Bernard Lee: 13th April 1925 - 2nd January 1988

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I dedicate this page to My Dad although if he were here I’m not sure he would agree with
it, but I will do it anyway. Growing up I often asked that formidable question that a lot of
us did “Dad, What did you do in the war?” only to be answered with something like “Not
much, you would find it boring”
On the odd occasion he would make a remark if he watched a film on the TV with air
craft carriers or U boats or planes in it and when asked he would reply “Nothing
important” and evade answering the question.

Now with the help of the internet I have been doing a little research and only scratching
the minutest surface and reading what I have I can understand why he would not talk
about the war, but not necessarily agree with it. He like countless many others seen and
did things they rather have not, but had too.

Harold, Harry or H for short joined the FAA, Fleet Air Arm on 4TH October 1943 at the
age of 18 as a Second Class Air Mechanic.
He trained and became a First Class Air Mechanic passing his tests on 14th April 1944
Listed are some of the postings, but the finer details we may never know.
HMS Gosling 4th Oct 1943 – 11th Dec 1943
HMS Daedalus 12th Dec 1943 – 31st Mar 1944
HMS Gosling 1stApril 1944 – 20th April 1944
HMS Daedalus III 21st April 1944 – 3rd May 1944
HMS Sanderling 4th May 1944 – 5th Oct 1944
HMS Waveney 6th Oct 1944 – 3rd Nov 1944
HMS Bhurunda 4th Nov 1944 – 16 th Nov 1945
UKUSSA 757 17th Nov 1945 – 15th June 1946
HMS Daedalus 16th June 1946 – 20th July 1946
HMS Daedalus III 21st July 1946 – 10th Oct 1946

Ceylon one of the few photo’s he had

Harold front row, second from the right

Dad had four brothers and one sister; John, Alf, Frank, Fred and Margaret and then later a
half sister Janet. I had the greatest of pleasure of growing up knowing my Uncle’s and
Aunt’s on all sides of the family but never knew my Dad’s eldest brother John.
John joined the RAF before the war started.
Flight Sergeant John Charles Lee 648957 nick name “Ginger” of Squadron 103
On the 7th August 1942 in the early hours of the morning, bomber W1225 took place in a
raid on Duisberg, Germany. On the return journey home W1225 bomber crashed into the
Humber River: six bodies were pulled from the water, the seventh was never found.

On the 1st October 1955 my Dad married my Mother: Ruth Gloster and had four children;
John, David, Paul and Susan. If you knew my Dad or my Uncle John or served with them
and would like to contact me please e mail me at:

This is also a dedication to all who found them selves in the middle of a war, who lived
in, fought, died and lost - Thank you