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Title of Selection Page/Text Structure Breakdown

from Hatchet
Page Text Structure Evidence
Realistic Fiction

TEKS At first he thought it was a

growl…Then he heard the
p. 296 Sequence
5.10E, 5.6B slithering…Now he
Focus Objective(s)
The pain made it seem as if
Analyze Point of View dozens of them had been
slammed into his leg…
Close Reads Focus Story Vocabulary p. 298 Problem/Solution
Analyze Point of View He grasped one of the
Generate Questions gingerly quills, held his breath, and
Vocabulary in Context jerked.

…but later he looked back

sputtered p. 299 Sequence
on this time of crying…


gratified Where the bark was

peeling from the trunks it
p. 305 Description lifted in tiny tendrils,
almost fluffs…flammable,
Reading Comprehension Academic dry, and nearly powdery.
Expectations Vocabulary
1.Analyze Point of View expert, visible,
detect, focus,
2.Generate Questions relate Then he went back into the
p. 306 Sequence shelter…As an afterthought
Overall Text Structure(s) he threw in the remains…

The sparks grew with is

Sequence gentle breath. The red
p. 310 Description glow…glowing red
worms…glowing red coal
of heat.
Signaling Words Key/Central Idea (Main Idea)
First, a porcupine slaps Brian on his leg with its tail of quills.
Second, Brian reflects on what he knows about survival.
At first, then, now, at last Third, Brian realizes that his hatchet will help him survive.
Finally, Brian uses his hatchet to build a fire so he can keep
warm and stay safe.

Essential Question (CPQ) & Weekly Question Summary of Text

How do we learn through our observations? Brian is all alone when a porcupine slaps his leg with its tail of
How can careful observation help a person survive? quills leaving him in much pain. In a dream, he sees his
father and Terry gesturing at a fire. Brian then realizes that
his only chance at survival is his hatchet. With it he is able to
gather what he needs to build a fire for warmth and safety.