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'My own two cents'

T he maximum capacity of the fire department to deal with fire is

with the department able to put out fires only upto 8 floors. Fur-
thermore, most of the vehicles and equipments of the fire department
have not been upgraded since the reign of Juddha Shumsher. But is
it acceptable to build such colossal apartments ignoring the capacity
of the fire department?
Is it Justifiable and legal to build that these features are only useful in
apartments of such heights great- the time of a diminutive fire and not
er than the fire engines’ reach? during an auto-extended or massive
Yes, it’s completely legal to build fire.
these apartments. The fault lies in
the hands of those in charge of the Should there be legal provisions
firefighting department for not be- regarding the height of a building
ing able to upgrade their vehicles. in accordance to the capacity of
The legal provisions include safe- the fire engines?
ty pre-requisites such as enough The height of the buildings must be
evacuation space, fire exits and fire Chiranjibi Subedi Shiva Ram Karki enough for the fire engines to reach
extinguishers, which have been fol- them. Moreover, questions are be-
(Superintendent Engineer, (In charge, Fire Fighting ing raised regarding the weak base
lowed and implemented meticu-
Ministry of Physical Planning ) Department, Lalitpur) on which the apartments are built.
there’s no point in making legal Us not having modern vehicles
Is it Justifiable and legal to build and equipment does not give them
How safe are the colossal apart- provisions regarding the height of
apartment buildings of such a reason to overlook the capacity
ments without the firefighting de- the buildings. In this era of urban-
enormous heights the fire engines of the fire engines before building
partment in hand? ization, huge apartments and build-
cannot reach? such massive apartment buildings.
I cannot say it’s 100% safe without ings are undoubtedly vital. If we
No, it is definitely not acceptable
the firefighting department but in keep on building traditional houses,
to build these colossal apartments Who is to blame for not overhaul-
the context of Nepal, the firefight- where is the room for urbanization
though it is not completely illegal. ing and upgrading the fire fight-
ing department is almost useless and development?
The question is why they cannot vi- ing vehicles and equipments?
with their outdated vehicles and
sualize the scenario of these apart- We would not blame the municipal-
equipments. From our side, we are Who is to blame for not overhaul-
ments catching fire and the fire- ity in this issue, since they have been
completely cautious about the ing and upgrading the fire fight-
fighters being completely helpless. incharge of the fire department only
safety and have enough facilities to-ing vehicles and equipments?
It would result in serious danger to for the past 6-7 months and they are
save human life during a fire. Well, I would not completely blame
human life and infrastructures. trying their best to upgrade the ve-
the firefighting department on this
Should there be legal provisions issue, instead the municipality who hicles and equipments although the
How safe are the colossal apart- government has not taken serious
regarding the maximum height are in charge. The municipalities
ments without the firefighting de- interest in upgrading it. The main
of a building in accordance to the draw budgets of billions but over-
partment in hand? problem that exists is that the ve-
capacity of the fire fighters? look the state of the fire engines and
I think these apartments are not at hicles are not available locally and
Without the development of the fire- the idea to upgrade and overhaul
all safe without our department. repairing takes long time.
fighting department and upgrading them.
Though they do not fail to convince
of their vehicles and equipments,
people by saying that it is absolute-
ly safe but they neglect the idea

There are colleges opening up around every corner, some

probably just for the profit. What is your opinion about
the situation?
Priyanka Dangol
I feel that with more colleges open-
ing up, new opportunities have
opened up for students. The in-
creased interest in education, be it
from a business point of view, will
probably lead to increased compe-
tition which will probably improve
quality of education.

Umesh P
We can’t really generalize the trend
that is prominent today. I feel that
most colleges, especially TU affili-
ated, are actually dedicated to edu-
cation but there are certainly some
out there which aim for nothing but
profit by hiking up fees. We need to
form a case-to-case view, not a gen-
eralized one.

Sural Sharma
The massive advertising that is
being done currently makes me
doubt weather the schools and col-
leges are being opened for the no-
ble cause of education or just the
profit incentive.
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MUSIC H ouse of Music, located in
Thamel, is - first and fore-
most, a live music club. Now you
our communities; it also serves as
the management team for 1974AD
and Albatross, two of the premiere

eatured Fridays, is a weekly may ask why the need for a dedi- bands of Nepal. hile live music is scheduled
event at House of Music that cated live music venue, especially from 8 pm during event
strives to promote local Nepali when there are so many restaurants Established as a venue for live mu- nights, the terrace at House of Mu-
bands playing original materials. To that already have live bands? The sic, House of Music is a platform sic is open from 3 pm for snacks
take Fridays up a notch, the ‘Art- answer to that lies a little deeper for all musicians. In its first year and dinner. Enjoy the afternoon,
ist of the Month’ event features in the way music has evolved, or of operation, House of Music has away from the madness of Thamel;
prominent Nepali musicians once a rather not evolved, since the 80s brought together music from all sip a cup of coffee, listen to some
month. House of Music also orga- and 90s in these so called live mu- genres – and is a frequent venue good music, read a book, enjoy a
nizes events such as Saturday Rock sic restaurants in Kathmandu. for jazz (e.g. Inner Groove), rock sumptuous dinner.
Revival, Funky Tuesday Jazz, and (e.g.1974AD & Albatross), punk
Dark Wednesdays, where popular Music in Thamel bars still hold on (e.g. Rai ko Ris & Tank Girls), The House menu includes popular
local bands are featured to bring to dearly to ‘Cocaine’, ‘Is This Love’, reggae (e.g. NayaFaya), blues bar foods such as momo, buffalo
you the favorite hits of the 70s, 80s, and ‘Lodi’, with very little empha- (e.g. Mukti ‘N Revival), and metal wings, spicy satayed chicken, and
90s and the 00s. sis on homegrown original music. (e.g. E.Quals). The House of Mu- quesadillas. Should you be hun-
In order to move away from this sic artist line-up truly represents grier, House also offers a range of
This month of August 2010 is spe- stagnant music culture, House of the vibrant local music scene in entrés from their newly introduced
cial to House of Music: It will be Music was born. It is owned and Kathmandu. Whenever possible, Asian Fusion Cuisine – from pork
one year since it opened their doors operated by Musicology: a music House of Music has also hosted in- katsu with tonkatsu sauce, grilled
to music lovers. In celebration of promotion company founded on ternational artists (e.g. Vatchapuj chicken breast with teriyaki sauce,
their anniversary, they have some the idea of promoting music to & Vanessa Boyd) to kimchi pasta.
excellent line-up starting with Sa- bring about positive changes in
bin Rai on August 6th, Robin and Work is under progress to add
the New Revolution on August wood-fired pizza as well as special-
13th, 1974AD (TBC) on August ty coffee, which should be ready in
20th, and Astha Tamang Maskey a month’s time.
(TBC) on August 27th.
The bartenders at House of Music
With the rising popularity of kara- are trained to serve the best drinks
oke in Kathmandu, House of Music in town. The bar menu offer a large
offers the opportunity for all aspir- range of classic cocktails (e.g. mar-
ing musicians to step up to the mi- garita, mojito, long island iced tea)
crophone. Interested parties can to some of the House of Music sig-
reserve the hall for a karaoke (birth- nature cocktails (e.g. g-string, cran-
day, gathering, office) party where tini, rusted nail). House also serves
the selection of songs ranges from a wide selection of beer – Carlsberg,
Beatles to U2; Frank Sinatra to AC/ Contact: Heineken, San Miguel, Everest, and
Nitesh @ 9849243807 or Sanjay @ 9851075172.
DC, Aretha Franklin to Coldplay. Gorkha.

Albatross Taking Flight Again

I t is probably difficult to find a seemed to fall apart when all mem- band claims that they will not be re-
Nepali music lover who has not bers except Abhaya left the country. peating their style and will continue
heard of Albatross. To me, they experimenting
the songs found their way to mu-
sic lovers. During their time away
from the country, they continued to
emerged as an assurance that there be part of many rumors. Two songs
was hope for Nepali music after all in particular, “Gaye Mera Ganja
and not every alternative Nepali Khane Din” and “Chihan Ki Pari”,
band had to pronounce “Bhane” as were for some reason believed to
“Vane” – their songs are original be from Albatross even though the
and truly represent the potential of band was not involved in them. The
nepali bands. name Albatross seemed to create
such a spark among the people that
Starting out as Applesauce, Abhaya many concerts made it a habit to
Bajracharya and Sunny Manand- add them as guest artists on posters
har started playing music before even without informing the band.
their SLCs. After Max(bass) left
the band, they found new members The band members love music
in Nitesh Rai (vocals) and Dipesh and jamming. Even being in dif-
(drums) completed the band and ferent states did not prevent them
the band was ready to take flight. from jamming from time to time on
‘Broke 17’ became their trademark Skype. This yearning seems to have
song as their first single that repre- Anyone who has heard their two The album Jo Jas Sanga Sam- brought the band together once
sented their current style influenced albums will find it hard to believe bandhit Cha became a hit, but it again as Albatross has returned and
by RATM and RHCP. After Nitesh that both are from the same artist. was not instantaneous. The album is all set to take the music scene for
left the band, the guys found their Where “Hi:Fly” is an all out thrash suffered from lack of marketing a joy-ride once again. Niraj Bajrach
new vocals in Shirish Dali, whom album, “Jo Jas Sanga Sambandhit and could not get enough exposure. (drums) is the newest addition to
they discovered performing at the Cha” features an alternative vibe. The band rose to fame through un- the band. Currently Albatross is
St Xavier’s School Mela. But again, The band says that the transition conventional routes, a few being working on their full length album
after Shirish had to leave for the US, was motivated by the band not bluetooth and the internet. Though named Atti Bhayo.
the band found new members - Di- wanting to be labelled into a par- most of the CDs remained stacked
Shirish Bhattarai
was and Anurag. But soon the band ticular genre. In the future too, the at the homes of the band members,
Sapanako Sabiti
traffic police in the valley. Her nar- The horrifying events that hap-
Events at house
ration is assisted by Drasta, played pened in different parts of the coun- of music
by Sanjeev Upreti, the author of try during the decade long war and
the novel, “Ghanchakkar.” The even after the establishment of the
smooth transition between Sapana republic system are presented real-
and Drasta, alternately performing istically in this play. All of the the
the role of the storyteller, strength- supporting actors have added their

ens the play. charm to this excellent direction
that manages to capture the audi-
The story portyraying ence’s attention throughout the
play. Nisha Sharma has delivered
the search of the identity a vivid performance as Sapana,
of a woman who is a vic-

tim of the conflict, pres-
and her strong acting has given an
appealing edge to her whole char-

ents Sapana as the symbol acter. Sanjeev upreti has also done
he play is fictional truth”,
justice to Drasta who narrates Sa-
stresses the protagonist, of all Nepali women. pana’s story. Lighting effects were
Sapana played by Nisha Sharma in
also applaudable.
Sapanako Sabiti, a recent addition The audiences are transported
to the list of Gurukul plays. Writ- back in time to Sapana’s teenage Sabin Rai, August 6th
The story portyraying the search
ten by journalist writer CK Lal, years when she fell in love with a
of the identity of a woman who is
and directed by Sunil Pokharel, the foreign photojournalist who dissa-
a victim of the conflict, presents
play grips the audience right from peared without a trace. As the story
Sapana as the symbol of all Nepali
the start; the viewers find them- proceeds we witness how Sapana
women. Her inconstant last name
selves unable to detach themselves becomes Himshila, a maoist cadre;
is something that each women has
from relating to the life of people falls in love with a fellow cadre
faced. Painted as a light spirited
affected by conflict. who gets killed in the war. She
jolly person Sapana never gives
faces the darkest days of her life
up and survives all the ups and
Written as a monologue, the play when she is tortured by the army
downs that life offered. One clear
focused on the lifes and tales of and is eventually rescued. She
message that the play conveys is
Sapana. Sapana, attired as a traffic then works as a teacher, and then
-Never stop dreaming.
official, shares with the audience finally moves to Kathmandu after
her story of how she ended up as a the People’s Movement II.

FICTION The Festival-1 Robin and the new revolution,

August 13th

T he night was dark, the night

was quiet. The moon hung it-
self high up on his throne and the
night wind and sometimes a mouse
would run past, amplifying the rus-
tle. No lights, nothing to do.
although faint lights of candles
tried to fight back, failing. He en-
joyed this place because the dark-
stars blinked from behind her. The ness had managed to rule, because
lights were out again and the dark- The boy was a computer geek, the darkness gave him a chance to
ness had won over, the moon il- he would spend the majority of hide himself.
luminating everything with its sil- his time in front of his computer
very glow. Inside the thick layer of screen and with lights being cut A lot of time had gone by since the
buildings, no traffic noises dared every night, he had nothing to do.boy had made himself comfortable
to penetrate and inside this quiet His obsession for the machine had on the street when the girl came by,
street, no urban sounds existed. left him far behind, his friends guitar slung on her shoulder. She
The birds had already gone off to were more social, had more friendshad just returned from her extra
their respective nests, warming and would hang out occasionally guitar classes, her mind drifting
up little eggs or snoozing off with which left him here but he didn’t over the thought that what kind
their little ones. There were insects mind. He love it this way, he loved
of crazy person would take guitar
though, the slight sound of crickets spending time with himself as classes on a festive day like Lax-
hung in the air. Nature had already company. mi Puja, extra classes even. She
gone to sleep and the ones awake almost jumped when she saw the 1974 AD, August 20th
were the creatures of the night. The festival of lights, Tihar was be- boy sitting quietly on the ground.
ing spent in darkness. People who Her first impression of him was
Occasionally the light smell of could afford generators had them that of a drug addict, Kathmandu
burning wax would drift off from on showing off bright lights in full was full of drug junkies and the
somewhere. The boy threw his glory while other smaller houses boy seemed like one. Maybe he
head up, tonight was a good night, made use of candles or the tradi- was high, she thought, maybe he’ll
he thought. His head bumped the tional diyo to lighten up their hous- attack me. A part of her mind had
wall behind him creating a kind of es. It is believed that the brighter comprehended that he was danger-
support for his head. Letting out a your house is, the more chance of ous to her, but another part of her
deep sigh that resonated through the visit of the goddess of wealth, mind refused to believe he was.
the empty quiet night, he wondered Laxmi. Far off, the sound of people Maybe he’s just lonely, thought
how perfectly still everything was singing could be heard, singing for that part but one can never be too
and yet how everything looked so money. The houses here were dark careful. She walked by the boy and
alive. The plants that had turned a though, the houses that lined the entered her house.
dark shade of green rustled in the street were enveloped in darkness Astha Tamang Maskey,
Prajesh Rana August 27th
“W rapping things up for this
week, this is me, Sujita
aka Suzi to da A ending the show
teners. That was one of my mainbranch out to various other jobs in for my show. Afterall, as RJs, we
the entertainment industry.
reasons for joining this field.” have a responsibility towards our
listeners who expect us to be there,
with a suggestion. Remember to Being an RJ does not only give us Alok Thapa, also from Hits FM on air, all set to entertain them and
always keep that wonderful smile the opportunity to be a role model 91.2 says, “Many RJs have moved at Hits FM 91.2, we provide that
on that beautiful face of yours and,for others, especially our listen- on to becoming Video jockeys 24/7.
oh yes, keep on smiling!” ers. On top of this, since the job (VJs). Thus, if you are a people
Contrary to popular belief, this is
With that, I ended my show. Oc- not a job with a high salary rate.
tober 19 2007. That was my first There are some RJs who do not
time on air through the airwaves even get paid for their work in var-
of Hits FM 91.2 and the mixed ious radio stations. They choose to
emotions that I felt throughout the continue doing the work for their
entire show cannot be expressed own experiences.
in words. Nonetheless, if the emo-
tions had to be described, then “Personally, it is a very thankless
they would be summed up into a job. It is all about your passion and
kaleidoscope of fear, anxiety and drive. If you love music, the more
Going on air live and the mere prospect of reaching blessed you are,” says Alok.
out to the masses and being appreciated by them is
All in all, if you are one with a
Three years later, and the feelings what makes the job of a radio jockey (RJ) special great interest in music and are
are the same although I would say
and one of a kind. passionate about taking up a job
there is less of fear and more con-
fidence. Going on air live and the where money is not an issue, then
mere prospect of reaching out to you sure are a good candidate for
is part of the media, the fun as- person, very gregarious then this is this job! Remember, it is impor-
the masses and being appreciated pect lies in the fact that there are the perfect job for you.”
by them is what makes the job of a tant to not just have the drive and
various challenges along the way. enthusiasm for the job, but you
radio jockey (RJ) special and one Through these, we learn and gain Of course, as everything else, should also be capable and have a
of a kind. more insight about various things. this job also has its own draw- strong command o f the language;
As my colleague, Supriya Prad- For instance, I also learnt how to backs. Although it is quite flex- depending on the type of show you
han, RJ at Hits FM 91.2 says, “As make advertisements and take in- ible, there are times when there is will be in charge of. It is all about
a listener back then, I used to be terviews. It is a job that is all fun no way you are going to be entitled your passion for music and being
inspired by the RJs whom I used and where we get opportunities for to a “day off” even when the na- there for your listeners!
growth. tion is in crisis. I remember, during
to hear on the radio. Just like them, the recent Maoist strikes, I had to
I wanted to influence others and Moreover, RJ-ing can be like a walk five hours to get to my office
have a positive impact on my lis- stepping stone from which one can in New Baneshwor to get in time

“C lassical music is the root of

every genre of music that
has ever existed. You can not ven-
The concep-
mass”, asserts Regmi. The over-
whelming appreciation, respect
and recognition inspite of selected
tion was that

ture the musical ground without number of audiences is the proof
classical music because nothing is music was for of their popularity. He also plans to
free from the classical touch”, says shift the focus from class to mass
Dhurbesh Chandra Regmi, lawyer, those who were because classical music needs more
social worker and the first and the weak in studies, coverage.
only PhD degree holder in music
in Nepal. When Regmi picked up something of a He is quite happy with his musical
a Sitar at a tender age of 6 he had journey which was much facilitated
never thought that music would be
second class. by his reputation as a lawyer and his
his profession, yet here he is con- musical family background. Apart
tent and happy with his career as a to share. During his time, music cational degree and thus he chose from being a successful musician
Sitarist. was not taken seriously so pursuing law. Even twenty years before now and a known lawyer Dhrubesh C.
music to educational level was un- he was undecided about his future Regmi is also a social worker. He is
If you practically live and grow in heard and questionable issue. The and decided to take his career as the founder member of South Asia
a musical environment it is bound conception was that music was for lawyer and musician side by side. Watch on Trade, Economics and
to make some impacts on you and those who were weak in studies, Maintaining the balance was diffi- Environment (SAWTEE).Dhru-
that is exactly what happened with something of a second class. Regmi cult but not impossible. Infact the besh C. Regmi has taken music to
Dhrubesh. Music ran deep in the wanted to defy this very notation status of a lawyer was an added new heights. His effort of establish-
Regmi family and thus for him and his PhD paper entitled “The bonus to his musical expertise and ing music as an intellectual disci-
playing sitar on most of its part was History of Nepali Music with Spe- his musical acssociation comple- pline is respectable and no amount
a hobby and on lesser portion fam- cial Preference to Classical Music mented his law profession. He also of praises can suffice. In today’s
ily pressure and influence. Regmi during Rana period” was the revo- states that, “ Music is my proffes- time where lyrically shallow and
had his first public performance at lutionary evidence. sion while law is my hobby”. digitally tampered musics are all
the age of 12 and is the 4th genera- the rage we need people like him to
tion of Sitar player in the family. The journey till the achievement of Dhrubesh started travelling the continue the legacy of classical mu-
the degree however was not easy. world as an individuial musician sic and rescue it from fading into
When asked for reasons behind his Dhrubesh was hooked to playing in 1990 and in 1997 he formed a the pages of history.
unusual choice of subject for PhD, Sitar but due to the societal miscon- classical band named “Sukarma”.
Regmi has a very interesting story ception he had to attain a valid edu- “Classical music is for class not Nikesh Dahal
Who’s Who Upendra Paudyal
M r. Upendra Paudyal is fa-
mous for making the im-
possible happen. Especially to-
VIBES: Besides your career what
other activities are you involved
day, after 10 years as the CEO of in or what do you prefer to do in
NMB Bank, the name Upendra your spare time.
Paudyal has become a perfect Upendra Paudyal: I enjoy cricket.
synonym for NMB bank. How- I support India but I even admire
ever, it is his sheer humbleness England’s game and performance.
that he does not want to take any I prefer to read books as well. I
credit for the success of NMB started reading from Sidney Shel-
Bank and rather praises his team don and these days I take pleasure
for such accomplishments. Vibes in books which are based on fiction
believed that we all had a lot to related to financial matter and also
learn from such a personality and financial journals. Besides these, I
so we sat down for an interview am an active donor and supporter of
with the man himself... an Anath Ashram and I take great
pleasure from my work there. Due
VIBES: Your brief career his- to regular help and involvement, I
tory so far. Upendra Paudyal: Firstly, I dis- nowned and probably the biggest was appointed as the Chairman of
Upendra Paudyal: Initially, I agree with the fact that I am the success of NMB bank till date. the school they are running. Simi-
worked for the finance department backbone or anything of that sort. larly I am also actively involved
of Soaltee Hotel. Meanwhile, I NMB Bank is in this position today VIBES: In your entire career, with the Rotaract Club.
tried my hands on Rastra Bandi- because of the positive attitude of what are some notable moments
jya Bank but soon I decided to our team, quality customer service, worth mentioning? VIBES: Any words of wisdom for
leave for ‘obvious’ reasons. Then I strategically correct movements Upendra Paudyal: When you the youth?
worked with Grindlays Bank (Now and excessive homework. Actually achieve something after your hard Upendra Paudyal: Today, there is a
Standard Chartered) for 14 years. everything just seemed to click and work then that moment is always wide range of scope in every field.
This was where my career started I happened to join the bank when it cherished. One particular mo- Back in our days the most studi-
building strongly. In 2001, I joined was ready to grow. After a year of ment would be my achievement in ous studied Science, the children
NMB bank as the CEO and today working with the bank, we became Grindlays Bank. I was assigned as of businessmen studied Commerce
I am proud to remain a part of this the number 1 erchant ank in Nepal. the branch-manager and was told to and the rest studied humanities aim-
bank. Then later with two years of exces- double the business of the branch. ing for a decent government job.
sive uphill struggle we managed Surprisingly, within less than 1 year Quite contrary from then, today it’s
VIBES: You are often referred to to jump to ‘ka’ (topmost, commer- the business had quadrupled. Simi- a global world. The best advice I
as the backbone of NMB bank, cial) level directly from ‘ga’ (third, larly, the time when NMB Bank up- could give is to have a positive at-
why? finance). This was the most re- graded was a very special moment. titude and do what you enjoy.

Prepare to Pamper
T he stress of modern living is
increasing by the day due to
various demands that people have
a tranquil experience. Now, for a
moment, imagine yourself at the
other side - as the musseuse. So
student in the U.S earning $5.25
per hour, a spa therapist could earn
$50 per hour, both allowed to work
Therapy. The Nepal Tourism Board
is promoting the industry as an al-
ternative to medicine under “Health
to fulfill in order to maintain their what exactly do you need to do as a maximum of 20 hours per week. Tourism” for the Nepal Tourism
living style. The biggest draw back a spa therapist? As a spa therapist, In countries like Malaysia, Qatar, Year 2011. Minimum education is
of going to an office is that there are you need to learn to take the human Dubai Nepalese workers hardly sufficient to train as a spa thera-
no physical activity and the mental body through ride - beautifying and earn Rs 20,000 working day and pist and the training itself isn’t that
stress affects the health of working relaxing it all the while pampering night as labourers but in the same difficult too. So, this career option
class. it to the fullest extent. countries, a spa therapist can make could become a boon to the mas-
more than Rs 100,000 in a month. sive number of unemployed in our
Imagine an oasis providing an es- Now is a great time for the Spa in-
cape from the hustle of city life dustry as the market is seems to be Now is a great time to join the Spa
with professionals dedicated to pro- have now where else to go but up. industry as the market seems to have
viding you with a relaxing experi- There are numerous opportunities now where else to go but up.
ence all the while giving your body in Nepal and abroad as well. Stu-
a real soothing medical treatment. dents studying abroad cannot work
Most find themselves daydream- as many hours as they wish since Thus, students fresh out of A levels,
country. Also, this could also be
ing about such they are allowed to work only a +2 or ISc and hoping to go abroad extremely useful to those who may
certain number of hours per should seriously look into this field
have missed out on a opportunity of
month. Compared to as their education, confidence and a formal education or need a fresh
a part-timer English speaking skills give them start at a career for instance margin-
an edge. alised groups, victims of domestic
violence, and numerous others.
Nepal is a developing country with For those interested to begin
people struggling to make ends training, the Tranquility Beauty
meet and thus cannot compete in Academy (T.B.A) in Lazimpat has
the world of modern medicine. started a 6 month long diploma
In a developing country like ours, course on Spa and Beauty Therapy.
the vast number of indegeneuous
practices and medical treatments
could give us an upper hand in Spa Pooja Byanjankar
Life in a Day - A Day to Make Film History Driveless Van to Go
from Italy to China
team of Italian engineers Number of co-
from Vislab is all geared lours that don’t
up for the longest test drive of
driverless technology. The driv-
rhyme with any
erless van is to travel all the way thing - orange,
from Italy to China in October. purple, silver

The vechile is not just respon-
sible for moving from point A to thousand - num-
point B but also needs to handle ber of dreams an
the job of maneuvering through
average person
traffic, twists, turns and every-
thing else the road throws at them. has every year

The van is not completely

empty. There is of course a man thousand - gal-
scar-winning director is in your pocket? After a tens or
behind the steering wheel but he
Kevin MacDonald (The even hundreds of years, when peo- lons of saliva
does not control the steering ex-
Last King of Scotland) and produc- ple see the movie, they will be able
cept in cases of emergencies if la- produced by a
er Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Robin to find a glimpse of what was hap- human in his life.
ser scanners, cameras, and software
Hood) team up with the You Tube pening in the world on July 24th,
fail. The van will also be preceded
community to create film making 2010.

by a manned vehicle that trav-
history. with “Life in a Day” The clips sent in by you-
els in front of it all the way. The hundred - number
The movie provides the you tubers will be sorted through and
manned vehicles will give the driv- of english slang
tube community shoot their lives some will be selected and added
erless van cues on where to go .
and upload them for the world to to the movie, which will be pre-
The idea is that someday 100
words for mari-
see. Contributors can send it any- meired at the Sundance Film Festi- juana
percent driverless technology could
thing from a simple walk on the val. Twenty of the contributors will
be used to freight cargo, reduce
street or a grand festival. The di- be called as guests to the event.All

troop risk by running driverless
rector wants the contributors to contributors will be given the title
military supply convoys and so on. If facebook were
answer 3 questions - what do you of co-directors in the credits.
love? what do you fear? and what a country it would
be the 5th largest
by population

Rumor Has It
feet - minimum

F or some rea- parents that swallowing chewing

son, every gum is extremely harmful to his
child is told by health. Most of us have probably
takes 7 years to get digested by the
human body if we swallow it and
God knows what it does to the body
distance between
commode and
h i s heard that if you swallow while it rots for 7 years.
gum, it gets stuck in the Chewing is no different

intestines and causes from any other food once it gets
the walls of the inside our bodies. Our bodies can- number of spiders
intestines to get not differentiate between an apple, a human eats ac-

” ”
cidentally in his
Chewing gum gets stuck life
in intestines if swallowed

together. It a sandwich or a chewing gum. Once
seems moms in it gets to the stomach, it is nothing percent of atoms
western culture more than paste and the body can’t of the human
are more imagina- tell it apart from food. body are replaced
tive their Nepali coun- No matter how much your mum every year
terparts, as most western- insists, this rumor is FALSE.
ers beleive that chewing gum
From the Editor’s Desk Cent Percent Pass
T his issue of ‘Vibes’ monthly
is quite special for us in many
ways. It not only marks the return
ing experience for us. We are very
grateful to all the people who have
accompanied us in this journey by
O n the oth-
er side of
the Iron Gate,
best schools in the country end up
with the best students in the coun-
try which gives colleges have a
of the newspaper after a 5 month either helping us directly or sup- lie numerous ‘cent percent pass’ rate and end up
hiatus, but also marks the end of porting us in our efforts. It is this detours, each with nepal-toppers; isn’t that con-
our first year working together. support that gets us through every one promising venient? Two major issues root out
In the course of the past year, the time we are faced with an obstacle. the best route of this predicament. Firstly, the per-
newspaper has grown a year old Getting articles, interviews and es- in your jour- fect record of the school is not nec-
but we feel we have grown much pecially advertisements can get ex- ney towards higher education. As essarily a reflection of the school’s
more than that. So, here’s to the tremely hectic from time to time; the admission ‘season’ comes by, education standard. It may as just
completion of a year long jour- and with the deadline hovering newspapers, television, radio and well be a reflection of the student’s
ney full of excitement, hard work, over our minds, get the job done every other media imaginable is hard work. For example, though
learning and all in all a hell of a egts pretty tough. But no matter flooded with advertisements of col- Kathmandu has the best infrastruc-
year. Cheers! what happens, in the end the sight leges and schools offering every- ture and teachers in the country, the
of the first copy of the issue makes thing from ‘well-equipped libraries, SLC board toppers are always from
Let us take a while to retrace our it all worth it. Every page of every elevator service, unlimited internet’ schools that no one has ever heard
steps and take you back to the be- copy is an accomplishment for us.
ginning when Vibes was nothing Even after a year, I get jitters every The real glory in education would lie in turning
but an intangible idea being shared time I see a copy of Vibes hang- a poor student into a brilliant one, not taking
between a couple of friends over ing at the newstands or when I see an already brilliant student and fine tuning him
a few laughs and a cup of tea at a someone reading a copy. The sense
tea-shop in Kupondol. The idea of of satisfaction and pride cannot be
the newspaper actually emerged as compared to anything else. and so on. The only thing they are of from rural areas that no one ever
a way of funding an NGO (4E’s missing out on is a ‘admit one and expected. Secondly, if the good col-
Group) that we were hoping to re- So, what now? Where do we head get one free’ scheme. If you exam- leges are willing to take only the
establish. The idea of the NGO got from here? We have had many ine these adds closely you will see best students, what is to happen of
tangled up in paperwork, but that people tell us things that are good that almost all of them flaunt a ‘cent the second best and even worrying,
of the the newspaper stuck. All of and bad about the newspaper and percent pass’ record in SLC or very the rest of the class. The real glory
us realized that we were all ex- we hope we continue to improve promising results in other board in education would lie in turning a
tremely interested in publishing a and evolve into the true representa- exams. If not influenced by flashy poor student into a brilliant one, not
newspaper and that is what we did. tion of the youth of Nepal that we advertising, students are most likely taking an already brilliant student
wished the paper would be in the to be drawn to schools and colleges and fine tuning him a bit.
The one year journey from the con- first place. When we started out, that have a very good record - 100%
versation at the tea-shop to writing we had a firm picture of what we passing rate, high percentage of stu-Education should not be a race or a
this editorial was filled with many wanted from the paper and what we dents getting distinction or very high
job interview, each student has the
obstacles and accomplishments. did not. We wanted it to be some- grades and world and nepal toppers right to the same quality of educa-
We have also had the priviledge thing that the youth could relate to, would just be the cherry on top. But tion as any one of his peers. The
of working with manypeople who enjoy and at the same to keep up beware, stop and think what these practice of differentiating students
have aided us in many different to date with what is happening in records actually mean before jump- according to performance or even
ways. Each one of them has con- the world. We don’t want it to be- ing into any conclusions. having ‘honors classes’ is not only
tributed to our growth in one way come another teen magazine with a huge blow to self esteem of the
or another. Starting from square glitz and glamour but no content. Year after year, the creme de la students but also an indirect attack
one, we learned to do everything These are somethings that you can creme among graduating students to one’s rights. If a school really
that is needed to run a newspaper - always expect out of Vibes. enter into colleges that have earned wants to prove itself as a capable
from writing to marketing, hunting fame throughout the years. The institution, it should take the worst
down advertising to getting writ- colleges too make the criterion of students out there and mould them
ers to meet deadlines. Every little admission such that only the bril- into the best ones.
mistake that we made was a learn- liant ones are filetered out. So the

Letters to the
Editor Nisha Malla
Vibes has many interesting facts
the good work. Ankita Shah
I feel that some pages
and information. However, I do Akash Thapa are too serious for our crowd.
hope that you would consider a I am a big fan of your But I really like your work.You
fiction segment. It would give work and am very excited ev- guys are doing a great job.You
a refreshing dimension to your ery time a new issue comes out. guys are so young but good and
paper. Otherwise, no comments. I am sure that vibes is destined it shows in your work. For me,
Love it! for big and great things, my only Time Out, Entertainment and
concern is that the lack of pic- Trends page take the top places.
Nibu Naral tures and colors might be stop- The numbers and rumor has it
I am a regular reader of VIBES ping people from picking up a are always a good read. Though,
and am glad to know that in this copy of vibes and pulling them I hope articles are more light
short period since its start,’ it has toward the competitive brands. I hearted
gained market and a good read- really wish that you start putting
ership. I enjoy going through up more pictures to attract read- Shubham Sapkota
your magazine and am glad to ers I feel that the newspaper is not
see such young people work in getting enough exposure due to
such a serious matter. Keep up lack of marketing.
MonsoonTips shoes, slippery shoes, leather
T he origin of the term sundae is
obscure. Various American
localities have claimed to be the
restaurant! Yup, Sundae is not only
an Ice cream parlor but its also a
restaurant, serving not only Nepali
birthplace of the ice cream sundae. and Newari but also Continental,
shoes. These claimants include Ithaca, Chinese and Indian cuisines!
New York; Two Rivers, Wisconsin;
New Orleans; Cleveland, Ohio; Sundae is a place for everyone, for
A raincoat is a girl’s best friend
and Buffalo, New York. all ages. It has an authentic Nepali
when it comes to rainy days.
feel once you’ve entered the roof
Besides acting as a shield it can
But who’s concerned with the origin top where the whole area is made
also be an ultra-fab accessory of
while slurping over a delicious out of nothing but sukuls.The best
our outfit. Trench coats proved
bowl of sundae? If you love ice- part of it all is that it is affordable,
to the ideal combo to survive the
cream and all things sweet, we even if you’re low on pocket
rainy season.
have good news for you.Jawlakhel money! The Ice-cream sundaes
Options available: Mini or
is proud range from
super-sized ones, mono-colored
to be the 175 to 210
or densely patterned ones for a
home of rupees
smashing look.

C ome monsoon season and the newest according

everybody has to rake ice cream to the
their brains as to what to put on Umbrella parlor in flavors.
and step out of the house. Be it Who could refuse to wear them town – You can
clothes, footwear or make-up, when the autumn umbrella trends Sundae, also enjoy
everyone has to compromise in step to another level with the Sundaes a full meal
terms of dressing up not accord- arrival of each rainy season? are their for aboout
ing to what looks best on them but Besides being fashionable it is m a j o r Rs 250 for
as per the showers allow them. also worth ensuring that it offers attraction a full meal.
It’s time to prepare for the rainy the necessary protection from and it claims to give one of the The person behind all of this is Mr.
days with style! humidity. most genuine ice cream Sundaes Madan Krishna Maharjhan who is
of all time. a 3r year BCOM student and who
Here are some simple but impor- has just turned 22.
tant tips for this Monsoon season. Make-up Located in the heart of the valley,
Sundae is not at all a hard place to So, if you’re looking for a
Footwear MUST- Waterproof mascara, lin- find. It is right by the zoo parking scrumptious, belly filling meal
Ladies: Flip-flops, flats, modern ers, foundation, transfer-resistant and anyone with a sweet tooth can then here is the place for you.
crocs lipsticks not miss it. Once you’ve entered Sundae is definitely the place
Men: Sport sandals,crocs even Strict No- Dense Make Up the place, it will definitely surprise to be. Make sure you order an
high gumboots (if one can carry as there is a chance of being you with its mixture of the modern entire sundae for yourself because
it) smudged and washed out severely. and the traditional look they have sometimes you are allowed to be
successfully achieved. Especially, selfish, especially when it involves
Strict No: High heels, sports when you do not expect it to be a something so delicious!

Dear perspective students,

We are, most probably, Nepal’s first in introducing a comprehensive
spa education program. Our dynamic curriculum composite of sci-
ayurvedic and spa’s best practices, through which we prepare our
graduates to become a confident workforce in Spa and Wellness

Our diploma course is highly career specific & effective to current

industry demands. Job is 100% guaranteed for deserving student,
upon successful completion.

Good Luck.
World Cup
F Forlan,Diego
The tournament’s top play- L
er and a much deserved winner of
the golden ball, a man who took the

alomost un-qualifying Uruguain
team to fourth place. Linesmen.So many rash dec-
“Give me Freedom” sions, made by linesmen this world Revolution - French

Wavin’ Flag - The anthem cup raised the debate for video Anelka vs Domenech - probably the
of the world cup, although not the technology yet again. reason for the demise of the French.
official Fifa world cup, was defi-
netly a hit all through the competi- Maradona,Diego Sneijder, Wesley

One of the stars of the world cup, he The man who could have
tion and was played more than the

pleasantly surprised many critics won it for the Neatherlands, and the
offiicial track by Shakira.
with his tactical preparation probable player of the year.
Hand of devil
Africa. The continent’s first Nepal. The man who started the
Football had hit Nepal like never world cup with a great goal and

World Cup was embraced off the
pitch but on it, where only Ghana before with matches being shown making africa proud.
on random concrete walls ,but
of the record six teams taking
when we will get to cheer for our
part got beyond the group stage,

This world cup saw many

it was a massive disappointment. own country is unknown.
upsets when Spain , Italy, France,
Over-Hyped all faltered.
Blatter,Sepp It
was always the Swede’s
‘dream’ to bring a World

Cup to South Africa, how-
Hand of devil, Suarez
ever his general disdain for
video technology has once Iniesta, Andreas
again risen to the fore. The man who ended the
2010 world cup with his extra time
Cameroon. So much hope final goal against Neatherlands, Rooney, Ronaldo, Kaka - the list

was put on by Africa in this team, and won the man of the match goes on......
but player egos and bad tactics award for the final game.

got in the way. Waka-Waka
The official Fifa song for
Domenech. this world cup raised much concern

From nearly failing to qualify in for the decision for columbian sing-
the first place to stealing the head- er Shakira to sing it.
lines of the world cup for all the
wrong reasons the french manager Xavi and Xabi

This spanish force were the
was a huge failure. Jabulani.

best passers of the tournament and
The adidas ball match ball with its Paul the octopus
own brain. Faced nearly as much were a major force in Spain’s win.

criticism as the French team. Qestionable Yellow - Cards
decisions 14 in total were awarded in
Kingson,Richard Decisions like Fabio Capello’s the fi nal between Netherlands and

Wigan Athletic’s third choice to stick with 4-4-2, Kuz- Spain, a record.
choice showed us why he is Afri- manovic’s decision to handball in Zuma
Early-exits. Big forces had ca’s top goal keeper, a top assest to Serbia’s opening game however The South African presi-
to head home early this world cup Ghana, should be credited for Gha- France’s decision to stick with dent, who played a major part in
including 2006 champions Italy, na reaching the quater-finals giving Domenech before the competition bringing the world in africa for the
along with France and England. Africa something to cheer for. might still be the worst. first time.

Vibes Dream 11 World Cup 2010

The number

In numbers of goals scored

during the second

round of World Cup 2010,
an increase of 68% on those
scored during the first round
England’s Shots Off Target

558 The tight Swiss

New Zealand 66%
have managed just three shots
defence kept out a goal for a re-
on target this tournament but
cord 558 minutes of World Cup
have scored twice - the best
finals action stretching back
shot to goal ratio of any team.
to 1994 before Chile breached
their backline in Monday’s 1-0
win. Teams have been
The number of goals far more attacking and have
Brazil had conceded to racked up an impressive 446
an African team at World Cup shots on goal, the most at this
finals before Didier Drogba’s stage since the World Cup was
header. increased to 32 teams in 1998.
S uccess does not come easy.
Hard work and will power are
the prerequisites.” This is what I
The journey to ABC, is beautiful
but dangerous. While we were slid-
ing and skidding in snow in MBC, a
have learned from my trek to An- friend of mine caught altitude sick-
napurna Base Camp (ABC). The ness. She needed to be at a lower
steep twists and turns are bound attitude and it was up to us to take
to scare you but seem incongruous her to Deurali, which was almost at
when you witness the sheer beauty 4 hours walk. It was 6 pm and get-
of the place. There might not be ting darker when 5 of us left. The
much to do apart from soaking up steep narrow road was difficult and
the sight but just sipping a hot cup the fog that entirely covered it made
of coffee with friends at the altitude our rescue extremely dangerous.
of 4120m is incomparable to any-
thing else.

We started our trek from Nayapul

with our fingers crossed in excite-
ment and fear, anticipating an ad-
venture of a lifetime. After 6 hours
of tiresome walk, we reached Ghan-
druk (1951 m), home of the biggest
Gurung community. Our second
stop was Chhomrong (1950m)
which took us 5 hours. The quaint
village with its mesmerizing to-
pography, purity, cool weather is a The already tricky mission got more
strong contrast to the smoke-ridden complicated when we reached the
streets of Kathmandu. After some spot where 27 Japanese were killed
rest we were back on track for 6 in an avalanche. The screaming and
more hours till Himalaya. shouting from girls weren’t helpful
either. Adding to it all, a blinking
“The steep narrow road was light at a distance, unusual sounds
difficult and the fog that en- and the myths of ghosts existing in
tirely covered it made our res- the Himalayas made the journey al-
cue extremely dangerous.” most impossible. It took us almost
an hour to locate the bridge and I al-
The rhododendron forest is respons most drowned while crossing since
ible for sending countless number the thick fog had obscured my vi-
of foreigners and tourists into fits of sion. Drenched in cold Himalayan
ecstasy. The sun that shone fierce- water and surrounded by thick fog
ly looked like it was warming the and the myth of ghosts and ghouls
chilled atmosphere with her warm isn’t the combination that you
balmy kisses. The beauty was such would want to experience. We fi-
that no words of praise would suf- nally made it to Deurali unscathed
fice. at around 11 pm.

On our journey back home, we de-

“The rhododendron forest
cided to get a little change of scen-
is responsible for sending
countless number of foreign-
ery, or at least a change of route,
ers and tourists into fits of
and took to Tadhapani (2630m)
which is 5 hour walk from Chhom-
rong. After Tadhapani and another 4
hours of hike, civilization of prob-
ably the most advanced and de-
veloped Chorepani (2850m), came
into sight. We walked for 40 more
minutes and reached Poonhill (3210
m). The whole Annapurna Range is
visible from here and the sunrises
are truly breathtaking. 7 hours later
we were back to where we started,
Nayapul. I did not make it to the ultimate
destination, but I am happy for I
did make it to the ultimate human-
ity destination. A word of advice
for all who are planning to trek this
route- pack a lot of courage and pa-
tience and take along the company
of trustworthy and beloved friends.

Published by VIBES Newspaper, Thasikhel-5, Lagankhel, Nepal| Ph No 015534690, 9841187129, 9849038626 | Editor: Shanta Banskota Koirala | Publisher: Amigo Khadka | Printing Press: Express
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