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6th Ward Aldermanic Forum sponsored by Greater Chatham Alliance Community Council January 22, 2011 Kennedy
6th Ward Aldermanic Forum sponsored by Greater Chatham Alliance Community Council January 22, 2011 Kennedy

6th Ward Aldermanic Forum sponsored by

Greater Chatham Alliance Community Council January 22, 2011

Kennedy King College - Great Hall

1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

GCA Membership Chairman Arthur Turnbull opened and greeted the audience. Then introduced WVON 1690 AM radio personality, Cliff Kelley

The forum started at 1:15 p.m. with opening remarks and Audience, Candidate and Panelist introductions/guidelines from Moderator - WVON personality, Cliff Kelley.

All Candidates for 6th Ward Alderman participated:


Attorney - Cassandra Burton

6th Ward Alderman - Freddrenna M. Lyle

Attorney - Roderick Sawyer

Attorney - Brian Sleet

Businessman and Entrepreneur - Sekum Walker

Officer and Small Business Owner – Richard Wooten




Representing the 6 th Ward communities of Chatham, Chesterfield, a small section of Englewood, Park Manor, Roseland Heights and West Chesterfield:

Dr. Niva Lubin- Johnson, Treasurer Greater Chatham Alliance (GCA) (Substituted for GCA President Roosevelt Vonil who was called to work by the city of Chicago that morning.)

John Paul Jones, President Sustainable Englewood Initiatives

Michael LaFargue, Vice-President West Chesterfield Community Association (He also took questions from Chesterfield audience members. Unfortunately, a representative from the Chesterfield Community Council was not able to attend)

Ronald Stewart, 1 st Vice President Park Manor Neighbors

Clevan Tucker Jr., Vice-President Roseland Heights Community Association


265, 6 TH Ward citizens attended.



Candidates drew cards in the holding area to determine order of seating.

Each candidate was given 3 minutes for opening and closing remarks

Each candidate was given 2 minutes to answer each question they are asked.

Each candidate stayed within the requested time allotted for each question or remark. All candidates were clocked.


Panelists have up to one minute to ask a question and two-fold questions are not allowed. Follow-ups by another panelist on a similar extension of a question were allowed.

The community representatives asked the questions in rotating order to the candidates. These questions were submitted by residents from each community and presented to them in advance.

Finally, the panelists were allowed to ask one question of only candidate by choice.



Kennedy King College and President John Dosier Marv Dyson, WKKC Radio, Ms. Billie Lee, Kennedy-King Deborah Crable and Kevin Brown, Kennedy-King WVON personality, Cliff Kelley Madelyn James, Outgoing GCA President, Roosevelt Vonil, Newly elected GCA President, Term 2011-2013 Romana Branker, GCA Aldermanic Forum Chairman Ava Martin, GCA Forum Publicist Darwin Honore, JP Paulus, Julius Stanley, and Anthony Washington, GCA Forum Committee Members

Julius Stanley, GCA Vice President & Forum Committee Member Leslie Honore, GCA Corresponding Secretary Dr. Niva Lubin-Johnson, GCA Treasurer Toya Bey, GCA Chairman Safety & Security Allison Butts, GCA Education Chairman Arthur Turnbull, GCA Membership Chairman

Remember on February 22 nd , your vote counts, go out and exercise your right to determine your future and the future of our community.

A video program of the full GCA 6 th Ward Aldermanic Forum will be presented on CAN-TV (Comcast cable only) for those voters who were unable to attend.

Programming date to be announced soon.