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Evaluación de Inglés Extraprogramático.

1) Read the following text and say whether the sentences below are True (T) or
False (F).

Frida Kahlo's real name was Magdalena Carmen Frida y Calderon. She was born in Mexico in
1907. She was one of four daughters. She did not plan to be an artist, she wanted to be a
doctor. When she was 18 she had a terrible accident and spent a year in bed. During that
period she started painting. She suffered all her life. Freda’s paintings were full of colours and
very simple.
At 22 she married Diego Rivera, but they didn't have any children. She created more than 200
paintings and drawings, 55 of them were self-portraits. Her work is special and different from
any other painter's work. The indigenous culture in Mexico influenced her.
Kahlo's Casa Azul (The Blue House) in Coyoacán, Mexico City, where she lived and worked, was
donated to the government by Diego Rivera in 1957. It is now a museum full of objects Frida
used during her life. Casa Azul is a popular destination for tourists.

a) Frida had sisters and brothers._____

b) She always wanted to be an artist._____
c) Frida used lots of colours in her paintings._____
d) Frida and Diego had two children.______
e) Frida’s house is now a museum in Mexico City._____

2) Past Continuous. Complete the sentences with the past continuous of the verbs
in brackets.

1. _______ you _________ (play) tennis with Paolo yesterday?

2. Mary ____________ (have) lunch at 1 o’clock.

3. We ________ (NOT/watch) basketball all day.

4. Who ________ you ___________ (dance) with at the party last night?

5. The kid ___________ (look) out of the window.

6. I ____________ (walk) home in the rain.

7. Tim ___________ (NOT/read) a book.

8. Ed and Lisa ___________ (listen) to music.

9. _______ Paula __________ (write) on the board?

10. Anna __________ (NOT/draw) pictures.