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In Memory

“We are Sons,

We are Daughters,
We are the Community”

January 24, 2011

Roger Amanda
Castillo Haworth
Arrival of Officer Roger Castillo
Honor Guard Change
and Officer Amanda Haworth: Honor Guard Escort
Officer Amanda Haworth:
“Amazing Grace”: Officer Bridget Sanchez
Miami-Dade Police Department Eulogy: Dr. David E. Imhoff
Mark Spencer, Director of Liturgical Pastor, Grace Lutheran Church
Music, St. Patrick Catholic Church Reflections: Sergeant Laurick Ingram
Welcome: Chief Fred Maas Miami-Dade Police Department
Honor Guard Change
Sunny Isles Beach Police Department
Sergeant Kim Halburian
Presentation of Colors: Honor Guard Miami-Dade Police Department
Pledge of Allegiance: Major Tyrone White Robert Haworth, Father
Miami-Dade Police Department Honor Guard Change

Invocation: Dr. Walter T. Richardson Photo Montage Tribute: “Why Do Heroes Have To Die”, by Brian Phillips
Chaplain, Miami-Dade Police Department
Words of Comfort Director James K. Loftus
Retire the Colors
Honor Guard Change
and Encouragement: Miami-Dade Police Department

Keynote Speaker: The Honorable Carlos Alvarez Honor Guard Change

Mayor, Miami-Dade County
Display and Presentation Director James K. Loftus
Reading: Chief Fred Maas of Banners: Miami-Dade Police Department
Sunny Isles Beach Police Department

1st Reading from Book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-11 2nd Reading from the Gospel of John 11:17-27 Benediction: Dr. Walter T. Richardson
Chaplain, Miami-Dade Police Department
Officer Roger Castillo:
“My Country Tis of Thee” / “Battle Hymn of the Republic”
Homily: Archbishop Thomas Wenski
Archdiocese of Miami Pallbearers on behalf of:
Amanda Haworth Roger Castillo
Eulogy: Pastor Eddie Castillo
Brennan Strine Cameron Strine Sergio Alvarez Jorge Guerra
Espiritu Santo y Fuego
Bill Strine Scott Ressler Henry Robaina Dariel Hernandez
“Ave Maria”: Officer Bridget Sanchez Chris Burgin Bill Daly Michael Diaz Humberto De Los Cuetos
Miami-Dade Police Department William Kean Laura Russell Al Lopez Christopher Heredia

Mark Spencer, Director of Liturgical Honorary Pallbearers:

Music, St. Patrick Catholic Church
Honor Guard Change Evelio “Manny” Miranda Jorge Aguiar Israel Ellivas Jesus “JR” Ramirez
Reflections: Magda Robaina, Cousin A Note from the Family…
Lieutenant Jesus “JR” Ramirez
Miami-Dade Police Department The Castillo and Haworth Families would like to express their sincere thanks to the law
Honor Guard Change enforcement community for your overwhelming support and prayers. Roger and Amanda
Captain Jorge Guerra were both proud to wear the badge and enjoyed every moment of their chosen careers. We
Miami-Dade Police Department appreciate the outpouring of assistance from all of the agencies involved and the commu-
nity as a whole. Your kindness has given us the support and strength to face the most
Dr. Willie Golden, Retired Lieutenant
Miami-Dade Police Department difficult time that one can possibly imagine.
Honor Guard Change
May God bless you and keep you safe.
Lieutenant Sergio Alvarez
Miami-Dade Police Department Repast immediately following :
Sun Life Stadium ~ 2369 NW 199 Street
Tribute to Dad Anthony, Michael, and Bryan Castillo