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Activity Sheet in Science 5

First Quarter
Activity No. 1

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Useful and Harmful Materials

I. Learning Competency: Use the properties of materials whether they are useful or
harmful. S5MT-Ia-b-1
LO1: Classify materials found in the environment according to use in personal
body care products, cleaning agent medicines. S5MT-la-b-1.1

II. Directions:

1. Group the materials written below according to their uses in personal body
care products, cleaning agents and medicines.

Shampoo ointment lotion

Detergents muriatic acid paracetamol

Eye drops soap degreasers

Tootpaste abrasives cough syrup

Personal Body Care Cleaning Agents Medicines





III. Directions: Classify the following materials found in the environment according to
their uses. Write Personal body care products, Cleaning agents or Medicines.









IV. Remember:
Materials found in the environment according to used are:
a. Personal body care: are consumer products used in personal hygiene and for
b. Cleaning agent or hard- surface cleaners: are substances (usually liquids, powder,
sprays or granules) used to remove dirt, including dust, stain, bad smells and clutter on
c. Medicines:


Answer Key:

Personal body care Cleaning agent Medicines

Shampoo detergent eye drops
Toothpaste muriatic acid ointment
Soap abrasives paracetamol
Lotion degreasers cough syrup

B. 1. Personal body care 2. Cleaning agent 3. Medicines

4. cleaning-agent 5. Medicines 6. Personal body care
7. cleaning-agent 8. Medicine 9. Cleaning-agent
10. cleaning agent