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a, = Someone Like You Words & Music by Adele Adkins & Daniel Wilson Adele's breathtaking performance of this song at the 2011 BRIT Awards led to it becoming her first No. 1 single in the UK, a position it held for five weeks. It tells the story of Adele learning of her ex-boyfriend's engagement and wishing him happiness whilst still longing to find ‘someone like him’ Hints & Tips: Keep the left hand quavers even and flowing and watch out for when the pattern changes in bars 17 - 20. | found a gic and_ you're lbegptrenbrenireseee (6% £ f oe heard that your bccseseteeeee tt f r 3 reams came tive. I did-n’t [give to you. why are you from the light. tam E ‘out of the blue un-in-vit-ed but —>— could-n't stay a-way.— I could-n't fight it 1 had) tum up, a me =I Zt ‘and that you'd be re-mind-ed that for] me scat ete a eon 345678