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IMC Plan Template

1. Executive Summary
Provide a brief description of key strategic objectives and marketing
communication programs that you will be implementing for the next calendar
year (2-3 pages max)
2. Strategic Business Objectives
o Setup a new database storing system
o Launch new products/ services
o Grow revenues by x %
o Identify target sales/ units
3. Market Segmentation, Profiling and Positioning
a. Market research analysis
Provide market research exercise/ report to support market sizing,
potentiality and segmentation
b. Market segmentation and customer profiles
o use your market segmentation tool to determine market
segment sizes based on surveys and other external data (i.e.
market research)
o define market segments and develop customer profiles
c. Competitive positioning
Analyze market segments behavior against our competitive product
positioning to develop required positioning statement
4. Marketing Communication Strategy Plan
a. Marketing program activities
List your proposed actionable marketing activities
b. Marketing program prioritization
Insert marketing communication priority index for scheduling the
communication of the proposed initiatives
c. Lead generation strategy plan
Initiatives KPI’s Target Cost
# of leads 20 leads/ month
CTR (click through Average 5% CPT $
E-mail marketing
rate) 100,000 by 2011
Subscribers list size
Dials/ day 100 dials/day/rep
Outsourced call center Appointments 3
generated appointments/day
Webcast attendees 100/ event
Webcast series $
Leads generated 10/ event

d. Public relations strategy plan

Insert public relations plan highlights to illustrate key editorial
Initiatives KPI’s Target Cost
# Journalists and 20 industry
Develop key contacts $
editors contacts
# hits 3 releases/ month
Press releases $
# releases 20,000 hits/ year
Key note speeches presentations 1/ quarter $

e. Social media strategy plan

Initiatives KPI’s Target Cost
Implement blog Blog postings 4 postings/ month $
RSS feeds RSS feed subscribers 100 by end of year $
Linked in Group # group members 500 by end of year $
Twitter # followers 1000 by end of
Article marketing Articles syndicated 2 articles/month
Incoming links 5 incoming links
f. Event marketing strategy plan

Event or tradeshow Date and location Value Cost

1 xx Brand awareness
Golf sponsorships 2 xx partnership $
Generate leads
Incentive for sales
1 Engage prospects
Lead generation
Tradeshows 2 Increase sales $
3 Test new sales
Team motivation
Annual sales meeting $
Sales training

5. Marketing Communication Schedule

a. Marketing activities calendar
Schedule your initiatives with marketing agency calendar
b. Internal marketing communication plan
Communication type Frequency Delivery method
Corporate events and news
Policy and procedure
Product launches
Personnel changes
Industry and competitor
Corporate performance
Press and blog insights

6. Budget and Results Measurements

a. Marketing communication budget
Prepare marketing communication activities budget and breakdown
b. Monitoring and measurement
Provide monitoring methodology along with their expected financial
impact on the organization