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january 21, 2011

Locally Owned & Operated STRATHMORE

Volume 3 issue 3

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Page 2
Drilling within
Town limits
Shannon LeClair
Times Reporter

The Prairies Merchant Corporation

is hoping to break ground sometime
in 2011 to begin development on the
Snow Angels community Prairie’s Edge.
flying to town The site is located across from
Strathaven, but before they can de-
velop an overall subdivision plan, En-
Cana plans to drill in that area.
Page 5 A Strathmore resident, who lives
near the future drill sites and wishes
to remain anonymous, said they have
major concerns with regards to the
drill site near their home.
She said Prairie Merchant Corpora-
tion needs EnCana to get the wells
drilled so they can start development
on Prairie’s Edge. In conjunction with
allowing EnCana to do it on their land,
the resident said EnCana is going to
MP hosts Open House remove some of the right-of-ways so
to discuss Prairie Merchant can put in more lots.
various topics “My biggest problem is that they are
going to slam this through the town
and they are going to make a ton of
Page 23 money through these wells.”
The resident said the drilling is to
begin in less than two weeks.
Alan Boras, Vice-President of Media
Relations for EnCana, confirmed the
location of the well site, but said there
is an existing well on that quarter sec-
tion of land that has been there for
50 years.
“Our plan is to drill four additional
directional wells from that existing
Bison win both
site, potentially this spring,” said Bo-
weekend games
“So we want to get in and drill the
wells, complete them so that work can
be done and then that site can exist
and can be incorporated into the over-
all subdivision plan.”
Boras said there is work going on
at the site, but as far as he knows, the
actual drilling will happen later in the
year and will take approximately 30
“My problem is Wheatland School is
Contact Us Today! directly west of where they are plan-
ning on drilling and anybody that Pointing in the right direction!
403.934.5589 lives on George Freeman Trail is go- Councillor Bob Sobol was showing inquiring minds that ‘there is room in Strathmore’ at the 2011 Calgary ing to be faced with increased traffic,” HomExpo Jan. 14-16 at the BMO Centre, Stampede Park. Town officials attend the home show to promote
said the resident. Strathmore as a great place to live and work. Continued on Page 2
Mario Prusina Photo

106 - 304 - 3rd avenue, strathmore

email: 403-934-5533 residential resale / new Builds
condominiums commercial
“Forget Market timing... it’s all about you!” acreage properties

aquilla Built hoMe! walk up basement with 9’ ceilings. huge master

robert desjardins
$377,700! suite with amazing full en-suite. Vaulted ceilings
/ 3 Bdrm / tile / hardwood... Mls c3427986 tamara desjardins

403-815-3774 we can help you with any Mls listed property 403-874-6486
Page 2 • Strathmore Times • January 21, 2011

Looking for angels among us

Mario Prusina Strathmore Snow Angels. tinual snowfall, they should consider
Times Editor “I know I need someone to assist going out at least once or twice to limit
me in shoveling snow and I know that the amount. Angels have up to a maxi-
Those who have trouble clearing there are plenty of seniors in the same mum of 24 hours to clear the snow.
snow after a winter blast will have an boat as me,” said Heck. “After some One of the requirements to becom-
extra set of hands at their disposal in brainstorming, I contacted Calgary’s ing a snow angel is to be over 18 years
the near future. Snow Angels and asked them the ins of age or have a written parental con-
The Strathmore Snow Angels is in and outs of the program. They were sent. All angels must sign a release of
the process of organizing people will- thrilled that I would start the snow an- responsibility because the Strathmore
ing to shovel the white stuff for those gels here and offered their support and Snow Angels project is not responsible
incapable of doing so themselves. advice.” for any injuries that occur, or the con-
The program, which has gone on for The hope is to generate enough in- duct of the shovellers while they par-
years in Calgary, is now making its way terest in the program to have the neces- ticipate in the program.
to town because of the vision and ded- sary amount of ‘angels’ in the commu- If you are interested in becoming a
ication of Val Heck, President of the nity to remove snow at the residence Snow Angel, or need your sidewalks
of seniors, as well as any individuals cleaned after a snowfall, please call Val
struggling to remove snow on their Heck at (403) 901-6799 to register.
NOW OPEN own due to limited mobility or physi-

cal conditions.
The shoveling angels are requested Strathmore resident Val Heck is aspiring to bring
PINE CENTRE to remove the snow once it has stopped the Snow Angels Program to town.

99 ¢
110J, 800 PINE ROAD TUEASCO falling. However, in the event of a con- Mario Prusina Photo

EnCana maintains no environmental concerns

over drilling project

OPEN 7 DAYS • 11 AM - 9 PM
Continued from Page 1 maybe they should have heard from no guarantees,” said the resident.
the people first before they make a de- She added that it is all part of the
The resident said anybody living cision,” she said. development process and they don’t
directly across from the site will be The resident said there are a number want to stop it, but when it involves
looking at a drilling and completion of people in the Rosebud area who peoples lives, more consideration
rig and noise for the next month or have had issues with their water since needs to be taken. She thinks the regu-
so if it goes through. The resident EnCana drilled Coal Bed Methane, lators are failing to protect the people.
by the sliCe doesn’t feel people have been proper-
ly notified and that the town is maybe
CBM, wells a number of years ago.
Some residents believe the issues
“I think the Town of Strathmore, in
this particular case, is failing miserably
Fresh and Hot • Lunch 11 am - 3 pm
making the assumption that residents may have been caused by the hydraulic on what is best for our community.”
Canadian Pizza Unlimited won’t have a problem with it. fracturing, or fracking, method. Frack- “It’s not a town thing, its beyond
419 - 2nd Street, Strathmore “Our town councillors, if they are ing is a process where the ground is our jurisdiction,” said Deputy Chief
403-934-0006 or 403-901-1181 speaking on behalf of the people, then drilled into and pumped with frac- Administrative Officer Linda Nelson.
turing fluids in order to fracture the Nelson referred to the town as the low
coal or rock. Once the coal has been man on a totem pole in regard to such
Buy Any oF ThESE pRopERTIES fracked, it then releases methane gas.
Boras said the water issues in Rose-
“Anything that has to do with re-
*RECEIVE* bud have been caused by methane in sources is provincial. The Energy Re-
water wells. He said it has been well sources Conservation Board, ERCB, or
FREE Cruise
re/max properites re/max properites
documented as naturally occurring, the Alberta Utilities Commission, AUC,
403-561-0037 for Two! 403-561-0037 and said it has been there for a long
is like the development officer for the
province, “ said Tammy Henry, Direc-
“When you drill a water well into a tor of Planning and Development for
coal seam and you pump that water the Town.
well, that liberates more natural gas The concerned resident made ref-
from those shallow locations,” said erence to the documentary Gasland,
Boras. saying EnCana would discount the
He said EnCana drills deeper and Gasland documentary by saying Alber-
put in casing, steel piping and cement ta drilling practices are more stringent
to make sure they don’t interact with and it can’t happen here.
the aquifers at the shallow depths. Boras said that in Alberta they use
“We are very cognizant of the need nitrogen, not water, when they frack
$479,900 1.5 Acre Brand new $359,900 to protect water and protect the land
and minimize our impact on the land
as part of the CBM drilling.
He said it is all maintained through
and not impact the water,” said Boras. systems they have engineered and de-
“The thing about CBM drilling, is it is signed to be safe at all times. He said
Call for a FREE Market Evaluation among the least impactful in the sense the CBM drilling in the U.S that has
Buy, Sell or Refer of the nature and the size of equip- had some criticism is because they are

ment.” drilling into a wet coal bed.
He said service equipment is com- “When you drill coal into coal seam
paratively small and pressure in wells in those circumstances, the coal seams

FREE Cruise
is relatively low. Some of the pressure are full of water. What they do is they
in the wells is lower than the pressure pump off the water first, so they have
of the natural as that goes into some large volumes of water that they need
for Two! homes.
“Regardless of the drilling we’re do-
to manage, and that has caused some
concerns about how they manage the
*Certain Conditions Apply!* (Air fare and port charges extra) ing, we work very, very hard to ensure water in some of those U.S locations,”
there is not an interaction between po- said Boras.

your home tential fracture fluids…to ensure those

wells are drilled safely and operate
safely at all times throughout the life
He stated once they pump off the
water, that’s what allows the methane
to come off of those coal seams.

could be of the well,” said Boras.

However, the local resident is not
“In our Horseshoe Canyon wells, we
do not have water present in any real
substance at all. So what happens is

hERE !
“There is no guarantee that they’re we drill the wells, we complete them
not going to frack into our aquifers with nitrogen and then they flow. The
because it’s new, it’s state of the art volume of water is very tiny - it’s often
$309,900 and all the rest of it. Yeah, in Alber- less than the water we have been han-
ta, there are huge regulations. We are dling and managing in the 50 years very good in Alberta in dealing with
the oil and gas industry, but there are
we’ve been developing shallow gas,”
he said.
January 21, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 3

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8:00 pm Nightly, closed Mondays

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f the Week
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e ASe

Snow week
Sacred Heart Academy gym teacher Shannon Fraser took the kids out to build Igloos during the first week back to school. The kids weren’t able to use the

Free Kids Titles every day!!!

gymnasium for the week while the One World Drumming was taking place. The kids had a great time out in the snow, and fortunately for them it wasn’t too - One per account

chilly. Jayden Stickel (l), Jewel Hilton and Sofia Janzen, show off one of the igloos they have been working on with their class.
Shannon LeClair Photo

Be prepared in any situation

Times tidbits
Sun Facts
Did you know at its core, the sun’s temperature is about
15 million degrees Celsius?
Shannon LeClair said John Silva, with the Strathmore Fire snow in it above the candle to drink if I’m not feeling any of that heat now!!
Times Reporter Department. Stocking up on everyday needed. Did you know the sun is the closest star to Earth
household items is recommended in the “You put that (a kit) in your car, at and is 149 million kilometers away?

The severe winter storm over the winter to prevent the need to travel in least it’s something. You might never
weekend of Jan. 8. should have been bad weather. Every vehicle should have ever use it, but then the day that you
an eye opener for many people. With an emergency kit in it, no matter how (take it out), a storm blows in and
whiteout conditions and many people long a person may have to travel on any you’re done,” said Silva.
being stuck in their vehicle for hours given day. There are tips and advice all “There’s not reason you couldn’t keep
on end, the RCMP and Fire Department over the Internet about how to prepare it in there all year round.”
were surprised at how many people an emergency kit for your vehicle. He said even if you see a light in the Fire & Safety
weren’t prepared for an emergency situ- “A person can add whatever they distance, it is like seeing a mirage in the
ation. need. It doesn’t take up that much room desert. It’s just too hard to judge the
“I think people have to remember to in the trunk to put that bag in there, but distance. Having a GPS is also a good
prioritize the nature of their trip and if you ever do need it….it’s between life thing, because it has the coordinates of LocALLy ownEd & opErAtEd
balance the risk out with the benefits,” and death,” said Silva. where a vehicle/person is stalled, which Fire Extinguishers
said Cpl. Duane White, with the Strath- Some of the things recommended will help emergency crews in locating
more RCMP. are a full tank of gas, blankets, non- the vehicle. Service & Inspections
“Is where you need to travel to, worth perishable food, a compass and travel “If you decide to leave your vehicle Safety Supplies • defibrillators
Safety training • consulting
loading up your family in the car and maps, blankets, extra clothing, a ma- for any reason, whether it’s a storm or
driving through dangerous weather, son jar and a votive candle. A candle you’re broken down, leave a note tell-
and if you need to, then you need to be may sound like an odd item, but it can ing which way you went. But if it’s cold cor programs
prepared.” keep a vehicle above freezing tempera- out you’re best to stay with your vehi- ISnet world
“What would be that important that tures. The important thing to remember cle,” said Silva.
with the candle is to keep your window There are premade emergency kits 921B wheatland trail
you have to travel in weather like this?
The thing is to keep lots of food in the cracked just a bit. If a person had a tin available at places like Walmart, Cana-
winter so you don’t have to head out,” cup, they would be able to melt clean dian Tire and Home Hardware. Behind the Golden Hills School division- South side of Hwy#1

qUiCk lUbe
Tire sale lUbe, Oil, FilTer
15 PT inspection
Cost + 10% Washer Fluid Fill - No Charge

snow Tires Too No appointment Necessary Monday - Friday.

Fast Tire service While U Wait appointment recommended on saturdays.
No appointment Needed - all Makes & Models
Phone for Pricing! all Makes & Models Welcome.

Page 4 • Strathmore Times • January 21, 2011


Do Days
starts January 21
Watch your Mail Boxes for the Flyer!

0 0
1 -store
s o f Store
9 am - 10 pm

101 -
900 Pine road,

l s

sp e c I a
Locally Owned & Operated
January 21, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 5

Wine Making SupplieS & gift Store

MP Kevin So-
renson stopped
in Strathmore
for a few hours

on Jan. 13 to
discuss a num-
ber of things,
including the

federal budget.

LeClair Photo

MP visits Strathmore $7 to $15 off

to discuss federal budget
expiry: January 31, 2011

Shannon LeClair “As I travel around the con- cussion about the military.
“Under New Ownership”
Times Reporter stituency, people are saying that
we want to make sure that you
“Again people are concerned
that we don’t hack and slash
116 Second avenue 403-934-9590
On Thursday Jan. 13, MP Kev- have a budget that will sooner on the military spending. The
in Sorenson was in Strathmore or later bring us back to a bal- question came today about the
at the Town Offices to talk to anced budget.”
He said people don’t want to
equipment and why is it, that
our equipment still isn’t up to
his constituents about the fed-
eral budget and ways to balance see the big spending, and new what it should be.” Comments? Story Ideas?
it. According to Sorenson the program spending. Instead they He said he had a few people Let us know how we're doing.
Prime Minister sent a letter to want to see the government get speak about postal delivery in Your opinion is something we always want to hear.
all members of parliament and it back to balanced budget and the area. Sorenson said it is not Call or contact us online.
encouraged them to hold meet-
ings throughout their constitu-
while investing in the programs
that are there not hacking and
specific to Strathmore and that
there are issues he will take to WE’RE 403.934.5589
“We’re listening to people on
slashing. He said on a smaller
issue, there were some sugges-
Minister Merrifield and also to
Canada Post. ALL

202, 114 Canal Garden, Strathmore, AB
what they would like to see in tions dealing with the beef in- Another concern constituents
this next budget that will be dustry and how to continue to brought up is no new taxes,
coming out February/March,” hold slaughter capacity in Cana- which is always a point dis- STRATHMORE

said Sorenson. da, and of course there was dis- cussed in regards to the budget.

Kindergarten Registration For 2011 - 2012

Page 6 • Strathmore Times • January 21, 2011 times
Thought Understanding Frostbite
for the
week & Hypothermia
~ Frostbite

Be Frostbite most commonly occurs to the extremities of the body;
Seasonal nose, cheeks, ears, fingers, and toes. Exposing your skin to the cold
kinder can result in crystals forming either superficially or in the fluids and

- than Affective Disorder underlying soft tissues. Frostbite can range from mild discomfort to
damage of the skin tissue, especially if the area has been thawed

and re-frozen. The skin may appear slightly flushed before frostbite
Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of
occurs, turning to white or grayish yellow. Initially the affected area
depression that seems to be related to the amount
may have a painful tingle, but this usually subsides. The area will feel
of daylight to which people are exposed. For most
people it tends to be worse in the fall or winter,
intensely cold and numb. Often the victim is unaware of the problem
making it an extreme form of the “winter blahs.” until an observer notices the pale, glossy skin. Protect frostbitten
Every year, as the days get shorter and the areas from further trauma and quickly re-warm by immersing in
weather gets colder, it’s estimated that about 2 warm, not hot, water. If the area has thawed and re-frozen, warm at
to 3 out or every 100 people are affected by SAD. room temperature and do not use excessive heat such as a stove or
About 15 out of every 100 people have less severe hot water bottle. If water is unavailable or impractical, carefully wrap
symptoms of SAD called the “winter blues.” the affected area in warm clothing or blankets. Do not massage the
It is more common in women than in men and injured area as you may damage frozen tissue. Swelling will occur
it usually begins when people are in their 20s. after thawing. Discontinue warming as soon as the part becomes
Older people are at lower risk. Children can also flushed. If feet are affected and the victim must walk to obtain
experience SAD, although it is far less common. assistance, don’t attempt to thaw beforehand. For anything other than
a very minor affliction, seek medical attention.
Causes of Seasonal Affective Disorder
The cause of SAD is unknown. It is believed, to Hypothermia
be caused by a decrease in the person’s exposure Hypothermia develops when the body’s core temperature drops
to sunlight. It may be linked to the body’s internal below the level where the body can reheat itself. If immediate
clock, which controls temperature and hormone steps are not taken, it can result in damage to vital organs. Signs of
hypothermia include slurred speech, numbness, shivering, mental
SAD may also be related to the levels of
confusion, impairment of judgment, stumbling and uncoordinated
melatonin in the body, a hormone secreted by the
walk, failing eyesight, exhaustion, and/or drowsiness. First aid for
pineal gland. The nerve centres in the brain that
control daily rhythms and moods are stimulated by hypothermia includes removing wet clothing and re-warming the
the amount of light entering the eyes. During the body, chest, shoulders, and stomach areas first. Use heating pads,
night, the pineal gland produces melatonin, which hot water bottles, blankets, or other people next to the victim to
makes people drowsy. In the morning, the bright transmit body heat. Keep the heat source warm, not hot, as skin
light of the sun causes the gland to stop producing sensitivity may be reduced or lost. Elevate feet and lower the head
melatonin. On dull winter days, not enough light is to increase circulation to the chest area. Keep a close eye on the
received to trigger this waking up process and for respiratory system. If the victim is conscious you can administer
some people it may become very difficult to get up warm liquids, but do not give alcohol or sedatives. Do not massage
Debbie Murray in the morning. any area. Call for medical assistance as soon as possible. Put the
FREE MaRkEt In addition, on dark winter days, less light victim’s feet up and head down for quicker circulation to the chest
comes into the eyes during the daylight hours, and and vital organs. Keep a close eye on the respiratory system. If the
Evaluations this may cause some people to feel “blue.” victim is conscious you may administer warm liquids but no alcohol
Geography seems to play a role. SAD is more or sedatives. Do not massage any area. Call for medical assistance
403.325.0372 • common among people who live in northern as soon as possible.
climates, or among people who move from a way to achieving unlimited success in every aspect of your life. The
sunny, southern climate to a more northern
difference between a goal and a dream is the written word.
climate. SAD can affect anyone, even if they
Vegetable are not already predisposed to depression. If
Samosas someone has a history of depression and lives
in a more northern climate, they may be more
• 1 teaspoon mustard seeds • 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
• 1/2 teaspoon curry powder • 2 tablespoons olive oil susceptible.

• 2 cups eggplant, diced • 1 onion, finely chopped
• 2 cloves garlic, chopped • 1/2 cup chicken broth Symptoms include:
• 1/2 cup frozen peas, thawed • 4 dried apricots, finely chopped • lethargy and fatigue (low energy level)
• withdrawal from friends and family

• 1/4 cup slivered almonds, toasted • 8-10 sheets phyllo dough
• 1/3 cup melted butter • 1 pinch Salt and pepper • inability to focus or concentrate
• 1 jalapeno, seeded and finely chopped • sadness, anxiety, and despair
• 1 1/2 cups diced potatoes cooked until tender • change in appetite with cravings for sweets
and starches
1. In a covered skillet over medium heat, toast the spices until the mustard seeds stop • weight gain
popping. Add the eggplant, potatoes, onion, garlic and jalapeno in olive oil and cook
uncovered until tender, about 5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Add the broth, peas
and apricots. Cook until nearly all the liquid has evaporated. Add the almonds and adjust
• headaches
• irritability 2011
the seasoning. Let cool slightly, then refrigerate until chilled. • increased sleep
2. With the rack in the middle position, preheat the oven to 180°C (350°F). Line 2 cookie Do You Provide a
sheets with parchment paper. In children, symptoms include irritability,
3. Working on a flat surface, brush 1 sheet of phyllo with melted butter. Cover with another problems in school, and difficulty getting out of Wedding Service?
sheet and brush again. Cut into 6 strips, each 30 cm (12 inches) long. Spoon 15 ml (1
tablespoon) of the vegetable filling at the end of each strip. Fold the dough over the filling to
form a small triangle. Continue folding until you reach the end of the strip,
leaving a small turnover. Place on the cookie sheet and brush with butter. Treating and Preventing The Strathmore Times
Repeat with the remaining phyllo sheets.
4. Bake, one cookie sheet at a time, until golden brown, Seasonal Affective Disorder is producing a
There are many options for treating SAD. It is
about 25 minutes.
usually treated with light therapy, exercise, and Wedding guide
Do you have a good nutrition, as well as antidepressants in more with the Bride & Groom in mind!
special recipe you pronounced and severe cases.
Phototherapy is delivered in a phototherapy
would like to share? device (“light box”) that can be purchased or
Please submit to the Strathmore Times rented on a monthly basis from a private supplier For information or to book
by Friday noon. or in medical device stores.
Fax Tracey 403.934.5546 or Exercise is very helpful, especially if it’s aerobic your ad please call
email and combined with light, for example, walking
outdoors on a bright winter day or exercising on a
Rose 403.934.5589
StRatHmoRe daiRy queeN &
treadmill in front of a light box.
Because many people with SAD gain weight, a
touRiSt iNfoRmatioN ceNtRe healthy and low-fat diet is important to help keep

Located on the North Side of Highway #1 weight gain to a minimum.
at 210 Ridge Road Strathmore • 403-934-5661 Counselling and therapy may also be part of a STRATHMORE

treatment plan for SAD.

January 21, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 7

Sorenson announces increase

in Summer Jobs Program
Kevin Sorenson, M.P., Crowfoot nizations, public-sector employers and small busi-
Parliamentary Report nesses to create high-quality summer job opportu-
nities for young people aged 15-30 years who are
Kevin Sorenson, Member of Parliament for full-time students and intend to return to school
Crowfoot, is encouraging local employers to par- in the next school year. The total budget will be
ticipate in the Canada Summer Jobs program. distributed across the 308 federal constituencies.
“This Government of Canada initiative provides Applications will be available on Feb. 1, and
funding to help employers create summer job op- must be submitted by Feb. 28. To support employ- Bah Humbug
portunities for students,” said Sorenson. “It is de- ers, the Canada Summer Jobs Applicant Guide will Holy Cross Collegiate Senior High Drama’s performance of “Humbug
signed to focus on local priorities while helping be made available on Feb. 1. It offers informa- High” was held the evening of January 13th. Thank you to Ms. Yersh
both students and their communities. This year, tion on eligibility requirements, assessment crite- and her talented students, to all the stage crew who helped with lighting
our Conservative government has bolstered the ria and the rating scale. Interested employers can and sound and to the families and community members who attended
program with a significant investment.” apply online at this delightful performance. Photo Courtesy of Mary Kruse
“The economy remains our government’s top or at their local Service Canada Centre. More in-
priority,” Sorenson maintains “that’s why we are formation is available by calling 1-800-935-5555
creating thousands of new jobs for young Cana- (TTY: 1-800-926-9105).
dians. Our government’s investment in the Cana- “The Canada Summer Jobs program is an im-
da Summer Jobs program will create as many as portant part of our Government’s long-term Youth
3,500 additional jobs for students next summer, Employment Strategy. It helps students get the
strengthening the local economies of communi- tools, skills and work experience they need to
ties across Canada.” make a successful transition to the workplace,”
Funding will be available to not-for-profit orga- Sorenson concludes.

Happy Gang excited for New Year

Ed Pretzlaff Tuesday, Jan. 25 will be our next potluck dinner
Happy Gang President at 5:30 p.m. Members bring a dish and for non-
members bringing a dish, there is a $1 drop in fee.
The Happy Gang would like to take this opportu- Dishes can be one of three types (salads, main
nity to wish everyone a Happy New Year. course or desert). Come with a friend and enjoy the
We had a vey successful Christmas dinner in De- evening. Games will follow the potluck.
cember. The children’s choir from the Church of The next general meeting will be Feb. 8 at 1:15
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints entertained us. p.m. The Happy Gang Facility is located at 85 Lake-
Thank you. The evening was very enjoyable. side Blvd, Strathmore. The phone number is 403-
We will be holding a floor-curling day, Saturday, 934-2676.
Jan. 22 stating at 10:30 a.m. Come out and enjoy the A reminder for members who have not paid the
game. For information please phone 403-934-2676 membership dues for 2011 they are due now. The
and leave your name and phone number. annual fee is $20.

Letters to the editor

Is there postal service left - #2?

To the Editor When I finally had a chance to talk to someone, they
In regards to the letter submitted in the Jan. 7, 2011 tried giving the exact same excuses as the local office
issue about the lack of postal service. gave. I asked if that is a legitimate excuse why then
I emphasize with the writer (Carol-Ann Drum- don’t they deliver right to your door? She stated “it
mond), I believe I can speak for all the businesses in isn’t in your contract to be delivered to the door, your
the Spruce Park area of town. All our business relies contract is to be delivered to the community box.”
on the postal service for our companies to operate in I replied, doesn’t our contract state mail delivery
an efficient manner. We are sending out invoices and under any conditions Monday - Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
statements of customer accounts on at least a monthly and if they can’t deliver to the box their supposed to,
period. But when we can’t rely on the postal service, to deliver to the site - which then tied her tongue.
how are we to operate our business in an efficient She did however give me a reference number for my
manner. The week of Jan. 10 to the 15th, we never re- complaint and said a supervisor will be getting a hold
ceived any mail at the community box. When I called of me (which hasn’t happened yet).
in to the local office they told me that it was due to All these businesses have incoming mail (which is
she couldn’t access the boxes because of the snow quite often payment cheques on account in the thou-
drifts - then I called her on that stating “when I clear sands of dollars). We need this mail to be delivered
the snow in my own yard, which the boxes are right because it takes this money to keep our companies
in front of, I will go take a quick swipe to rid the snow operating. This was not the first time we have had mail
if needs be.” issues in this area, since this new contract worker has
Then her reason after that statement was because taken on our area our mail is very sporadic at when it
her key wouldn’t work to open up the boxes - in other shows up. I’ve noticed a lot of the people have started
words just a bunch of excuses after excuses. Then she checking the mail in the mornings because quite often
referred me to call the Canada Post customer service it hasn’t been delivered by closing time, even during
center 1-800 #. When I called that number, I, of course, the summer months. I would appreciate it if someone
sat on hold for a good number of minutes, giggling could get a hold of me with some advice on how we
to myself about their recorded answering system stat- could take care of our mail issues in this area.
ing that Canada Post prides themselves on delivering Jason Larden

the mail no matter what the conditions are Monday General Manager
through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. guaranteed. Lar-Don Holdings (Rentals) Ltd.


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Page 8 • Strathmore Times • January 21, 2011

Rosebud ready for 2011 season, opening of Mercantile

Shannon LeClair ries being told during the performance, including a ancé was killed in World War One, so she has nothing
Times Reporter touching story about Christmas. to do with the Brits,” said Ertman.
“Another really important part of our season this Not knowing he is the prince, she tells him exactly
This year the Rosebud Theatre promises to be ‘be- next year is going to be the fact that when people what she thinks of the Brits. They fall in love and
yond your wildest expectations,’ and with the line come, they will be able to dine in the new Rosebud then suddenly he is called back to England to take
up it’s easy to see why that is the theme for 2011. Mercantile,” said Ertman. the throne.
The season starts off with the production ‘A Bright It’s taken a number of years to plan, fundraise and “There is actually a headstone in Galt, Ont. that has
Particular Star.’ It’s the story of 19th century writer construct the Rosebud Centre, and many people are her name and his name side by side, because they
George McDonald and his family, who inspired J.R.R looking forward to the new building. were engaged to be married,” said Ertman.
Tolkien and C.S Lewis. “I just think it’s going to feel reinvigorated because The final performance for 2011 is a musical that
“What they used to do, this family, was do plays in of the opening of the new Rosebud Mercantile,” said will take place from Nov. 4 to Dec. 23, called ‘The
their back yard and give all the mon- Ertman. Gifts of the Magi’. It takes place in New York City
ey to the poor,” said Artistic Director People will still be dining in the around Christmas time and is the story of Jim and
Morris Ertman. old area, but it will all be connected. Della.
“Lo and behold it turns out his Instead of having a buffet, there can “They are a mouse poor family, a couple newly
daughter has a real gift. It’s the story be a plate service and people will married and he really wants to do something great
of his daughter making her way into all be able to sit and dine at once. for her for Christmas,” said Ertman.
the rest of the world in her own way, There will also be new shops for “He winds up selling something that’s really pre-
as a professional actress.” people to browse while waiting for cious to him so that he can buy her combs for her
Ertman said it’s a bit of a Holly- the show. hair.”
wood story in some ways, about how ‘The Diary of Adam and Eve’ by He sells his fathers watch to buy her combs and
a person goes from being really good Mark Twain, will be running along- she sells her hair so she can buy a watch fob for his
in a small town to being good in a side ‘Jake and the Kid’, but will be watch.
big city. performed in the studio side of the “It’s utterly romantic, they both give away the most
“It’s a really, really fun and poi- centre. precious thing they have for the other person, and
gnant story,” said Ertman. Adam is just a guy working in the wind up with each other.”
‘A Bright Particular Star’ begins on Garden of Eden, naming animals While that may be the core story, it is also filled
March 25, and is the first show of the and whatnot when along comes this with other characters, such as a homeless person
New Year. girl who talks a lot and is actually who is trying to go to jail because it is warm, and a
In the spring, Ertman said, theatre smarter than he is. The two end up paperboy who is stuck in the cold, slinging papers.
goers can look forward to a few dif- together and have children. When The upcoming year is filled with lots of romance and
ferent things in Rosebud, including a Eve dies, Adam realizes that she was feel-good stories, which Ertman said wasn’t the con-
production of W.O Mitchells ‘Jake and the Kid’. actually Eden and was the best thing that ever hap- centrated effort some might think it would be.
“Of course W.O Mitchell was our beloved Canadian pened to him, even though he fights it the whole way “I think the theme kind of emerges after you start
prairie writer.” through. putting the stories together. You start casting and
‘Jake and the Kid’ is the story of a hired hand and “It’s a funny story about the way men and women think who would be best in this, and who would be
the kid, a young boy whose dad is off in the war. just miss each other even though they are in love,” best in that. All of a sudden these plays emerge and
The hired hand, Jake, is like a surrogate dad and a said Ertman. they sort of float to the top and then you go, oh look
huge storyteller. Jake and a character by the name of ‘Queen Millie of Galt’ will be the show to see in at the common ground.”
Old Man Gatenby, get into arguments about making a the fall and is based on a true story. The story is Ertman said there are great casts lining up for all
rain machine and that you can’t make it rain, and so about Edward VIII visiting Galt, Ont. Bored with the of the productions, and he thinks people are going
Jake decides to make a rain machine. celebrations he went for a walk and met a teacher to have a great time at the theatre. Season tickets are
“It’s all about upping the ante,” said Ertman. working in her garden, instead of celebrating. already on sale to find out more go to rosebudthe-
There will be three different Jake and the Kid sto- “She doesn’t like the royalty at all because her fi-

town of
680 Westchester Road, Strathmore, AB T1P 1J1 • 403-934-3133 • Office Hours: M - F 8:30 am to 4:30 pm


Development Opportunity Development Opportunity
Situated in the North West corner of Strathmore, the development area comprises of
Situated in south east side of Strathmore, the future industrial park comprises of
approximately 58.7ha (145.1acres) +/- of land that includes a water treatment plant
a approximately 45.8ha (113.3 acre) +/- of raw land that includes a 0.77ha (1.9acre)
building 30 meters long and 17.5 meters wide and a 20.3ha (50.2acres) raw water
transmission line R/W and a 2.16ha (5.35acre) substation site.
This future industrial park site provides a new development opportunity envisioned Future residents will enjoy a desirable living environment provided by the Town that
as an employment node to cater to a wide variety of commercial / industrial uses includes extensive local pathways, open spaces and enhanced wetlands which are
grounded on the Town’s Municipal Development Plan and the principles of economic a home to wildlife and vegetated shorelines accessible by both pedestrians and cy-
sustainability. clists. With access of the proposed major arterial roadway along the north and west
side of the property.
Features Features
Legal Description: NW12-24-25-4 Legal Description: NW22-24-25-4
Type: Vacant land Type: Vacant land
Size: 113.3 Acres +/- Size: 113.3 Acres +/-
Current Land Use: Highway Commercial/ Restricted Light Industrial/ Current Land Use: Highway Commercial/ Restricted Light Industrial/
General Light Industrial General Light Industrial
Proximity: Convenient access to the TransCanada Highway Proximity: Convenient access to the TransCanada Highway
Servicing: Strathmore’s master servicing study that is downloadable from Servicing: Strathmore’s master servicing study that is downloadable from
the Town’s website ( provides the the Town’s website ( provides the
required existing and future municipal road network, water, required existing and future municipal road network, water,
stormwater and sanitary servicing information. stormwater and sanitary servicing information.
Submission Details: In order to give all interested buyers an equal opportunity, all Submission Details: In order to give all interested buyers an equal opportunity, all
Expressions of Interest will be held until February 4, 2011 Expressions of Interest will be held until February 4, 2011
at 4:00pm. Each submission will be judged on its own merits at 4:00pm. Each submission will be judged on its own merits
with consideration as to, but not limited to, the financial return to with consideration as to, but not limited to, the financial return to
the Town of Strathmore and closing conditions. The highest the Town of Strathmore and closing conditions. The highest
offer may not necessarily be recommended for acceptance offer may not necessarily be recommended for acceptance
or accepted. or accepted.

For more information, please contact Dwight Stanford (Strathmore CAO) at 403-934-3133.
January 21, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 9

Alternative teaching method allows students to learn at own pace

Shannon LeClair the materials they need to be in- and culture are a big part of
Times Reporter troduced to at Grade 1, whether Montessori too, teaching the
they can do them on their own kids they are not alone in this
Learning how to do division yet. It’s just an introduction to it, world and opening their eyes to
in Grade 1 may seem like a however they do learn how to the outside world.
stretch, but for a few students use the material,” said K1 teach- Because the Montessori pro-
in the Montessori program, it’s a er Coralie Grimsdale. gram is a parent-run group, they
little easier than anticipated. “We assign them their work need to fundraise for the materi-
The Golden Hills School Divi- and then they go and get the als. The hope is to one day offer
sion, GHSD, provided the space level they need. It doesn’t re- classes past the third grade.
in Wheatland Elementary School ally matter what grade they are “There has really been a con-
for the Strathmore Montessori in, they just work at their own certed effort over a number of
Society, SMS, Public Montes- level,” said Webb. years by the Montessori society
sori program beginning in the While they may be intro- to fundraise significant amounts
2005/2006 school year. The duced, the material in Grade 1, of money to purchase all of the
Kindergarten and Grade 1 class the students keep working with Montessori materials and to pay
are split in one class, as are the the material until Grade 3, just for Montessori-specific teacher
Grade 2 and Grade 3 classes. with updated and extended ma- training,” said Lloyd.
“It took a lot of work to get terials for their learning needs. At this point, when a student
started, it was started by par- The same idea follows through reaches Grade 4 they are inte-
ents,” said Colina Clark, a mem- into the older grades, just with grated back into the regular cur-
ber of SMS and mother of one of updated materials. Because the riculum.
the students. classes are blended, desks are The Montessori kids are still
SMS went to the GHSD, for set up with a mix of both grades, involved with the rest of the
approval and space to run the allowing older students to help school. Some of them are in Above: Neveah Magoon (l) and Jessalyn Pettifer demonstrate the material
program. Despite the fact that it guide the younger students if the choir, intramurals, presenta- provided to learn division. Both girls are in the K/1 split. Though it is new
material for them, they both seem to be adapting well. Bottom: Brittney
is an alternative program, SMS they are having difficulties. tions, and assemblies. Because
Holderness is a part of the Grade 2/3 blended class. Even though it’s time
is still required to follow Alberta On each desk, there is a work of this it is easier to integrate for recess she decided to take a couple minutes to finish a math problem
education guidelines. record, where the work for the them into a regular classroom she had. She demonstrates how easy it is to do division using the bead
“We are required to follow the day is laid out. The student setting. materials provided.
Alberta curriculum. It’s not like chooses the order to do the “The classrooms look differ- Shannon LeClair Photos
we’re taking off on our own and work in, and when they com- ent, the kids may learn different-
they are being taught something plete a task they cross it out. At ly but they are still students of
different,” said Trina Lloyd, an- the end of the cycle the teacher Wheatland School,” said Lloyd.
other parent and member of is shown whether the student “I know when I put my daugh-
SMS. is done or will have homework. ter in, that was very important
“It’s the same curriculum, it’s The teacher then signs it and the to me. That she still be part of
being taught differently, using work record is sent home to the the school as a whole. So when
the materials.” parent. Students never need to she had to go back to regular,
Dr. Maria Montessori devel- wait until the entire class has she still had all those friends al-
oped methodologies on teach- finished a project before moving ready,” said Webb.
ing hands on learning and on. If a student is really inter- She said her daughter adjusted
self-directed learning. In North ested in something and wants to back easily, as have some of the
America, there are more than spend 45 minutes on it one day, other kids who have gone back
5,000 private Montessori schools they can. to a regular classroom setting
and 200 public Montessori pro- “A nice thing I really like once they hit the fourth grade.
grams. about the program too, is stu- “I think that’s the whole thing,
“Everything is set up for a dents never say I’m done, what with the skills learned and ac-
purpose. When you read Maria do I do. They continue on,” said quired, the transition is a lot
Montessori literature, there’s a Webb. smoother and more successful
lot of thought that goes behind “It doesn’t matter what level for the students than people re-
everything, it’s not just random- of learning they are at, this pro- alize,” said Clark.
ly put here,” said Vicky Smith, gram is set up for all levels.” Another plus to the Montes-
who job shares teaching the Webb said there were Grade sori program is the students
Grade 2,3 class with Amy Webb. 4 students in the classroom a don’t have to be zoned to go
“She spent a lot of time studying few years ago, and it was pretty to the school. The parents may
children and seeing what their much the same idea. The mate- drive their children in, if they
interest was at different stages rial was available for the kids; wish to do so. There are no user
of their lives and how they learn they would just grab different fees to the Montessori program,
and the materials are matched material than the Grade 2 stu- just the regular GHSD school
to their development.” dents. Webb said she found a lot fees. If there is space available,
The kids are not confined to of times the Grade 4 students enrolments will be considered
their deskand they help teach would think more abstractly after kindergarten by Wheatland
the kids to share and put things which was the point of the ma- Elementary School administra-
away for the next group/stu- terials, to lead them to be able tion. If you are interested in the
dent. The teachers don’t spe- to do it with just paper and program for your child, the SMS
cifically teach. They present the pencil. Some of the Montessori members recommend calling
material, then the children learn methods and materials are used the school.
on their own. in regular classrooms.
It allows the child to work on “I love the grammar stuff. If
an area where they are really I ever went back to a regular HOW
strong, but also enhance an area classroom, I would make my
they need help with. The entire own materials like this. I just
class isn’t working on the same find these work so well teach-
thing at the same time but the
kids know how to sit down and
ing them grammar,” said Webb
of some of the materials.
For example, a verb in Mon-
get things done. If they need a
reminder, they get one, but as tessori is an actual red ball
they get older they know they that moves and is full
have to get it done. Most of the of energy, which
materials have extensions so if
there is a student who has al-
ready surpassed the regular ma-
helps students
terial, they can extend the ma- action CHINOOK 5YR RISER
terial and continue on. Because word.
the material is self-correcting the Practi- PERFORMANCE BASICS
students are able to figure out cal life INVESTMENT LOANS
on their own what they have VARIABLE OR FIXED TERMS
done wrong or
right with the
“A lot of
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2 300
Page 10 • Strathmore Times • January 21, 2011






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Ride program, funded by the Government of Canada on

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qualifying vehicles of model year 1995 or older. Incentives

combined with the $300 available from the Retire Your

range from $1000 to $2000. Visit for details.

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Sport Appearance
Heated Seats with


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On most 2011 Escape models



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Wishing all the
the best of luck! 403-901-0000
350 Ridge Road,
Strathmore, AB T1P 1B5

At Home Hardware off HWY 1 in Strathmore • 403.361.0143

2 miles north & 1 mile east of the Petro-Canada on HWY 1 at the Cluny Junction • 403.734.2114 Good Luck to all the Teams!

Minor Hockey Week

January 16 - 22, 2011

Communities in, around Strathmore reflect on minor hockey

Shannon LeCLair number of kids that come out and continue on through There is also a power skating program every Monday
Times Reporter the levels. Friendship and memories are the first two and a goalie clinic every Tuesday, each lasting an hour
things that come to his mind when he thinks of the and fifteen minutes.
Minor Hockey Week is taking place all over Alberta things the kids will take with them as they grow. “This year has turned out absolutely phenomenal for
from January 16 to 22. The week is a way to recognize “Some of the kids don’t even remember five minutes the talent that we have that are teaching and the turnout
the sport for its positive influence and benefits to the after the game what the final score was. They sure re- of the kids. They all seem to really enjoy it and get quite
community. member who was talking in the locker room or who said a bit out of it,” said Seeley.
this, or whose buddies house they’re going to. That’s the Seeley has been president for two years. Before that,
Strathmore Minor Hockey biggest thing to take away from any team sport is the he was vice president for a year, and before that, he was
For the past three to four years, the number of regis- friendships they have built,” said Tarvyd. a governor. He said he has helped coach the kids every
trations have been consistent, right up around the 400 year until this year, but he is still helping teach the goal-
mark, said Kevin Tarvyd, president for Strathmore Minor Hussar Minor Hockey ie school. There are a few new/returning coaches who
Hockey (SMH). In Hussar, it’s a completely different story in regards have coached in the past, have taken a few years off, and
“Our biggest challenge is basically available ice time,” to registration and ice time. President CoreyAnn Sandum are now back again. Seeley also said the bantam team
said Tarvyd. said one of the challenges they face is the draw to the has outside coaches, meaning the coaches don’t have
He said some of the older groups are shuffled to other bigger centres. kids on the team. Because they are down one ringette
communities, like Hussar & Standard, for their practices, “Just the numbers, hockey interest seems to be de- and one hockey team this year, there is a lot of ice time
due to the lack of available ice time. creasing. It used to be every single boy played hockey, available for the teams.
“Although it’s close for us, the ideal situation would be not so much any more. So we face some number chal- “Tournaments are bigger and better this year with the
to have more ice available locally.” lenges,” said Sandum. added ice time,” said Seeley.
He said another rink would definitely be an asset or She said one of the highlights about being in Hussar Both the peewee and midget teams are currently get-
even a practice facility like some other communities and playing hockey is the ice is almost always available ting ready for provincials and taking advantage of some
have. For example, Black Diamond created an outdoor “If we want an extra practice or we want an extra of the extra ice time available. Seeley said for him, the
rink, with a bubble cover. game, our ice is there for our kids to use,” said Sandum. biggest highlight is getting to watch the kids grow and
“Something in the future has to be done because what She said it is a wonderful facility they are proud of, advance their skills every year.
will happen is we’ll just be capped because of ice time and they enjoy sharing it with the surrounding commu-
and not capped because of enrollment,” said Tarvyd. nities. Wheatland AA
Strathmore Minor Hockey’s mandate is that every kid “It’s definitely a central point of social life during the While they may be a different part of minor hockey,
gets to play. It always comes down to the fundamentals. winter months,” said Sandum, who is there three nights Wheatland AA works with the other levels when they
Is the child having fun playing the game? Are they learn- a week with her family. can. For the AA there is an increased cost, which is some-
ing to skate? Are they learning to Volunteers also play a big role in keeping things run- thing inevitable for their program, said president Sandy
interact with their friends? ning, and running smoothly. This year there is a tyke Henry.
said Tarvyd. team and an atom team playing out of Hussar. “Cost is definitely a concern. That is something we
SMH would like to “We didn’t have quite enough for a novice team this wrestle with from year to year to keep the increases as
see the numbers year, and neither did Bassano, so we split the teams be- small as we can,” said Henry.
continue to grow, tween Hussar and Bassano,” said Sandum. “Every year our tryout process is a highlight for us and
but without a Next year they are hoping to have tykes, novice, atom it’s always exciting to see how good of a job you’ve done
third rink, it and possibly a peewee team if they can draw in the num- in the community.”
may not be bers. Each team practices one day a week and power At the end of March - beginning of April is their three-
feasible. An- skating is available two nights a week. As far as Sandum on-three tournament, which Henry said is always excit-
other rink knows, there are no new coaches this year and said the ing.
would not coaches seem to cycle through. This is the first year they have entered all three AA
only help “I think hockey teaches teamwork most importantly. It teams in provincials.
minor hock- teaches respect for sports and respect for others. I think Henry said it has caused a few more struggles, with
ey, but would the kids, especially the older they get, I think they real- trying to fit in extra games and practices. He said they
also help the ize being a coach is a volunteer position and I think they have a good chance for one, if not all three teams, to get
ringette teams appreciate the coaches just for that matter.” out and play in the provincials and have a chance to play
and other people some teams they may not normally get a chance to play.
and groups in the Rockyford Minor Hockey Henry said the bantam and midget teams are in first
community that use In Rockyford, the registration numbers are something and second place respectively.
the ice. minor hockey president Ryan Seeley, is always trying to “The work for us is getting our teams on the ice in
Tarvyd said it is monitor. He said, like most hockey programs, one of the the fall. That’s probably the biggest time of work for us.
great to see biggest challenges is keeping the numbers up and keep- Through the year it’s mostly monitoring and trying to
the ing teams, while keeping kids interested in the game. look after some of the smaller details. All of our teams
Seeley also said fundraising is huge part for them. have individual managers that do the bulk of the work
“We have low dues and we’re trying to keep it that inside the teams. But if we have little hiccups and bumps
way. We do it by subsidizing,” said Seeley. and stuff concerning all the teams then we deal with it at
He said the low fees is just one of their attractions. a board level,” said Henry.

Thank you to all the Coaches, Families, officials & Volunteers

for all your hard work to make this hockey season the best it can be!
All the best for the rest of the season.

Strathmore minor hockey • 403-934-6336
Page 12 • Strathmore Times • January 21, 2011

#104 - 331
3rd Avenue,
We are proud to
Strathmore support minor
14 Spruce park Drive, Strathmore
Proud to Support All the Local Teams! 403-934-3802

Number of officials grows Minor hockey

Shannon LeCLair
Times Reporter
sport and how to learn the differ- ing the basics and the rules. They
ence between being passionate also do a type of continuing edu-
and being disrespectful. cation where they watch the kids
fundraiser in
The numbers have gone up
again, from 47 to 50, this year for
“That’s the number one reason at games and let them know what
why these kids quit doing it, they they are doing right and occasion- its 2nd year
referees registered with Strath- get tired of not only the coaches ally what may need to be worked
more Minor Hockey. Because but of adults yelling at them,” said on. Right now there are about Shannon LeCLair
of the increase to the numbers, Stovka. five or six officiators working at Times Reporter
Strathmore is able to work a three “Bottom line is most of the kids the Junior Hockey level, and they
man system on the ice, two line- do this as an extracurricular thing have a chance to progress all the Financial support can be imperative when
men and a ref. to make money during the win- way to the NHL. it comes to running an organization, and for
“It goes to show the support our ter,” said Stovka “They almost follow the ex- minor hockey it’s not any different. This year
kids have gotten and how well He said they follow a proper act same line as a hockey player. marks the second annual ‘Toast to Hockey’
our kids handle it when every chain of command, and if there Nowadays it’s just as tough for an fundraiser. The event will be taking place Jan.
year our referee numbers go up are any incidents, the officiators official because they have to get 29 at the Civic Centre.
a little bit,” said Stephen Stovka, report to him to supervised, they “I just thought it would be a nice way to
Referee in Chief. deal with it. Stov- go through evalua- raise money, as a social for the parents and
Most hockey associations have ka said after a few tions and they work the community to get together and have a
their coaches take part in the Re- years the officia- their way up,” said good time,” said organizer Michelle Lalonde.
spect in Sport. Stovka said, be- tors become adapt Stovka. There will be dinner, a toonie bar, a DJ
cause they are able to use a three at handling the is-
... we have a Stovka said they and a silent auction to go along with the $40
man system, it allows the referee sues. really strong offer the ref clinic ticket fee. Each of the teams registered with
to concentrate on the actual flow “We have a really until about the mid- Strathmore Minor Hockey were asked to pro-
of the game, helping to keep it solid group of old- group of kids dle of December. vide one item to be auctioned off.
safe for the kids. Stovka and John er officials that re- from ages of Because there were “It did very well, it was a good success
Culshaw, the assigner, teach the ally encourage the so many kids who last year and we’re hoping it gets bigger this
referee clinic in Strathmore. Stov- young guys and 12 to 16... signed on this year, year,” said Lalonde.
ka said they work closely with the keep them going,” there are issues of “This is pretty much Minor Hockey’s fund-
kids, not just on developing them said Stovka. trying to get them raiser now.”
as refs. He said they teach conflict To become an of- Stephen Stovka enough games. Lalonde said they are more than happy
resolution in the clinic, proper ficiator, they can be “We got really to accept corporate donations if a business
game skill management and even no younger than 12 lucky this year, we would like to help support their local hock-
how to deal with adults. years old, and must have a really strong ey players. Cocktails are at 5 p.m., followed
Sometimes there can be issues attend a ref clinic every year. Be- group of kids from the ages of by dinner. It’s an 18+ event, and meant as
with the coaches and parents, but cause Stovka and Culshaw taught 12 to 16, so our future does look a chance for a night out for the grownups,
Respect in Sport has helped elimi- the one in Strathmore many of bright for it,” said Stovka. while raising funds for the kids. Tickets are
nate some of that. the kids knew their instructors. It To find out more about becom- on sale at Bangles or you can contact Michelle
Stovka said they try to teach the was 16 hours of instruction, plus ing an officiator, or just general at 403-324-3256, or
kids that hockey is a passionate an hour and a half on ice learn- information go to

Proud to Support
Minor Hockey Week!
100 Westridge Road, Strathmore • 403-934-2100 •

10/11 Hussar tykes timbits 10/11 rockyford tykes 10/11 stratHmore migHty storm
- tim bits Half pint

Front: Jason Slemko Chase Fraser, Charlee Bencharski, Brody Hale, Back: Nick Best, Sandra Best, Steven DeGroot Front: Tyler Fairbairn, Owen Beekman, Eric Bingham, Matthew Kop-
Jayna Hale, Ethan Berquist Middle: Dayne Collett, Cadin Hiebert, Middle: Levi Munchrath, Brody DeGroot, Dekin Benson, pel, Austin Pearson, Wyatt Yule, Jesse Johnson Middle: Tyler Brown,
Jace Papp, Tristen Fraser, Emmitt Filkohazy, Dustin Holm Back: Kevin Griffin Koester, Braden Best, Emerson Gregory, Steven Newell Tate Yule, Philip Raycroft, Jordon Stewart, Aden Miller, Kyle Perkin,
Slemko (Coach), Pam Collett (Manager), Brad Hale (Head Coach) Front: Max Phillips, Kate Kalbhen, Hudson Gregory, Colton Best, Ethan Hines Back: Doug Raycraoft (C), Debby Bingham (M),
Absent: Wayne Papp (Coach), Casey Collett (Coach) Wyatt Wheeler, Austin Brassard Marnie Raycroft (C), Steve Yule (C)

Family RestauRant
$2 Mama Burgers
until February 2, 2011
Hwy #1 country lane mall, StratHmore 403.934.3724
January 21, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 13

Proud to support Minor Hockey!

Strathmore Proud to support
local minor hockey teams!

108 - 800 Pine Road, Strathmore • 403-901-2555 132 - 2nd Avenue, Strathmore • 403-934-3122 • After Hours 403-934-3841
10/11 Strathmore ice Storm 10/11 Strathmore fireStorm 10/11 Strathmore Lightning
- tim bitS haLf pint - tim bitS haLf pint - tim bitS haLf pint

Front: Luke Aldridge, Hunter Munchrath, Corbin Thiessen,

Front: James Tucker, Cayden Adams, Adam Johnson, Jack Anderson, Grady Stovka, Mason Gatz, Ian Klassen Front: Traycen Kittykaywinnie, Connor Olexson, Sam Rieger,
Jackson Proust, Matthew Dovichak, Zachery Gillis, Evan Hunter Middle: Troy Semeniuk, Lane Mordy, Graden Sorensen, Cyle Clayton, Lauren Rieger, Isaiah Goertz, Kyle McKinnon, Housten Langen
Middle: Will Haynes, Nolan Mahussier, Devin Wheeler, Kelen Smith, Sawyer Jackson, Rhett Harten, Cayden Schiffner, Jayce Pollock Middle: Coby Goertz, Jenna Bishop, Mathew Oslanski, Jace Koole,
Ashton Frese, Nash Wassing, Carter Yellow Horn Back: Wes Thiessen (AC), Dale Harten (AC), Randy Gatz (C) Grayson Stender, Jackson Slemp, Hunter Langen
Coaches: Scott Smith, Andy Dovichak Absent: Travor Jensen (AC) Coaches: Dirk Slemp, Kevin Boucher, Jeremy Goertz, Darek Rieger

10/11 huSSar / baSSano novice outLawS 10/11 rockyford novice 10/11 Strathmore Storm
- novice t2

Front: Eric Magnusson, Gabe Huckerby, Bryce Miller,

Everett Bishop, Maci Deitz, Oilvia Beddows, Lucas Chapman Middle: Back: Mark Kathol, Paul Kathol, Dusty Kalbhen, Pam Seeley Front: Reece Heckle, Isaak Musselman, Bennett Hampson, Luke
James Maloney, Sean Richards, Walker Van Eaton, Alex Treacy, Middle: Sawyer Still, Reid Reghr, MacCoy Still, Jace Schnuelle, Schramm, Tristan Zandee, Landon Heebes Middle: Cole Walker, Bra-
Steele Vandehaar, Garrett Fandry, Dexter Hale, Erin Slemko Sam Kathol, Kyle Stinn, Darren Newell Front: Brayden Nienaber, din Daniels, Natalie Funk, Ryerson Rushford, Kaden Zarowny Back:
Back: Calvin Tracey (AC), Darryl Magusson (AC), Brad Hale (AC), George Kalbhen, Drisden Cannings, Kurtis Seeley, Rylie Gerrard, Danielle Skibinsky (AC), Michelle Rushford (M), Kenton Zandee (C),
Jason Huckerby (C) Absent: PeeKay Moss, Jamie Richards (AC) Dustin Damen, Brodie Wheeler Brad Hampson (AC), Wayne Funk (AC), David Schramm (AC)

10/11 Strathmore Storm 10/11 Strathmore Storm 10/11 Strathmore Storm

- novice t3 - novice t4 - novice t5a

Front: Spencer Tower, Alex Pagenkopf, Ethan VanEgmond,

Liam Wilson, Riley Gallant, Adam Kirkpatrick Middle: Will Wheeler, Front: Jack Tucker, Ashlyn Riley, Lachlan Stewart, Ray Warrack, Front: Brady Markel, Nathan Belanger, Justin Gillis, Josh Weal,
Colby Pedersen, Nicholas Rak, Zach Stangness, Nicolas Heaton Nathon Feick, Zach Cull Middle: Kortni Kozma, Drew Dovichak, Brett Hansen, Jerrin Hendricks Middle: Alexander Many Heads,
Back: Scott Pagenkopf (AC), Ryan Krkpatrick (C), Blair Wilson (AC), Joshua McCaig, Colby Corbin, Colby Tanton Back: Art Tucker (AC), Gavin Smith, Matthew Reagan, Jayden Perras, Ethan White
Toby Wheeler (AC), Curtis Tower (AC) Andy Dovichak (C), Wes Feick (AC), Darren Corbin (AC) Back: Lee Smith (C), Trevor Weal (AC), Dean, Duane White (AC)

10/11 Strathmore Storm 10/11 huSSar atom hitmen 10/11 Strathmore Storm
- novice t5b - atom t1

Front: Keegan Gustafson, Emma Armstrong, Zane Vandehaar, Front: Devon Swan, Jared Kirkpatrick, Calvin Vergouwen,
Larissa Hiebert, Eric Sandum, Koal Sammons, Ashton Nail Colton Cordes, Connor Dunlop, Kadin Wilson, Ty Travyd
Front: Cody Holdaway, Zach Hodder, Ryan Lausen, Kaia Gron, Middle: Brody Beck, Simon Hoff, Bailey Filkohazy, Lane Adamecwicz, Middle: Lucas Muenchrath, Kelton Travis, Joel Krahenbil,
Adam Smith Middle: Cade Forcier, Luke Sevcik, Bryce Wenstrom, Sarah Hoff, Reese Taubert, Tanner Pickles, Nolan Kathol Tyler Strath, Cole Clayton, Karissa Hammond, Isaac Benoit,
Josh Pilsner, Kamryn Johnson, Tyler Therrien Back: Steve Forcier Coaches: Clay Armstrong (C), Jason Beck (C), Kevin Taubert (HC), Mitchell Desserre Back: Brad Hammond (C), Kevin Tarvyd (AC)
(AC), David Sevcik (AC), Mark Gron (C), Andy Holdaway (AC) CoreyAnn Sandum (M) Absent: Jim Vergouwen (AC)

Where Quality of Life is A Way of Life

Proud Supporter of
Town of
Minor Sports!
680 Westchester Road, Strathmore • 403-934-3133
Page 14 • Strathmore Times • January 21, 2011

Strathmore & area


call la shaun price to Sell, fully feature property - call sheila

"The Sign of

feature property - call robert & taMara

403-934-5533 call debbie feature property - call nonie
developed bungaloW immaculate
With Walkout $339,900! adult living
Don't let this one pass you by, $259,900
this home is located on quiet
cul-de-sac, upgraded, 4 50+ with attached single
bedrooms plus den, 3 full baths, garage, lots of natural
potential mother-in-law suite light, bungalow, walking
with seperate entrance! Loads of
Mls c3456448 extras call for a showing! distance to downtown.

beautiful executive home!

feature property - call la shaun
We can help
Mls c3427986
Mls c3451266
Over 4000sq ft in total this Home has everything!
aquilla built home $377,700 ADULT LIVING - MAIN FLOOR
5 Bedrooms, 3 baths, Huge Kitchen and eating
area, seperate dining room, 2 family rooms, living • Walk-Up Basement with 9' Ceilings you find UPGRADED FLOORING - FIREPLACE
your dream home!
room, hardwood, infloor heat, airconditioning, • Huge Master Suite with Amazing Full En-Suite 2 BEDROOMS - 2 BATHROOMS
triple car garage, security rollco blinds
and so much more!
• Vaulted Ceilings/3 Bdrm/Tile/Hardwood... TITLED PARKING

Why rent When you can oWn. call sheila feature property - call robert & taMara feature property - call chantale call nonie

great unit in 4 plex!
affordable and ready to
payment aS loW aS $595/month! move into! $209,900

2 bedrooms 1.5 baths open concept, 6 appliances Everything you could want!
Newly painted, Close to HARDWOOD FLOORS
One parking stall. Walking distance to everything! downtown and schools. 3 FRESHLY PAINTED
bedrooms, Large open kitchen
FIRST 2 SOLD CONDO FEES PAID FOR 1 YEAR AND with island to the family room GARAGE
fireplace. All appliances
Mls c3450721
call la shaun beautiful, fully developed, call robert & taMara huge yard in Mls c3451768 feature property - call nonie
totally upgraded villa
Fully developed backs to golf
aSpen $379,900
• Cathedral Ceilings
need a bungaloW? adult living at it'S fineSt!
course, this upgraded villa has
3 bedrooms, 3 full baths open
concept, with hardwood and
and Large Windows
• Huge Yard and
$259,900 Top floor end unit with SW view
granite! Deck is full length of
home up with covered down, and
Deck...RV Parking • Fully Developed • Large Bright Kitchen 2 Bed 2 Bath and Den
• 3+1 Bedrooms/
Mls c3402736
bright sunny walkout! Builder is
offering bonus appliance package! Mls c3456605 Heated Garage • Double Garage/ Main Floor Laundry 2 Heated Parking Stalls • Solarium
call la shaun ShoWS oWner'S call robert & taMara cozy bungaloW call robert & taMara reduced! noW feature property - call ron
price - muSt $139,900 only $124,900
See $47,000
Show of owners pride. This home
• 3 lots and Good Well
• Commuting Distance
• 1,455 sq ft
of living space!
is freshly painted throughout. to Calgary • Newer appliances. 5 ACRES - CUSTOM HOME-HEATED SHOP
A pleasure to show! Bright and • 3 large bedrooms.
spacious, 2 bedroom, 2 baths, • 2 or 3 Bedrooms and
• Lots of natural light.
Heated Workshop
Mls c3450472
fenced yard and parking pad
for 2!
Mls c3412616 • Backs onto canal. LOCATION - LOCATION - LOCATION
backS on to lake
feature property - call la shaun call robert & taMara feature property - call robert & taMara Beautiful 2 bedroom condo in Strathmore Lakes feature property - call nonie
location, location, location! Estates. Walk out to patio, large deck with
gas BBQ hookup. All appliances.
• 4 acres with mountain views Fully developed basement with gas stove,
• Minutes to Chestemere

additional two bedrooms. Large family room.
• Gentle slope accomodates walkout Vacant - take fast possession 289,000
Mls c3442064 • Services in and ready to hook up Call Ron Kaechele 403-934-1097 price
totally renovated, fully developed, feature property - call robert & taMara call ron
enormouS lot
quiet neighborhood $219,900! ShoW home available $289,900

Mls c3435929
Partially remodelled two
This awesome bungalow is a must see, neutral
decor 2+1 bedrooms plus office 2 full baths
$374,900! storey house
Single detached garage VALUE +++ 4 BEDROOMS
upgraded finished like new inside and out! • Own this home for Christmas...just add a bow! Fully fenced 3 BATHROOMS - VAULTED CEILINGS
Priced for sale - $209,000
On large lot 60x120 and detached garage with • Comes fully furnished/Central Air Cal Ron Kaechele FULLY DEVELOPED
extra parking at back! Call for list! • Backs to walking path/24x24 Garage 403-934-1097 LARGE PIE SHAPED LOT
call la shaun all on call robert & taMara fully developed call ron call nonie
even More affordable! 27 acreS $219,000

one floor condo $234,500
One level condo with $264,900! • Well Maintained and
Great Location
Raw land ready to develop
into country acreage.
• Double Attached Garage/ Paved access. Gas revenue
2 bedrooms, one bath. • Big 1506Sq Ft Bungalow ATT GARAGE
3 Large Bedrooms Good building sites
Open concept with • Balcony/BBQ Gasline/Washer 2 LARGE BEDROOMS
bright windows. • Mature Trees and Double Garage /Dryer Included!
5 appliances and •First Home? Cal Ron Kaechele
Mls c3430083 window coverings! • Quiet Location and Close to Amenities Mls c3446442 Great Opportunity... Mls c3436129 403-934-1097 LOCATION

feature property - call la shaun feature property - call robert & taMara call robert & taMara really only call ron feature property - call nonie
$100,000 Home with double
2 Bedrooms attached garage.
Basement is finished.
Single Car Garage Needs some repair work
Offers considered.
Close to Schools Cal Ron Kaechele
I need TLC 403-934-1097
Mls c3448141

beautiful upgraded villa, call robert & taMara quick poSSeSSion price
handicap friendly $348,900 looking for country living? $124,900
for all mlS liStingS reduced
$145,000 • 2 Bedroom +
Addition viSit our WebSite $339,000
• 3 Bedroom Home with Updates • Large Lot on BACKING ONTO LARGE PARK
BRIGHT WALKOUT, LAND SCAPED WITH UNDER GROUND • 3 Lots with Garage • 3 Vehicle Parking Plus RV • Easy access to 5 BEDROOMS- 2 FIREPLACES
SPRINKLERS THE LIST GOES ON! PRICE TO SELL! • Small Town...Big Benefits Mls c3456429 Schools and Hospital 4 BATHROOMS- HARDWOODS

feature property - call la shaun feature property - call robert & taMara call debbie upgraded condo call nonie $239,900 feature property - call nonie

Mls c3440756 $169,900 THIS NEW HOME IS A
Immaculate with
2+1 bedrooms DEFINITE MUST SEE
2 full baths 3 BEDROOMS - 3
fully finished lower level BATHROOMS - WALKOUT
Upgraded with maple FIREPLACE

JuSt liSted

price reduced! builderS feature property - debbie feature property - call nonie
oWn home $399,900
Mls c3453607

neW year...neW home $344,900

Mls c3440756 $323,000
Fully finished Totally upgrades with hardwood, BACKS ONTO PARK - 4 BEDROOMS
granite, and more. 3+2 bedrooms, 3 full baths in floor • March Possession Available! 3 BATHROOMS - MAIN FLOOR FAMILY RM
heat, high efficiency heating! Landscaped and fenced • 3 Berm 2 Bath 24x24 Garage FIREPLACE - MEDIA RM - HOBBY RM
with view of country side! Awesome family home! • Amazing Kitchen and Many Upgrades HARDWOODS & UPGRADES - IMMACULATE
call robert & taMara buy a bungaloW price reduced! call nonie $311,900

oWner motivated!
buying or Selling
cambridge glen Stainless Appliances, Infloor Heat, Granite, Marble, UPGRADES THROUGHOUT
Bamboo Flooring, Custom Cabinets, Skylight,
call uS firSt
• 3 +1 Bedroom /3 Bath 5 LARGE BEDROOMS
• Fully Developed with Office Bungalow, 1450 sq ft, Heated Garage.... WHY RENT ?? FIREPLACE
• Heated Double Garage $399,900.00 who could ask for more. FRONTS ONTO PARK HARDWOOD & TILE
• Backs onto Greenspace LANDSCAPED TO
Call Debbie to view this property. 2 BEDROOM- MOVE IN READY PERFECTION

# 1 0 6 - 3 0 4 3 r d Av e n u e, S t r a t h m o r e, A l b e r t a T1P 1Z1
January 21, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 15

Robert Keith La Shaun Sheila Nicole Tamara Debbie

Desjardins Garrioch Andrews Bassen Cordes Desjardins Enslen
403-934-5533 403-333-8411 403-850-4593 403-361-0390 403-901-5855 403-934-5533 403-852-5923

"The Sign of experience"

Strathmore & area

Nonie Chantale Ron Shauna Tracy Lorna
Hall Hill Kaechele Kenworthy Larsen Phibbs
403-934-3382 403-325-3860 403-934-1097 403-934-5533 403-934-5533 403-874-7660


A portion of the proceeds earned from each transaction by Aztec and our team of professionals will be donated to local charities. A local Real Estate Company giving back to the community that has supported us throughout the years.

call shauna feature property - call shauna call lorna feature property - call lorna feature property - call lorna
immaculate adult
living- $259,900
Located in Parklane Place
Walking distance to
downtown. 1138 sq.ft., Adjacent to
1 bedroom + den Carseland.
Bright, spacious & Subdivision potential
immaculate! or great investment.

feature property - call shauna feature property - call lorna

you may never see this again!
gardener's paradise Executive 1915 2 1/2 storey home. Multi color

in rockyford $179,900 its all here! $349,900 hardwoods. 4 bedrooms on second floor. 2
Upgraded home across from park bedrooms or bonus area on third. 12.4 treed
2+2 bdrms, 2 full baths. Original hardwood
Loads of oak. 5 bdrms, 3 baths. beautiful acres in park like setting. Irrigation,
floors. Single detached garage Cambridge Glen location. good well and so much to offer! $599,900

feature property - call shauna call lorna $419,900 call lorna

upgraded condo $169,900 11.9 acres $288,000 4.77 acres near

Brand neW
Immaculate with 2+1 bedrooms Industrial rezoned west 1400 sq ft
bungalow. Double Over 1400 sq ft.
2 full baths, fully finished lower level
Upgraded with maple hardwood of Strathmore & single garage.
Mountain views.
View of the country.

call shauna call lorna call lorna hay horse feature property - call lorna
upgraded condo slashed!
$195,000 country charm - $369,900 $155,000 lovers!
3 bdrms, 1 1/2 baths 3 acres south of Eagle Lake Tons of friendly people! 9.65 acres. Minutes to
Granite countertops,
glass tile backsplash Immaculate bungalow Guest Suite! Great second
floor location!
Langdon. 10 minutes to
New flooring & plumbing fixtures 3+1 bdrms, 1 1/2 baths SW deck with views.
Calgary. Riding arena
with lighting.
Located across from park Fenced & cross fenced for horses Newly decorated. 5 stall barn ++

feature property - call shauna feature property - call lorna call lorna

let us find you 120 acres! main floor lamBert

your dream home Hiway frontage. Cultivated land. Large unit. Walk in shower.
Surface rights income. Great kitchen. South patio.

call lorna call lorna call lorna

just listed!
home to Be moved - $109,900 4.22 just listed! gorgous $349,000
1440 sq.ft. mobile home acres ranch estates! $92,900 2 storey 1896 sq ft Raised bungalow.
Built in 2006 1400 sq ft.
3 bdrms, 2 full baths
Pole shed. Huge country kitchen. Backs on Backs onto park. Great Hillview Hardwoods.
40 gal well.
12'x54' deck included 1/2 mile to pavement. soccer field. Retire here! location. $374,900. Hillview location.

call shauna feature property - call lorna call lorna call lorna 3.09 acres &
18.96 acres near Brand neW
$352,900 small shop

free market
langdon $449,900

Located off of Boundary 1420 sq ft Irrigation for Garden
Road. Quiet cul-de-sac bungalow, Shop for your Hobby
Older home, barn &
3 bedrooms,
2 baths,
Or just country
living!! evaluations
Fenced and cross fenced $225,000.
sellers Bonus to neW oWner
feature property - call shauna $137,500 call lorna feature property - call lorna call lorna
seller will pay six months of pad rental to foreclosure rockyford!

help your move go easily! this beautiful $241,900 $118,900
1200+ sq ft Foreclosure. 100 ft
2006 home is a steal at that price! bungalow,
3 large bedrooms, 2 full baths, (2 lots). Good

fully developed
open concept and backs onto park! lower, condition bungalow.
Perfect home to start the new year! good condition Lots of trees

call lorna call lorna feature property - call lorna

67.09 Brand neW BungaloW,
vieW of countryside
acres Buy yourself
ranch estates $69,900 $351,900
2 large bedrooms, 2 a home & Business!
Gated adult living community. West of Strathmore. full baths and over
Road to be 1400 sq ft of 3200 sq ft commercial building.
3 bdrms, 2 full baths. Open concept. constructed. development, Last use a pub.
Large deck to relax on. Industrial Parcels. upgrades throughout. Living at rear. Priced at $269,900
MLS C3450431

call shauna crystal ridge feature property - call lorna

condo - $169,900
don't miss out!

for all mls listings
2 bedroom condo with
panoramic view. Looks
Brand neW BungaloW
visit our WeBsite
onto environmental
preserve. 1720 sq ft new bungalow.
Oak throughout
Corner fireplace Maple throughout. Hardwoods.

call shauna Westlake condo call lorna

$224,900 secluded
aztec real estate agents all do local estaBlished
3 bedrms, 2 1/2 baths
Business! $125,000 Bilevel on
free market evaluations
Maple kitchen

Gas Fireplace
Great clientele. Excellent income. 3 acres
Partially finished
basement Owner will train. Owner retiring. Fully dev. lower

w w w. a z t e c r e a l e s t a t e. c a
Page 16 • Strathmore Times • January 21, 2011

Proudly Supporting Local Hockey

Proud to support Strathmore Minor Hockey!
Kevin Sorenson, M.P.
Toll free: 1-800-665-4358
Strathmore Branch 403-934-3358 Fax: 780-608-4603

10/11 Strathmore Storm 10/11 Strathmore Storm 10/11 Strathmore Storm

- atom t3 - atom t4 - atom t6a

Front: Landen Brassard, Matthew Farkasdi, Jack Sauve, Front: Jared Lausen, Kayden Gatz, Cooper Brelis, Cole Parkyn, Front: Evan Walker, Jay Kros, Logan Salm, Christopher Millette,
Jaycob Masciangelo, Chase Petruska, Tyren Grimsdale, Riley Stovka Hunter Johnson, Chase Clayton, Calen Wilson Brandon Harroun, Ethan Rycroft Middle: Daxon Hammel,
Middle: Ben Slemp, Ryan Stangneww, Tristan Olexson, Ryan Leeper, Middle: Austin MacKenzie, Teyha Terry, Tanner Owel, Coby Thiessen, Shiloh Petit, Madison Drummond, Jakob Thielsen,
Jared Farmer, Karter Kozma, Turner Dirk, Ben Kruse, Parker Keer Jayden Hendricks, Jase Westgard, Nathan Bogstie, Mason Phillips Tanner West, Austin Copland, Jaden Shorhen
Back: Jeff Grimsdale (AC), Jerry Petruska (C), Back: Kevin Brelis (C), Blair Wilson (AC), Randy Gatz (AC) Back: Ron West (AC), Jon Shorhen (C), Jason Walker (AC)
Jason Sauve (AC), Stacey Brassard (AC) Absent: Ryan Orford, Bruce Clayton (AC), Dan Johnson (AC) Absent: Nolan Sander, Brian Sander (AC)

10/11 Strathmore Storm 10/11 rockyford peewee 10/11 Strathmore Storm

- atom t6b - pee wee female

Front: Aaron Fisher, Jessyka Perkin, Chase Kralik, Streve Wilks, Front: Destiny Stevens, Kelsey Kennett, Hailey McCallum, Emily Hilton,
Taylor Lindsay, Jay Jakubowsky, Tyler Markel, Wyatt Anderson Front: Reece Kenney, Rylan Neizner, Jacob Kemp, Mitchel Wheeler, Sonia Pagenkopf, Camryn Riley, Hanna Gallant, Jaimie Betterton
Middle: Jared Wickenheiser, Kyle Feick, Tyler Brassard, Hunter Bratt, Jared Burke, Jack Sherman Middle: Jack Merik, Will Kathol, Cale Middle: Kaity Stewart, Megan Stefanich, Yulisa Solda, Tarri Jessey,
Alex Wilks, Kyle Ravesloot, Owen Ravesloot, Chase Stefanich Kathol, Mason Zackeriason, Tyler Wheeler, Eamon Ryan, Shawn Dion Breanne Schumann, Danna Rotariu, Taryn Corbiell
Back: Martin Raveloot (C), Wes Feick (AC) Back: Bonnie Linrick, Marnie Kathol, George Merik, Wayne Kathol, Back: Stacy Gallant (AC), Dave Jessey (AC), Mike Corbiell (HC),
Absent: Chris Anderson (AC) Seamus Ryan, Travis Kathol Crystal Stevens (AC), Michelle Lalonde Absent: Korrie Stewart

10/11 Strathmore Storm 10/11 Strathmore Storm 10/11 Strathmore Storm

- pee wee t2 - pee wee t3 - pee wee t5

Front: Hayze Stevens, Josh Christiano, Mitchell Hardy, Front: Spencer Desjardins, Brandon Berry, Richard Montenegro,
Front: Koadi Kozma, Colten Stewart, Justin Harroun, Reilly Bahan, Nelson Schiller, Tate Barnett, Connor McKinnon, Cort Armstrong Reid Van Eaton, Thomas Fargey, Garrett Kopp, Aaron Wilson
Gunnar Raycroft, Tyson Ramsay, Carson Gron Middle: Daryl Agerskov, Middle: Benjamin Kemp, Mason Kennett, Brandon Pederson, Middle: Ethan Gallant, Logan Donovan, Cody Oslanski,
Libby Wheeler, Christopher Rebeyka, Austin Drummond, Alec Biletsky, Caleb Funk, Matthew Cool, Jason Lieskovsky, Alex Hering Davis McNeill, Nathan Heuver, Dillon Lang, Wyatt Matile
Robbie Heckle, Patrick Kruse, Scott Desserre Back: Brain McKinnon (AC), Mke Cool (AC), Back: Stacy Gallant (AC), Craig Kopp (HC), Ryan Berry (M),
Back: Terry Desserre (AC), Kelly Wheeler (C), Doug Raycroft (AC) Wayne Funk (HC), Dale Barnett (AC) Shawn VAn Eaton (AC) Absent: Trevor Jensen (AC)

10/11 Strathmore Storm 10/11 wheatland hockey aSSociation 10/11 rockyford bantam
- pee wee t6 pee wee aa braveS

Front: Austin Argue, Jeramie Passage, Chance Breaker, Back: Robert Butterwick, Jordan McKinnon, Matt Halkovic, Liam Rycroft,
Braden Corbiell, Nolan Welwood, Channer Yellow Horn, Matt Quigley Middle: Greg Grant (AC), Ty Briton (AC), Sarah Lecavalier,
Brandon Corbiell Back: Allan Corbiell (C), Nathan Visser, Regan Doig, Brad Hendricks, Jason Hobson, Kody Hammond, Back: John, Johnathan Millette, Ryan Michael, Grant Black Horse,
Adam Fisher, Cole Johnson, Brock James, Jocelyyn Proulx, Jonathan Wheatley (AC), Scott Sproule (GC) Front: Nolan Kent, Nicholas Ellis, Nicholas Gerritsen, Hailey Johnson, Matthew Geeraert,
Kelly Foster, Tim Calf Rope (AC) Ryan Bell, Ryan McHarg, Tyler Petrie, Kaden Hanas, Riley Romashenko, Chris Shave, Tyler Henke Front: Nathan Dahm, Ashton Neiszner,
Absent: Dylan Dallas, Reid Muirhead, Stu James (AC) Wacey Sandum, Kenton Story Absent: Keith Klemmensen (C) Isaac Many Bears, Mark Kathol, Morgan Gooch

Proud to Support Minor Hockey

132 Orchard Way, Strathmore • 403-934-4809
January 21, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 17

Proud Community Sponsor Proud to be a part of local Minor Sports!

Call us with all your sporting news 403.934.5589
Strathmore Branch
109 • 100 Ranch Market
Strathmore, AB T1P 0A8 Locally Owned & Operated STRATHMORE
403.934.5293 Where there’s a way

10/11 strathmore storm 10/11 strathmore storm 10/11 strathmore storm

- bantam female - bantam t1 - bantam t3

Front: Shayla Kopp, Courtney Toney Middle: Ciara Sandum, Front: Eric Deines, Kevin Taplin, Riley Becker, Brady Morris, Front: Grady White, Matthew Brelis, Will Schramm, Jayden Smith,
Mackenzie Bertram, Stephanie Larsen, Alyssa Lavallee, Cassie Muller, Bradley Tingey, Reece Helfrich, Cole Busslinger, Mathew Sandum Grayson Wright, Carson James, James Farmer, Ben Bogstie
Cagney Lowen Back: Al Toney (AC), Rick Adams (AC), Rachel Cool, Back: Hal Morris (C), Josh Bishop, Ryan Grasdahl, Grady Strath, Back: Kevin Brelis (AC), Zach Fera, Dylan Brassard, Riley Grieveson,
Heather Shields, Stephanie Doyle, Paige Van Easton, Austin Biletsky, Phoenix Running Rabbit, Cade Treacy, Josh Ward, Evan Gyulai,, Rob Bartlett, Chase Huber, Kyle Wheeler,
Michaela Tessemaker, Jocelyn Thomas, Ashlie Adams, Thomas Reinhardt, Kaleb Robinson, Cam Sandum (GC), Brendan Fraser, Kelly Wheeler (AC), Steve Bogstie (GC)
Mike Tessemaker (HC), Rolland Lavalee (AC) Absent: Taylor Stewart Trent Biletsky (AC) Absent: Jayse Wilson, Shawn Wilson (AC) Absent: Geoff Fraser (HC), Dave Schramm (AC)

10/11 strathmore storm 10/11 wheatland hockey association 10/11 rockyford midget colts
- bantam t5 bantam aa warriors

Back: Taylor Donner, Cam Muller, Blair Roszell, McKay Bray,

Front: Ryder Quennell, Jayden Brassard, Dylan Seeley, Ben Sorensen, Ben Huculak Middle: Waylon Roszell (M), Russell Koester (C), Matthew Front: Brandon Thomas, Duncan Michie Middle: Ryan Mackay,
Braydon Murphy, Luke MacDonald, Braden Burton Rideout, Jaryd Coccimiglio, Jack Vergouwen, Sebastian Wittenburg, Grey Burke, Keith Rasmussen, Travis Chevrier (C), Ian Lawn (C),
Middle: Kyle Foster, Tyis Yellow Horn, Parker Muirhead, Cody Willis, Tyler Sharuga, Troy Koester (AC), Paden Grant (AC) Justin Mackay, Trent Fandry, Travis Gauthier Back: Travis Kathol,
Ross Water Chief, Chancey Guichon, Wyatt Carlson, Logan Weir Front: Reid Meunchrath, William Conley, Easton Munchrath, Cody Dale Mcnair, Jason Muller, Russell Tracy, Toby Noy, Evan Beck,
Back: Ross Quennell (AC), Marty Langen (AC), Mike Langen (HC) Matthew Thomson, Shane Fraser, Riley Doiron, Carter Seminuk Devon Kathol, Owen Dahm, Ethan Stinn, Daryl Noy (M)

10/11 strathmore storm 10/11 strathmore storm 10/11 strathmore storm

- midget female - midget t1 - midget t3

Front: David Barbeau, Cody Betterton, Colton Starker, Josh Christenson, Front: Jarrett Graff, Ty Schneider Middle: Brandon Larsen,
Goalie: Courtney Helfrich Front: Brooke Kennett, Hannah Meers, Chris Williams, Chris Reiter, Lucas Jones, Ben Conley Kenny Hansen, Scott Pagenkopf, Jesse Driver, Nicholas Wallace,
Kim Arbuthnott, Nicole Lausen, Brooke Johansen, Jenna Firkus, Back: Glen Reiter (C), Kristian Ayoungman, Wyatt Rabbit Carrier, Riley Smith, Carston Tourout, Jaycee Peters, Keegan Lane
Kylie Johansen Back: Guy Johansen (C), Codi Big Old Man, Tamona Ryan Fraser, Brooker Pretty Youngman, Chris Reed, Austin Roszell, Back: Kevin Lane (C), Robert Jacobs, Dalton Habing, Michael Dronyk,
Blackhorse, Danielle Skibinsky, Tess Little Chief, Tay-Lynne Hunt, Halle Cole Praeker, Matthew Waldner, Blake Bishop, Cole Snydmiller, Jagger Three Suns, Jordan Dyck, Conner Schmit, Zack Gibson,
Doore, Leah Dahm, Georgia Page, Randi Collins (AC), Darren Firkus (C) Wayon Rozsell (AC), Bob Williams (AC) Absent: Gord Jones (AC) Jayden Corbiell, Doug Pagenkopf (AC), Kevin Dyck (AC)

10/11 strathmore storm 10/11 wheatland hockey association 10/11 ufa bisons midget aaa
- midget t5 midget aa chiefs

Front: Wayne Hansen (AM), Devon Fordyce, Mason Burr,

Front: Jordan Dallas, Matthew Kelly, Kyle Tishauser, Back: Brad Bergerman, Sam McKinnon, Austin Larsen, Cody Burndred, Connor Chartier, Jeremy Friesen (AC), Parry Shockey (HC),
Sheridan Three Suns, Trevor Kisell, Sheldon Eleniak, Mitchell Rowley Devon Westby Middle: Shadoe Stoodley (AC), Devon Olson (C), Cody Leavitt (AC), Cody Brown, Kirby Ruzesky, George Merik,
Back: Dale Glydon (AC), Ken Carlson (AC), Jared Lang, Tylr Proulx, Matthew Queiroga, Justin Zeiler, Zach Wittenberg, Rylan Muenchrath, Kelsey Frederick (T) Middle: Sam Johnson, Matthew Flette, Luke Philp,
Jesse Neufeld, JC Habing, Pud Breaker (HC), Matt Kennett, Alex Bechtold, Aaron Durant, Tyson Kapty, Mike Periard (AC), Torrin White, Dave Fowles (VC), Tyson Valette, Mitchell McAllister,
James Carlson, Joshua Moreau, Tracey Kisell (AC) Tom Fraser (M) Front: Wilson Sproule, Jordan Jarvis, James Price, Sam McKechinie, Joshua Betinol, Neil Glionna (M)
Absent: Delaney Butler, Alexander Glydon, Phoenix Marshall, Justin Fraser, Abe Jensen, Scott Butters, Daniel Baigent Back: Carson McCormick, Darian Henry, Jared Potter, Spenser Jensen,
Buddy Breaker, Ryan Wallace, Travis Murphy (AC) Absent: Brandon Baigent (T), Rick Hazelton (AC) Simon Philp, Shayne Gwinner Absent: Damon Umscheid (GC)

“Look Like a Team / Play Like a Team”

Top QualiTy Team, CorporaTe apparel & aCessories
Embroidery, Silk-Screening & Sublimation.
ph 403.934.9667 l fax 403.934.9670 l
Page 18 • Strathmore Times • January 21, 2011

meet the

2 defeNSe
ty mark
briNtoN goodmaN
huSSar okotokS

4 5 wheatland kings 7 8
# # # #
defeNSe defeNSe forward forward

mike graham ashton Josh

huSSar 2010 - 2011 kathoL
St. JohN’S

9 forward
10 forward
11 defeNSe
12 forward
14 forward
Lucas racey Leslie miles kris Jordan
ford big SNake doore o’keefe mathieu griffithS
Strathmore SikSika Strathmore rockyford Strathmore StaNdard

16 forward
18 forward
19 forward
20 defeNSe
21 forward
brennan Lane tyler ross ty brandon
graShdahL wiLSoN braNdoN fox goodeagLe NeufeLd
Strathmore Strathmore carboN Lethbridge SikSika gLeicheN

23 defeNSe
24 defeNSe
25 forward
27 goaLteNder
31 goaLteNder
Nathan tyler hayden tom richie matt
voytechek zakariaSeN warrack mikrut hubbeLL Shawchuk
Lethbridge StaNdard cheadLe caLgary caLgary caLgary

Your Local Team with Local Minor Hockey Players

January 21, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 19

What’s What’s happening is a free weekly community calendar.

if you are a non-profit group and have a special event you would like to promote, please email your information to or call 403-934-5589 or fax 403-934-5546 and we will include your information on this
weekly Community page. Due to space restrictions, please keep information to a minimum.

Royal Canadian Legion Strathmore FASD Parent Support Group Adult Competitive Volleyball Mark Your
For information regarding hall at the Strathmore United Church. at Crowther Memorial Junior High in the gym
rentals, darts and crib, please call For more info call Pam @652-4776. every Wednesday from 7-9 pm Calendars for
Strathmore Caregiver Support Group
Contact is Lavern Lein 403-934-4646. these Upcoming
Strathmore Elks Lodge #491
This is an opportunity for caregivers to find
Strathmore Regional Victim Services Society Special Events....
support and benefit from interaction with others
meets 3rd Tuesday at the Strathmore Curling needs community members to be Advocates
in a similar situation. For more information or 2nd Annual
Club 6:30 pm. Steak Supper at (volunteers). Training is provided. Contact
to register call Amy Yaneza at 403-361-7176. Robbie buRns DinneR
7 pm. New Members welcome. Victim Services through the RCMP
Call Greg 403-888-6155. Detachment at 403-934-6552 Sponsored by
Sunday School for All Ages: Strathmore No. 53
Lord of All Lutheran Church offers and Gleichen No. 36 Masonic
MOPS Strathmore Homeschool Familes.
Christian Education opportunities for ages 3 Lodges in the Civic Centre,
(Mother’s Of Preschoolers) Any Strathmore and Area familes that are
years to adult, on Sunday Mornings. All are Saturday, January 22, 2011.
meet 1st and 3rd Thursdays homeschooling are invited to join our Yahoo
Welcome! For more information please call Tickets $25.00. For info call
9:30am – 11:30am at the Group.
Margo Sevick 403-901-2044 or call the Church Kevin 403-934-3401 or
Strathmore Alliance Church. fams
Office at 403-934-2374. Glen 403-901-6038.
Babysitting available for ages 0 - 6.
For more information call Jennifer at Strathmore Full Gospel Church
Wheatland Conservation & Wildlife 2nd Annual
403-934-5799 or visit We’re a Pentecostal Bible based
Association (Your local fish & game club). A toAst to hockey
family church that has something for all ages.
Strathmore Parent and Tot Playgroup, Meetings – 2nd Thursday every month, 7:30pm Saturday, January 29
Call 934-2225 or visit
meets every Thursday at 9:30 - 11:30 am. at the Clubhouse. Call Larry at 403-934-4388 5 pm - 1 am
in the Strathmore United Church for more information. Strathmore Civic Centre
Basement. For more information call $40/person. Silent Auction,
Wild Rose Career & Employment Services
Tammy at 403-983-7284 or Wheatland Rural Crime Watch. Music, Entertainment
- Free drop-in JOB-FINDING CLUB, Tickets call Michelle
Ali at 403-934-2089. $1 per child Meetings are the 3rd Thursday of each Month.
every Tuesday from 9 to noon. 403-324-3256
Featuring guest speakers. For more information
A Career Counsellor will share tips and tools to
Strathmore District Health call 403-934-4055.
assist in your job search. Messy sunDAy:
Services Auxiliary Please call 403-934-6488 or drop by 101, A WoRship seRvice
Meetings are held the fourth Monday of the Strathmore Lions Club
331-3rd. Avenue. foR All Ages.
month @ 1:30 pm, (excluding July & August). meets the first and third Thursday at the
Bring your lunch and join us for a Small 10:30 am at St Michael and All
Lower level Conference Room at the Strath- Strathmore Civic Centre at 6:45 pm.
Business Brown Bag presentation at Angels Anglican Church.
more Hospital. New members welcome. For Community Futures Wild Rose on Celebrating God’s love through
more info please call 403-934-4436 Healing Rooms,
Tuesday and Thursday from Noon to worship, music, craft activities
open for prayer Mondays from 7 to 9 pm. at the
1 pm. Weekly Topics. and more! For more informa-
Strathmore & District Chamber Harvest Healing Centre at 115A-3rd. Avenue in
Strathmore. Everyone is Welcome. The Community Crisis Shelter tion, call 403 934 3017 or visit
of Commerce
meets the third Monday of the month @ 7:00 has several Board Member vacancies and is
p.m. All members welcome. Check web page Strathmore Country Gardens Club recruiting individuals who would like to apply
Gleichen and District
for meeting Meetings at least once per month. Tours, guest for Board Membership. Interested individuals Community Association
location. For more information speakers, workshops and much more included can call Karen Pease at 403-934-6634. present their 2nd annual
call 403-901-3175 or in a membership.
chinese neW $20 single, $30 family. Kidz 1st Network Parent Link Centre, yeAR’s DinneR
For more information visit www.strathmore- We offer programs for children (0 – 6 yrs.) and Feb. 5th. Doors open @
Come Fly With Us their parents (caregivers) 5:30pm, supper @ 6:00pm.
903 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Sqn. Meet or phone Linda Pekrul 403-901-0017. Strathmore Programs $20/ticket for adults (+ mem-
Wednesdays at 6:30pm at the blue building Stay & Play - Mon. 10- 12, Wed. 9:30 - 11:30 bership) $10.00/ticket for chil-
and Quonset on the Ag grounds. Boys & Girls TOPS Take Off Pounds Sensibly and 4:00 - 8:30 p.m. dren 5-12, phone to get tickets:
welcome between 12 & 19 years. Call Joanna Want to Lose Those Unwanted Pounds?? Need Tot’s Time - Continuing Care Facility Mon. 1- 2 403-734-0114,
Howard at 403-983-5796 for more information. support to reach your goal? We are here for Let’s Grow Together- Thurs. 10-12 403-734-2891, 403-734-3863
you! We meet every Thursday at 6:30 pm @ Sing and Play -Fri. 1-3 OR 403-644-2969
Meals on Wheels the Anglican Church. Contact Melissa @ Rockyford - Let’s Grow Together- Mon.
is available in Strathmore. For information or 403-901-1566 or Lynne @ 403-934-4359 10:00-11:30 On March 19 and 20,
to obtain this service please contact Wheatland to join our journey to a fitter you. Nightingale - Encouraging Development St. Gabriel the Archangel Parish
FCSS at 403-934-5335. through Play - 10:00-11:30 is hosting a
Free Tree for all New Born Babies Standard - Sing and Play - Friday- 10:00-11:30 DynAMic 2-DAy RetReAt
Strathmore Youth Exceptional Attention all infants – remind your parents to Cluny- Let’s Grow Together - Thurs. 10:00-11:30 put on by “Face 2 Face”
Service Award Society register your birth so a tree can be planted All Programs are free. Please call Ministries. This high energetic
- If you would like to recognize a youth who commemorating your birth in the Chinook 983-0016 ext.3 for program details. team, through talks, prayer,
has demonstrated an act of courage, Credit Union Birth Forest in Strathmore. and music, will take you on
citizenship and community contribution, Registration Forms are available at the Town HIV Edmonton a journey to strengthen your
call 403-901-4254. office, Chinook Credit Union and Health Unit. providing support, education and advocacy for Christian faith. For more details
(A Communities in Bloom Project) those infected with, affected by or at risk of HIV visit:
The Hope Bridges Society and AIDS for 25 years. chestermere/F2F_Retreat.html
Board meetings held the third Tuesday of each Strathmore Masonic Lodge #53 Go to or call toll free or contact Jeff/Annette
month at 7 p.m. at #3-236-3rd. Avenue. meets the first Monday of each Month at 7:30 1.877.388.5742 @ 403-936-2030.
Please visit our website at p.m. Call Glen at 403-901-6038.
or contact us at Website:

Personalized. Natural. Confident

“The focus is on you!”

Wade Klimpke DD www. mybite .ca
Page 20 • Strathmore Times • January 21, 2011

Denture Clinic Testing their
Terry Grant Denturist culinary skills
Senior High, Foods students at
403.934.3877 Holy Cross Collegiate were ex-
cited to cook for their families and
• Complete / Partial Dentures friends, and show off their culi-
nary skills. On January 11th, stu-
• Same Day Relines & Repair dents welcomed over 40 guests
• Custom Mouthguards and served them a delicious meal
- soup, salad and dessert includ-
• Custom Night Guards ed. The students fundraised for
this event throughout the semes-
• Natural Teeth Whitening ter, and it was a great success.
Their teachers Ms. Yersh and
Ms. Martin extend their thanks to
everyone who helped make this
night special!
Photo Courtesy of Mary Kruse

Frustrated residents looking for answers from Canada Post

Shannon LeClair tioned why he hadn’t been there in a You can report all kinds of issues there
413 - 3rd St. Strathmore few days. According to Favell, his re- including issues with your community
Times Reporter
sponse was that if he doesn’t have gas mail box. That’s also the best place to
Times tidbits After more than 10 days without any money, he will pick up the packages call if you have not received mail deliv-
mail, one woman from Namaka finally from the depot and hold onto them un- ery,” said Williams.
Sun Facts
became frustrated enough try to do til he does have gas to go and do his “The reason we tell people to call
Did you know a person weighing 150 lbs on Earth,
would weigh 4,200 pounds on the sun because the sun’s something about it. Kim Favell lives deliveries. that number is because they have the
gravity is 28 times that of Earth? near Namaka Lake, and said she has “If we`re paying him to get out and computer system to record the details.
had ongoing issues with her carrier for do a job, that’s kind of what we ex- Then we can go back with that data
Did you know 109 Earths would be required to fit across the close to two years. pect to happen,” said Teresa Williams, and say ok do we have a trend here.”
Sun’s disk, and its interior could hold over 1.3 million Earths?
“It’s non-stop. This is not the first spokesperson with Canada Post. By being able to find that trend they
time we’ve gone through basically hell Last year Favell said she slipped and can start figuring out the pattern and
to get our mail and we’re just tired of twisted muscles at the mail site because finding ways to resolve the issue. Wil-

Sun it,” said Favell.

Favell said every week she is getting
anywhere from two to six letters that
it had not been cleared of ice and snow.
She complained about the site and said
10 days later the boxes had been moved
liams said if people call the post of-
fice, they will know what is going on
in the post office but not necessarily
Smart aren’t hers that she redirects back to
the Post Office to be sent to the right
in a row to face south. She had thought
the Post Office had moved them, but
what is going on in that route because
they aren’t able to pull up the trends
person. She also said some of her stated when she went out with her pe- in mail disruption and complaints. For
An estimated 30 neighbours will personally deliver mail tition on Jan. 7, she learned it was an- Namaka She said they will do some
million North Americans mistakenly sent to them to the correct other resident who had finally gotten serious digging into the issue and try
turn to tanning salons as a controlled home. When she realized it had been frustrated enough to do it himself. to figure out what the issue is and re-
alternative to outdoor tanning. As 10 days since she had received any “I don’t like seeing anybody lose solve it. A few weeks ago a Wheatland
we become increasingly aware of mail, she decided to call the post office. their job but he’s had so many chances, County resident was upset about their
“That’s when I phoned the Post Of- it’s just not acceptable anymore,” said carrier going on holidays and therefore
the benefits associated with regular
fice and they told me ‘oh well we just Favell. no mail being delivered over the holi-
exposure to sunlight and of the
figured people would phone here to Williams said she can understand day season.
importance of managing the risks some people may not get their mail due “Now normally the carrier was sup-
find out what’s gong on,’ ” said Favell.
that can be associated with sunburn Favell questioned why the post office to the weather. She said it is a policy posed to provide a trained replacement
and overexposure, more people are didn’t put up a notice at the site inform- that if it’s not safe for a carrier to de- but in this case they didn’t so Canada
turning to indoor tanning facilities to ing residents that their mail was not go- liver, they should not put themselves at Post found someone before Christmas,”
help attain their tans in a controlled ing to be delivered for a few days, and undue risk. said Williams.
environment scientifically designed she said they still responded thinking “So if people are not getting their She said the person was available for
to minimize the risk of sunburn. More people would phone and inquire. Some mail and it is because of the weather, most of the days leading up to Christ-
and more research is being done of the residents are elderly people wait- what we would suggest they do is call mas but she did have some previous
showing the link between responsible ing on pension cheques that they rely the post office and say I’m coming into engagements and they knew there were
moderate exposure to UV light, the on. On Jan. 7, she went around the town tomorrow. I will pick up my mail, some days she wouldn’t be able to de-
creation of Vitamin D and Hamlet of Namaka with a letter she please hold it for me. That way the car- liver. Williams said they brought in a
the positive effects on the had written, regarding the issue. Many rier will not go out with it,” said Wil- lot of help to get her caught up before
human body. people were eager to sign the petition. liams. Christmas she did have some difficul-
“I had no problems getting people in She said if a carrier is not able to ties staying caught up after Christmas
“The Hottest the Hamlet of Namaka to sign. A lot of deliver to a community box, they are and Williams said she does not think
Tanning Place in Town!” the time I didn’t even finish my sen- supposed to notify the post office. She the carrier was able to make it to all of
tence, they just took the paper out of recommends if there is an issue with her customers every day Williams she
Vitamin D Sunbeds • Tanning
my hand and signed. So there is defi- mail service, people should call 1-800- said everything is caught up and now
Infrared Sauna • Mystic HD Sunless
nitely a problem here.” 267-1177. working they way it should be She said
510 Hwy 1, Strathmore - Country Lane Mall Favell brought the letter to MP Kevin “I know people hate calling a 1 it seems to be for the most part weather
HOURS 403-983-1803 Sorenson when he was in Strathmore 800 number but really that is the best related, and that there are some areas
Mon - Thurs: on Jan. 13. She wanted to hand deliver source for getting issues taken care of. where the roads are impassable.
9:30 am to 8:30 pm the letter and signatures so there could
Fri: 9:30 am to 7 pm be no confusion and it didn’t end up
Sat & Sun: lost in the mail.
10 am to 3 pm “I don’t know what else we can do to
We feature: resolve this,” said Favell.
She said in between the bad times
she has spoken to the carrier and ques-

Strathmore heavy truck repair

now has a Motivational
wheel alignment Magic
machine Steve Harmer was at West-
mount Elementary on Jan. 12,
for heavy trucks and school buses. showing the kids a little magic
while giving a message. Harmer

Call (403) 901-1522

does motivational magic and
was teaching the kids about the
to book your appointment today! friendship factor.
Shannon LeClair Photo
January 21, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 21

Getting ready to head home

Shannon LeClair “I was kind of tired of everything and month. She has had a chance to travel
Times Reporter I always wanted to do it, (so) I started to Banff and other parts of Alberta, but
looking for it. I always thought it would due to the program and guidelines she
At this time of year many people flee be too expensive, but then when I is not able to travel other parts of the
the cold weather and head to warmer started looking (into) it, I realized that country.
areas before the snow hits, if they can. it was not that bad,” said Escudero. The education system may be a little
While it’s uncommon for people to in- Through the travel agency Experi- different here, but Escudero has been
tentionally deal with the cold, one stu- mento, she was able to research places adjusting well and said she made a lot
dent from Brazil has decided to do just to study abroad. Experimento’s focus is of friends quickly.
that. on helping people find ways to work “I think I like it the way it is here.
“I wanted (to come to) a small town or study abroad, and its high school ex- My school is really restricted and here
because I live in a big city in Brazil, periment program has been operating I think you have more freedom to
so I wanted something different,” said in Brazil for over 45 years. choose things and I think it’s better for
Brenda Escudero of her decision to “They make programs that can last you,” said Escudero.
come to Strathmore. From research different periods of times, such as six Though she is heading home in a
she knew that Strathmore was near months, one month, one year and you few short weeks, Escudero is sure she
Calgary, but she thought that Calgary can go for high school or just to im- will be back. She has been consider-
might be too big. Escudero has been prove your English in a course,” said ing going to college here in Canada
here for four months and will be re- Escudero. to study journalism, though she is not
turning home to Brazil at the end of Determining where she wanted to sure where she would like to go.
the month. go was the easy part. Convincing her
Travelling around the world to go mother to let her leave for four months Brenda Escudero has been studying Grade 11 at
to a foreign country for school can be was the tough part. Escudero said it Holy Cross Collegiate for the past few months.
a big decision, and for the Grade 11 was really hard for her mom to let her She will be heading home to Brazil at the end of
student it took some thought and re- go and that she can’t wait to head home January.
search. and see her family at the end of the Shannon LeClair Photo

RCMP Briefs
Chestermere marihuana were 214 marihuana plants nity. Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or internet by EMS to the hospital for observation
grow-op in various stages of growth. The Chestermere RCMP Crimes Stoppers will purposes.
Based on information Also seized was the equip- takes marihuana grow op- pay cash rewards up to $2000 for informa- The RCMP would like to thank the pub-
from the public during the ment used to grow plants erations very seriously. Not tion that leads to an arrest, the recovery of lic for tips they provided.
evening of Jan. 11, the valued at approximately only is the cultivation, pos- stolen property or seizure of illegal drugs.
Chestermere RCMP at- $10,000. The value of the session and distribution of Crime Stoppers does not subscribe to call Marihuana trafficking
tended an insecure resi- seized marihuana is esti- marihuana unlawful there display and the identity of the caller will On Jan. 12, the Strathmore RCMP
dence in Chestermere on mated at approximately are usually criminal groups remain anonymous. Crime Reduction Unit completed a Con-
Seagreen Way. This resi- $267,000. involved. It is believed in trolled Drugs and Substances Act Search
dence had the front door There were no hom- this instance criminals Missing person found Warrant in Strathmore. As a result a youth
forced in. While checking eowners at the residence broke into the residence to Adrien Proulx (45) of Strathmore, the was charged with Possession of Marihua-
this residence a strong at the time of the search steal some of the marihua- subject of a missing person investigation na for The Purpose of Trafficking and Pos-
smell of marihuana was warrant. This matter is still na leaving the residence since the Jan. 4, was found in the after- session of a Controlled Substance.
detected. A search warrant under investigation with insecure. The residence noon of Jan. 13. Proulx was located by They are to appear to court on Jan. 18,
was requested and issued charges pending. Although had both electrical and the Didsbury RCMP and was transported in Strathmore.
by the Calgary Hearing Of- a priority for the Chester- water bypasses which are
fice to search and seize mere Detachment, this is thefts and leaves the resi-
under the Controlled Drugs the first grow op discov- dence a potential fire ac-
and Substances Act. ered in Chestermere in the cident. This Chestermere
With the assistance of 12 months. residence had the power
the specialized drug en- Provincial Health au- has been disconnected
forcement unit - Green thorities are involved and for the safety of the com-
Team South, a joint forces notices have been posted munity.
team consisting of RCMP to prevent habitation until If anyone has any in-
and Calgary City Police repairs to ensure safety of formation in this crime or
members, the residence any occupants have been any other please contact

was searched the after- made. There is no other the Chestermere RCMP at
noon of Jan. 12. Seized health risk to the commu- (403) 204-8777 or Crime

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Call for an Appointment

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Airdrie :: #3, 2145 Summerfield Blvd :: 403.912.0512
Cochrane ::#4, 201 Grand Blvd :: 403.932.5335
january 21, 2011

resident to take
part in junior
Matt Gingras (r) curling nationals
and teammate
David Bearspaw Shannon LeClair
(l) placed fourth at Times Reporter
the World Series
of Team Roping Curling is a national pastime
in Las Vegas last beloved by many Canadians,
month. and one former Strathmore
Photo Courtesy of resident is hoping to have the
the Gingras Family chance to make it to the World

Big payday for Strathmore cowboy in Vegas

Juniors Curling Champion-
ships this year.
Derek Clark and his team,
squad, Team Hodgson, re-
Laurence Heinen first steer was really, really bad,” said Bearspaw won the Canadian qualifier cently won provincials, which
Times Contributor Gingras. “It came out and ran to the at the Claresholm Rodeo in mid August. ended on Jan. 9, in Edmonton.
right really, really hard. David had to The pair has already talked about re- “We ended up going 6-1 in
Hard work paid off for Matt Gingras scoop him off the wall and keep him turning to Las Vegas for the 2011 WSTR the round robin, which put us
at the World Series of Team Roping fi- straight for me.” finale. into first place. That got us a
nale in Las Vegas in December. Despite the rough start, Gingras “We get an option to buy in and then direct buy into the final,” said
Gingras, who lives about 25 km east and Bearspaw had better times in the we don’t have to go to any qualifiers,” Clark.
of Strathmore, and partner David Be- second and third rounds to put them- explained Gingras, who wants to im- Clark said they played
arspaw, of Morley, finished fourth at selves in position for their heroics on prove upon their fourth-place showing. against and beat Team Scott
the event held during the Thunder the final day. “We’ve decided that we’re going to buy Smith.
EquiGames at the South Point Eques- Matt’s parents Art and Lorraine and in. We’re at the point where we decid- “Out of the south there are
trian and Events Center in Las Vegas his Uncle Fred and Aunt Renee made ed that we’re going to go down there three teams to qualify. They
from Dec. 9-12. Their impressive show- the trip down to Las Vegas to watch with a little more game face.” were a team that actually beat
ing earned them $64,000 US in prize the event. To make the trip down to Las Vegas, us in qualification,” he said.
money. “My dad, he was really nervous,” said Gingras received sponsorship from Clark said he has been curl-
“That’s the most money I’ve won in Gingras. “That morning he was walk- several people and businesses, includ- ing for about 12 years, starting
a single shot,” said Gingras, who roped ing around and pacing. He was worse ing from the Assist Business Centre in Strathmore.
as the header, while Bearspaw was the than I was.” in Strathmore and from Barry Heine- “My parents were really big
heeler. “I’m very blessed to have Da- Before their run, Gingras told Be- mann, a local oilfield consultant. into it and then a friend of
vid roping behind me because the guy arspaw that “if that steer gives me any- “I was very fortunate,” said Gingras. mine in Grade 9, he wanted
ropes awesome. He roped really well thing to throw at, I’m going to hit him “I got some sponsorship and some fuel to get competitive, so he start-
all week long.” as fast as I can.” money.” ed going competitive out of
Known as the richest team roping Prior to mounting his horse, Gingras Gingras rounded out the 2010 sea- Strathmore and eventually I
event in North America, the WSTR fi- took a look at the steer they drew and son with a strong showing at a Box- started playing out of the city,”
nale attracted more than 450 teams noticed that “he had just enough horn ing Day team roping event at the Bob said Clark.
competing for a prize pool in excess of that I could reach at him.” Snodgrass Recreation Complex in High Because his team won the
$1 million. Once he was in the chute, Gingras River. Gingras took home $800 and finals at the provincials, they
On the final day of the event, Gin- just cleared his mind and focused on the High Point Breast Collar from the will now be heading to the
gras and Bearspaw recorded a time of the task at hand. event. 2011 M&M Meat Shops Cana-
6.9 seconds. By recording the fastest “This was my shot,” he said. “I nod- Born in High River, Gingras lived in dian Juniors.
time of the day and of the event, Gin- ded my head and he dropped his head Okotoks until about Grade 4 when his “I actually went two years
gras and Bearspaw won an additional to the right. I could see that horn on family relocated to Cluny, where he ago and got a bronze medal,”
cheque for $7,000 US. Their quick time my second swing and then on my third lived until he was 18. said Clark.
also bumped them up from 18th spot swing I let it go. I threw about 25 or Gingras has been around horses The national competition
after three runs to fourth overall with a 26 feet of rope at him and it worked his whole life and can remember first takes place in Calgary, at the
combined time of 35.83, just 1.22 sec- out. (Bearspaw) just rolled around the learning to rope at a very young age. North Hill Community Curling
onds out of first place. corner and roped two feet.” “I’ve been roping most of my life Club and The Glencoe Club,
“Like I said to David, there’s no rea- Gingras recalled looking around the since I was about three,” said Gingras, from Jan. 29 to Feb. 6. All of
son why we shouldn’t have won,” re- crowd of about 4,000 people and im- who also trains horses for a living. the people participating in the
called the 26-year-old. “We outroped mediately hearing the cheers from his “There’s pictures of me in diapers on a Canadian Juniors are 20 years
everybody. We just had one steer that mom and aunt. rocking horse roping a roping dummy. old or younger. TSN will be
just took us too long to catch and get “My mom and my aunt were the I’ve just been around it all my life.” televising the finals for both
the job done.” loudest two people there,” he said. “We His dad confirmed that Matt definite- the men and women, and the
On the first day of the event, Gingras could hear them yelling and screaming ly had a knack for roping when he was winners will be representing
and Bearspaw recorded a disappoint- over the music. It was a pretty good a toddler. Canada at the World Juniors in
ing time of close to 10 seconds. feeling.” “He has worked really, really hard to Perth, Scotland March 5 to 13.
“We got in the first round and our To qualify for the event, Gingras and get where he’s at,” said Art.

o me
H ames
Saturday, January 22 • 8:00 pm vs Stettler Lightning
Strathmore Family Centre - Gold Arena

G Sunday, January 23 • 2:00 pm vs Mountainview Colts

Saturday, January 29 • 8:00 pm vs Medicine Hat Cubs
AWAY GAMES: Friday, January 28 • 8:00 pm Airdrie; Friday, February 4 • 8:00 pm Three Hills

Come Support Your Strathmore Wheatland Kings!

January 21, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 23

Ice Creams on fire

Mel Boschee the pipes. Bassano were strong between
Strathmore Ice Creamers was shut down time the pipes. Goal scorers
and again and the Ice for the weekend were
This past weekend Creams keep the 10-7 Daylen Wathen, Jaidyn
showed that the Ice win at home. Eitzen, Ainsley Olson,
Creams were not dulled Sunday the team trav- Emily Bailie, Payton
by the Christmas Break eled to Rockyford and Jensen, Cayley Boschee,
and the cancellation the mood was light in Brooklyn Reinhart.
caused by the Winter the dressing room, but Of course no team is
storm. The girls pulled the buzz showed the complete without the
out two wins, one of girls were ready to play. supporting cast that
which was a shutout. The Ice Creams stepped were amazing passers:
The girls were showing out on the ice led by Shelby Lane, Abbey
their skills and ready to their goaltender McK- Bratt, Meghan Munch-
roll. enna Blades. The heads rath. The girls will con-
Saturday brought were held high and tinue to do you proud
Bassano to Strath- when the game start- Abby Hilton until you
more. The Ice Creams ed the passing began. return.
were ready to roll and Rockyford held strong, Coach Lana, Coach
roll they did. The girls but were no match. The Vince, Coach Guy your
were amazing passing Ice Creams left town efforts continue to be
machines. The stands with a 4-0 win. seen by everyone and
buzzed with excitement The rings stayed on no greater joy then the
as Jaden Tashikowich the right side of the net smile of the girls after a
was stationed between as both our net minders game or practice.

Despite allowing the first goal in both home games this past weekend, the UFA Bisons collected a pair
of wins, improving their record to 15-7-4 on the season.
Mario Prusina Photo
Centennial Year 2011
Bisons take four
Beard Growing Contest
Mario Prusina into that.”
Times Editor Kirby Ruzesky, Jared Potter, Samuel
McKechnie, Joshua Betinol, and Luke
The UFA Bisons started the 2011 por- Philp each registered a goal and an as-
tion of their schedule with a pair of sist, while Sam Johnson also scored for
home wins Jan. 15 & 16 at the Strath- the Bisons.
more Family Centre. “I thought we played really well,” said
After Mother Nature postponed the captain Cody Brown. “The first two peri-
team’s first game of the calendar year ods, we can build off of that, there was
Jan. 8, the Bisons used a pair of come- nothing wrong with them. In the third
from-behind wins to maintain their third period, you don’t want to dwell on any Handlebar Garibaldi The Wild West French Fork
place position in the AMHL South Divi- of that stuff. (We) have to take the win & Goatee Beard
and not do that again. They were really
The Bisons defeated the Sherwood mucking it up and the guys were falling
Park J. Ennis Kings 6-4 Jan. 16, a day af- into their trap.”
ter beating the Calgary Buffaloes 5-3. On Saturday night, the Bisons showed
“I thought for 40 minutes, we were in tremendous resiliency by climbing from
control of the game,” said Bisons head 2-0 and 3-1 deficits midway through the
coach Parry Shockey after Sunday’s game.
game. “It was a game that clearly needed However, the Bisons secured the win Ducktail Van-Dyke Goatee Mutton
structure from the officiating side – I’m with four unanswered goals in the sec- Beard Beard Chops
not sure we got that – and our guys got ond half of the game.
frustrated with it and started acting out. “It was a really good game by us,” Name: _____________________________________________________________________________
What should have been a game that was said the coach. “I thought the Buffa-
clear-cut ours, was out there (for the tak- loes played a good game, I thought they Phone #: ___________________________________________________________________________
ing).” came at us – but we battled back one at a
After scoring the first goal of the game, time. We showed a lot of maturity.” Email: _____________________________________________________________________________
the Kings kept taking penalty after pen- Connor Chartier scored twice to pace
alty. The Bisons took control of the game the Bisons offence, while Samuel McK- Category you choose: _________________________________________________________________
with three power play goals echnie added a goal and an
to close out the opening pe- assist. Joshua Betinol and Deadline for entries - January 30, 2011
riod. The Bisons scored two Torrin White also scored
goals in the second period, for the Herd, while Kirby Please drop off or send your entries to:
including another power-
play goal, to take a com-
I thought Ruzesky and Simon Philp
each added a pair of help-
THe STraTHMore TiMeS
202 - 114 Canal Garden, Strathmore, AB T1P 1Y4
manding 5-1 lead.
However, after taking
we played ers.
“We all come focused and
Judging to take place on Saturday, July 2 “Centennial Celebrations”
some penalties of their
own, the Bisons allowed
really well. ready to play,” said Brown.
“Everybody stuck to the STraTHMore CenTennial Year BearD GroWinG ConTeST
three goals in a span of game plan and everything 2011 is Strathmore’s Centennial year and there will be numerous events for you to participate in to mark
4:52 minutes to cause a flowed really nice.” the occasion. The first off the starting block is the Men’s Beard Growing contest. All hearty men who
nail-biting finish. With the All-Star Game are able are encouraged to grow their whiskers as part of the celebration. Application forms are to be
Cody Brown being played this coming received by Jan. 30th with the judging to take place on Centennial Day, July 2nd.
The Bisons wracked up There will be prizes for the best beard in eight different categories.
24 penalty minutes, while weekend, the Bisons will Winners will get a frEE beard cut from the Cutting Crew as well as other prizes.
the Kings were charged for play a pair of weekday So come on guys, show your stuff! Applications are available at the Town office,
50 minutes worth of penalties. road games. The team played the Cal- Strathmore Times and various merchants in the community.
Sherwood Park was clearly frustrated gary Flames Jan. 19 (result not available If you have any questions or need further information contact me,
with the officials in the first half of the as of press time), before taking on the robert Breitwieser at
game, while the Bisons shared that same Calgary Royals Jan. 21 (8 p.m.) at Stu

feeling in the third period. Peppard Arena. Proudly sponsored by
“You know what? The last thing I’ve Luke Philp and Torrin White will then
ever done is tried to whack a skunk with represent the UFA Bisons at the 22nd
a broom,” said Shockey when asked Annual AMHL All-Star Game in Fort Sas-
about the officiating. “I’m not getting katchewan Jan. 23.
Page 24 • Strathmore Times • January 21, 2011

win over
Tami LeMoine
Strathmore Electric Ice

In the world of ringette a one game

weekend is a pretty rare occurrence.
Thankfully this was the case last week-
end when the Electric Ice only had one
game on Sunday, Jan. 16 against their
zone two rivals, the Airdrie Sting.
The team was missing their M & M
line of Meghanne Uptigrove and Mor-
gan Elder and their all star Rhiece
Cordes, so the remaining girls had to The Junior Varsity girls basketball team hosted a senior varsity tournament Jan. 14-15 at the Holy
be pumped and ready to play. Cross Collegiate.
The Ice did not disappoint. Despite Wendi Tashlikowich Photos
several of the girls having played three

Hawks host tourney

games of basketball the day before,
and skating with only eight players, the
girls rose to the challenge.
Every game now counts towards
their goal of reaching provincial play- Shannon LeClair who will be taking on Strathcona
offs in March and the Electric Ice were Times Reporter Tweedsmuir.
not willing to let a short bench or tired “Our challenges so far this season
legs stop them. Strathmore was fierce Holy Cross Collegiate, HCC, Junior are teaching a few rookies our system
and fast. They completely dominated Hawks hosted a senior varsity bas- and working on refining some of our
the game and came away with a 10-2 ketball tournament Jan. 14 - 15 at the plays, especially our press break. We
victory. school. Despite facing a higher caliber practice twice a week,” said MacLean.
Taylor Shpyth led the scoring with of teams, the HCC Hawks ended up The team will be heading to Bas-
five goals, then Gabi LeMoine (two), placing fourth in the tournament, and sano for a senior tournament which is
Payge Bratt, Katie Edelmann and Karly coach Angela MacLean said the team taking place Jan. 28 – 29.
Larson with one goal apiece. Brooke has shown a lot of improvement. Some highlights from this weekend
McKenzie was, once again, outstanding “I’m pretty pleased with the season were the win over County Central by
in net. All goals were assisted by Shae so far, we have had a couple of game one point in the tournament opener,
Lane, Hannah Olson and Darcie Weir. cancellations lately so we’ll have more and placing fourth in a senior tour-
The next game for the Electric Ice is games in February,” said MacLean. nament. HCC high scorers for the
Saturday, Jan. 22 at 4:30 p.m. in Strath- So far the team is sitting at 2-1-0 in weekend were: Kaitlin Francis with 47
more. league play. Due to exams, the team points; Karsyn Fulmek with 37 points;
will be taking a two week break be- and Maggie Shortt with 34 points. The
fore their next league game on Feb. guards (rookie and returning) also
3. It’ll be a home game for the girls, played great this weekend.


Proposed Redesignation
in The Ranch Community
You’re invited to join Encana and the Strathmore Rockies When: Tuesday, January 25, 2011
for free family fun and hockey excitement at the second- Time: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
annual Rock the Rink on Saturday, January 22. Bring the
Location: Days Inn - 400 Ranch Market, Strathmore, AB
whole family for a complimentary dinner at 4 pm, and stay
to watch the Rockies battle the Minnesota Whitecaps. The Ranch is a newly developed residential D CRES.
community within the Town of Strathmore.

It is located on the east side of the Town ARK


along the Trans Canada Highway and PL.

saturday, january 22



East Boundary Road. The developers



Strathmore Family Centre


of this community, United Acquisition



160 Brent Blvd, Strathmore, Alberta CR

II Corp. and Rencor Developments E N

4 pm – beef on a bun (Strathmore) Inc., are proposing to A
5 pm – welcome/puck drop rezone phases 5 and 7, of The Ranch PARKLANE DRIVE
face painting, door prizes, 50/50 draw

from the R1-Residential-Single Detached

District (R1) to the newly created R1N- FROM R1
Residential Narrow Lot-Single Detached TO P1 FROM R1
District (R1N). The northern edge of TO R1N
the proposed redesignation area will be
rezoned from R1 to Public Service District
(P1) as illustrated on the map. CLOSE



300GE PL

The intent of this open house is to provide RID



information regarding the redesignation



application and seek input and comments

from the community. Representatives will




be available to answer questions at the


open house. We look forward to seeing O


you there.
For more information please contact:


Suite 101, 2716 Sunridge Way NE
Calgary, AB T1Y 0A5 HIGHWAY 1

Learn more about natural gas and Encana at Phone: 403.291.1193

Gary Youde:
Kiran Kadavil:
January 21, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 25

thank yous notices

Thank You
Strathmore Minor Soccer Federation
AnnuAl GenerAl MeetinG
The Hoogesteger and Struiksma families Wednesday, February 9th, 2011
would like to express our sincere thank
you to our friends and community at large
6:30-7:30pm in the Aquatic Centre
(meeting room located upstairs)
for their words of kindness and support in
the recent loss of our Daughter, Sister, For further information:
Sister-in-law and Aunt Henny Schmid. or
Thank you for all those who called, sent cards 403-324-SPURS (7787)
and brought food, it was greatly appreciated. Outdoor registration available online or
Maarten & Maartje Hoogesteger, in person at REVS, February 9th, 2011
Elisabeth & Gene Struiksma, @ Civic Centre, 3:30pm-7:30pm
Paul & Brenda Struiksma and Family Come out and support loCal soCCer!

January 21 sudoku answers coming events

Strathmore Rockies newest addition Raylene Cutknife scored the team’s only goal in a 4-1 exhibition
loss to the Edmonton Chimos Jan. 16 at the Strathmore Family Centre. Despite taking 16 minutes of
penalties, the Rockies kept the game close and showed a tremendous amount of determination. The
team will now prepare to play host to the Minnesota Whitecaps Jan. 21-22 at the Strathmore Family
Centre. Game times are slated for 8 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. respectively. The Saturday night tilt will be the
second annual EnCana Rock the Rink Event.
Mario Prusina Photo

Rockies to rock the rink coming events

Tammy Schwass will be at the rink to meet fans and free
Strathmore Rockies beef on a bun will be served. Fun ac-
tivities will include face painting, door
For the second season in a row the prizes and a 50/50 draw. The entertain-
Strathmore Rockies and partner En- ment will continue into the evening

Upcoming Tours
Cana will host Rock the Rink. It is a as the Rockies take on the Minnesota
chance for members of the community Whitecaps at 5 p.m.
“EnCana has been an amazing spon-
for 2011
to interact with the players while en-
joying beef on a bun and fun activities sor of the Rockies for the past three
courtesy of EnCana. seasons,” comments Samantha Holm-
• Numerous 3 day trips to Moose Jaw, SK • 21 day trip to Yukon & Alaska
“The Rockies Rock!” exclaims Rich- es-Domagala president of the Rockies. • 5 day trip to Coeur D’Alene & • 5 day Rocky Mountain Circle trip
ard Dunn, EnCana Vice-President of “They support the community in many Cranbrook Casino • 25 day Eastern Canada &
Regulatory and Government Relations. ways and encourage us to get involved • 6 day trip to Deadwood, South Dakota USA Panorama trip
• 8 day trip to Portland Rose Festival • 16 day trip to Branson and New Orleans
“These women are good role models and give back to the community with • 4 day trip to Kimberley Accordion Festival • 2 & 3 day trips to Caronport
to female minor hockey players in ru- programs like EnCana Hockey Rocks
For anyone who would like to see a full-detailed brochure,
ral Alberta, and they also know how to and Rock the Rink.” please call our toll-free number at

play really great hockey. We encourage Minnesota is in town for a three game
everyone to come out to Rock the Rink home stand against the Rockies. The
to enjoy a meal sponsored by EnCana
and watch a fantastic game.”
teams will play Friday night at 8 p.m.
in Strathmore, Saturday at 5:00 p.m. in or visit our website
The event will take place at the conjunction with Rock the Rink, and
Strathmore Family Centre on Saturday, Sunday, bright and early, at 8 a.m. at Come on out and help raise money for
Jan. 22, starting at 4 p.m. The Rockies the Edge School in Springbank.
Strathmore Minor Hockey.
Check Out the Strathmore TIMES! www.

Beef dinner with all the fixings, entertainment & a silent auction!

2nd Annual

A Toast to
Saturday, January 29, 2011
5 pm - 1 am • Strathmore Civic Centre
Cocktails 5 pm Dinner to follow

Rockyford Belle win gold! $80 / couple • $40 / person - must be over 18

• Silent Auction • Music • entertainment

The Rockyford Belle Ringette girls claimed the gold medal at the Red Deer tournament earlier this
month. The girls won their first game 6-5 versus Red Deer, before falling 4-2 to Calgary on the open- To book tables email Michelle at
ing day of the tournament. After winning 8-0 versus Edmonton, the girls advanced to the Gold Medal
Get tickets from Strathmore Minor Hockey parents
game, where they faced Calgary once again. This time, Rockyford won a hard-faught battle 8-4 to
claim the gold! or call Michelle 403.324.3256
Photo Courtesy of Sherry Larocque

Page 26 • Strathmore Times • January 21, 2011

help wanted help wanted for sale rentals rentals rentals

Driver/Laborers re- P/T Administrative Assis- 2002 VW Jetta TD1, good Small office space for CHINOOK III. 2 BDRM. $900/ Country Escape Spa &
quired. Must have class 3/ tant required for Strath- condition. 264,000km, fully rent in Leary Centre, 104 mo. DD required. Heat & water Wellness - Room Rental
Air. Contact Craig at 403- more Agricultural business. loaded, heated seats. Silver. 3rd Ave. $325/mth, all inclu- included. No pets. Call Jane at Available for Massage Thera-
533-3838. Flexible days & hours, Quick- $4700.00, O.B.O. Call 403- sive. Retail space for rent, 750 403-934-6896. pist, Reflexologist or Wellness
books necessary. Looking 616-3570. sq. ft, $725/mth, all inclusive. Provider Please call 403-934-
Full & Part Time help required for Experienced Toddler for mature self-starter and Call 403-934-3221. Available immediately, fur- 9914.
Room staff required. nished common area with mi-
reliable individual. Forward
housekeeping supervisor Must have first aid and be resume & cover letter stating crowave, bar fridge, & 32” TV.
Must have experience, up to $16.50/hour. certified in childcare. Drop availability & pay expecta- help wanted Includes 3 piece bath. $550 a
off resumes at the day care. tions to month inc. util. $550 sec. dep. 3 BEDROOM
Please submit resume to 309 2nd Ave. Strathmore, AB. Ph.983-2725 or 921-5082. DOWNTOWN
350 Ridge Road, Strathmore, AB T1P 1B5
Days Inn & Suites (Strath-
Get your
Classified Ads in! Heavy Duty Mechanic CONDO
or fax(403) 901-0016 or Call Tracey 934-5589 2-bedroom house for rent
call (403) 901-0000 ext 502.
more), requires Full & Part
time housekeepers. Apply in
or 3rd or 4th year on farm south of Strathmore.
$1100 includes utilities. For
1.5 baths,
3 appliances,
person at the front desk.
Apprentice for a busy more info call 403 901-8241. W&D hookups.
Private parking.
We are seeking staff F/T Day cook wanted at
shop in Strathmore. Condo for rent in Strath- Secure building.
who are hard working, conscientious and
Shilo’s Place. Drop resume
off at 104 Main Street, Carse-
DRIVER’s more, Parklane Place, 50+. No pets.
self-motivated. Outdoor work and greenhouse work.
land. WANTED $1100.00/mth + utilities and LEASE REQUIRED.
Call 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Duties include, pruning, planting, greenhouse
transplanting, lifting, repetitive tasks, working with
Permanent Positions
available at large farm/
Fax resume to $1100. D.D. Call 403-888-
8312. (403) 934-6605 to view.
plants. Experience and Education in Horticulture an
asset. Must have a vehicle. Wages $8.83/hr .
feedlot in the Strath- 403-901-1531
more area. Positions
Start Date March 1, 2011. We are located 20 min east of include: class 1 driver For rent
Calgary in the County of Rockyview. F/T P/T Help to haul cattle, grain
help wanted Downtown Commercial/
Retail Space
and fert; Irrigation
Please fax your resume to Greenview Nurseries
& Tree Farms Corp.
required Manager to look after commercial
403-936-5981, or email info@
evenings & pivots; farm equip. op-
erator, duties include
Water well drilling firm requires space for Lease
weekends. seeding, haying, silag- laborers for rig work. Will train on approx 1000 sq 1500 ft2
ing and combining; site, First Aide, Fall Arrest, H2S ft ideal for retail. Good access to
Drop off equip operator/labour.
help wanted resume at 215b Wages neg, benefits. Alive, confined spaces an asset. terms negotiable.
secure building.
Highway #1. Kitchen
Fax 403-934-4594 Class one drivers license facilites available.
Water well drilling firm requires 2nd Avenue 403-861-6258 or
call (403)
preferred. Please provide abstract. 403-870-4356
help for pump installations or 934-6605 to view.
rig crew. Confined spaces, Check Us Out on Facebook! please call ed 403-934-4271
H2S Alive, First Aide an asset.
Drivers license required. help wanted
Please provide abstract. help wanted
please call ed 403-934-4271 Job Posting
Administrative Assistant
Marigold Library System - Strathmore, Alberta Job Posting
Consultation Assistant - Temporary
Marigold Library System is seeking an energetic, Marigold Library System - Strathmore, Alberta
enthusiastic and mature individual to join its team
at the Headquarters office in Strathmore, Alberta.
Custom feedlot & farming The Administrative Assistant will be responsible for
Marigold Library System is seeking a highly moti-
vated individual to join its team at the Headquarters
operation looking managing the administrative and HR functions for office in Strathmore, Alberta. The Consultation As-
the System and supporting the Director in the role
for full-time employees of the Executive Secretary to the Board.
sistant will provide project support services to the
Busy Wholesale Nursery, located in Consultants, Assistant Director and Director. The
Consultation Assistant is responsible for providing
Strathmore, requires a Full-Time Competitive wages including O.T Education and Experience Required ILS (Integrated Library System) and administrative

• Education and Experience Required
and other Benefits. support to member libraries and headquarters staff,
Post-secondary training in administration, library and for maintaining Marigold circulating services
technology or related industry certification
Valid driver’s licence and a good • 3-5 years of office experience
and collections.
With 3-5 years experience. Duties include
attitude a must. High school • Highly motivated and self-directed, with the
GL/AR/AP, and bank reconciliation. Education and Experience Required
diploma an asset. ability to effectively and efficiently prioritize and • Post-secondary training in library technology or
The ideal candidate must have attention to execute tasks high school diploma with post-secondary training
detail and be able to multi-task. Send resumes to: • Strong analytical, time management and in Office Administration or other post-secondary
Organizational, verbal and written namaka farms inC. organizational skills training.
• Excellent oral and written communication skills • 3-5 years of office experience
communication skills required. Box 2409, Strathmore, AB T1P 1K3 • Microsoft Office 2010 Applications, especially • Proficiency using Microsoft Office 2010
Competency in Microsoft applications, Fax (403) 934-6133 Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Professional Applications, especially Word, Excel, PowerPoint
including Word, Excel and Outlook, and • Self-motivated and directed, with the ability to • Ability to lead and work independently within
previous experience with accounting effectively prioritize and execute tasks a team-oriented environment Self-motivated and
software essential. Competitive directed, with the ability to effectively prioritize
Marigold Library System provides cost-effective and execute tasks
compensation and benefits program offered. public library services for over 229,000 residents • Ability to professionally present accurate data
A background in the horticulture industry of south central Alberta through 35 member librar- using a variety of methods
ies, 15 paperback deposits and a Paperbacks By • Valid Class 5 driver’s license and the willingness
is an asset.
Mail service. As a member of TRAC (The Regional to drive in all safe weather conditions
Please submit your resume to; In Preparation for our Automation Consortium), RISE (Rural Information
Services initiativE) and TAL (The Alberta Library), Marigold Library System provides cost-effective
Terry 2011 Building Renovation, Marigold is committed to collaboration and innova- public library services for over 229,000 residents of
e-mail: tion.
Fax: 403-254-2089 we RequIRe addItIonal staff! south central Alberta through 35 member
libraries, 15 paperback deposits and a Paperbacks
No phone calls please. The position has a 35 hour work week; 7.5 hour By Mail service. As a member of TRAC

days with an Earned Day Off every 15th day after (The Regional Automation Consortium), RISE
three months of employment. Some evening and (Rural Information Services initiativE) and TAL
weekend work is required. Marigold Library System
January 14 sudoku answers (The Alberta Library), Marigold is committed to

provides a competitive salary and benefits pack- collaboration and innovation.
This temporary full-time position is for one year

& seRvICe
Interested candidates are asked to submit a with the possibility of extension. The successful
resume and cover letter, along with three candidate will work a 35 hour work week with a
references to: flexible schedule to include some evenings and

Laura Taylor, Assistant Director weekends. Salary will commensurate with
Marigold Library System education and experience.
710 2nd St, Strathmore, AB T1P 1K4
Email: Interested candidates are asked to submit a
Sales experience preferred Fax: 403.934.5331 resume and cover letter, along with three
but not necessary Closing date for this position is Monday, January
references to:
Laura Taylor, Assistant Director
as we will provide training. 24, 2011. Only those applicants selected for an Marigold Library System
interview will be contacted. No telephone calls 710 2nd St, Strathmore, AB T1P 1K4
Send your resume to please. Email:
Fax: 403.934.5331
or drop it off at
1040 Westridge Road, Strathmore Check Us Out Closing date for this position is Monday, January
24, 2011. Only those applicants selected for an on Facebook! interview will be contacted. No telephone calls

January 21, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 27

real estate Professional Directory

painting real estate
Get your
Classified Marv Poettcker
strathmore Tina Scott
Kori-Lynn Stepaniuk Ads in the “Your 403-901-5388
Mortgage Specialist
Strathmore & Area
times! Painting Pro” “Constantly Selling
Painting since 1975 More Real Estate”
Tel: 403.333.6070 Fax: 403.901.0738
Call Tracey
Specializing in Repainting (Inside / Outside)
Call for an appontment today! Residential • Light Industrial • Commercial
firSt in mortgageS co-alta Holdings
O 403.901.1137
Canyon Creek (Strathmore)
C 403.880.3299
Canyon Creek 403.934.2001
104 3rd Avenue, Strathmore plumbing renovations / repairs
“The Old Home Hardware Building”
“We Have You... on the Move”
Hillview MaNOr waNted..New FaMily PLUMBING
5 bedr 3 bath , fresh
paint,vaulted ceilings,large
kitch,super clean, FD w/ family
Plumbing done Right Renovations, RepaiRs
rm, laundry,fenced large yard & ConstRuCtion
This popular 4 level split built by
Rich Lee Custom Homes is loaded much more. ONLY $319900...
Namaka beauty Residential
2200sq.ft. newer character home Basements, Bathrooms, Custom Sheds,
with extras and backing onto the OpeN HOUSe on huge lot. Wrap around veran- Toilets, Tubs Custom Counter Tops & Beyond
Golf Course. Jan 22 1pm dah overlooking manicured or Taps
$270,000 $249,900 1703 Strathcona place fenced yard with heated shop.
Many extras. Call now. call us fiRst!
Interior & Exterior • Residential & Commercial

Large 3 bedroom family c3419313 $534,900. FRee estimates

home with beautiful MOSSleigH
2 bedroom bungalow. dlb heated
403-629-9010 403-629-9010
hardwood, huge great This fully developed 3 bedroom, garage, 100 ft lot. $99,000
room and triple garage 2 bath, 1/2 duplex backs onto green
$145,000 SpeargraSS blvd real estate
with office all on mature
space, all appliances included,
hardwood flooring, cork flooring, gSt exempt!!! Fully developed home on rental equipment
the golf course. Double
landscaped 1/2 acre lot. family room!!

attached garage.

Hillview c3437010 Excellent price to sell.
Reduced $319,900.
OpeN HOUSe RentaLs Ltd.
This fully developed 3 level split in
Saturday 1 - 3pm
2 Speargrass blvd. Buckle Light Construction & Garden Equipment • Trenching
New & Used Equipment • Sales & Service
Hillview has it all 4 beds, 3 full baths, $569,900 lyalta
Your Local Realtor
huge kitchen, family room, wet bar, 19 acre tree farm. 3 bedroom Echo Power
all appliances shows immaculate 2009 home. Shop. Dugout. with the Equipment
c3437759 Irrigation. Subdivision Calgary Connection
potential. $765,000.
2 Storey MOSSleigH acreage
(403) 265-8887
6.18 acres on creek. Nice home.
3 bedrooms, Great h20. $299,900. 15 Spruce Lane, Strathmore
21/2 bathrooms, $273,900 Bus: 403-934-3727 Fax: 403-934-3849
living room, arrOwwOOd
family room and
2 bedroom - NO CONDO FEES -
1/2 block to the lake and 2 blocks to real estate
Two bedroom bungalow with
downtown, Available IMMEDIATELY!!
developed basement. huge yard and garage $208,400.
Fenced backyard with $199,900 redUced www.
double detached garage Vacant building lot in Strathmore,
50x140 across from the park.
55 plus condo on the canal.
1 bedroom plus den. Attached Jody
$270,000 Architectural controls in place.
$134,900 garage, immediate possession.
BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME HERE! $259,900. waste disposal

Your Local Realtor

with the
Calgary Connection
Waste Disposal & Port-A-Potties
Dixie Hartell Glenna Mitzner Hayley Poirier Tina Scott (403) 265-8887
403-934-2001 403-605-6830 403-901-3472 403-901-5388

general contractors
Professional Directory Serving Strathmore, Drumheller & Areas
carpentry mortgages Whole Home 10B Bayside Place, Strathmore, AB

water well drilling

We make your house a HOME

· Specializing in new home
construction draw mortgages BLACK EAgLE SERvICES
· Home Equity Lines · Raw Land general Contractor / Handyman
Custom Carpentry · Mortgage Refinance
& Renovations Vonnie Bosch Email: Drilling Co. Ltd
Mobile Mortgage Specialist
Specializing in:
Carmon Wiebe Ph: 403 701 8407 • Painting • Water Well
Ph. 403.901.0884 c. 403.710.2165 • Basement Development Drilling
• Family Rooms • Pump Systems:
furnace & duct Locally Owned & Operated
• Kitchen Reno’s
Supply, Install & Repair

• Bathroom Reno’s
• Play Rooms • Water Conditioning
• Tile Work Equipment

Hitting over 11,500

• Laminate Flooring
Furnace Replacement • Repairs & Maintenance
Air Conditioning • Certified HVAC Technicians households weekly!
• Hardwood Flooring
• Plumbing
Plumbing • Duct Cleaning
Contact Rose for all advertising needs!
• Light Electrical
• Deck & Fence Repair Strathmore
403.934.5589 • Fax 403.934.5546
Email: Call Today for a FREE ESTIMATE
Our Team aT YOur Service! Serving the rural Community
403.934.4957 202, 114 Canal Garden, Strathmore for 58 yearS
Page 28 • Strathmore Times • January 21, 2011

Don’t pay administration,

alBerta’s Only or documentation fees, leasIng
nO Fees dealersHIp air tax, or any other
fees and save big! Is BaCk! See dealership
for details.

At Airdrie Dodge Jeep we

pride ourselves on looking

PrOuD after YOU, our valued

customer. Customer

service and satisfaction is
what Airdrie Dodge Jeep
is all about. Our people
TeAm BernArD have the small town feel,
while our dealership has
big time selection and
even bigger deals.

Best Value In Canada! 2011 DoDge raM 1500 Sport QuaD Cab 4x4 Only at aIrdrIe dOdge Jeep.
2010 DoDge Journey Se 2010 DoDge granD Caravan SLt
New New


WeLL equiPPed crossover With Many oPtions. bucket seats, sPort PerforMance hood, nav. and traiLer toW Pkg. Loaded With oPtions. Must be seen!
More for Less Price
$0 Down More for Less Price
$0 Down More for Less Price
$0 Down
$18,988 or
$127 b/w
$35,488 or
$216 b/w
$19,988 or
$134 b/w

LeaSe for $139 b/w LeaSe for $236 b/w LeaSe for $151 b/w
‡ ‡ ‡

ed tS
at Sea in
mm eL
Gt e
bo tibL
H er
C ie
S tu ver

wARRANTY 2007 DODge rAm 1500 2007 ChrySler 2009 DODge rAm 3500 2006 ChrySler PT
FOR LIFe!† lArAmie QuAD CAB 4X4 $23,988 PT CruiSer $8,888 ST QuAD CAB 4X4 $36,848 CruiSer gT COnverTiBle $9,988
$0 DOwn $0 DOwn $0 DOwn $0 DOwn
5.7L 8 cyl. automatic, 2.4L 6 cyl. automatic, 6.7L 6 cyl. automatic, 2.4L 4 cyl. manual, keyless
57,778 kms. #12738 or
$191 B/w
only 37,400 kms. #12708A or
$72 B/w
63,949 kms. #1018409A or
$265 B/w
entry, 61,928 kms. #12682A or $93 B/w

25 +
o 4 o
’G 4x Cab ’G
‘n w ‘n
ow Cr
e ow
St St

Images of
every vehIcle aT
2009 DODge 2007 DODge 2008 DODge rAm 1500 AirDrieChrySler.COm 2007 ChevrOleT 2010 DODge 2007 DODge
JOurney SXT grAnD CArAvAn SlT QuAD CAB 4X4 ‡Lease payments based on closed end lease SilverADO 1500 Cheyenne grAnD CArAvAn Se CAliBer SXT
with a guaranteed lease end value of 24,000 km/
3.5L 6 cyl. automatic, 3.3L 6 cyl. automatic trans. 5.7L 8 cyl. automatic, yr. Finance payments based on 84 mo. term. GST Auto, keyless entry, air, cruise, 3.3L 6 cyl. automatic, 2.0L 4 cyl. automatic trans.
not included. All rebates to dealer. **Payments
43,723 kms. #12687A 140,000 kms. #1018493A 74,500 kms. #1017834A based on biweekly payments. GST not included. 81,350 kms. #1118435A 31,550 kms. #12948 66,599 kms. #12917
$0 DOwn $0 DOwn $0 DOwn †Some exclusions apply, see dealer for details. $0 DOwn $0 DOwn $0 DOwn
$18,888 or $135 B/w
$8,848 or $72 B/w
$21,888 or $171 B/w
OAC** Vehicle images are for illustration purposes only,
actual vehicles may not be exactly as shown. $19,888 or $161 B/w
$19,888 or $156 B/w
$9,988 or $93 B/w

139 eAST lAke Cr, AirDrie

6 MinuteS north of CroSS-iron MiLLS 1 877 429 8593
CLiCk - buy - Save