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Product Information

Natural Plus ABS Resins

The mass (continuous process) ABS MAGNUM* 3416 SC is a resin Applications

technology of Dow ensures an ABS with very high heat resistance and • Automotive interior and exterior
resin that combines excellent pro- excellent processing characteristics. applications
cessability with a stable light base • Dashboard components
colour that is ideal for self-colouring. • Consoles
• Pillar covers
• Taillight housings
• Household appliances

Properties (1) Test Method Value

Physical Properties
Density, kg/m3 1183B D-792-B 53479-B 1050
Bulk density, kg/m3 60 D-1895 53468 650
Melt flow rate (230°C/3.8 kg), g/10 min. 1133 D-1238 53735-N 2.2
Melt flow rate (220°C/ 10 kg), g/10 min. 1133 D-1238 53735-U 7.0
Thermal Properties
Vicat softening point (50 °C/h, 5 kg), °C 306B D-1525-A 53460 108
Vicat softening point (120 °C/h, 1 kg), °C 306A D-1525-B 119
HDT, annealed (120 °C/hr, 1.82 MPa), °C 75/A D-648 53461-A 108
Mechanical Properties
Charpy notched, kJ/m2 23°C 179/2C 53453 12
0°C 179/2C 53453 10
–20°C 179/2C 53453 9
–40°C 179/2C 53453 7
Charpy unnotched, kJ/m 23°C
2 179/2D 53453 No break
–40°C 179/2D 53453 No break
Izod notched, kJ/m2 23°C 180/1A 17
Tensile yield, 100 mm/min., MPa DIS527/D D-638-M 53455-6-3 51
Tensile elongation, % DIS527/D D-638-M 53455-6-3 25
Tensile modulus, 1 mm/min., MPa DIS527/A 53455-t-3 2400
Flexural strength, 1 mm/min., MPa 178 D-790-M 53452 76
Flexural modulus, 3 point, MPa 178 D-790-M-A 53457-B3 2500
Flexural modulus, 4 point, MPa D-790-M-B 53457-B4 2700
Shear modulus, MPa 23 °C 537 D-4065 53445 960
Rockwell hardness, R-scale 2039/2 D-785B 88
Ball indentation 2039 53456 100
Flammability Ratings
Flame class rating (2,3) all colours HB
Special Properties
UV stability, 300 hrs (4)
(1) Typical properties, not to be construed as specification limits.
(2) This numerical flame-spread rating is not intended to reflect hazards presented by material under actual fire conditions.
(3) UL ratings are given for the density reduction range 0–15 % (see UL listing for details).
(4) UV stability is colour-dependent.

* Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company See “Safety and Handling Considerations”

Dow Plastics is a business unit of Dow Europe S.A. Page 1 of 2 CH 264-044-E-897

Safety and Handling Considerations

Material Safety Data (MSD) sheets for Use safety glasses. If there is a potential for Environment
MAGNUM ABS resins are available from Dow exposure to particles which could cause Generally speaking, in the environment lost
Plastics, a business unit of Dow Europe S.A. mechanical injury to the eye, wear chemical pellets are not a problem except under un-
MSD sheets are provided to help customers goggles. If vapour exposure causes eye dis- usual circumstances – when they enter the
satisfy their own handling, safety and dispos- comfort, use a full-face respirator. No other marine environment. They are inert and be-
al needs, and those that may be required by precautions other than clean body-covering nign in terms of their physical environmental
locally applicable health and safety regula- clothing should be needed for handling impact, but if ingested by waterfowl or
tions such as OSHA (USA), MAK (Germany) MAGNUM ABS resins. Use gloves with insu- aquatic life, they may mechanically cause ad-
or WHMIS (Canada). MSD sheets are upgrad- lation for thermal protection, when needed. verse effects. Spills should be minimised and
ed regularly, therefore, please request and they should be cleaned up when they happen.
review the most current MSD sheet before Combustibility
Plastics should not be discarded into the
handling or using any product. MAGNUM ABS resins will burn, and once ocean or any other body of water.
The following comments are general and ignited, may burn rapidly under the right con-
apply only to MAGNUM ABS resins as suppli- ditions of heat and oxygen supply. Do not Product Stewardship
ed. Various additives and processing aids permit dust to accumulate. Dust layers can The Dow Chemical Company has a funda-
used in fabrication and other materials used be ignited by spontaneous combustion mental concern for all who make, distribute
in finishing steps have their own safe use pro- or other ignition sources. When suspended and use its products, and for the environment
file and must be investigated separately. in air, dust can pose an explosion hazard. in which we live. This concern is the basis
Dense black smoke is produced when prod- of our Product Stewardship philosophy by
Hazards and Handling Precautions uct burns. Toxic fumes are released in fire which we assess the health and environ-
MAGNUM ABS resins have a very low degree situations. mental information on our products and then
of toxicity and under normal conditions of Fire fighters should wear positive-pressure, take appropriate steps to protect employee
use should pose no unusual problems from self-contained breathing apparatus and full and public health and the environment. Our
ingestion, eye or skin contact. However, protective equipment. Water or water fog are Product Stewardship programme rests with
caution is advised when handling, storing, the preferred extinguishing media. Foam, every individual involved with Dow products
using or disposing of these resins and good alcohol resistant foam, carbon dioxide, or dry from the initial concept and research to the
housekeeping and controlling of dusts are chemicals may also be used. Soak thoroughly manufacture, sale, distribution, and disposal
necessary for safe handling of product. with water to cool and prevent re-ignition. of each product.
Workers should be protected from the pos-
sibility of contact with molten resin during Disposal Customer Notice
fabrication. DO NOT DUMP INTO ANY SEWERS, ON THE Dow encourages its customers and potential
Handling and fabrication of plastic resins can GROUND, OR INTO ANY BODY OF WATER. users of Dow products to review their appli-
result in the generation of vapours and dusts. For unused or uncontaminated material, cations for such products from the standpoint
Dusts resulting from sawing, filing and sand- the preferred options include sending to a of human health and environmental quality.
ing of plastic parts in post-moulding opera- licensed recycler, reclaimer, incinerator or To help ensure that Dow products are not
tions may cause irritation to eyes and upper other thermal destruction device. For used or used in ways for which they are not intended
respiratory tract. In dusty atmospheres, use contaminated material, the disposal options or tested, Dow personnel will assist custom-
an approved dust respirator. remain the same, although additional evalua- ers in dealing with ecological and product
Granules or beads may present a slipping haz- tion is required (see, for example, in the USA safety considerations. Your Dow sales repre-
ard. Good general ventilation of the polymer 40 CFR, Part 261, “Identification and Listing sentative can arrange the proper contacts.
processing area is recommended. Processing of Hazardous Waste”). All disposal methods Dow literature, including Material Safety Data
may release fumes which may include poly- must be in compliance with Federal, State/ sheets, should be consulted prior to the use
mer fragments and other decomposition prod- Provincial and local laws and regulations. of Dow products. These are available from
ucts. Fumes can be irritating. At temperatures As a service to its customers, Dow can pro- the nearest Dow sales office.
exceeding melt temperature, polymer frag- vide lists of companies which recycle, re-
ments can occur. Good general ventilation process, or manage chemicals or plastics,
should be sufficient for most conditions. and companies that manage used drums.
Local exhaust ventilation may be necessary Contact the nearest Dow sales office for
for some operations. further details.

Notice: The information and data contained herein do not constitute sales specifications. The product properties may be changed without no-
tice. No liability, warranty or guarantee of product performance is created by this document. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to determine whether
Dow products are appropriate for Buyer’s use and to ensure that Buyer’s workplace and disposal practices are in compliance with applicable
laws and regulations. No freedom from any patents or other industrial or intellectual property rights is granted or to be inferred. (August 1997)

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Printed in Switzerland * Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company CH 264-044-E-897

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