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For finding the possibilities of Atmanirbharta i.e Self sufficiency in Indian Tourism Sector, we
the tourism stakeholders come together and formed the virtual forum named Paryatan Vikas
Manch on 20th May 2020. The objective of this Forum is to find, connect and develop all those
aspects of tourism which contains the Bhartiyata ‘Indianness’. Through this forum, we motivate
an individual to find tourism possibilities in their region and become entrepreneur in the same.

In this series, we started weekly e-mandal, where experts from their sector come and interact
with all participants and give the roadmap. Till now we have discussed on topics like Weaving
traditions, Rural Tourism, Documentation in Tourism, Cow Tourism, Yoga Tourism, etc.

To take a step forward in our mission, Paryatan Vikas Manch is organising the Essay & Research
Paper Writing Competition on the Topic Atmanirbhar Paryatan or Self Sufficient Tourism.
The content of the essay and research paper will be purely with reference to Bhartiya ‘Indian’
context, which reflects student’s expectation and author’s roadmap to make Indian Tourism Self

The selected essays and research papers will reward with certificate and will be published in the
magazine. Winners in each category will also awarded by the cash prize.

Theme: Atmanirbhar Paryatan or Self Sufficient Tourism with reference to India

Sub Theme:

1. Rural Tourism: Revisiting the roots to understand the sustainable practices.

2. Local Art & Craft: Transferring the art to next generation.
3. Role of documentation of Art, Culture and Heritage - Involvement of youth.
4. Atmanirbhar Paryatan and Role of local communities
5. Cow Tourism- Aspiration from annals of India.
6. Yoga - Recreation in Tourism
7. Spiritual Tourism- The tradition of Yatra and Temples in India
8. Heritage Tourism- Built Heritage and its Conservation
9. Atithi Devo Bhava and Self-sufficient Tourism
10. Post COVID opportunities: preparing multiskilling manpower
11. Traditional Bhartiya Cuisines and tourism
12. Agri Tourism: Agri Rich Country and untapped opportunities for tourism
13. Environment and Tourism Activity
14. Wildlife and Tourism
Word Limit:
• Senior: 1500-2000 Words
• Junior: 800-1000 Words

Date: All the entries will be submitted through the mail at
latest by 27th September 2020 with covering letter.

Note: Kindly go through the rules and regulations for better guidance.

Best Wishes

Dr. Ashish Dongre Dr. Shiv Kumar Sharma Dr. Sandeep Kulshreshtra
Prant Adhyaksh Prant Mantri Tourism Expert &
Bhartiya Shikshan Mandal Bhartiya Shikshan Mandal Upadhyaksh
Madhya Bharat Prant Madhya Bharat Prant Bhartiya Shikshan Mandal
Madhya Bharat Prant
Ankit Agrawal
Samyojak (Coorninator)
Paryatan Vikas Manch
Bhartiya Shikshan Mandal, Gwalior
Ph: +91 9479329555

For More information: mail us at

Essay & Research Paper Writing Competition

Rules and Guidelines

1. Structure of the Competition:

1.1 The Competition is divided into Senior and Junior categories.

Research Paper Writing Competition is for SENIOR CATEGORY. Research

Scholars, Academicians, Professionals and Experts can participate in this category.

Essay Writing Competition is for JUNIOR CATEGORY. Undergraduate and Post

Graduate course students from any stream can participate in this category.

Participants in the Senior Category must have to send their Identity Card/Visiting
Card along with the Covering Letter. Whereas Junior Category participant must have to
submit a SELF ATTESTED copy of their student Identity-Card in a covering letter along
with the essay.

1.2 The Essay and Research Paper Writing Competition consists of written submissions which
are delivered to the Paryatan Vikas Manch within the given timeline.

1.3 Collaborator papers of up to two persons are also welcome. Only one paper per participant or
per collaboration team may be submitted. The prizes in such cases will be shared among the
team members. Individual Registration is mandatory.

1.3 Full length manuscript of selected articles will be invited for publication in Pan India
circulated Magazine.

2. Procedures for the Written Submissions

2.1 The written submissions have to be mail to, latest by 27th

September 2020.

2.2 Only original essays and research paper will be considered for the competition. Previously
published essays and research paper are therefore excluded. Any form of plagiarism will result
in disqualification of the essay.

2.3 Language: Hindi or English

2.4 Word Limit:

Senior Category (Research Paper): 1500-2000 (footnotes included)
Junior Category (Essay): 800-1000 (footnotes included)

2.5 Format Requirement:

2.5.1 Typed on a A4 size electronic page
2.5.2 Times New Roman font style and size shall be 12 points
2.5.3 Line spacing should be 1.5
2.6 Cover of the written submissions
2.6.1 Covering Letter should include name of the Participant, Address, E-mail ID,
Contact Number, Name of the College/University (JUNIOR), Associated Institutions (SENIOR)
with address and email id.
2.6.2 The title of the document shall be super-scribed on the covering letter containing
the written submission.
2.6.3 Mention the theme
2.6.4 List of References and List of Abbreviations shall also be submitted along-with the
written submissions.

2.7 Numbering of the written submissions: Written submissions shall be numbered consecutively
in Arabic numbers (i.e.1, 2, 3 etc.). Such numbering may be in the main text or in the

2.8 Citations: Participants may use any recognised style of referencing system and this must be
consistently used through the Written Submission. The List of References shall include all cited
texts throughout the Written Submission. No reference should be included in list without
citing in the text.

2.9 Scoring of the essay:

2.9.1 Following criteria may be used in assessing the documents:

Senior Junior Marks

Originality & Depth of Content Originality 40%
Significance/Impact of the work Significance/Impact of the work 30 %
Quality of Argument Quality of Argument 20 %
Writing Style Writing Style 10 %

2.9.2 The quality of language will not be a decisive factor, as long as the text retains its
clarity and coherence.

3. Prizes:
3.1 Paryatan Vikas Manch will honour each of the winners from senior and junior
categories with cash prizes as under:

Senior Category Cash Prize

The winner of the competition Rs. 5000/
First Runner Up of the competition Rs. 3000/
Second Runner Up of the competition Rs. 2000/
Consolation Prizes (up to 5 prizes) Rs. 1000/

Junior Category Cash Prize

The winner of the competition Rs. 2000/
First Runner Up of the competition Rs. 1000/
Second Runner Up of the competition Rs. 500/
Consolation Prizes (up to 5 prizes) Rs. 200/

3.2 All participants will be awarded a certificate of participation. Separate intimation will
also be sent to each of the winners.

4. Copyrights:
4.1 Copyright in all contributions accepted will remain with the authors, and they are free
to re-use their own material.
4.2 Those entries with plagiarism of more than 10% (excluding references) will
summarily be rejected.
5. Registration Form & Fees: Participants are requested to fill the registration form with all
correct information and submit the registration fees as per the Category (senior or junior)
Registration Fees:
• Senior Category: Rs. 100
• Junior Category: Rs. 50

Note: Essays/ Research papers incompatible with the above rules and conditions will not be
considered. Participation to the competition implies acceptance of the above terms and