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Assessment Event 1

Contribute to copyright, ethics and privacy in an

ICT environment
Short answer questions - Theory questions
Respond to the questions below.

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List, with brief explanations, 10 industry standards and/or pieces of legislation that are relevant to a
specific work area in information technology (e.g. software development, network administration). 

Your answer
1. Privacy: protects individuals from misuse of their personal information.
2. Workplace health and safety: prevents accident, injuries and loss of life in the workplace.
3. Copyright: protects the rights of owners of published and unpublished material.
4. Equal opportunity: ensures equal rights regardless of gender, ability, religion or ethnicity.
5. Anti-discrimination: protects against abuse or inferior treatment based on real or perceived
6. Defamation: protects the good name and reputation of individuals and businesses.
7. Fair trading:  protects you against being misled or treated unfairly by traders. 
8. Workers compensation and rehabilitation: provides protection to workers if they suffer from a
work related injury or disease.
9. Spam Act 2003 (Cwlth): prohibits the sending of unsolicited commercial electronic messages
(which are known as spam) with an Australian link.
10. Electronic Transactions Act 1999 (Cwlth): Allows electronic commerce to operate on the same
basis just like paper based commerce, it allows a person to satisfy a legal requirement by using an
electronic communication for a manual signature.


Outline, in your own words, what you think that APP 5 and APP 6 of the Australian Privacy Principles
mean for an organisation's customer service requirements. Include an example, for each of APP 5
and APP 6, where you have experienced the principle in action. 

Your answer
App 5: An APP entity that collects the personal information of an individual must take reasonable steps to
inform an individual that they are aware of those matters.
Example: If a worker is involved in a crime, police asks the owner about that person’s detail, owner may give
the worker’s information to the police and notify the person.
APP 6: An APP entity that holds personal information of an individual can only use or disclose that
information for a particular purpose for which it was collected.
Example: If a person is seriously injured, his usual health service provider may disclose his personal
information to another health service provider who will treat the person.