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Listening, Use of English and Reading

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2 [Track 15] You will hear three different extracts. For

questions 1–6, choose the answer A, B or C which
fits best according to what you hear. There are two
1 [Track 14] You will hear five shorts extracts in
questions for each extract.
which people talk about jobs involving travel.
You hear two colleagues talking about a recent
For questions 1–5, choose from the list A–H the sports news event.
negatives aspects of their job. There is one correct 1 Which of the following reflects the woman’s thoughts
option for each speaker.
on the incident?
1 Speaker 1 A The sports star’s previous prizes shouldn’t be retained.
2 Speaker 2 B The sports star shouldn’t be held fully responsible for
3 Speaker 3 her actions.
4 Speaker 4 C The sports star shouldn’t have been competing if she
5 Speaker 5 was sick.

A There is some competition in finding work. 2 What do the man and the woman disagree on?
B It’s hard to advance in this particular field of work. A The sports star was brave to confront the press.
C They often have to deal with people who are B All professional sports stars should compete under
the same conditions.
D They seldom get the opportunity to sightsee.
C The sports star shouldn’t have needed to
E A good background knowledge is a necessity.
make a public apology.
F You must have previous experience to get a job.
G It’s only possible to succeed if you have contacts. You hear a woman telling her friend about a visit to
H You need to count on a certain amount of luck. China.
3 What does the woman say about restaurants in China?
For questions 6–10, choose from the list A–H what they A The best restaurants are normally very popular.
say about their future travel plans. There is one correct
B One needs to use a special greeting when eating out
option for each speaker.
in restaurants.
6 Speaker 1 C People behave in ways very different than in the west.
7 Speaker 2
4 When it comes to eating etiquette, the traveller tells
8 Speaker 3
us that
9 Speaker 4
A it’s important to make polite conversation.
10 Speaker 5
B food shouldn’t be eaten too quickly.
A They plan to stop travelling and return to the UK. C one must sample some of the staple foods.
B They hope to relocate long-term for career purposes.
You hear two colleagues talking about a newspaper
C They are looking forward to visiting more countries.
article one of them has read.
D They hope to settle down and travel in a new country.
5 What does the woman say about the changes
E The want to take a long holiday to recharge their
taking place in Africa?
F They will probably return to their home country. A Big companies are beginning to invest more money
G Their plans largely depend on opportunities at work. there.
H They have definite plans about their next destination. B She thinks the Internet in Africa will become
very popular.
/10 C There will be greater use of technology over the next
few years.

6 What problems does the man see in relation to

Internet use in Africa?
A The language of the Internet may limit its usability.
B Internet access will be limited to those with a good
C It will take a long time to provide the infrastructure

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5 Complete the second sentence so that it is as similar
Use of English
in meaning as possible to the first sentence. Use
between three and six words including the words in
3 Write the appropriate forms of the words in brackets
to complete the text. CAPITALS. Don’t change the given word.
1 Sergio advised me not to repair my faulty camera
myself but return it to the shop. SUGGESTED
The tiny Alaskan village of Shishmaref has taken a
vote on whether or not to relocate due to the far- Sergio my faulty
reaching effects of climate change. With residents camera to the shop instead of repairing it myself.
voting 89-78 in favour of the move, they are set to
become the first population displaced by rising sea 2 The crowd gave us their complete and undivided
levels in US history.
The local 1 (establish) remain undecided attention the moment we started playing. THAN
when it comes to the new location.
Rising temperatures have seen a 2 (remorse) No the crowd gave
reduction in sea ice. Furthermore, the permafrost upon us their complete and undivided attention.
which the settlement is built is melting, leaving many
locals looking on with 3 (humble) as the 3 You could have warned me you were unwilling to devote
shore continues to recede at the striking rate of 3.3 enough time to this project. WISH
metres per year. A total of thirteen houses have been
relocated over the last 15 years and the Inuits are set I were unwilling to devote
to suffer further 4 (hard) as a result of enough time to this project.
continued and 5 (defy) coastal erosion.
4 Experts believe that Neanderthals wore jewellery made
The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) warns
from eagle claws. THOUGHT
that another 31 coastal villages face the threat of
due to 6 (manage) of the environment. Neanderthals jewellery
Twelve are reportedly already looking into relocating made from eagle claws.
but with funds tight, many communities will need an
(break) iron will to help them deal with
even more 8 (substance) land loss over the

4 Complete the text with an appropriate word in each

First year university students are notorious for handling
money badly and then struggling financially after
blowing their grants and loans far before the end of the
first semester. Here are some tips to help make your
go further and avoid 1 up on the streets.
Firstly, 2 your common sense is essential
when it comes to choosing a bank. Don’t be fooled into
signing up because of a freebie – what you want is
an interest free overdraft to stop debts piling up and
interest on your savings whilst you’ve still got pennies
in the bank.
Also, don’t forget to do research 3 your mobile
service provider. Many people blinker 4 and
say they don’t want the hassle of changing numbers.
But many companies nowadays offer great packages in
effort to compete 5 rivals. Just bear in mind,
at the end of the 6 , spending half an hour
in the competitor’s office could save you a lot of money.
Finally, seek out cashback offers everywhere you
shop. Companies have a good 7 record of
rewarding loyal customers and once you’ve found a
cheap place to pick up your groceries, you’ll be able to
notch 8 some loyalty points and capitalise
on future purchases.
Reading Such internationally successful phenomena, however,
rarely come and go without creating waves.
6 Read the newspaper article below. Six paragraphs Significantly, the waves created by Pokémon Go have
have been removed from the article. Choose the been obstinately crashing onto shores and wreaking far-
correct paragraph for each gap. There is one extra reaching havoc around the globe since its worldwide
paragraph which you do not need to use. launch.
A Steven Cary’s tale is a case in point. The former US 1
marine admitted having crashed into a tree when pursuing Regardless of actual popularity, though, there is a danger
a rare Lapras Pokémon whilst driving through New York. with any video game that users will become captivated
Happily, Cary sustained only two broken ankles and and addicted. Being entirely engrossed in games in itself
required stitches in his elbow – the damage to the car was may not cause too much harm, but the consequences of
much more considerable. abandoning civic duties on your quest for a high score
B Despite incidents like these, only one country to date has
actually banned Pokémon Go. Citing security reasons,
government requests to exclude certain locations from Predictably, examples of recklessness also extend
beyond urban areas. Emergency services in the UK
entry to Pokémon creatures have thus far been ignored by
recently announced that they have been called out on a
the remorseless game makers.
number of occasions to rescue Pokémon hunters trapped
C What is more, with over 100 million downloads within the in hard-to- reach caves or left stranded by rising tides.
first month alone, an average of 20 million active users 3
per day and dedicated fan sites and blogs popping up as
What is more, persistent Pokémon hunters around the
frequently as the Pokémon themselves, there’s very little
world have been finding themselves on the wrong side of
chance that we’ll see an end to these problems any time the law. Cases of trespassing on private grounds (including
soon. the Pentagon) or holding ‘illegal’ social gatherings are
D In spite of this, the game itself is relatively straightforward probably just the tip of the iceberg.
and even a novice who knows how to work the most basic 4
features of smartphone can quickly start hoarding Such innocent pursuits, it seems, can lead innocents astray
beasties and training them up for battle. while indulging in their seemingly harmless pastime.
E Health Education Authorities have therefore somewhat Staying vigilant is advised yet how many can claim to
enthusiastically embraced the new fad stating adamantly do this whilst losing themselves on the hunt of the ever
that, whilst the game itself isn’t a dedicated fitness app, its irresistible Pikachu?
use can radically help tackle obesity and type 2 diabetes. It’s not all bad news, however. Many consider the
F Unsurprisingly, as well as these incidents there has also hunting of Pokémon to have certain health and social
benefits. One gamer claims to have walked over 225km
been a spate of crime attached to Pokémon tracking. One
(140 miles) and lost more than 12kg when traipsing
of the game’s features allows you to add beacons to keep
around the UK searching for her quarry.
tabs on where rare Pokémon can be found. Unsuspecting
trackers have reportedly found themselves alone and
vulnerable in remote areas and then suddenly being held Moreover, gamers who have typically been glued to
at gun point by resourceful criminals seeking a very their monitors lacking both exercise and vitamin C can
different goal. now also be found burning calories out on the
streets.The computer geek is finally thrilled to emerge
G Of course, despite having the backing of the experts, into the sunlight.
one still has to know where to draw the line. 24-year-old
This curious new-found desire to get out and about has
New Zealander Tom Currie is known to have quit his job been picked up by sociologists and psychologists claiming
to embark on a self-imposed two-month trek around his that, to some extent at least, this marriage of fiction and
home country in an unwavering and rather formidable reality is a good thing if it can get people out in the real
endeavour to capture every one of the Pokémon roaming world interacting with other – albeit with a smartphone in
the island. At the time of writing, he had already taken one hand and a map in the other.
over 20 bus trips on his quest. 6
Trends which evoke such passion inevitably come and go
POKÉMON COME, POKÉMON GO – and some will leave a greater lasting impression than
For many, the resurgence of Pokémon will not have others. The very human need for trivial phenomena as
come as a big surprise. It started out in 1995 as a highly- Pokémon Go will continue to cause consternation to
popular video game in which you have to catch and many and face a predictable backlash from those people
train fictional creatures to battle against each other. that tend only to see the negatives. It’s impossible to
Thanks to increasing numbers of Pokémon lovers over foresee how long the current craze will last, but don’t be
the years, Pokémon have now become the world’s surprised to see a Pokémon monster lurking near you –
second most high- grossing video game money-spinner both in the present and the longer-term future.
behind Nintendo’s own prominent Mario franchise.
7 Read four extracts from texts which offer advice
D You do not need to be the rebellious child of
for people wanting to write biographical texts. For
questions 1–4, choose from the extracts A–D. The eccentric parents. And you do not need to have
extracts may be chosen more than once. suffered unbearable hardship. In reality, the vast
majority of us lead fairly dull lives. So what is it
that makes so many of us want to write our
TO WRITE OR NOT TO WRITE autobiography or memoirs in the first place? One
AN (AUTO)BIOGRAPHY? explanation is that putting our thoughts and
feelings down on paper is a form of catharsis that
A A good biographical book never starts at the
we can do for ourselves without the costs or the
beginning. In order to engage a reader early on,
social stigma attached to employing a professional
start with some major heart-stopping event which
listener with whom we can expose our souls. With
sums up the current existence of your subject.
a little prowess, even a seemingly ordinary life will
Expose readers early on to a glimpse into the very
appear far from being pointless and can offer
heart and vulnerability of the person being written
significant insight into the more profound.
about: make them want to read more and find out
what really makes this person tick and what
In which extract does the writer
dreams they harbour. Anything else will risk losing
readers before even beginning to unravel the life 1 share the view with the author of text D that
of the book’s hero or heroine. It’s also best to avoid expressing sentiments through a biography
starting at the very end too – the classic movie can be a kind of healing process for the author?
Citizen Kane pulled this off so magnificently that
2 have a different view from the others in
anything along the same lines now just reeks of their belief that even petty events can
cliché and may well leave you and your readers form the content of biographical texts?
with a feeling of nausea.
3 touch upon, like in text D, the possible role
B Abraham Lincoln said: ‘In the end, it’s not the of an intermediary in the writing process?
years in your life that count. It’s the life in your
years.’ If you’re one of those people that have 4 consider, like the author of text B, the
always wanted to write an autobiography but think potential impact of their work on the
that you haven’t lived long enough to have audience?
anything worth sharing – think again. There are
moments in everybody’s life that are significant,
Total /60when life’s burning questions are posed or
challenges need to be faced. Putting these key
events from your life down for all to read is not
only a good way to clear any blocks you may have
in your own psyche, but may also profoundly affect
those that read about them and can relate to them
on a deep and personal level.

C Don’t just turn on your laptop and start committing

the darkest secrets of your life for all to read. For
there are a few things anyone wanting to write a
biographical text needs to understand first. One of
these regards what you are actually planning to share
with your readers. This will determine whether you
are writing an (auto) biography – that is, the whole
story so far – or rather a memoir – which can be no
more than the in-depth reminiscences of a single
tale. Either way, you’ll first want to map out your life
thus far and isolate a number of the most significant
moments. Getting all nostalgic with a devoted and
willing old chum is a sure-fire way to help pinpoint
some events that may be of interest.