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Student’s Name: Umi Syahida Binti Zaini

Matric Number: 2020961157

Faculty/Group: Faculty of Education in Physics/ED2483I

Lecturer’s Name: Madam Hamidah Binti Abd Kadir

Title: The bright side of travelling

Organisational Pattern: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

Visual Aid: Powerpoint slides

General Purpose: To persuade

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to travel more.

Central Idea: Travelling makes you get out of your comfort zone, helps you build
confidence in yourself and makes you immersed in another language.


1. Is travelling truly essential to us?Do we gain from this enjoyment and how?
Travelling is absolutely a simple interest which we ought to consider as a
positive factor in our life. Through it, we benefit from important experience,
study many new matters about the subculture and the history of different
2. In a high school and college, you have the luxury of getting flexibility
considering that you may observe everywhere in the world, and feature
relatively long study breaks. The abilities and experience you gain from
travelling abroad can provide your life-lengthy personal advantages in addition
to a leg up in the professional world.
3. People of all ages, from all countries, travel to foreign places for plenty of
reasons — specifically work, their own circle of relatives and leisure. Whether
by plane, train, ship or automobile, travel is commonly a pleasing pleasure, at
the least for the folks that can financially manage to pay for comfortable and
secure techniques.
4. I even have a long past studying the reviews and doing a little study about
touring that's associated with this topic. To make you more understand, first, I
will talk about why human beings no longer need to travel. Secondly, I will let
you know the answer concerning the trouble that I had mentioned and lastly, I
will share the advantages of travelling.
5. Here I stand in front of you due to the fact I would really like to steer all of you
to open your thoughts to begin taking a trip.

(Transition: Here are several problem and issue)


I. There are many reasons why people do not want to travel.

A. As young people, most of us have a pretty established comfort zone.

(Peterson 2018)
1. At home with mom and dad, in a network that has recognized you for
probably a good part of your life. You have your established friends,
activities, hangouts and probably jobs. We come to be comfortable in
those everyday roles, and the concept of breaking them out may be
frightening and uncomfortable.
2. Nobody wants to feel uneasy and anxious once they don’t want to.
Most humans do now no longer recognize that being in a comfort zone
slowly abolishes their performance over time.
B. People nowadays don't have enough confidence to travel, especially travelling
1. Most people no longer need to risk their lives in other places. This is
due to the fact for them, travelling alone is something that is out of
thoughts. They did not need to open their thoughts to suppose that
travelling alone can build their self-assurance.
2. You have already constructed relationships with folks that are close to
you. That is why you feel comfortable with their company and might
easily begin a conversation without confusion. However, if you travel
alone, you only have the possibility to meet new people and try to
contact them.
C. People did not want to travel due to the language barrier.
1. Language limitations are the most common communication barriers
which cause misunderstandings and misinterpretations among people.
(Sungato 2010)
2. Other than that, most people are shy to talk another language. This is
due to the fact they're afraid that others will laugh at them if they do not
speak different languages fluently.
Ladies and gentlemen, you don’t have to worry because I even have the solution
concerning the problem that I had mentioned just no.
(Transition: Let’s see the solution)

II. Do research on the places you are visiting.

A. Wikitravel Articles is a great way to research a travel destination before

you go.
1. The Wikitravel page for a country is where you can know how
long the tourist visa lasts. Wikitravel posts also contain
information about things to do, places to stay, safety tips, ideas
for day trips and much more.
2. There is evidence that shows numerous Malaysians go to travel.
a. The 2015 Global Travel Intentions Survey, commissioned
by Visa Inc, also noted that business and leisure trips
were also on the rise among Malaysians.
b. (The Star 2015) Based on the survey involving 503
respondents, Visa found that Malaysians mostly travelled
within the region with top destinations being Singapore
(41%), Thailand (32%), Indonesia (30%) and Hong Kong

B. Travel starts with a group.

1. Maybe you just don’t need to journey independently, and that’s

flawlessly fine. Your answer might be joining a small group tour
so that you can still experience a destination without needing all
the confidence you would need to travel by yourself. (Derek
2. Find the closest town or city to where you live that has hostels
and book a couple of nights at the most popular one. Go there
on your own, maybe for a weekend. This easy experience will
put you right into a travel environment and it will also show you
exactly why you’ll never be alone, unless you choose to, when
you travel overseas. (Derek 2016)
3. Talk to a number of the different tourists, hang out with them and
pay attention to their personal travel tales. I’m certain that after
one weekend of this, you’ll be completely ready and more than
confident to proceed with your international travel plans.

C. You can go for language classes to make you immersed in other


1. Going for language classes is really the best way to learn a new

language since you are forced to challenge and practice your skills on
a daily basis.
2. Language is the best introduction to a new culture. It automatically
makes you interested in the cultural traditions that are tied to learning a
language. Of course, you can still learn about other cultures, but
language learning really allows for a more immersive
experience. (Cherian 2016)
3. Even knowing a few basic phrases can assist break the ice while
you’re in a foreign country. It’s not similar to being capable of having an
entire conversation, however most people respect the reality that
you’re attempting to talk their language.

III. There would be lots of benefits that you can gain by going on a trip.

A. Travelling makes you feel the new environment at new places.

1. If you go for a travel, you can make some memorable experiences that
you never felt.
2. From that you know that the world has lots of things that they can show
to you.
3. You learn to appreciate the wonders of God’s creations.
B. You also can improve yourself to become a better person in the future.
1. Travelling makes you realize that there are lots of changes that you
can make in yourself.
2. Going for a travel also makes you more understand yourself and know
what you really want in your life.

I. To put it briefly, travelling can make you become an open minded person. It is a
prime time to take advantage of your freedom and youth.
II. According to Samuel Johnson, he is often referred to as simply Dr. Johnson in
the history of literature and is regarded as the greatest man of letters in English
history. He said “All travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better
countries, he may learn to improve his own. And if fortune carries him to worse,
he may learn to enjoy it.” (Akerstrom 2008)
III. So today I already exposed to you the problem on why people did not want to go
for a travel, I have also given you the solution regarding the problem that I had
mentioned just now and I also informed you what you get if you go for a travel.
IV. I hope that I can encourage all of you to open your mind to start going for a

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