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Ashley Hoisington

PSIII- Out of Zone Internship Request

What do you consider your strongest attributes that will benefit the students and teachers of the
host school?

I am someone who has wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember… My

dedication and passion for teaching is something that shines through in every aspect of my
personal and professional life. I think that this is one of the strongest attributes I bring to the
table; becoming a teacher is something I have always dreamed of, and I could not see myself
doing anything else, and because of this, I exhibit immense dedication, motivation, and
perseverance through all of the ups and downs that teaching can bring. This would benefit the
host school because I show great enthusiasm and desire to be involved with many areas of the
school community, and I always try to get the most from any experience.
One of my best qualities is my dedication to forming connections with those around me; I
am committed to connecting with students, both in and out of the classroom, as well as staff and
teachers within the school community. The first thing I always do is try to learn one thing about
each student the first day and commit myself to learning their names as fast as possible.
Relationship building and connection is at the core of my teaching philosophy; I believe it is
absolutely essential to develop a space where students feel safe, cared for, and loved, before any
learning can occur and the best way to foster this type of environment is through connection. I
think it is incredibly important to ensure that my students feel valued and respected as unique
individuals, as well as helping them to foster a sense of confidence in themselves. I often hear
pre-service teachers wondering how to build relationships and show care, but with my kind and
compassionate nature it comes naturally for me. I find that students respond really well to my
personality, and in my past experiences I can see how students value my approach and
commitment to building reciprocal relationships in the classroom.
Another significant strength is that I am extremely reflective in my teaching practice, and
greatly value critical feedback. I have always been someone who is open to change and altering
the way I do things if there is a chance I can improve; I am committed to always learning and
developing so I can be the best version of myself both in my personal and professional life. I
took a course on Blackfoot culture this past semester, and something my instructor said really
stuck with me: “The more you know, the more you know that you don’t know.” This has become
a phrase that I hold closely because it reminds me that I always have more to learn and areas to
develop, and without committing to a reflective way of life it becomes easy to forget about this.
Through my first two practicums I found it was very helpful to keep jot notes at the end of each
day, with a basic format like “2 stars and 1 wish,” in which I reflected on two things I did well
and one thing I could improve upon and how. This allowed me to remain mindful of my growth
and development as well as assist in a deeper reflection on a weekly basis. Practicing
mindfulness in this way helps to keep me grounded in times of stress and allows for me to
commit to bettering myself and pushing forward to live in a way that places value on life-long
Something else that sets me apart is that I am very detail oriented and organized. When
planning lessons or units I strive to have very detailed plans so anyone observing or reading the
plans knows exactly what I am doing and why. I think this is one of my greatest strengths- I have
developed my planning in such a way that I can be detail oriented while still allowing for room
to change and develop lessons based on student interest. A large part of my teaching philosophy
Ashley Hoisington
PSIII- Out of Zone Internship Request

is that learning must be student-centred and engaging based on their interests. I have spent a lot
of time trying to develop my planning so I can foster a learning space where wonder and inquiry
is at the forefront while still covering the outcomes using a cross-curricular approach. I would
also classify myself as someone who is very creative and artistic, which gives me an advantage
because I try to include tactile and artistic aspects into my planning wherever possible.

Thank you so much for your time.


Ashley Hoisington