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1. A fluid is flowing in a 6-in diameter pipe at a pressure of 4.00 psi with a velocity of 8.

ft/s. As shown in the figure, the elevation of the center of the pipe above a given datum
is 10 ft. Find the total energy head above the given datum if the fluid is oil with specific
gravity of 0.82.

a. 12.333 ft
b. 35.253 ft
c. 25.221 ft
d. 22.251 ft Ans.
2. A 100-mm diameter suction pipe leading to a pump, as shown in the figure carries a
discharge of 0.0300 m3/s of oil (s.g.=0.85). If the pressure at point A in the suction pipe
is a vacuum of 180 mmHg, find the total energy head at point A with respect to a datum
at the pump.
a. -3.336 m Ans.
b. -7.333 m
c. 1.337 m
d. 4.336 m
3. The figure shows a pump drawing water from a reservoir and discharging it into the air
at point B. The pressure at point A in the suction pipe is a vacuum of 10 inHg, and the
discharge is 3.00 ft3/s. Determine the total head at point A and at point B with respect
to a datum at the base of the reservoir.

a. HA=14.136 ft. ; HB=81.147 ft Ans.

b. HA=81.156 ft. ; HB=14.147 ft
c. HA=51.857 ft. ; HB=41.256 ft
d. HA=18.136 ft. ; HB=32.207 ft
4. If the total available head of a stream flowing at a rate of 300 ft 3/s is 25 ft, what is the
theoretical horsepower available?
a. P = 581.909 hp
b. P = 832.909 hp
c. P = 850.909 hp Ans.
d. P = 605.909 hp
5. A 150-mm diameter jet of water is discharging from a nozzle into the air at a velocity of
36.0 m/s. Find the power in the jet with respect to a datum at the jet.
a. P = 411.412 kW Ans.
b. P = 416.421 kW
c. P = 521.124 kW
d. P = 214.214 kW
6. The fluid shown in figure is water, with the surface 20 ft above the datum. The pipe is 6
in. in diameter, and the total loss of head between point 1 in the water surface and
point 5 in the jet in the left is 10 ft. determine the velocity of flow in the pipe and the
discharge Q.

a) V=35.2 ft/s , Q=9.5 cfs

b) V=22.5 ft/s , Q=6.3 cfs
c) V=35.3 ft/s , Q=7.5 cfs
d) V=25.3 ft/s , Q=5.0 cfs Ans.

7. In the figure shown, a large siphon with its upper end immersed in a large reservoir of
oil (SG=0.80). As long as the siphon is filled with air there is, of course, no tendency for
flow to occur. The pipe is 6 in. in diameter. Compute the discharge, if the loss of head
from 1 to 2 is 5 ft and from 2 to 3 is 8 ft.

a) Q= 3.424 cfs
b) Q=2.224 cfs Ans.
c) Q=5.343 cfs
d) Q=3.242 cfs

8. Determine the loss of head in 200 ft of 6 in. new cast-iron pipe carrying 250 gpm of
a) hf=1.02 ft of water
b) hf=3.2 ft of water
c) hf= 1.2 ft of water Ans.
d) hf=0.12ft of water
9. Determine the capacity of 30-in wood-stave pipe carrying water with a loss of head of
10 ft per mile.
a) Q=12 cfs
b) Q=21 cfs Ans.
c) Q=16.5 cfs
d) Q=22.33 cfs

10. What size of best-quality concrete pipe will carry 10 cfs of water with a loss of head of
2.0 ft per 1000 ft?
a) D=1.52 ft
b) D=1.91ft Ans.
c) D=1.64ft
d) D=0.91ft





6. Write the energy theorem from 1 to 5:

Since .,

7. Write the energy theorem from 1 to 3:




Assuming , since
Book Title: Hydraulics

Author/s: Horace W. King , Chester O. Wisler , James G. Woodburn

Book pages: p.97-99, p.185