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June 9, 2020
Why Google Drive?
● Anytime/anywhere access
● Sharing and collaboration
● Compatibility
● Autosave - Never hit “Save” again
● Unlimited cloud-based storage (for education accounts)
● Google Apps for Education is free
● Can store most all files
Anytime/Anywhere Access
● Can access on any device that has Internet access
○ iPhone or Android phone
○ iPads and other tablets
● Some apps save directly to Google Drive
● Can install a Google Drive app
● Separate Google Docs, Sheets and Slides apps
What is Google Drive?

Storage Center
What items can be stored?
Anything can be STORED in Google Drive!

Google allows you to

store these files, but
is limited in what it
can do with them.
What is Google Drive?

Creation Center
What can you create?
Google Docs
(word processing)

Google Sheets
Google Drawing Google Forms

Google Slides (presentations)

How do you get to Drive?
From Google Home screen:
● Sign in to your Google account (
From Gmail:
● Click on the 3x3 grid in the upper right corner

Direct link:
Apps Shortcut:
● If installed
How do items get into Drive?
1. Someone shares a file with you:
● Happens automatically - you receive email notification

2. From Gmail:
● You can save attachments directly to Google Drive

3. Upload files and/or folders:

● You can upload Microsoft Office and other files

4. You create documents in Google Drive:

● You use Google Docs, Sheets, Forms or Slides to create new files
Google Drive
Google Drive
● Double-click to open a file or folder

● Right-click on file to see other actions

● Star files

● Able to edit Microsoft Office documents

○ No shared editing
Exploring Your Google Drive (Left side)
Exploring Your Google Drive (Middle)
Advanced Search Filter
Exploring Your Google Drive (Right side)
Revision History
● Under File
● Can trace revisions and who made them
● Can go back to a previous version
● Can choose level of detail
Revision History
Insert Comments
● Highlight text and insert comment
● Text will be highlighted to indicate comment
● When click on text, comment highlights
● Can reply to comments
● Can delete individual comments
● Can resolve comment thread
Remove unwanted files or folders
Can Can
Empty Recover
Publish to the Web
Publish to Web (Advanced)
How do you collaborate?
● Share files
● Multiple people can edit at the same time
● Ability to comment and provide feedback
● Send responses via forms
● Chat while editing files
Chat While Editing Files
Google Drive
● Owner decides access to the file
○ View only
○ Comments
○ Edit (Google files only)

● Only the owner can delete the file

○ Will disappear from your Drive

● Listed in order by date (newest to oldest)

Sharing Levels
Less powerful

View - Look
but don’t touch

Comments - Can’t change file but

can make comments and suggestions
Edit - Can make changes, rename file, share with others

Owner - Can do all functions of editors, only one who can delete
Sharing Settings

✓Can edit
Can comment
Can view
Link Sharing
Activity: File Sharing Scenarios
Scenario 1:
Principal creates Morning Memo.
He/She should give you ___________ rights. What should you do with it?


Edit Make a copy

Comment Move to drive

View Nothing
Activity: File Sharing Scenarios
Scenario 2:
Your teammate starts an agenda for the late start that everyone should
add items to.
He/She should give you ______________ rights. What should you do?

Edit Make a copy

Comment Move to drive

View Nothing
Activity: File Sharing Scenarios
Scenario 3:
I share a file with you of a grant proposal I’m working on and I would
like your feedback.
I should give you ____________ rights. What should you do?

Edit Make a copy

Comment Move to drive

View Nothing
Activity: File Sharing Scenarios
Scenario 4:
A teammate shares a lesson plan for a science activity. You like it but
want to change it.
He/She should give you __________ rights. What should you do?

Edit Make a copy

Comment Move to drive

View Nothing
My Drive

● Made up of files and folders

● Can view in grid or list view
● Different sort options (last edited/ modified/ opened
or Name)
● Details/activity panel can be turned on/off
Details/Activity Panel
Organizing with Folders

● Create folders in My Drive

● Can drag items from My Drive into folders
● Can put items from Incoming in folders
■ Remains in Incoming
Google Drive Folders
● If folder is open, new doc goes in that folder
● Can have folders within folders
● Can star or color code
● New docs take on sharing privileges of folder
● Can put file in multiple folders
○ Choose file, press shift-Z and add to another folder
Change Folder Color
Moving files in Google Drive
Multiple ways to move files:
● Drag over folder in list on left
● Drag up to folders listed on top
● Right-click and choose Move to...

Select multiple files/folders at once:

● Ctrl-click to choose multiple individual files
● Shift-click to select a range of consecutive files/folders
Email Attachments
● Can be downloaded or saved to Google Drive
● Recipient must take action
● Not shared
○ Each recipient will have their own copy
Google Drive Viewer

● Can view non-Google files or attachments

○ Formatting might look different in Viewer
● Open button - opens in a new tab
● File - Open with... - converts to Google format
○ Creates new file, original still there
○ Formatting may be different
Sharing vs. Attaching

Sharing - one copy

Sharing vs. Attaching
Attaching -
multiple copies

When/why do you think it is better

to share a file vs. sending an email
Uploading items to Google Drive

● Can upload individual files or folders

● If there are folders within folders, Google
will keep same folder structure
● Can set to convert automatically to Google
format or keep in original format
● Can take a long time if uploading large
amounts of data at one time
What should I move to Drive?
Anything/everything can be moved to Google Drive
● Microsoft Office files
● Pictures or videos
● PDF files
● Old files that you can’t bear to part with but probably won’t use

Google Drive cannot process all types of files, but they can be stored in Google Drive
Folder Uploads
● Fastest way to migrate to Google Drive

● All folders and files within will be uploaded

● Everything in folder will be moved

WARNING: Pay attention to which folder in Google Drive is open

when you start upload - uploaded items will go into that folder.
Microsoft & Google
● Can upload Microsoft files
● Can share Microsoft files
○ Others can view, but not edit
● Can edit Microsoft Office files in One Drive*
● Good for transporting files
● Can convert Microsoft files to Google format
○ Formatting may change
○ Able to share and edit
*editing is limited mainly to text
Converting Microsoft Files

Microsoft Word Google Doc

Microsoft Excel Google Sheets

Microsoft Powerpoint Google Slides

How to Upload
Can convert automatically:
Click on Gear>Choose Settings
Problems editing Office docs?
May need to install a Chrome extension
○ Go to 3 dots in upper right corner when in Chrome
○ Click on More Tools
○ Click on Extensions
○ Scroll down, click on Get more extensions
○ Click Extensions in left column
○ Search on Office Editing
○ Click on ADD TO CHROME and it will install the extension
Creating a Google Doc
● New button
● Click on Untitled Document to name
● Formatting options similar to Word, but a bit more limited
● Saves automatically
Google Doc Fonts

● Fonts
○ Click on More Fonts...
to customize list
■ Select fonts to
■ Delete ones you
no longer want
Insert an Image
● Upload from computer
● Take a snapshot
● Enter URL of image on web
● From Google Drive
● From Albums (if have Google+ account)

Can choose in-line, wrap text or break text

Google Spreadsheets

● Similar to Excel
● Can upload an Excel file
● Can convert Excel file to Google Spreadsheet when
upload or convert after uploaded
Google Presentations
● Similar to Powerpoint
● Insert images, links, videos, shapes, etc.
● Can edit Slide Master (Slide - Edit Master)
● Can add animations and transitions
● Multiple print options
● If you want to loop continuously, must put in Google Site
Google Forms
Google Drawings
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