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Extra Reading Comprehension Questions

(Unit 5, Page 56)


A. Answer the questions, according to information in the article.

1. List three reasons why tourists are more vulnerable to crime.
They carrying large sums of money, wear valuables such as jewelry
and electronics and also because they think that all places are safe
and go out without precautions.

2. What type of criminal activity are tourists targeted for?

The type of criminal activity are: pickpocket, purse snatcher, mugger
and burglar.

3. Where do criminals tend to target tourists?

One of the most common places could be at an ATM also in alone places that
tourist are visiting it easier for the do it

4. What precautions should you take before you travel?

Look information about the place, photocopy your personal

documents, a list of all your credit cards, simple clothes and put your
passport and wallet in a safe place.

5. What articles of clothing should tourists pack for a trip?

Clothes and articles that don’t make them stand out as a tourist.
(Simple clothes)

6. List three extra precautions tourists should take in urban areas.

Avoid going out alone, stay aware of what’s happening around you and
avoid using a smart phone or tablet.

7. Where should tourists leave their valuables when traveling?

They should leave at home their valuables just carry what they will use
no unnecessary valuables

B. Use information from the reading and your own ideas to answer the following
1. What are some other precautions that tourists can take before leaving on their trip in
addition to what is listed in the article?
As the the reading says they could look information about the place to
know something that maybe they don’t know, ask to someone who
was there also just put in their luggage to avoid losing something.

2. What are some other precautions that tourists can take after arriving at their destination
in addition to what is listed in the article?
If is their first time there they should find a tour guide, check out if all of
their luggage arrived in good conditions also put their documents in a
safe place, don’t go alone to empty places and go out just with what
they are going to use because as the reading says. Better safe than

Summit 1, Third Edition Unit 5

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