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Geometry G10 Name: ____________________________

Final Revision

What is the value of x in the triangle on the right?

A. 12 B. 6 C. 2 3 x

D. 4 E. 8 30o
4 3

What is the distance between the points (3, –5) and (–2, 7)?

A. 17 B. 14 C. 12 D. 13 E. 15

Which of the following is NOT true of a 30-60-90 triangle?

A. One angle is twice as large as another angle.

B. One leg is twice as large as the other leg.

C. The smallest angle is three times as large as the biggest angle.

D. The ratio of the longer leg to the hypotenuse is .
E. The side opposite the 30o angle is half as long as the hypotenuse.

A square and a rectangle have the same area. The

width of the rectangle is 3 cm less than the width of x

the square, and the length of the rectangle is 5 cm

x x–3
more than the length of the square. How long is
each side of the square?

A. 6 cm B. 7 cm C. 6.5 cm D. 7.5 cm E. 8.5 cm

A thin wire 36 inches long is bent to form a rectangle. If the width of that rectangle is
8 inches, then what is its area?

A. 81 in2 B. 80 in2 C. 180 in2 D. 160 in2 E. 72 in2

What is the area of a square in which each diagonal measures 4 cm?

A. 8 cm2 B. 16 cm2 C. 32 cm2

D. 8 2 cm2 E. 16 2 cm2

What is the ratio of the area of the shaded region to the area
of the square?
A. 0.785 B. 0.607 C. 0.215

D. 0.393 E. 0.5

8 in

A box has a square base measur ing 12 inches on a side. A thin

rod that is 22 inches long will just barely fit in this box. How
tall is the box? 22 in

A. 24 in B. 12 in C. 16 in

D. 15 in E. 14 in 12 in

12 in

What is the measure of angle ACB?
o o o 3x + 9
A. 96 B. 86 C. 84
o o
D. 86 E. 94
2x 4x + 24
The volume of the cube pi ctured on the right is 125 in3. What
is the volume a cube whose edges are twice as long as the
edges of this cube?

A. 375 in3 B. 250 in3 C. 625 in3 D. 1200 in3 E. 1000 in3

A crate (right rectangular prism) is made from

½ inch thick plywood. The inside dimensions
are 2 ft by 15 in by 1 ft. What is the capacity 1 ft
(volume of the inside) of that crate?

A. 4320 in3 B. 30 in3 C. 1080 in3

2 ft 15 in
D. 3500 in3 E. 2160 in3
largest face

The bases of a right prism are isosceles

right triangles. The prism is 9 cm long,

and the area of each base is 16 cm2.

9 cm

area of base = 16 cm2

A. 72 cm3 B. 96 cm3 C. 144 cm3 D. 288 cm3 E. 108 cm3

A soup can has a diameter of 6.7 cm and is 10 cm tall. 6.7 cm

What is the volume of soup the can will hold?

A. 210.49 cm3 B. 105.24 cm3 C. 318.74 cm3 D. 420.98 cm3 E. 352.57 cm 3

10 cm

What is the volume of a cube which has a surface area of 384 in2?

A. 1024 in3 B. 768 in3 C. 256 in3 D. 512 in3 E. 1152 in3
Find the volume of each figure below:


18m 6in

Top portion
is a right

8m 2m 7cm

8m 8m

5in 6in
5in 6in

A cube has 2-inch edges and is inscribed within a sphere.

Find the volume of the sphere (in radical form).
Think... how could you find the diameter/radius of the sphere?

Three tennis balls are sold in a cylinder. The balls

have a 3-inch diameter. If the cylindrical container
is made just large enough to hold three balls, what
will be the volume of the remaining space in the cylinder?